ELECTRIFYING ROOM TOUR!!! Summer Daily Routine: DT Cooks, Animal Crossing, Workout, New Room Tour!
We are back with a MEGA VLOG as we show you our daily routine during the summer! Things have been a bit uneventful with everything being closed and travel being limited. We had some big vacations planned that we were hoping to vlog, but here are some of the things we've been doing to keep busy! Jillian has been hard at work on her Animal Crossing Island, DT has been renovating the comic book room, Evan has been redesigning the look of his room and gaming setup and MT has been keeping things running like a well oiled machine! Enjoy a look at a day in the life of the Tube Family!
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  • The Tube Family
    The Tube Family

    Thanks for stopping by! Hope everyone is well! What's everybody doing for fun these days?

    • Sara Mannan
      Sara Mannan

      Just started playing animal crossing new horrizon

    • Kuro

      I get the shotgun...

    • Bo Ya
      Bo Ya

      @Jim Ma they can't upload EVERYDAY bc they have to do stuff to, so don't rush them.

    • nate games
      nate games

      i was so excited for cruise week :(

    • Brayden's World
      Brayden's World

      The person you wouldn't let us See is Wonder Woman

  • Froggypop JG
    Froggypop JG

    EVAN ayyyyyyye avatar gang


    Love the way you roll your r's when you said "carrrnitas"

  • Random David
    Random David

    Do you ever just wanna 🤳👍

  • Amelie Charlotte Jillianne Elizabeth Victoria
    Amelie Charlotte Jillianne Elizabeth Victoria

    0:44 🤣🤣

  • ValleyBodyWorks

    anyone looking at Evans BEAST computer and remembering his build your own kano laptop?

  • JaxTheDiabetic

    When you realize that TheTubeFamily is actually the new EvanTubeRaw....

  • Jazmine Theo
    Jazmine Theo

    I cant believe Jillian watches umbrella academy!!!!!

  • pasta salad gz
    pasta salad gz

    Omg switch your dogs food please 😫🙏. Put her on a Raw diet. It’s better for dogs.

  • Pineapple Squid
    Pineapple Squid

    Normally the kids would go swimming and stuff Me in Maine

  • Spectacle

    Omg Evan was watching Avatar!!!!!!!


    which anime was that? Need some good anime to watch. Last I watched Koe No Katachi


    Aye, weeb nation boy!

  • Hiii Meee
    Hiii Meee

    I remember having a crush on evan .-.

  • Thehomiejerry

    10:34 What does wood taste like.... woah I never thought of that🤯

  • Will Crawford
    Will Crawford

    Evan during puberty is better than evan not going thru puberty

  • The Truth
    The Truth

    I cant with evans voice 😬

  • Kev_Ok?

    I remember watching this when I was 5.

  • Jessica West
    Jessica West


  • Mark Anime Fan
    Mark Anime Fan

    Why not throw a party there’s nothing wrong with it like that’s a bit other dramatic

  • Blu _Girl
    Blu _Girl

    It because the fires

  • Hayden Wilbur
    Hayden Wilbur

    I was going to be on your cruise and I would get to meet you I’m so sad

  • Atriz

    Did anyone notice the collar on Chloe neck whats is that .on 13:38

  • Xenia Legaspi
    Xenia Legaspi

    Best vlog ever!! ❤️

  • Santi

    anyone else realize that they put a shock collar on chloe.........

  • Lucas Plays
    Lucas Plays

    Everyone changed and then the dad waIt wHeRes 2015?!

  • Trường Giang Ngô Thế
    Trường Giang Ngô Thế

    Evan do more lego video

  • Inigo tiburcio
    Inigo tiburcio

    wasn’t she five 2 weeks ago?

  • Archie THOMPSON
    Archie THOMPSON

    Hey what happened to the title it just changed With electric

  • Kazmii

    Hay I saw two of my villagers that left me so that’s we’re they went

  • DK Clan
    DK Clan


  • Maaria Patel
    Maaria Patel

    Only OG's will remember Mr Gold and the angry bird stuff It's been so long

  • Cats, Gaming And More
    Cats, Gaming And More

    When are you guys going camping ⛺️ ??? Plz tell me also I 💜 you guys

  • Kingdezze

    Jesus christ I've been watching for a while now they got big :0

  • Teresa Andrade
    Teresa Andrade

    I have a zapper

  • H.P edits
    H.P edits

    Spoiler Alert:the mysterious thing was wonder woman

  • Sus Plays Games
    Sus Plays Games

    Make a video when you camp

  • desu wa
    desu wa

    evan is right avatar is not anime its a cartoon

  • Ace Hardy
    Ace Hardy


  • Dion Buncag
    Dion Buncag


  • HowToDev

    Remember when Evan was the more talkative person than Julian, and Evan was the spot light. Now he's grown an he's a teen now.


    i have the same lights in my that Evan has

  • Jiannah Dela Cruz
    Jiannah Dela Cruz

    I am 18 now. So how many years did I start watching you guys?

  • Vab Javi
    Vab Javi

    When Evan told DT that he didn’t want to make his bed cuz he was gonna sleep again he should have said when u take a poop why wipe if ur gonna poop again 😂

  • Aaron Aiden and Avery Locklear And the Ashley‘s
    Aaron Aiden and Avery Locklear And the Ashley‘s

    Wee are going to Florida wee are going to a big mansion

  • Dai San no imu
    Dai San no imu

    Remember when this channel was Evantuberaw

  • CollinDoesStuff 2007
    CollinDoesStuff 2007

    Looks like the air isn’t looking too good hope it isn’t anything too serious

  • Hunter Murphy
    Hunter Murphy

    When is the comic book room tour coming out?

  • Emman Arenas
    Emman Arenas

    Wonder Woman i think or Darna lol

  • Jerry John
    Jerry John

    Dt amazing cook bravo

  • Amy Whipkey
    Amy Whipkey

    were do you live?


    Who uses Chromebook in 2020 lol😂😂

  • M.El Ansary
    M.El Ansary

    I love animal crossing

  • Alex Jimenez
    Alex Jimenez

    I own the same fan as Evan not the ceiling fan.

  • Alex Jimenez
    Alex Jimenez

    when he acted like he got electrocuted with the fly swatter i thought he did get electrocuted.

  • jack rayan
    jack rayan

    There's so many saws

  • RamYuan Imperial
    RamYuan Imperial



    I am your biggest fan from Ahana

  • WafiPlays

    14:43 the first time I saw that, I didn’t get scared of him faking the shock, I knew he was faking it, I got scared of his strange sound.

  • Clorox Bleach
    Clorox Bleach

    No one: Literally no one: Dt: "calls Avatar an Anime*

  • Karter & Kruz Krazy World
    Karter & Kruz Krazy World

    Was wonder woman that was sitting on the table

  • It is Me Michael
    It is Me Michael

    I have that mosquito racket and i ever got electricuted from it

  • Toni Dc
    Toni Dc

    The zapper is famous in my country and i'm not afraid to hold it ( ꈍᴗꈍ)

  • The Akinosho Family
    The Akinosho Family

    I want to your house 🏡

  • The Akinosho Family
    The Akinosho Family

    Videos making videos make more videos make me a video


    somebody come git here she dancing like a creeper ey 2:15

  • Emily Topchian
    Emily Topchian

    I have that same zapping thing

  • YouTube Reqito
    YouTube Reqito

    Did anyone else notice that avatar was on the tv. Man I’m glad Evan said it wasn’t anime and that it was a cartoon

  • Its Kh
    Its Kh

    The music is acting like its epic but jillian.......is not lifting epic

  • Fire99boat Gaming
    Fire99boat Gaming

    Yeah same it's so Smokey

  • ScribbleCraft Draws
    ScribbleCraft Draws

    Make a drawing channel

  • Its jhayven syle Salvador
    Its jhayven syle Salvador

    Missing your fast uploading🥺

  • Mia Hanrahan
    Mia Hanrahan

    Chloe is sooo well trained

  • Kushagra Deshpande
    Kushagra Deshpande

    Subscribe to Ahaan Deshpande

  • Erminia Li Jong
    Erminia Li Jong

    I love Avatar its my favourite show

  • Reyner Renoblas
    Reyner Renoblas

    Wow u guys are so wholesome i love it....and also who was here in the lego days.

  • CD yt
    CD yt

    11:35 I remember this place packed with wine when I watched the introduction video to this house.

  • inounderstand

    evan got a point why u ned to make bed when ur gonna sleep in it again ->-

  • CreeperDuDE 89
    CreeperDuDE 89

    14:43 STOP im getting jumpscared lol

    • Lily-jaii Cooper
      Lily-jaii Cooper

      I didn't get scared

  • Ahmad Raza Khan
    Ahmad Raza Khan

    Bro the tube family has come down on views Mann they were so op ahhhh

  • INPG_Lemon

    Jewel love the vids

  • INPG_Lemon


  • Loariks

    ive touched a bug zapper but it didnt hurt even thow it shocked me

  • josueDJ3 3
    josueDJ3 3


  • Bianca Schenck
    Bianca Schenck

    I like evens room

  • Makiya

    The way jillian treats her switch gives me nightmares

  • aliiria

    Why is Evan not talking like he normally does in his old vids

    • yes

      heard of puberty

  • King Of Beast10
    King Of Beast10

    let evan try the minecraft cerals

  • Verxey Mc
    Verxey Mc

    Her birthday is on October 12 2008

    • Joan joany
      Joan joany


  • Lego Studio
    Lego Studio

    Nice vlog hope you do more

  • uhhhfran

    danggg it’s been so long since I last watched them the nostalgia is hitting me now

    • bacon 'rekin
      bacon 'rekin

      Samee brooo

  • Ilovenicolebunches

    I want Chloe!!

  • Ilovenicolebunches

    Im starting to think that Jillian is stronger than Evan

    • Joan joany
      Joan joany

      Yep your Right tom

  • Bruh Bruh
    Bruh Bruh

    The way Jill swinged when she got "zapped"🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • JSV Gaming
    JSV Gaming

    oh i have that fly catcher

  • Student Randy Leatch
    Student Randy Leatch

    Evan who is your favorite character in ATLA

  • arianna Quintos
    arianna Quintos

    Jillian watches umbrella academy. Me: Yas girl I love umbrella academy

    • Jose Cruz
      Jose Cruz

      I love the show

    • Jazmine Theo
      Jazmine Theo

      Not many people watch it and im surprised because its such a good series.

    • Ness Pese
      Ness Pese

      I've already watched i t so good

    • Jose Cruz
      Jose Cruz

      Me to

  • ahh yiyiyi
    ahh yiyiyi

    He’s watching avatar

  • Margaret Anne Lasay
    Margaret Anne Lasay


  • Rianna Weese
    Rianna Weese

    16:18 he's totally no a bat man fan