DISNEY WORLD DREAM VACATION! TOP 5 things we want to do on our next family vacation
This is a paid advertisement for Walt Disney World Resort. irbin.info/loft/fy-lm-h-y/iN2TinXJzGqFzZ0.html For us, the excitement begins the moment we start planning our Disney vacation. We can’t visit the park today, but we CAN relive some of our most magical moments... AND plan our Top 5 MUSTS for the trip!

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  • The Tube Family
    The Tube Family

    Can't wait to get back to Walt Disney World! Any suggestions on what we should do this time around?

    • Shawney

      Haven’t went. Going soon this year though.

    • Mia Ramirez
      Mia Ramirez

      Just make sure to be safe :D

    • Alleli Marie
      Alleli Marie


    • Kiyoshi


    • Anthony Anthony
      Anthony Anthony

      Do more challenges but in different world

  • NG Pegasus 27
    NG Pegasus 27

    I'm younger than the Evan and Jillian, and even though I'm not a parent. But I would like to say they grew up so fast.

  • Chester Batbayar
    Chester Batbayar

    Jillian is my future wife 🙂

  • Drazokk

    I watched them like 7 years ago and just came back now they way different now 😱

  • Roobz

    My family hasn’t been to any Disney park since about 2013. I wanna go back💙

  • Matthias Whiteman
    Matthias Whiteman

    Hi it been 3 years sense I Watch you guys hope you guy are staying safe

  • Lil Ryan :3
    Lil Ryan :3

    hi tube fam yall played a huge role in my childhood i still love ur vids

  • boombox

    you guys are the best youtubers ever in my opinion


    I just realize that Evan and me have the same birthday..

  • Lucas Francisco C. Peterson
    Lucas Francisco C. Peterson

    Evan i have been watching you since i was 5

  • Alphonse Kottaram
    Alphonse Kottaram

    Can tou please do a house tour

  • Fernando Ramirez
    Fernando Ramirez

    yall should go to universal studios



  • Porky

    they all look exactly the same besides their height

  • Jancy biju
    Jancy biju

    Can you do a house tour

  • Emilio Perez
    Emilio Perez

    who else has grown up with Evan

  • Woop Woop
    Woop Woop

    ewww you guys smell awful

  • Erpos _1
    Erpos _1

    i wanna watch the giant gummy worm from EvanTubeHD

  • Jaydon

    man i’m just revisiting this channel i used to watch this channel when i was like 5 man

  • Nzo Bacani
    Nzo Bacani

    Who stopped watching them and got his in your recommended

  • Mya Dreamer
    Mya Dreamer

    Wow there so grown- Its crazy how time goes so fast I remember them as kids and the little toy reviews wow

  • Hungry Pluto
    Hungry Pluto

    Please do more cruise ship video if theres no more covid

  • Iris Amaya
    Iris Amaya

    You should go on micky and minis run away rail way and rise of the resestens

  • Corona time :D
    Corona time :D

    BAHAHAHA DADDYTUBE JUST ROASTED THE HECK OUT OF THEM “you guys were so cute when you were kids what happened?”


    Bring back the Mario cards from where I found you

  • Horsing around Vlog
    Horsing around Vlog

    Tower of terror is faster than gravity

  • IsSnakes Playz
    IsSnakes Playz

    I miss watching them last time I watched them was like a year ago

  • Vhris ._.
    Vhris ._.

    Evan has such a deep voice for no reason now

  • Just Javi
    Just Javi

    I wish I was like you guys

  • Joy Delrin Vasantha Kumar
    Joy Delrin Vasantha Kumar

    You have the most entertaining video's

  • Kioshi Fn
    Kioshi Fn

    dt still looks so young

  • DullFaded Batman
    DullFaded Batman

    Remember when this was evantuberaw

  • Kajzer Bricks
    Kajzer Bricks

    Didney worl

  • brooklyn bennett
    brooklyn bennett

    Remember when they were lil baby faces

  • Jamey Robinet
    Jamey Robinet

    I went on splash mountain

  • Omega 09
    Omega 09

    omg its been seven years ;-;

  • Mae Roblox
    Mae Roblox

    They are way to old! Stop growing!

  • I’ll find u Next time
    I’ll find u Next time

    1:55 me to me and family always travel everywhere for vacay but 2020 we didn’t go anywhere

  • Brooklynn Loves animals
    Brooklynn Loves animals

    Well you should do is ride all the rides I promise it’s worth it in quarantine because there’s not as many people in Disney I’ve been there in August and it was so much fun there are no characters open but the majority of the rides are open and the majority of the attractions are open as well so enjoy your time at Disney!

  • Diana Rodriguez
    Diana Rodriguez


  • Omari Johnson
    Omari Johnson

    Yo its been like 7 years. I’ve been gone now they all grown up 😩🥲😢


    Look at you guys all grown up 😭💖

  • Nazim Dimitri
    Nazim Dimitri

    Even never changed only height

  • boombox

    can you please bring back the old tube family theme song

  • amber Kinsey
    amber Kinsey

    Nostalgia, I remember 2015 Evan's old action small films, and angry bird reviews, and the challenges.

  • Nursyazwina Az Zahra
    Nursyazwina Az Zahra

    Thx Evan for make my childhood 🥺💖

  • Dreadnyxx

    It's funny couse I just went last month

  • Aiden Alaniz
    Aiden Alaniz

    Ogs where u at

  • Aiden Alaniz
    Aiden Alaniz

    Been a while

  • Landon Martin
    Landon Martin

    You guys should do a mega trip and go to universal, disney, legoland, and busch gardens!

  • Michael Borges
    Michael Borges

    Good afternon every1

  • Bananalicious

    Omg there so grown up! They were my childhood who remembers them doing eat it or wear it :(

  • Dhruv Deepu
    Dhruv Deepu

    All i want to know is what ipad ur using lol

  • Anthony Anthony
    Anthony Anthony

    I honestly still surprised that Daddy and Mommy Tube still the same, while Evan and Jillian were completely changed, kinda miss the old days especially I discovered these channel on 2017

  • Franco Verdugo
    Franco Verdugo

    They should do like episodes from day to day when they go

  • Ronald Ludwig
    Ronald Ludwig

    Dude looks like Elon Musk

  • Nitro

    Bro... U made my childhood. I randomly clicked on your video, and i haven't watched u for like 6 years. So nostalgic man...

    • Mia Rojas
      Mia Rojas


  • Fidget With Ella
    Fidget With Ella

    You guy’s lost hype for some reason?

  • Thanh binh
    Thanh binh

    Ich weiß main city

  • Thanh binh
    Thanh binh

    Hello My Girl-friend!

  • Boomer Gloria
    Boomer Gloria

    This takes me back

  • Taller De Costura Ruiz Esparza
    Taller De Costura Ruiz Esparza

    Ou yea chocaron macaron

  • B Jones
    B Jones

    hi tube

  • Meme Blob
    Meme Blob

    Yay I watch that when they post it

  • Julian Zamarripa
    Julian Zamarripa

    I have a question for Jill the question is does she like someone

  • Vozz Zadkiel Pababero
    Vozz Zadkiel Pababero

    Who remember the old name of the channel?

  • Fishin’ The West TV
    Fishin’ The West TV

    Why does Evan now sound like Patrick mahomes

  • Rodriguez Girls
    Rodriguez Girls

    I miss Disney land soooo much who else misses Disneyland I miss it because I love the feeling and the music rides and people lol basically everything so happy for you guys

  • Mas0nbtw

    Man I miss those 2012 days😞😪

  • MsKarla1975

    Star Wars hell yeah guys y’all have to go to star wars rise of the resistance the 7:00 or 7:30 am please it’s a blast please respond to this comment please I just went to Walt Disney World it was so awesome

    • MsKarla1975

      Oh and it may be a long line but it’s worth it

  • Gold Flake
    Gold Flake

    I really wanna go on a cruise but my mom hates boats lol

  • Kat_ Gamex
    Kat_ Gamex

    They all look like they don’t wanna be there especially Evan

  • Rave Shia Y. Tenedero
    Rave Shia Y. Tenedero

    its only been 1 childhood what happened

  • Emily . yx
    Emily . yx

    Y'all are my childhood 😂✌️

  • Oofpyxl

    Where are the OGS at 👇

  • Miichaeljr

    love the video Love from Florida 🤍

  • Zwolf Æß
    Zwolf Æß

    Y’all are grown up I rember the good days

  • B&B Trick Shots
    B&B Trick Shots

    That is awesome! Me and my family are going back to Disney World soon!

  • SoMeister Vlogs
    SoMeister Vlogs

    I might think about going to Walt Disney World

  • Naoto Katagiri
    Naoto Katagiri

    I envy you

  • Sanaullah Khan
    Sanaullah Khan

    When are going??????

  • val ubando bros yeah
    val ubando bros yeah

    iloveu tha tube family

  • Raul Apolo
    Raul Apolo

    How old is Avenue

  • Annie Lehnhardt_Kolakowski
    Annie Lehnhardt_Kolakowski

    Evan looks more like the Asian culture, and Julian looks less. She looks more European culture!! They are very nice looking kids!!

  • Annie Lehnhardt_Kolakowski
    Annie Lehnhardt_Kolakowski

    Dad Tube loss weight!! Good job Dad Tube! Evan Tube has a deep voice, and Julian Tube grew up too! Mom Tube, your family is changing!!!

  • talkingROYfriends

    Tiny toon toy Animaniacs toys

  • Cami Nazario
    Cami Nazario

    I wish you could on March 31 because I will go then

  • Daniel

    can u guys give a video about yourselves so that the people that has not known you can try to get to know you guys or where you guys live

  • Jose Nava Cruz
    Jose Nava Cruz

    Remember when Evan was making lego sets

  • Beckham Nunes
    Beckham Nunes

    Disneyland in California is better than Walt Disney world

  • Sophia Degand
    Sophia Degand

    I remember watching you guys like every day it feels like you guys grew up so fast

  • where ?
    where ?

    I havent been here in so long. Feels nice to be back

  • Taichan Senayan
    Taichan Senayan

    I watch you guys when i was 4 years old untill 6 years old and i watch you again now when i was 9

  • Pmyers363

    I’ve never been to Any of the Disney parks I really want to go to Disney world someday

  • Datboi 517
    Datboi 517

    I can't go to disneyworld since its across the country but I'm 1 state away from disneyland and the governor of California wont open it

  • Yasmin Cutler
    Yasmin Cutler

    you should go too lego land so you can go in a lupty loop on the rolercoster

  • emmeline4556

    Why does evan look like he grew up so fast but jilian still the same. 😂😂😂

    • Anthony Anthony
      Anthony Anthony

      My thoughts that Daddytube and Mommytube are still the same

  • Jenny Allen
    Jenny Allen

    It’s been five years and I’ve finally come back to this channel

  • kiwi glitch
    kiwi glitch

    Remeber when they did the pizza challenge

  • Emily Balenger
    Emily Balenger