The Tube Family

The Tube Family
The Tube Family

Welcome to our channel!
We are a family of 4 dedicated to entertaining and inspiring audiences of all ages with fun and creativity! On each episode we show the joys of being a family and the wonders of POSITIVITY! We hope our viewers take away something positive from every episode, whether it's wanting to try a new art project, baking a cake, or simply just appreciating life.
We started making videos 8 years ago on our main channel, EvanTubeHD: with fun skits, creative crafts, unique toy reviews, and crazy challenges! We try to maintain a high level of production value while always focusing on being family friendly.
On this channel we make videos from our day to day lives with the goal of bringing smiles to the faces of all our viewers. Here's just a sample of what you might find:

  • KuroizQxvz

    i miss him doing the gummy vs real challenge

  • CuberBoy 16
    CuberBoy 16

    All mom be like “you were bla ba bla for nothing” not to be rude or mean

  • Adrian Adrian
    Adrian Adrian

    Why is this 10 months ago I want Christmas to be today

  • Trance

    Why can’t you change the old channel name

  • Alfredo Flores jr
    Alfredo Flores jr

    Where’s the baby

  • Linkmazing303

    10:50 REALLY

  • kenny666 F
    kenny666 F

    Hola soy mexicano nosé si me entiendan pero yo los veía cuándo era pequeño y ahora lo vuelvo a ver están muy grandes ahora 😄😀

  • Ana Ramirez Ramirez
    Ana Ramirez Ramirez

    So creepy

  • ton hoainhi
    ton hoainhi

    I’m Vietnamese for real

  • Ricardo Carrasco
    Ricardo Carrasco


  • Maggie Real
    Maggie Real

    I came back to the channel after 3 years but yo voices are deep and u guys are grown up! I forgot about the channel I just wanted to see what was happening

  • Frederick Hernandez
    Frederick Hernandez

    I have modules i do have online mettings after the metting we Play roblox

    • Frederick Hernandez
      Frederick Hernandez

      I forgot to say this we do it in secret after the teacher leaves

  • Pops bricks and tricks!
    Pops bricks and tricks!

    Can I steal Disney castle?

  • Crisa Castro-Naoe
    Crisa Castro-Naoe

    You have to turn with your body jillan

  • Leidi Silva
    Leidi Silva

    I love you guys 💖💖💖💖💖💖✌

  • EthanPlayz08

    13:40 I knew the title part was coming

  • Tui Sylviane Nicholls Sinno
    Tui Sylviane Nicholls Sinno

    So cool 😎

  • Jose Llumitasig
    Jose Llumitasig

    I want the start s Destroy


    Can you do a video where mommytube gets cloned video

  • pierre.anthony capuz
    pierre.anthony capuz

    Where is Even

  • Imran Khan
    Imran Khan

    I wanted lots of Lego

  • Cao Vendel
    Cao Vendel

    I love you teslas

  • Athbah A. AlRashoud
    Athbah A. AlRashoud

    Make a come back

  • Gamer Creeper
    Gamer Creeper

    Anyone 2020???

  • pierre.anthony capuz
    pierre.anthony capuz

    I'm freaking out 😳

  • XXIV Thieves
    XXIV Thieves

    I haven't watch EvanTubeHD since 5 years-old. Oh my god. Brings so much memories.

  • Manuella Putros
    Manuella Putros


  • Faisal AL zadjali
    Faisal AL zadjali

    Hi guys I hope you had a wonderful day ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Lucas Law
    Lucas Law

    you can actually eat the chia seeds when it's thick and put it in your beverages

  • •I r i s P l a y s•
    •I r i s P l a y s•

    I havent watched u in about 2-4 years! And this just popped up in my reccomended

  • I don’t like Night hunters
    I don’t like Night hunters

    Evan did you want a sister or brother

  • GarryBOI

    did you know this was filmed before christmas and get those presents from sponsership deals and thats how a lot of their gifts are expensive

  • The Terminator
    The Terminator

    Why would your parents do it I really want to do it but I live in Australia

  • FRE Master
    FRE Master

    I have been watching u guys since Jill and Evan were little

  • Marc ianscen Abigania
    Marc ianscen Abigania

    Lego pirate ship

  • Biana B
    Biana B

    Aye we’re the same age

  • Emily F
    Emily F

    I got mine pierced at clair's and it does not hurt, I was the same age as you, It hurts for a little while but when you put the liquid on them they feel better <3

  • Jenbriella Yuen
    Jenbriella Yuen

    Where is Jillian and Mommy

  • vainga Vaea
    vainga Vaea

    Evan being scared af is it gonna bite me ha ha ha ha ha😆😆😆😆😆😆

  • Genevieve Kwan
    Genevieve Kwan

    Why you gotta ask that question french fry

  • CJLCoolkid Gaming
    CJLCoolkid Gaming

    Lol every mom is always like awwww sooo cool to their child’s present when the child gets them an xbox.

  • itchy boyyy
    itchy boyyy

    i want to see the tie fighter

  • SoMeister HD Show
    SoMeister HD Show

    You are very lucky to have these LEGOs delivered to your house

  • Elizabeth Geiger
    Elizabeth Geiger

    Jillian:don’t eat raw cookie dough because it has eggs or raw eggs Me:eating raw cookie dough

  • Rushil Patel
    Rushil Patel

    8:06 Good

  • Samuel Little
    Samuel Little

    by the tital it made me think about tiltad towers

  • Speedknots War Bixby
    Speedknots War Bixby


  • Fifty_One_Percent 51%
    Fifty_One_Percent 51%

    Cool Lego

  • Rosemary Parker
    Rosemary Parker

    Where did you get those gummies

  • Epic Ezio D.A.V
    Epic Ezio D.A.V

    My faviret colour is purple

  • Epic Ezio D.A.V
    Epic Ezio D.A.V

    I want a space themed room 2

  • Pl0y4928zm8 P
    Pl0y4928zm8 P

    Its not baby yoda.

  • Porobi Nazmun nahar
    Porobi Nazmun nahar

    Evan class is better

  • Fighte R
    Fighte R

    This never fails to entertain me

  • Noman Khan
    Noman Khan

    Aww the dog wants to play 1:28

  • Allan Chong
    Allan Chong

    Jillian kinda looks like Millie Bobby brown

  • Jaquabo

    Uh, I think Evan is wearing Imperial Japan on his shirt. Kinda sus

  • Mustache ICE BEAR
    Mustache ICE BEAR

    I think I know why Evan was crying the people who watched the movie know

  • Mustache ICE BEAR
    Mustache ICE BEAR

    What day can you can get free comics?

  • Daniel Brookman
    Daniel Brookman

    Happy birthday Jillian

  • bushra rizwan
    bushra rizwan


  • It's_Gacha_Sushi

    I just realized jill kinda looks like Dora grown up👀

  • Xian Xian
    Xian Xian

    It was my birthday eleven days after her happy birthday

  • The gaming Potato
    The gaming Potato

    As an Aussie I have no clue what middle school is

  • Suleiman Farooqi
    Suleiman Farooqi

    Or a car

  • Suleiman Farooqi
    Suleiman Farooqi

    24 hours under the table

  • Apple Fanboy
    Apple Fanboy

    Sup josh

    • Apple Fanboy
      Apple Fanboy

      @JJ ! lol

    • JJ !
      JJ !

      Yooooo sup

  • Sahid Ramos
    Sahid Ramos

    I don’t get why out of no were people loved Baby Yoda


    They are giving a set at the end of the video so I hope I get one

  • Aisyah Zuhaidi
    Aisyah Zuhaidi

    damn... i literally watched him grow...

  • Maureen Jauw
    Maureen Jauw

    Yes make a comeback

  • Noman Khan
    Noman Khan

    They grew a lot from the last time a watched him

  • Everyday Floridian
    Everyday Floridian

    Wate so the dogs have to stay in the cold?

  • Raphael Teixeira
    Raphael Teixeira

    Wait are they divorced

  • Raphael Teixeira
    Raphael Teixeira

    How old is he

  • Princess Almira
    Princess Almira

    I'm jealous bc jill is so healthy and i'm not Jill is perfect but i'm not I wish i was the other girl who's pretty:))

  • Brooke Healy
    Brooke Healy

    I went on this cruise

  • Xx_ Jdubz
    Xx_ Jdubz


  • I Wont Retaliate
    I Wont Retaliate

    Evans voice has gotten so deep

  • I Wont Retaliate
    I Wont Retaliate

    Evantube raw the memories are just flowing back