CHRISTMAS TREE WAR!!! Holiday Decorating & Christmas Carols!
We're putting up our Christmas tree and decorating for the Holidays! Jillian also sings Christmas carols with her school choir and does a tap dance performance at her dance studio.
Production Music courtesy of Epidemic Sound

  • Nicole Clavijo
    Nicole Clavijo

    Evan sing so funny 😂😂😂😂😂

  • PxndaLovxr

    I wanna do tap dance but i know my cousins are gonna make fun of me

  • Gwen Schouten
    Gwen Schouten

    Wow very good Jillion XOX 😊🌹❤️💕👏🙌🏼🔥.

  • djboss vlogs
    djboss vlogs

    Comment on my comment if you notice on the box of the chrismas tree says cwc

  • Mudkip Person
    Mudkip Person

    Jill: Stringy Stuff Mommy:Garlin dear! Me: ITS CALLED TINSEL AHHHHHHHH!

  • Mudkip Person
    Mudkip Person

    Mommy tube: why did we get such a giant tree? Me:(sigh) your the one who asked and had to that tree!

  • Mudkip Person
    Mudkip Person

    Am I the only one who watches Christmas and Halloween videos and movies all year round?! And Evan a elegant singer (nervous laughter)

  • Meileen The Panda
    Meileen The Panda

    Me and jillian are about the same level in piano :3

  • EmilyGacha3973

    Evan is a VERY VERY BAD singer

  • Tricc McFizzerTop
    Tricc McFizzerTop


  • Khunathip Artphakpang
    Khunathip Artphakpang


  • Rex Herrera
    Rex Herrera

    MommyTube: I Don’t Like Eggnog! It’s too sweet. Me: 😒 You’re too sweet.

  • Sushi

    Jillian I do the exact same thing but make mine a poncho and I’m 12 KEEP THE SPIRIT and it’s a kid habit so don’t be embarrassed 🙃🙃

  • Alexander kaczorek
    Alexander kaczorek

    I have the same tree skirt

  • izzy love
    izzy love

    goooooooooooooooooooooooddddddddddddddddddddd sing ing put it on Instagram Jillian

  • izzy love
    izzy love

    it is a really biiiiiiiggggg

  • Lalatheninja 56
    Lalatheninja 56

    Pause at 5:28

  • Sumita Panda
    Sumita Panda

    I really love Christmas work 😍😍😍

  • Dream tv
    Dream tv

    Where even was laying on the carpet mine is the same one like if you love Christmas merry christlerrrr

  • Hayden Wright
    Hayden Wright

    I love egg nog

  • ΜemẸ BόsŜ
    ΜemẸ BόsŜ

    who else claped when jill finished?XD \/make this blue if u did too!XD

  • Gemmy master Inflatables
    Gemmy master Inflatables

    Piano + cut and talented girl = mind blown 🤯

  • Cheese Z
    Cheese Z

    Mommytube eggnog is delicious

  • Chris Millington
    Chris Millington

    Oh Christmas bush oh Christmas you are so very bushy

  • Brock Blodgett
    Brock Blodgett

    Well he said yeah turn Evan off please

  • Brock Blodgett
    Brock Blodgett

    That was so funny when he said hey turn Evan off at the wand part!!!!

  • jxngKookk

    3:28 when my teacher gives me 70 piles of homework

  • Hoa Huynh
    Hoa Huynh


  • Hector Javier Oyervides Rodriguez
    Hector Javier Oyervides Rodriguez

    Brabisimo,increible,alucinante,denle un premio por su increible musica 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  • Johan Resusta
    Johan Resusta

    Am poor

  • mookie ozzy
    mookie ozzy

    Love your video and channel your Christmas is pretty merry Christmas to you guys

  • mookie ozzy
    mookie ozzy


  • Chou drinking Milk
    Chou drinking Milk

    Nice piano skills nice vid

  • Imar Bašić
    Imar Bašić

    Did evan hit puberty yet

    • Saadman Mahfuz
      Saadman Mahfuz

      I don't know. Do you know?

  • The Lizard
    The Lizard

    My Tree is small

  • Kathy Peel
    Kathy Peel

    Instead of tree man he is i am groot

  • prince elitexd
    prince elitexd


  • Mystix 72
    Mystix 72

    Hhmmm I’m not ready for Christmas because in 2 hours it’s 2019

  • Mohamed Elgengihy
    Mohamed Elgengihy

    Do a house tour please

  • Brianna Lucino-Rubio
    Brianna Lucino-Rubio


  • RP

    Do you like Christmas? Yes Like this No Reply to this

  • Arnel Mayogba
    Arnel Mayogba

    9:58 tho...

  • Antonia Martinez
    Antonia Martinez

    Never had eggnog


    🇵🇷 we inveted that song


    Feliz navidad prospero ano y felicidad Los Puerto- riqueños 🇵🇷 inventaron esa cansion the Puerto Rican 🇵🇷

  • Kali

    He said rap the garlic instead of garlin

  • zarnihtike

    We did our tree the same day you guys did yours

  • Athar Raihan
    Athar Raihan

    I love you guys The people that love Evan hit the like button 😘 Please pin me

  • Andre Mwale
    Andre Mwale

    I have the same piano book as Evan

  • Emman Vlogs
    Emman Vlogs


  • Evelyn Nathania
    Evelyn Nathania

    It sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cool

  • Cecile Bernabe
    Cecile Bernabe

    Jillian:dad is putting on the stringy stuff Mom:it's called Garland dear LMAO😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • East Zone
    East Zone

    I also play piano, and this is my 5th year doing it, and I think I'm better than Jillian...

  • Theresa RODRIGUEZ
    Theresa RODRIGUEZ

    This gives you good luck 👍

  • The Brosking
    The Brosking

    This button gives you good luck 👇

  • The Brosking
    The Brosking

    i love eggnog

  • Kenneth Sim
    Kenneth Sim

    I like the music 😎

  • Zahra

    I'm in grade3 in piano,what grade are you in Jill?

  • BoiSOwickeD

    Any new Christmas gift video for 2018?

  • Saravanan K Annadurai
    Saravanan K Annadurai

    Nice decoration✡🤗

  • 600RRTodd

    Merry Christmas Evan and Jillian! :3

  • White Eagle
    White Eagle

    just kidding its april fools in london of 3097

  • White Eagle
    White Eagle


  • brandon espiritu
    brandon espiritu

    even whats your race???

  • Sherene Karanam
    Sherene Karanam

    In my school we had something like that...basically grade 4, 5, and 6 needs to make a Christmas tree (there's also 5 groups in each grade) and some how we got in 3rd placer...I mean like our tree has only 6 ornaments...that's CRAZY!

  • Cid Vallo
    Cid Vallo

    We already opened our gifts

  • Lucy Amplehope
    Lucy Amplehope

    Wow I'm just 7 and your 9 or 10 I know how to play piano

    • Mysterious

      He is 13

  • Martin Goalkeper
    Martin Goalkeper

    I come from Germany


    Merry Christmas Tube Family 🎅🏻😃♥️

  • Kayla Strong
    Kayla Strong

    Merry Christmas everyone! ❄️☃️⛄️🎄🎄

  • TheBloodBlader123

    My Allergies Note:These Are My Severe Allergies Milk/Lactose And Tolerant Fish Peanuts Other Labeled Stuff One Like=One Allergy Removed

    • Natasha Lee
      Natasha Lee

      Fish? Wow i really like fish

    • 6 Train Productions
      6 Train Productions

      But an allergy can't simply disappear from likes.

  • Ma'sai Carradine
    Ma'sai Carradine

    Iov egg nog😇😇😇😇😇😇😇

  • Emily Sakata
    Emily Sakata

    Merry Christmas

  • Vanessa Garrido
    Vanessa Garrido

    I play piano too🤩

  • Vanessa Garrido
    Vanessa Garrido

    Happy Christmas Eve!!!!😋

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    MTR Sync

    No one likes my comment so I liked my own😢

    • roheena Akhtar
      roheena Akhtar

      Lies! .... I liked it

  • Katie Count
    Katie Count

    Do a video on your piano

  • Sveta590


  • bearry thebunny
    bearry thebunny

    I lllllloooooooooooooovvvvvveeeee eggnog

  • Cubing Tube
    Cubing Tube

    He sounds just like Mariah Carey 😂

  • BlackBerryPie

    Who's watching on christmas eve/christmas day

  • Rose Mullins
    Rose Mullins

    You guys cool especially even

  • Hunter Bush
    Hunter Bush

    When he was playing the piano I have the same book in the behind the phone piano book not a real book

  • RJB 05
    RJB 05

    Nice singing

  • Gacha cherry Cheese
    Gacha cherry Cheese

    How many presents do you have under you tree already. I got one from my uncle,aunt and cousin,and one from my neighbor like if you are friends with you neighbor

  • v Mxnsterrr
    v Mxnsterrr

    at 5:26 does anyone see what is on the ladder

  • Rosa Li
    Rosa Li


  • Maria Ernesta
    Maria Ernesta

    A happy Cristmas to all of you

  • •Sorbet Gachax•
    •Sorbet Gachax•

    Did anyone notice daddytube said the f word at 3:45-3:46

  • макс бро максим
    макс бро максим


  • Jiho Yoon
    Jiho Yoon

    The girl's name is Joe, right?

  • Sopheara Nguon
    Sopheara Nguon

    Do more 24 hour challenge

  • Lubna Alloush
    Lubna Alloush

    like I said before Evan u r hilarious!!!!!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Daniel Quiñonez
    Daniel Quiñonez

    Who remembers when this channel used to include a voice that would say Oh No!

  • owo

    Omg Jill has the same piano book as me! 😱

  • chapeton luis
    chapeton luis

    You play the piano 🎹

  • Kenneth McGuire
    Kenneth McGuire

    you should do secret life of pets with the dogs

  • Hasnain Rehman
    Hasnain Rehman

    Who do you think won jillian or evan like for jillian and comment for evan

  • Yeimy Corona
    Yeimy Corona

    For the QA will you guys record when jil and evan are older

  • kieng ly
    kieng ly

    Useing midi for a Guide