DOG SLEDDING IN ALASKA!!! Glacier Helicopter Tour in Juneau - CRUISE WEEK Day 2
DAY 1 - Norwegian Bliss:
DAY 2 - Dog Sledding in Juneau:
DAY 3 - Zip Line in Skagway:
DAY 4 - Water Slides in Glacier Bay:
DAY 5 - Bear in Ketchikan:
We made it to Alaska! The Norwegian Bliss traveled through the Alaskan Inside Passage and arrived in the state's capital Juneau, AK. We spent the morning whale watching before heading off the ship to our scheduled excursion. We signed up for the Glacier Helicopter Ride and Dog Sledding Adventure (Coastal Helicopters / Icefield Expeditions). We took a helicopter ride up to the Mendenhall and Herbert Glaciers where the dog camp was based. We got an introduction to dog sledding and met up with our furry team of Alaskan Huskies. Now what it's like to be dog mushers. We had a blast and finished off the excursion hanging out with the puppies before our helicopter flight back to the airport.
We had a nice dinner after returning to the ship and then headed to the Cavern Club where DT gave a karaoke concert.
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      Vivianna Mason - 2025

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