8 YEARS ON YOUTUBE!!! Donut Bake Off: Return of Angry Birds!
8 years ago we posted our very first IRbin video! Today we're celebrating by having a cake donut decorating challenge! Angry Birds are back!
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  • Steam engine 92 Productions
    Steam engine 92 Productions

    Who else watching this in 2020? Also,I can't remember the first video I ever saw of them,I think it was the angry birds space softee dough one

  • Gabriela Angeles
    Gabriela Angeles

    The firs video i saw was in EvenTubeHD

  • Jophy Chen
    Jophy Chen

    car maker

  • Sam K
    Sam K

    My first EvenTube HD video was the gummy worm

  • Bella Gaming
    Bella Gaming

    Here since the beginning I'm younger then Jillian by 1 year

    • Sam K
      Sam K

      Same I’m 2009

  • Kaelan Dullemond
    Kaelan Dullemond

    M e h

  • Kaelan Dullemond
    Kaelan Dullemond

    And the others are me

  • Shreyank

    who was here from the parents vs kids hide and seek video :)

  • jiminjennie forever
    jiminjennie forever

    can we just agree that DT is multitalented ! 🥺❤️ same goes to MT , ET & JT ! 😍🥺❤️

  • Bernard Chew
    Bernard Chew

    i've been watching evantubu hd for 6 years

  • Maxykay

    I started watching Evan tube HD when I was 10 and now I started watching you guys again this year

  • Pratima Pandya
    Pratima Pandya

    I'm eight and my first video was making playdoh

    • Pratima Pandya
      Pratima Pandya

      And I was eight years that time

  • Nusrat Tasneem
    Nusrat Tasneem

    I watched the gummy worm video first

  • Avani Rakhra
    Avani Rakhra

    My first video was the bend the rules video. When i started watching you guys i was only 5 years old. Now im 10 and i still love yall❤️

  • XD replayed X
    XD replayed X

    I love you

  • Alana Nal
    Alana Nal

    I like the number 8 too!!!

  • drawing for fun 2012
    drawing for fun 2012

    Can't remember


    I was 6 when I watched your 1st video it was the 1st video of Evan tube HD now I am 15

  • Scage Gamer2322
    Scage Gamer2322

    I’m turning 12 this year And I remember my first video I’m an OG EvanTubeHD was my first channel I subbed to The Angry Bird Mashums video

  • lily Jenner
    lily Jenner

    The first video was.... on Evantubehd and it was the eat it or were it challenge 😏

  • Marcelia

    The first vidio i watch is the 'pizza challenge' it's was funny (bad Grammer sorry)🇮🇩

  • khansa nakhwah rabbani
    khansa nakhwah rabbani

    when I first saw Evan my brother show me and I was like OMG

  • NG Pegasus 27
    NG Pegasus 27

    Basically now 9 years and 2 days anniversary

  • Bigboy Freeman
    Bigboy Freeman

    I watched and I wad 5 and I am 9 now my birthday was this month

    • Bigboy Freeman
      Bigboy Freeman

      On momtubes has 8 paches of pink so it can be 8 years

    • Bigboy Freeman
      Bigboy Freeman

      On the Evantube channel the McDonald's makers


    I was here for the video that came after the angry birds one it was the space one with the gummys

  • Nico Simanjuntak
    Nico Simanjuntak

    My first video i saw is at evantubhd its the kinetic sand ✨😹

  • princess Sarah
    princess Sarah


  • Jack Tube
    Jack Tube

    My first video I ever saw was one of the angry birds clay models videos! (I watched it a couple years after it came out)

  • Liu Zhiyu Felicia
    Liu Zhiyu Felicia

    Evan vs giant gummy worm

  • Dylan Reagle
    Dylan Reagle


  • Aestheticly Victoria
    Aestheticly Victoria


  • Mayzie Vanderweerd
    Mayzie Vanderweerd

    has anyone noticed that in some videos jillian is wearing make up

  • Alexxandrr Playz!
    Alexxandrr Playz!

    Almost been 9 years!!

  • Blaze Games
    Blaze Games

    I was there science you’re LEGO vids

  • April Owen
    April Owen

    The clay angry birds

  • Spiral Vortex
    Spiral Vortex

    I been watching Evan for 8 years

  • Spiral Vortex
    Spiral Vortex

    I been watching you’re videos seens angry birds

  • Crazy boy
    Crazy boy

    Arungy birds

  • Sai Adithi
    Sai Adithi

    I saw ur first video which is eat or wear it challenge

  • SuperMarioEli

    My Firt ONe was on Evantubehd Its was jabba the hut palace

  • Jordan Le
    Jordan Le

    And i watch evantubegaming

  • Jordan Le
    Jordan Le

    I saw the gummy

  • Nacho Perez
    Nacho Perez

    The angry bird clay model

  • Biryani Masters
    Biryani Masters

    Mine is is the angry bird space

  • unicorns life!
    unicorns life!

    Wen I was 3

  • David Schwartz
    David Schwartz

    My 1st video was the Pringles Challenge!

  • Skyland Gaming
    Skyland Gaming

    I’ve been here since Giants number 1

  • Benson Hurtubise
    Benson Hurtubise

    My first video I watched of Evan was hide and seek

  • Mg23 Jj
    Mg23 Jj

    Eventube hd on Hulu

  • Stuart Sams
    Stuart Sams

    The first video I saw of even was a MacDonalds cookie burger kit

  • Nixie Bubba
    Nixie Bubba

    That was when i was born!!!

  • Rafael Lorenzo de Guzman
    Rafael Lorenzo de Guzman

    I was born September 26 2011 5 days after their first video

  • Kurtyyy D.
    Kurtyyy D.

    the first video i saw from u is the angry birds toy reviews ur my childhood evan

  • Sara

    i started with julian or evan

  • Ivan Ndamukong
    Ivan Ndamukong

    Dt is artistic

  • Karina Tison
    Karina Tison

    My first EvanTube video was Jillian doing Dumsmash. I've been watching for a long time

  • LXK_Thankful Bunny
    LXK_Thankful Bunny

    My first video was the pringles kids challenge

  • Peggy Geraghty
    Peggy Geraghty

    The first vid I watched was escape the market obey about 4 or 5 years

  • Shubhankar 18
    Shubhankar 18

    Who got this in recommended?

  • Rafininja tv
    Rafininja tv

    my first video i watched was the gummy worm video i think when i was 6 now im 10

  • Pombili Abraham
    Pombili Abraham

    hy evan i am a boy i am 10 i like your videos by😁 evan wins

  • McW Mike
    McW Mike

    The first video I watched was the 2011 Christmas video. I saw that when I was 4 I am 13 now and still watching.

  • •Aesthetic Lemon•
    •Aesthetic Lemon•

    ......The fact how DTs "8" represent Evan's first video from EIGHT years.... Fondant= clay Angry bird number 8 = Evan's first video Play button on angry bird = subscribers ; - ;

  • Liam Vlogs
    Liam Vlogs

    2014 First video

  • Nicole Santos
    Nicole Santos

    My first pair I watch from you guys was Angry Birds fish egg and that was seven years ago

  • Stitch the Blue Dog
    Stitch the Blue Dog

    The first one I saw was " A MILLION DREAMS - The Greatest Showman - Father & Daughter Cover JillianTubeHD ft. DTSings

  • DavidDekuboi and LimeDav
    DavidDekuboi and LimeDav

    my 1st evan tube video that i saw was "say it backwards challage"

  • Jaiden Skrt
    Jaiden Skrt

    The angry birds mashems

  • Luid

    I WATCH U 7 YEARS AGO and i loved watching it

  • Dylan Schlager
    Dylan Schlager

    8 and a half now!!!

  • Dilusha Playz
    Dilusha Playz

    I started watching since 2014 I’m sorry if that’s long for me it seems a lot cause I was like 4 or 5 years

  • Marco Cerros
    Marco Cerros

    First Vid: The Angry bird Squishy video

  • Martin Alejo
    Martin Alejo

    I’m 9 now

  • Martin Alejo
    Martin Alejo

    The angry bird on eventubehd

  • abi jose
    abi jose


  • Abdulsami Siddiqi
    Abdulsami Siddiqi

    I remember all that I’ve been here since the start also this used to be evantube raw.

  • Cookie_and_crusher

    the first video i saw was the jingle bells one which evan and jillan were singing

  • Valium Hyper
    Valium Hyper

    My first video was your first video. Not even lying. My sister and I watched since then. She’s 18 now and I’m gonna he 15 pretty soon.

  • Alex Miller
    Alex Miller

    the first time I seen on EvanTubethe was the Christmas carols

  • Lil Hypebeast
    Lil Hypebeast

    The first videos I watched was angry birds telepods

  • Cynthia Concepcion
    Cynthia Concepcion

    last last last year ago

  • Galaxy Gamer
    Galaxy Gamer

    I’ve been watching since 5,I’m 11 now

  • Space

    I cant even remember what my first video was to

  • David Montoya
    David Montoya

    I hade been since the world's largest gummy worm!

  • Adinda Azahra
    Adinda Azahra

    The first video i watched is the pizza challenge on evantubehd

  • Mustefa Asghar
    Mustefa Asghar

    I started on The batman Unboxing Lego vid

  • Aleyna Zul Hisham
    Aleyna Zul Hisham

    Jillian you have a double chin sooo funny

  • hannah banana
    hannah banana

    The first video I saw was the one were Jillian ate the whole giant gummy bear!

  • Marisol Garcia
    Marisol Garcia

    I was here when they were doing the pizza challenge and then daddy tube eats both pizzas

  • Tiffany Viola
    Tiffany Viola

    The first time I saw you guys was on evantube hd was the cake challenge

  • Eshaal Shehryar
    Eshaal Shehryar

    even and jillian have changed alot

  • Ayden Reyes
    Ayden Reyes

    The Lego land hotel

  • Allison Gonzalez
    Allison Gonzalez

    I first watched the hide n seek video

  • Sarah Sullivan
    Sarah Sullivan

    French fry challenge

  • Collin Kroesser
    Collin Kroesser

    Even tube gaming 🔥

  • Chaouki Ammar
    Chaouki Ammar

    It was on Julian’s channel My first video I saw of u guys was ‘BEND THE RULES’

  • Ruchitha

    My first one was the ice cream maker By the way I am commenting after 9 months ,😂😂

  • chen jailani
    chen jailani

    I watch evan and jillian at evantubehd they have done the angry birds

  • Randal E
    Randal E

    I can't remember but I watched your lego videos a lot

  • Janice Hernandez
    Janice Hernandez


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