AN AREA 51 ALIEN TOOK MY SON!!! Spirit Halloween Costume Shopping Haul!
Time to go shopping for our Halloween costumes at the Spirit Halloween store! This year Jillian wanted to be a witch and Evan wanted an inflatable alien costume! Check out all the cool new Halloween costumes, animatronics and decorations!
Production Music courtesy of Epidemic Sound

  • Hadaa

    The tube family, You have been apart of my life since i was 7 years old. I always loved watching the Lego videos. And since I was that age, I have watched you guys since. You have put a different perspective on my life and I would not be who I am if I didn't tune in to this channel. You guys have taught everyone how to be grateful for what they get, and how to respect others and yourself. You guys have really changed my life.


      I watched you guys when I was 6 now I’m 12

    • ReplexDizzyy シ
      ReplexDizzyy シ

      Bruv I watched this channel when I was 3

    • Silver Soul_YT
      Silver Soul_YT

      Same dude 😌

    • Madison Farmer
      Madison Farmer

      I have been watching for 16 years and I am 17 I love you guys

    • JC VidZ
      JC VidZ


  • Among Us
    Among Us

    I was getting the inflatable costumes

    • Among Us
      Among Us

      That was cool

  • Among Us
    Among Us

    I was wearing the inflatable spongebob costume in Halloween 2020

    • Among Us
      Among Us

      That was cool

  • EvanJack06

    11:34 ...

  • Lily Slocum
    Lily Slocum

    tube family

  • Tanya Shen
    Tanya Shen

    Evan is very funny, my costume is little red riding hood.

  • Connor Lienemann
    Connor Lienemann

    OMG I love how realistic Evan was with the costume

  • dudewatdaheck14 09
    dudewatdaheck14 09

    Wait why is this comments section open

  • Alexander Dominguez
    Alexander Dominguez

    Is so funny Evan `s costume 10:27 -12:00

  • GalaxyGirl774 2
    GalaxyGirl774 2

    I wanted to become Cleopatra for Halloween but I never got the chance cuz my grandparents didn't take me trick or treating 😭 P.S. I have the costume

  • Enrique Taliaoa
    Enrique Taliaoa


  • Angelo gabriel S Vidallo
    Angelo gabriel S Vidallo

    Oh no evan got kidnapped by alien

  • ZeroDemon _
    ZeroDemon _

    Lol so funny the costume on the thumbnail was the same Halloween costume i used

  • Thomas Leon
    Thomas Leon

    who elese is watching this to bring back memories of yound yound evean with toy reviews and ive been watching since i was 6 all the way to now well little bit loved ur vids

  • Nolan Sundown
    Nolan Sundown

    10:27 Oh no he's going to Brazil

  • Evan Gross
    Evan Gross

    I was the evantuberaws first subscriber

  • Emir Pradana
    Emir Pradana

    I wanted the costume that evan had I think it looks dope

  • Keluarga Ceria Diniandi
    Keluarga Ceria Diniandi

    the dog run away when evan wear the costume the dog afraid with the alien

  • Courtney Rennie
    Courtney Rennie

    I'm Going to Be The Same Costume Evan Is For Halloween👽👽👽😨

  • Marrivic Maramag
    Marrivic Maramag

    Thats so funny

  • Renz Batul
    Renz Batul


  • Richard Balagot
    Richard Balagot

    Moncka but with dlub

  • Hazard1800

    I was thanos but I’m gonna be Reaper from overwatch

  • Hunter Mares
    Hunter Mares

    whos watching this in 2021

  • Alvin Anu John
    Alvin Anu John

    That alien is huge

  • The Beans King
    The Beans King

    Evan: “Ahhh help me ahhhh heeeeeeeeelllllllllllllllllllllllllpppppppppppppppppppppp!” *happy music* Yes, truly calm

  • Steve Gaming10
    Steve Gaming10

    I was Chucky for Halloween in 2019

  • Danielchannel carrillo
    Danielchannel carrillo

    It looks like a real alien

  • Xli Plays
    Xli Plays


    • Xli Plays
      Xli Plays


  • WolfPro

    This is so funny 😂😂😂

  • muhammad Rasya Putra Fatihah
    muhammad Rasya Putra Fatihah

    yo evan i am zero from asia i am a bigget lego ninjago fan and i like your lego ninjago sets videos

  • Andy Morales
    Andy Morales


  • Derek Jimenez
    Derek Jimenez

    Cuphead ☺😨😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱

  • Fermin Becerra
    Fermin Becerra

    I'm gonna be jeff the the killer

  • 62 leaves
    62 leaves

    Ima be a quarantined

  • Short Whosshufflez
    Short Whosshufflez

    Huh here we go again aliens

  • srDiego28 Juarez
    srDiego28 Juarez


  • Maria Roque
    Maria Roque

    Wow aliens 👽

  • DK Gonsalves
    DK Gonsalves

    U guys r my favrite youtobers

  • Landon


  • khalil ph
    khalil ph

    Evan got by alien hahahaha so funny 😂

  • Switch Bro’s 10
    Switch Bro’s 10


  • Cheez FB
    Cheez FB

    I was the alien carrying me costume like Evans but mine was smaller And Halloween past sooooo....

  • Nur Serena Mohd Salahuddin
    Nur Serena Mohd Salahuddin

    Cool costume Evan

  • EG Freakz
    EG Freakz

    3:27 When kids drink to much apple juice 🧃

  • Gregorio Rojas
    Gregorio Rojas


  • Shannon Myers
    Shannon Myers

    Ima have nightmares

  • Migdalia Ramos
    Migdalia Ramos

    It the clown

  • Diego Mata
    Diego Mata

    1 like= 1 life for Evan

  • Gabriel ‘s playtime day of NINTENDO Paul
    Gabriel ‘s playtime day of NINTENDO Paul

    The alien

  • ThePotatoAlien •37 years ago
    ThePotatoAlien •37 years ago

    Ima be what Evan is XD

  • ThePotatoAlien •37 years ago
    ThePotatoAlien •37 years ago

    This is what ima be for Halloween this year it’s only 4 months away omg I gotta plan

  • τυροπιτακι22gr

    If u do this for fun ok

  • Qin Taoying
    Qin Taoying

    I going to be a Titanosaurus

  • Jaylin Vazquez (STUDENT)
    Jaylin Vazquez (STUDENT)

    Hi Julian and ever and I love to watch your shows

  • sunny eclxpse YT シ
    sunny eclxpse YT シ

    11:26 Shaking your what?

  • reena playzgacha
    reena playzgacha

    Me: Why so many cLoWnS T^T Also me: Ok I'm not gonna scared anymore cuz I saw clowns many time I like Jillian coustume its awesome ♥•♥

  • Princess Yvonne Reotutar
    Princess Yvonne Reotutar

    Evan is so funny i cant stop Laghing

  • Sarah Hall
    Sarah Hall

    When even Gest the costume on it is so funny

  • Navid Playss
    Navid Playss

    Smg lamapickxe marshmallowsuit from fortnite

  • Faraneh Jamshidi
    Faraneh Jamshidi

    Omg here is heaven0^0

  • Paty Villa
    Paty Villa

    Es Esqueuer

  • Сеад Малај
    Сеад Малај


  • Cole Fitzsimmons
    Cole Fitzsimmons

    That aquarium probably costs as much as all the tube channel subs combined

  • zombie

    0:00 me trying go to home alien trying drag me on school

  • DarkShadowboy

    The kid with a bag and a lollipop bitten is from the movie Trick r treat.

  • Xploneon

    I’ve been watching you guys since I was 6, and now as 13, I still watch you the same forever♾

  • Josué Pérez
    Josué Pérez


  • Robi Robi
    Robi Robi

    Is a costume

  • Jaybel Almo
    Jaybel Almo

    Tube was so cool

  • techno gamer
    techno gamer

    even do im late i almost died laughing its so funny 😂😂😂😂


    I’m being a ninja

  • Sara Nguyen
    Sara Nguyen


  • Samuel Farrow
    Samuel Farrow

    That was funny when Evan was pretending to get carried away by an alien

  • Neyam Sherimah
    Neyam Sherimah

    Penny wise

  • star watcher 068
    star watcher 068

    Dont disturb the baby his practicis sage mode

  • Baby boda
    Baby boda

    Who is a og like if your a og

  • Âcë Spâdë
    Âcë Spâdë

    I love the background music from the addams family!! Im a Fan of Addams Family Movie.. And I also love this channel since I was 8 years old.

  • dres1125

    So funny

  • Bee's _134
    Bee's _134

    Why am I watching this before bedtime?

  • Glambition Jewelry
    Glambition Jewelry

    Jiliann looks like a pretty pretty princess

  • Glambition Jewelry
    Glambition Jewelry

    Why is Jiliann shoping for cute stuff and Evan is on a nother level

  • Glambition Jewelry
    Glambition Jewelry

    Hi i'm a huge fan from Indonesia

  • Katie Potter
    Katie Potter

    Here’s a question Is it embarrassing that I’m 14 and still terrified of going into a Spirit Halloween store?

  • Mariano Viera-Davis
    Mariano Viera-Davis

    The tube family I watched your videos when I was little and still watch them it’s been a while now I’m back glad I’m back! So I wanna watch all ur videos now! I loved when Evan and Julian were little now I’m 13 and I’m happy to watch!


    im not gonna risk my life for a inflatable costume so im just getting a normal costume not inflatable because i do not want to risk my life ruining my costume


    but on halloween she looks much more older!!!


    jillian looks so young!!

  • Alexis Williams
    Alexis Williams

    I have been watching evantubehd since I was 5 my mom loved his videos now I am happy I found you again 🙏🏾

  • Element Wolf
    Element Wolf

    Omg is cool and funny is it crazy I like Evan

  • Novianty Halim
    Novianty Halim

    2020 anyone ?

  • Ahmed King
    Ahmed King

    That Twerking baby is @@* Naughty yea

  • Gia’s Fun
    Gia’s Fun

    The Tube Family

  • Slipped Cordz
    Slipped Cordz

    This just turned pg-13

  • Connør Bfc
    Connør Bfc

    Gosh i watched you 6 or 7 years ago and youve changed so much i could just start crying

  • 42fan hector
    42fan hector

    Area 51 Evan

  • Boton Fox gamer
    Boton Fox gamer

    This is all vodo.... I am scared By the looks of this it looks like you guys are not going to heaven

  • Alexander Vasquez
    Alexander Vasquez

    8:11 Nobody: Evan:DID SOMEBODY SAY CRUSADE

  • Rayyan gaming
    Rayyan gaming

    Evan's costume is like a real one and its funny

  • Kayla Martin
    Kayla Martin

    ya'll should go to Oxford,MS its fun I went there