CHIA PET: EXPECTATION VS REALITY!!! DIY Pennywise & Baby Yoda Chia Pet!
Today we test out something I've always wanted to try THE CHIA PET! We found some cool Pennywise and Baby Yoda (The Child) themed Chia Pet, so Evan and Jillian are challenging each other to see whose comes out better. Will the Chia Pets look as good as the packaging? Is the Chia Pet worth it?


Production Music courtesy of Epidemic Sound

  • Kale

    I legit got a baby yoda chia pet because of this video thanks

  • koalalover1232


  • Joeff Christopher Linas
    Joeff Christopher Linas

    I like evan's

  • Amber Pollmann
    Amber Pollmann

    The child is supposed to be called Growgo

  • liaa シ
    liaa シ

    Can you all please stop talking about how much he aged. He knows. Everyone knows.

  • Odyssey Plushies
    Odyssey Plushies

    Why does Jillian still say look it

  • Elou Williams
    Elou Williams

    I love it the cloun🤡🤡🤡

  • Erick Calvo
    Erick Calvo

    I love it pennywise it’s cool 😎

  • Alex Dhaliwal
    Alex Dhaliwal


  • ViviYaya Mendez
    ViviYaya Mendez

    I love it😲😯

  • Joshxxl. ove Mirarda
    Joshxxl. ove Mirarda

    Watch talking Tom and friends on IRbin police talking Tom and friends on IRbin season 5 talking roy and friends

  • una qii
    una qii

    Hey man, you prolly won't read this but thanks for the great childhood. I used to watch your videos everyday after school and i still do to this day. That's all i have to say. Thanks.

  • UWU :3
    UWU :3

    Do you guys knew that you can eat chia seeds

  • Janice Salazar
    Janice Salazar

    i think you should cut the front jill

  • Pk Upadhya
    Pk Upadhya

    You can actually eat chia seeds

  • Kasey Lopez Morales
    Kasey Lopez Morales

    Evan we're the same age and u don't know what a chia pet is?!!?😫😫

  • DaNoobKing

    Yo they grew

  • ivan ruiz
    ivan ruiz


  • Janiya Henry
    Janiya Henry

    Oh my God you guys have gotten so big I haven’t watched your channel in years: Even with his deep voice 😂

  • Brooklyn T Guy
    Brooklyn T Guy

    5:18 baby Yoda ate too many nevron nummies

  • smith libran
    smith libran

    Or evan that's ok even

  • smith libran
    smith libran

    Hello even

  • Epic Gaming25
    Epic Gaming25

    and Evan still spill stuff

  • Epic Gaming25
    Epic Gaming25

    remember when they where funny

  • melissa maxwell
    melissa maxwell


  • Life As April
    Life As April

    I haven’t watch you guys IN YEARS omg so much as changed but a memory has been unlocked

  • CG

    Oh no

  • PsychoKillerNerd - Tips & Entertainment
    PsychoKillerNerd - Tips & Entertainment

    Sounds unreal, but you can actually drink water with chia seeds in it. It's good for health.

  • Norman Gilmore
    Norman Gilmore

    Baby yoda

  • Nurten Ozaktan
    Nurten Ozaktan

    A video from 3years ago and 3weeks ago Damn boy You grew up dude

  • High_sickbay_4U

    Just trim it

  • KoobNYeej

    The reason it messed up is because they do not have the right age it says 17+ they do not have the power to do it

  • MrNo Nayme
    MrNo Nayme

    1:34 asians natural hand skills displayed in a home setting. 4:57 I take that back...

  • Only Addie
    Only Addie

    Please can I get noticed?

  • MK - 05MR 803004 Tribune Drive PS
    MK - 05MR 803004 Tribune Drive PS

    POST MORE VIDEOS 😠😠😠😠😠😡😡😡😡😡🗂

  • Candi Liu
    Candi Liu

    Stay away and get the rest and the rest the president in your life to help us get the kids to help you keep up the good job and help me push the ball to get a good start of a good day and I am not happy about that and jasmine rice 🍚 is a good 😌 I think you need help with the rest and the rest the day we have the rest and the most of trophies we have a good job and I will be back in the next two days I am going out of town for the next day and we can do that for a little bit this summer is going to the rest ii

  • Katy _Vlogs
    Katy _Vlogs

    OMG I came back after 5 YEARS dang... I was here from the start

  • 2pac96edits

    1:15 bro he looks like MAT Stonie

  • sanalyxツ

    Evantube hd/ The tube family was one of my childhood favorite channel, Glad to see evan still doing videos even he is now a teen-ager, I remembered my favorite was cruise ship videos of them and some old videos like The mv of Jillian, I think the doll?

  • LittleMrCool

    It’s been a long journey 5 years ago

  • Katherine Tapman
    Katherine Tapman

    2:55 If you've watched the newer episodes of The Mandalorian, I hope you get the reference (intentional or not)

  • Bardi Gaming
    Bardi Gaming

    I remember watching u when I was much younger. You guys are so much older now! Crazy how time passes so quickly! Ok. Now I sound like a grandma

  • Naim Rancier
    Naim Rancier

    i have been watching since you guys did the angry birds videos i was like 3 or 4 and watched it on my parents computer so now it seems like it is the good ol tube family

  • Ïtž WGPH
    Ïtž WGPH

    Pennywise be hidin’ in the trees!

  • Lance Skyler Arrofo
    Lance Skyler Arrofo

    No offence but she dunt know baby yoda eats frogs XD

  • Captain America
    Captain America

    @The Tube Family Daddytube! How’s it going man? So Christmas is right around the corner and I’m planning on asking for Marvel comics. I know your a big Marvel fan like myself. What X-Men, Fantastic Four, and Avengers comics would you recommend me asking for?

  • TerryTurtle ツ
    TerryTurtle ツ

    Who else remembers when the channel was called EvanTubeRaw?

  • Sar upu
    Sar upu

    Last thing I remember they were on the royal Caribbean

  • Christian Salgado
    Christian Salgado


  • Michael Borges
    Michael Borges

    Good morning everyone

  • Leftro

    I didn’t even recognize him

  • James Shado
    James Shado

    Ngl low key happy he’s also a weeb

  • mateo Pantoja
    mateo Pantoja

    Dude Evan can You hice me a heart i wach your videos when i was 3 years old when ir we're like angry birds si yeah please it's My dream

  • Quixql

    i miss him doing the gummy vs real challenge

  • kenny666 F
    kenny666 F

    Hola soy mexicano nosé si me entiendan pero yo los veía cuándo era pequeño y ahora lo vuelvo a ver están muy grandes ahora 😄😀

  • Maggie Real
    Maggie Real

    I came back to the channel after 3 years but yo voices are deep and u guys are grown up! I forgot about the channel I just wanted to see what was happening

  • Lucas Law
    Lucas Law

    you can actually eat the chia seeds when it's thick and put it in your beverages

  • •I t s Siimply *W o l f y T u b e•
    •I t s Siimply *W o l f y T u b e•

    I havent watched u in about 2-4 years! And this just popped up in my reccomended

  • Pl0y4928zm8 P
    Pl0y4928zm8 P

    Its not baby yoda.

  • Daniel Brookman
    Daniel Brookman

    Happy birthday Jillian

  • Sahid Ramos
    Sahid Ramos

    I don’t get why out of no were people loved Baby Yoda

  • aisyah

    damn... i literally watched him grow...

  • Noman Khan
    Noman Khan

    They grew a lot from the last time a watched him

  • Raphael Teixeira
    Raphael Teixeira

    Wait are they divorced

  • Raphael Teixeira
    Raphael Teixeira

    How old is he

  • wowthesong

    It looks like slime when Evan and Jillian were mixing the seeds and lifting them up but added to much borax

  • Matti The Hatty
    Matti The Hatty

    I stopped watching these guys for years and now I’m back!

  • Bloxchip

    Im glad you guys still uploading, its been years i didnt watch ur videos.

  • Tovar Family
    Tovar Family

    Where is Chloe??? I never seem to see her in your videos anymore ):

  • Joey_thebest 10
    Joey_thebest 10

    i have a spongebob one fyi it never grew

  • Tanqr

    Who’s been watching since he did angry bird vids 😭

    • Blue_cat _in_ahat
      Blue_cat _in_ahat

      Meee I miss those videos so much

    • FairyGardens TV
      FairyGardens TV


    • AhyaanSuS


    • jgonzo36


    • Gugu and Giovanna’s life fraga
      Gugu and Giovanna’s life fraga


  • Fabiola Vrgs
    Fabiola Vrgs

    its a been a year since I have seen Evan i can bealy recognize him

  • Jake 1234
    Jake 1234

    Pov your here to see if he’s ok

  • V I P E R
    V I P E R

    Ok everyone in the comments I think its pretty obvious everyone here use to watch him and has now "come back" why are the comments always nostalgic

  • Ahmed Qurayshi
    Ahmed Qurayshi

    It's been 7 years

  • Dominic Aguilar
    Dominic Aguilar

    shout me out!

  • The Annie Keever Company.
    The Annie Keever Company.

    Comments on Eventube videos now a days: 99.9% OMG I USED TO WATCH THEM WHEN I WAS YOUNGER! THEY GREW UP! .1% Other.

  • Aquiles Vazquez
    Aquiles Vazquez

    i remember them before and i loved to watch them but now they are growing up and its not just not as fun i dont know why

  • Ibad Farhan
    Ibad Farhan

    Jilian are left handed?

  • Sebastian Bautista
    Sebastian Bautista


  • Sebastian Bautista
    Sebastian Bautista


  • Gamers latest news
    Gamers latest news

    Last time I watch you was when my voice and yours was little kid I miss thos day keep up the work bud

  • Siloni Pili
    Siloni Pili

    I watched you guys since 2014 when I was younger its sad you guys grew up :(

  • Saisarbesh Kanagasabai
    Saisarbesh Kanagasabai

    Plz do an updated house tour.PLZ! Like if you agree.

  • Anthony_plays Anthonyplays
    Anthony_plays Anthonyplays

    So am I the only one who is back after like 2 or 3 years or 4 Years

    • Ashheschel

      nopee, I growed up too, and im back here to throwback my childhood memories

    • Zylo

      Nope, you're not alone. I've stopped watching them due to school but I'm happy I am back to watching them and that they're still doing youtube.

  • OmarWasTaken



    Ahh so long not seeing this video

  • Lil Bank account
    Lil Bank account

    I was obsessed with you when I was like 5

  • LaZy_DrEw

    How is chiapet

  • Saradha Thilakh
    Saradha Thilakh

    Pls can you make home tour tube family hd I am sai pls 😀😃

  • Saif Almasri
    Saif Almasri

    It's gonna take me a while to get used to his new voice..

  • Chilo Edrolin
    Chilo Edrolin

    i like the the IT because he look likes his hidding

  • Rainyceiling 809
    Rainyceiling 809

    Hi how are you I have been a fan since I was 8

    • Rainyceiling 809
      Rainyceiling 809

      I am now12

  • Chan Man Wam Bam
    Chan Man Wam Bam

    Came back to the channel after 6 years and OH MY GOD YOU PEOPLE HAVE GROWN.

  • *-bluemming- *
    *-bluemming- *

    Chia seeds also go with tea that’s how I drink mine,

  • Sunny Tang
    Sunny Tang

    Vutural Vs reality

  • Sunny Tang
    Sunny Tang


  • RealviperX

    Expectation: 🔥 Reality 🤮

  • PandaUnicornKitty Crafters
    PandaUnicornKitty Crafters

    I’m getting one

  • VeeGiz Peele
    VeeGiz Peele

    I basically grew up watching them but they were called eventuberaw