BOWLING BIRTHDAY PARTY!!! Evan Got Scammed at the Arcade! Jillian's 11th Birthday Present Haul!
Jillian is 11 years old! This year Jillian wanted to have a bowling birthday party with her friends. We got a few gutter balls. But everyone had a good time and that's what counts! =)
More Birthday Party action!
5 Years Old - My Gym Party:
7 Years Old - Karate Party:
8 Years Old - Roller Skating Party:
9 Years Old - Slime Party:
10 Years Old - Trampoline Party:
11 Years Old - Bowling Party:
Opening Birthday Presents:
Production Music courtesy of Epidemic Sound

  • The Tube Family
    The Tube Family

    So who here is good at bowling? What is your highest score?

    • Alex DePIna
      Alex DePIna

      I'm pretty God and my highest score is 111

    • Jonah Ahn
      Jonah Ahn

      Mine was Zero. 🤤

    • GameWithBlaze

      106 is my highest!

    • Connor Brown
      Connor Brown

      My high score is 242

    • Skylar Murren
      Skylar Murren

      Does it count if you play on wii?

  • Incinerator XV-2
    Incinerator XV-2

    …Scammed by catching... thin air?!! No bigger scam than that!

  • Angie B
    Angie B

    this vid is so cool

  • arnold Tan
    arnold Tan

    Oooo I been to Hollywood bowl in hyper bowling in uk

  • Isaiah Glenn
    Isaiah Glenn

    Happy birthday Jillian!

  • Esperanza Pineda
    Esperanza Pineda

    I was born before Jill because she was born in November and I was born in june

  • Luz Alvarez
    Luz Alvarez

    water water getting colder booty farts make the water feel warmerrrrr

  • Ramsey Jr Cox
    Ramsey Jr Cox

    I’m 11 she’s 12 That’s omg

  • Kiwi Beast
    Kiwi Beast

    3:44 Wii sports moment!

  • Kiwi Beast
    Kiwi Beast

    My highest score is 181!

  • Maxidex

    How is she the same age but her voice is deeper than mine and I'm a guy

  • priciela Yazmen cruz
    priciela Yazmen cruz

    This video was posted on my birthday 👀

  • It's Mayy
    It's Mayy

    So when her really birthday November or October????

  • CoolDiamondGamer09

    Things i have in common with Jill: 1. We are the same age 2. For our 11th birthday we had a bowling birthday

  • Janice Hernandez
    Janice Hernandez


  • Adalyn Herrera
    Adalyn Herrera

    One time I was in first places 😆

  • Adalyn Herrera
    Adalyn Herrera

    I’m good at playing bolling👍

  • AUG-Arash

    I got this recommended what happened to channel name?? It used to be EvanTubeRaw

  • Kelsi Morrison
    Kelsi Morrison

    Happy 11th birthday Jillian did you have fun bowling with your friends and family Kelsi Morrison

  • Ella Kokesh (Student)
    Ella Kokesh (Student)

    Happy birthday 🎉🎁🎂🎊🎈 Jillian!!

  • Jenniverse

    Wow nice..

  • Aaron Brown
    Aaron Brown

    I got new super Mario bros U and I went to K1 Speed for my birthday party.

  • Addison Long
    Addison Long

    Do a house tour please This is everyone who what’s a house tour 👇🏻

  • Bella Productionz
    Bella Productionz

    the girl in the yellow with Jean's was here for the slime birthday party. Does anyone remember? she seems like a og

  • Rami - Craft
    Rami - Craft

    I'm just like jillian im 11 year old but in nov 13

  • NyeJanae Caver-hill
    NyeJanae Caver-hill

    I am good at bowling

  • Klikbot Animations
    Klikbot Animations

    Jilliantubehd is 1 day older than me she was born on October 3 and I was born on October 4 I am not joking!!!!!!

  • Kingdono Gaming
    Kingdono Gaming

    Happy birthday

  • itsssans123

    I'm 11 too my birthday was April 23

  • Aaron Brown
    Aaron Brown

    I went to a Go kart race rally on my 11th birthday.

  • ryooj W
    ryooj W

    They bowl like belmo

  • Yanira Delacruz
    Yanira Delacruz


  • Marisela Estrada
    Marisela Estrada

    Whats that place called

  • Dilusha Playz
    Dilusha Playz

    I'm also 11 years old HAPPY BDAY

  • Savanna Carey
    Savanna Carey

    Tell me what songs were used

  • Aubrey Phillips
    Aubrey Phillips

    Happy birthday Jillian

  • Daniel P. Gushard
    Daniel P. Gushard

    i mean manage to fail that

  • Daniel P. Gushard
    Daniel P. Gushard

    oh oh oh oh i've played that before i losed a lot lol

  • Aaron Brown
    Aaron Brown

    My last 11th birthday party was at Gizmos fun factory.

  • Aidah Pacasirang
    Aidah Pacasirang

    Let's all be honest, we all had a crush on Evan before.

  • Bryan Pin
    Bryan Pin

    Mine is 30

  • Saja fun World
    Saja fun World

    Happy birthday to you Jill yay

  • David Smith
    David Smith

    Only OG’s remember when this channel was called Evantube RAW

  • Arix

    Jill is only 11?

  • Ayla Wafi
    Ayla Wafi

    Anyways so happy for you happy bday!!!!!!!!

  • Ayla Wafi
    Ayla Wafi

    Im only 9 years wish i was 10 or 13

  • Skitz

    3:45 me playing wii sports

  • Bennett Barefoot
    Bennett Barefoot

    My highest is 23

  • salli marc
    salli marc

    Jillan do you have a phone

  • Alicia Yung
    Alicia Yung

    Why Jill have a great time with her friends?🤔❤️❤️

  • Isabella Mouzakis
    Isabella Mouzakis

    She turned 11 and the vid is 11 minutes long ( I see you lol )

  • Mae Frederick
    Mae Frederick

    Ur video is 11 mins long and shes turning 11

  • SHDW Frog
    SHDW Frog

    Remember when they were both little

  • MaddVentures

    I remember a few months ago I was bowling and when the bar was down I let go of my ball and it rolled a got stuck, so I rolled another ball annndddd the first one went off the gutter, bar back down annnd the ball bounces back

  • Ella Is ded
    Ella Is ded

    Jill is three months older than me

  • Aroush's World
    Aroush's World

    Jillian we have the same birthday I am also 11 on the 21st of November

    • Marley Greco
      Marley Greco

      Aiman’s World her birthday is on October 3rd ?

  • Bimoony

    I haven't watched EVANTUBE for years now and i came back....I can't belive how much they have grown😂😃

  • Boss72Duke

    How is she in 6 grade? I’m the same age and in 5

  • Larry Buzz
    Larry Buzz

    You are 4 days younger than me

  • Sprocket Playz
    Sprocket Playz

    3:45 wii bowling be like

  • Aaron Playz
    Aaron Playz

    Jillian is supposed to be in 5th grade?

  • Alexander martinez
    Alexander martinez

    I am older by 1 month

  • Paul Whitehouse
    Paul Whitehouse

    My name is maddie

  • Gabe no
    Gabe no

    So cool evan you broke 100 but whoever can brake over 200 like and tell me how high up you got in points.

  • watermxlonsvger

    How old is she

  • KruzerTheBruzer

    For some reason I was awesome since 2008 oct. 1

  • Mario Benitez
    Mario Benitez

    I'm 11 this year in September 11

  • Jana Fe
    Jana Fe

    Iv watched Jill and Evan since they were Little

  • Antony Kaadi
    Antony Kaadi

    Omg you older than me am 10

  • Richard Pham
    Richard Pham

    Rip evan

  • Carrie Williams
    Carrie Williams

    Happy birthday Jillian

  • Crazy COOKIES
    Crazy COOKIES

    Jillian is 1 years older than me

  • Evelio Martinez
    Evelio Martinez

    Mi birthday is 10 days before Julian

  • Aston Villa Fan
    Aston Villa Fan

    l mean l am 11

  • Aston Villa Fan
    Aston Villa Fan

    l am going 11 too

  • GG Flash
    GG Flash

    I am olldest 1 day Jilian

  • tiffany avalos
    tiffany avalos

    Why did you block out a word

  • Chris Fernandez
    Chris Fernandez

    Happy birth day Jillian

  • Sw1ft Toast
    Sw1ft Toast

    I’m 11 and I though she was older than me

  • Marks Gaming and animations
    Marks Gaming and animations

    Even is Turning 14 soon

  • Railroad And More Studios
    Railroad And More Studios

    The bowling ball candle looks like a bomb

  • vivi vi
    vivi vi

    8:21 why Vado look at her neck Jill’s friend neck look at this dude

  • Razakgaming Razak
    Razakgaming Razak

    Happy birthday jillian 🎉 🎂 🎈 🎊 🎁

  • evelyn

    happy birthday Jillian!!

  • Ryan Alday
    Ryan Alday




  • Zyrix

    My bday is novemeber 12 im 11 now

  • ABCDankmeme

    I dd the best thing for my 12th birthday guess what it starts with a n and ends with a g you know


    I’m an OG fan since the angry birds

  • Chloe Nealz
    Chloe Nealz

    Sorry I am late but HAPPY BIRTHDAY

  • Salma The caca
    Salma The caca

    My birthday is on November 3rd!

  • mike r.
    mike r.

    Happy birthday 🙀

  • Lucas World
    Lucas World

    Happy birthday Jillion 👍🏻😃🎉

  • Unknown User
    Unknown User

    I dont like Julián she acts cool and i dont like it

    • Unknown User
      Unknown User

      @LAWSON TUBE be quiet

    • Unknown User
      Unknown User

      And u too tube family

    • Unknown User
      Unknown User

      Mind ur beeswax


      No one likes you

  • Hermonie Fisher
    Hermonie Fisher

    I haven't you guys in 3 years

  • Andy Lu
    Andy Lu

    Im older than jillian by one month

  • Epic Random Videos
    Epic Random Videos

    Puberty has not been good to the tubes

  • brylie collins
    brylie collins

    my birthday is in 8 days so 11 replies would be great thx :D

  • Spike Films
    Spike Films

    Forgot about this channel for about a year then I saw cool new videos then start watching you guys again well sometimes though

  • Valeria Martinez
    Valeria Martinez

    I have a question is Jillian a lefty or a righty? How old is Jillian?