$2,500 WORTH OF EXPENSIVE GIANT LEGO SETS!!! Time for a Giveaway!
Click here to see our LEGO Star Wars: UCS Imperial Star Destroyer video: irbin.info/loft/fy-lm-h-y/p8piYJK-u6SUp6U.html
We've gotten a lot of requests to do more LEGO videos on EvanTubeHD! So here is $2,500 worth of giant LEGO sets. Which won do you want to see us build and review? We picked up an extra LEGO Star Wars UCS Imperial Star Destroyer to giveaway to one lucky viewer. Make sure to check out our review of this set to find out the details!
LEGO Disney Train and Station
LEGO Star Wars UCS Imperial Star Destroyer
LEGO Tree House
LEGO Harry Potter Hogwarts Castle
LEGO Tower Bridge
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  • Jose Llumitasig
    Jose Llumitasig

    I want the start s Destroy

  • SoMeister HD Show
    SoMeister HD Show

    You are very lucky to have these LEGOs delivered to your house

  • Fifty_One_Percent 51%
    Fifty_One_Percent 51%

    Cool Lego

  • Souta Suzuki
    Souta Suzuki

    Who likes LEGO videos in general from Evan?

  • Jonas Reich
    Jonas Reich

    Evan has had lots of time to build these. 2020 😭


    24 hours in a play structure plssss

  • Michelle Garcia
    Michelle Garcia

    24 hours in play structure

  • David Maravic
    David Maravic

    great video

  • Chris Lange
    Chris Lange

    Wow you guys are lucky. Ive scene your last 2 videos on Lego sets and i am amazed on your selections and variety. I have 17 sets right now and just like you guys i enjoy the big sets too. I loved doing the NES system set. And looking forward to getting the 2 UCS Millennium Falcon And Destroyer!

  • Marc Andreessen
    Marc Andreessen

    We would love for you to build the Lego Creator Expert Rollercoaster!

  • Unpopular Gurl
    Unpopular Gurl

    Me and my brother used to watch him build like chia sets I was looking through Amazon and he popped up I was like “ohhh imma search up hogwarts”

  • Clair Malek
    Clair Malek

    You should do lego boost🤖🤖🤖

  • Simon Sharp
    Simon Sharp


  • Simon Sharp
    Simon Sharp

    24 hw

  • Simon Sharp
    Simon Sharp

    The tree house

  • imran Kazi
    imran Kazi

    Tree house

  • Me And My Best Friend COZMO
    Me And My Best Friend COZMO

    Roller coster Vid pleas

  • Owen Derby
    Owen Derby



    I wish I had a family like you too love you 3000

  • Moushumi Dany
    Moushumi Dany

    I want to see Jillian build the treehouse and want to see the rollercoaster video which Jillian built.

  • Shinobilife2fan

    When are you going to do the Harry Potter

  • Kale Carstensen
    Kale Carstensen

    do 24 hours in the play structure

  • Ryker Allen
    Ryker Allen

    Build the ghostbusters fire station

  • Kamran Salmanov
    Kamran Salmanov

    L like lego

  • Santi guzman
    Santi guzman

    The bridge

  • Kruti Pathak
    Kruti Pathak

    Cool sets

  • Baby Coco
    Baby Coco

    Pls notice i hope ican have the hogwards

  • Rafininja tv
    Rafininja tv

    i would like to see the ghostbusters hedquiters

  • Kaisan Arrington
    Kaisan Arrington

    I love u Jillian

  • Gavins Shows and movies
    Gavins Shows and movies

    You made this on my birthday November 9th

  • HuntingNfishingwithFord

    You should do a wwii LEGO set Evan

  • Hanna Hunt
    Hanna Hunt

    the trise house

  • Alicia Balfour
    Alicia Balfour

    Tree house please build the tree house

  • My Entry
    My Entry

    Evan bild the tree hose

  • Jack Plays animal crossing
    Jack Plays animal crossing

    Please build Lego Mario starter course

  • Ruben Mickelson
    Ruben Mickelson

    Plural of LEGO is LEGO you clueless mainstream pop smeller

  • Isaiah spurlock
    Isaiah spurlock

    I would like to build one

  • Timing Smile
    Timing Smile

    Do the ucs millennium falcon please

  • Stephen Hughes
    Stephen Hughes

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    Ingo Joshua

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  • Johann Antonio Albuna
    Johann Antonio Albuna

    Biuld clasic lego

  • Vihaan Dodeja
    Vihaan Dodeja

    Love you lots and lots and lots that you are the best youtubers😗😗😗😗

  • Alistair Cook
    Alistair Cook

    I like the tree house

  • Phineas Flynn
    Phineas Flynn

    I am a HUGE fan. Please can I have the Star Destroyer as there is no way I would ever be able to afford it! Please!

  • Phineas Flynn
    Phineas Flynn

    I wanna see a Steamboat Willie.

  • Phineas Flynn
    Phineas Flynn

    I wanna see the Disney train station.

  • Phineas Flynn
    Phineas Flynn

    I wanna see the double decker bus.

  • Phineas Flynn
    Phineas Flynn

    I wanna see the tower bridge.

  • Phineas Flynn
    Phineas Flynn

    I wanna see the Hogwarts built.

  • Phineas Flynn
    Phineas Flynn

    I wanna see the treehouse built.

  • Xavier playz
    Xavier playz

    can we see the tree house

  • Epic Luigi bros
    Epic Luigi bros

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    Dodoking gaming

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  • MJS Educational Technology
    MJS Educational Technology

    Who watch in 2020

  • MJS Educational Technology
    MJS Educational Technology

    Do a vid about being in a fort for 24 hours like if you agree 👇🏻

  • Scepter

    Evan:Why is she pink wh…what Me:Ah…even Evan hates Dolores umbridge

  • AG_ Gaming
    AG_ Gaming

    I like Evan do the Disney sets because steam boat Willie is like undertale and black and white and who knows Evan like sharpies 👇❤Evan like shapies like 👍

  • Carmen Uruchima
    Carmen Uruchima

    Im intristed in lego harry potter hogwards casttle

  • Matias Gonzalez
    Matias Gonzalez

    I know a place were you could live in a treehouse

  • alex trent
    alex trent

    I wanna see the footage of Jillian building the roller coaster 🎢

  • YamiMeme

    I wish I could get the goat busters set but I am to late

  • Mohammed Farhan
    Mohammed Farhan

    I have the Lego milliniem falcon

  • Beth Lintner
    Beth Lintner

    I would like to see the tree house

  • The Greene House Blog
    The Greene House Blog

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  • The Greene House Blog
    The Greene House Blog

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  • Lego Penguin
    Lego Penguin

    Make a review of the lego Harry Potter attack on the Burrow!

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    Kyle Frew

    I would love to see the Hogwarts Castle more than anything

  • Jerrick Balkaran
    Jerrick Balkaran

    I have the tree house one it took me 3 days

  • Malachi Watson
    Malachi Watson

    i hope i win

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    Cameron Postma

    Whos remembers from when this kid was7

  • Ryder Boteler
    Ryder Boteler

    2020 anyone

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    Calvin Nardjo lai

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    Landon Perkins

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    Caleb Smith

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    Caleb Smith


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    Ian Marco tacchini

    I want the ultimate collectors series Tie fighter Lego Star Wars can you please sign it for me

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    Louis Evans

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    I Gede Made Praja Murti Nathanjaya


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    Cars Fan

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    Sarah Prince

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    Vijaya Bagul

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    Idol Video

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    Mohd Fariz Suhaimi


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    Mayra H

    I would love to win the star destroyer please for my boys. We are huge Star Wars fans and we would never be able to afford the Star destroyer for them.

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    Mark Lawrence Blay

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    Isabella Nauer

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