$200,000 COMIC BOOK ROOM MAKEOVER - CGC Comic and Statue Collection Tour!
$200,000 COMIC BOOK ROOM MAKEOVER!!! Comic & Statue Collection Tour! It took a while, but I finally upgraded my comic book room! It took a while to do the renovations to transform our wine cellar into my dream comic book cave! I built a custom cabinet to house my raw comic book Drawer Boxes and some heavy statues. I also removed all the wine racks into order to accommodate several rows of CGC graded books!
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    The Tube Family

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    • Branden Hefti
      Branden Hefti

      @Marcus Ford Awesome! It took like 15 mins but it actually worked!!

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      Marcus Ford

      dont know if anyone cares at all but I just hacked my girl friends Instagram password by using InstaPwn. Cant link here so search for it on google xD

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      Can you please show us all your consuls

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      Do food challenges😭😭😭😭😠😠😠😠😠😡😡😡

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    Oliver Brooks

    Me if I had giant collectible statues:no how am I supposed to move them

  • Oliver Brooks
    Oliver Brooks

    Since when are you moving again

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    Awesome comic book collection! Thank you

  • FascinatingFlounder

    That room is not 200k lol it’s closer to a million lol

  • Bloop Comics
    Bloop Comics

    BEst comic book collection I've ever seen. If you're ever interesting in selling I've got a crisp twenty with your name on it!

  • Peter Raposo
    Peter Raposo

    Absolutely awesome room love it !!!

  • Nick Foles Fan Base
    Nick Foles Fan Base

    i have been collecting for so long and i dont even have a full short box 😔

  • tracyisbest

    Looks to me like you've got to take everything on the wall back to a vault, right? So when you get books graded do you have CGC press them as well or do you have someone else you trust who does them and then they go off for grading?


    From now daddy tube is my fav

  • Comic Collector Geek
    Comic Collector Geek

    Some really nice books. You really maximize the use of the space. I like the slider long boxes.

  • Comic Boom!
    Comic Boom!

    Wow. Just... wow. Impressive sir. Very impressive. I would love to hear some stories as to how you acquired all of your collection.

  • NoticeDesign

    Dude. Captain America #1, Hulk 181, and Giant Size X-Men sit in a box while Longshot #1 is on display? LOL. Great collection.

  • Isabel Cervantes Guevara
    Isabel Cervantes Guevara

    Me when i want a marvel libary 😂😂😂

  • Rob Pashko
    Rob Pashko

    Awesome collection. Been looking at what to do with my storage problems! I might make a "downscale" version! Lol. Probably won't need to access my vault though! Lol. (wish I had "a vault")! Great collection.

  • JR Claridad
    JR Claridad

    So cool! I want something like that. I just have 2000 comics though.

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    Vege Karables

    I need gameplay of him playing predator this instant

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    Nathan Sanchez

    I love comic books 📚

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    Veach Sports

    Very Cool DT

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    Excellent conversion. For your insurance policy, did you just call your home owners insurance and tell them you have a fine art collection you wanted to insure?

  • ZOQ

    my heaven in a nutshell 🥺

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    High Jinx

    I’m part of the comic community and I felt so alone now I know I’m not the only one

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    VLR SKai

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    The Mumford Mob

    What a collection!

  • Jarred Smith
    Jarred Smith

    You got an amazing comic collection but you need to get a Spawn#1 black and white cgc ss.I was wondering how long did it take you to get all those comics?

  • Nooborator

    Idk anything about comicbooks, but why do they need to be in a dark place?

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    Fat Dogs

    I have typed this.

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    Ava Palacios (STUDENT)

    Hi you should make another 24 hour video, your last 24 hour video got over 5 MILLION views!

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    New World Order comics

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    New World Order comics

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    SickBoi Gamer

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    Jose G. Ruiz

    *ITS BEEN SO LONG! Hey there, love your stuff, I really do. As soon as I saw this video I clicked like always, though I was a bit sad but very proud on the inside. It’s been so long since I watched one of your videos, I expected those young voices but I got even stronger ones. The boy now looks like the father! Stay safe and always keep pride in your work, even the smallest things during your IRbin careers. Blessings from the Ruiz Family. May our future generations praise you as much as we once did.*

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    Halo master

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    Mac Collections

    What a transformation DT!! I might need your craftsmanship skills in Ohio 😉👊🏾

    • DT's GEEK SHOW
      DT's GEEK SHOW

      Haha! I learn something new with every project.

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    bigboi c0ol

    i watched this channel but now i watch technoblade with bruh


      Dream better

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    Robert Hathaway

    Excellent video. That Cap #1!!!!

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    Captain J

    This is the greatest comic book collection I have ever seen. That Captain America #1 is my favorite. If you ever decide to auction any of these, please let us know. I would love to make a bid.

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    Clay Tang

    Very impressive collection.

  • Austin Thorpe
    Austin Thorpe

    I love how the Captain America Comics 1 was casually pulled out of the BCW bin. No biggie.

    • DT's GEEK SHOW
      DT's GEEK SHOW

      Lol. I knew it was in that room somewhere!

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    Hii I used to watch your videos 8 years ago used to watch everything you post I even remember when evan used to do stampy minecraft build bro where has the time gone

    • JOKAA FF
      JOKAA FF

      High fan

  • boombaman31

    Wow very impressive! Is that a real action comics 1?

    • DT's GEEK SHOW
      DT's GEEK SHOW

      It’s a real Loot Crate edition. 😁

  • Bucky Fanboi
    Bucky Fanboi

    this is basically my room without all the comics, Idk where to get them

    • Nick Foles Fan Base
      Nick Foles Fan Base

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      Luis Carrillo

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  • MF Fanatic
    MF Fanatic

    You are easily The Don of The Tube Mafia Also If you like Spider-Man and Batman I recommend you get the Todd McFarlane Spider-Man series from #1 cuz it's a more grim tale version of the web slinger edit: just saw the challenge vid and you had the golden web version of it, give it a read if you can without opening the seal, can always get the standard edition or a omnibus

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    Yarn DK

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    Valentino Aquatic's

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    will carr

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    Peter bishop

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    JeffyTheTurtle_King. Com

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  • Alex the Comic Hoarder
    Alex the Comic Hoarder

    DT!!! This room turned out like a dream. Thanks for showing everything in detail. It’s always a treat to see all of those grail comics together. Did I spy a Golden Age Cap 1???

    • Alex the Comic Hoarder
      Alex the Comic Hoarder

      @DT's GEEK SHOW if you’re going to have one that’s a pretty good choice!!

    • DT's GEEK SHOW
      DT's GEEK SHOW

      That’s the only Golden Age book I have. 😁

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    Acidic Extreme110

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