EVAN GOT KISSED!!! Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique & Swimming with Dolphins in the Bahamas! DAY 5
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It's time for more fun from Disney Creator Days. Today the Disney Dream docks in the port of Nassau in the Bahamas! Jillian gets a Rapunzel makeover at Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique on the cruise ship. Then we head out to Blue Lagoon Island to swim with dolphins! During this encounter, we were able to pet, hug, kiss, dance and get pushed by the dolphins.
After our excursion it was back on the ship for dinner, the Beauty and the Beast show and some fireworks! Come back tomorrow. We will be hanging out on Disney's private island Castaway Cay!
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  • Zachary Mitchell
    Zachary Mitchell

    I went on a Disney cruse wons and it kinda look like the ship you were on really

  • Isaac Fungo
    Isaac Fungo

    2020 anyone

  • Raymond Law
    Raymond Law

    I wish to swim with dolphins 😍😍😍😍

  • Moose Borglum
    Moose Borglum

    They should use silent fireworks for the veterans so they don’t have flashbacks

  • 7210 drawings guy
    7210 drawings guy

    is he missing school

  • Dharmik Gouda
    Dharmik Gouda

    the dad lokin hot

  • Mateo Boch
    Mateo Boch

    he and jillian have changed so much in 3 years

  • ꧁cometz꧂ w-keys
    ꧁cometz꧂ w-keys

    Evan's first kiss was by a dolphin.

  • Virgie Cheerio
    Virgie Cheerio

    Lucky dolfin

  • Aeera Alexandra Putri Sahidi
    Aeera Alexandra Putri Sahidi

    Im dying inside...

  • Loki Al-Henzab
    Loki Al-Henzab

    Poor Even , one day he will get kissed by a female human being

  • Jerry Mei
    Jerry Mei

    I love Jillian beautiful and elegant and I’m not adult or teen so it’s not that weird I’m same age as her

  • Latasha Telusma
    Latasha Telusma

    i live in the bahamas

  • Bumble Bee
    Bumble Bee

    When u think Evan got kissed by a girl

  • Vivien Acbang
    Vivien Acbang

    almost every vid theres a comment like "ive been watching you since 2013"

  • greaves004

    Evan simped the dolphin

  • Echo

    ☾☾☾☾☾☾ ☾☾☾☾☾☾☾☾ ☾☾☾☾☾☾ ☾☾☾☾☾☾☾☾ ☾☾☾☾☾☾ ☾☾☾☾☾☾☾ ☾☾☾☾☾☾☾☾☾☾☾☾☾☾☾☾☾☾ ☾☾☾☾☾☾☾☾☾☾☾☾☾☾☾☾☾☾ ☾☾☾☾☾☾ ☾☾☾☾☾☾☾☾ ☾☾☾☾☾☾ ☾☾☾☾☾☾☾☾ ☾☾☾☾☾☾ ☾☾☾☾☾☾☾☾ ☾☾☾☾☾☾☾☾☾☾☾☾☾☾☾☾☾☾☾☾☾ ☾☾☾☾☾☾☾☾☾☾☾☾☾☾☾☾☾☾☾☾☾ ☾☾☾☾☾☾☾☾☾☾☾☾☾ ☾☾☾☾☾☾☾☾☾☾☾☾ ☾☾☾☾☾☾☾☾☾☾☾ ☾☾☾☾☾☾☾☾☾☾☾☾ ☾☾☾☾☾☾☾☾☾☾☾☾ ☾☾☾☾☾☾☾☾☾☾☾☾ ☾☾☾☾☾☾☾☾☾☾☾☾ ☾☾☾☾☾☾☾☾☾☾☾ ☾☾☾☾☾☾☾☾☾☾☾☾☾☾☾☾☾☾ ☾☾☾☾☾☾☾☾☾☾☾☾☾☾☾☾☾☾



  • Zainab Mehmood [Student]
    Zainab Mehmood [Student]

    Omg I went on this with my family before. That’s so cool

  • Cassie Strickler
    Cassie Strickler


  • •Gabby MilkTea•
    •Gabby MilkTea•

    Danggg these dolphins are smart, there like humans too, they want a ride from the dolphins lol, the dolphins are so cute

  • Zara !!!
    Zara !!!

    And I tasted it before

  • Zara !!!
    Zara !!!

    I call those Mickey things Mickey Mouse ears

  • Unicorn Cassie
    Unicorn Cassie

    Friend: Hey did you have your first kiss yet? Evan: Yeah Friend: Really Who???? Evan: A dolphin 😎 Friend: Uh cool?

  • Abz Z
    Abz Z


  • Abz Z
    Abz Z

    Oh my gosh🐬

  • Zeno Fang
    Zeno Fang


  • Zeno Fang
    Zeno Fang

    The text of the title made me think evan kissed a girl in the lips

    • Kinarya Embun
      Kinarya Embun

      Yea me too

  • monica marie
    monica marie

    That’s weird

  • Gael De La Garza
    Gael De La Garza

    I went to Cancun last year and I swam with dolphins. Best experience ever!

  • Sakib Star
    Sakib Star

    Those dolphins look like robots

  • TotoroUmberella

    I kissed someone today... *I kissed pikacu*

  • Kayley is awsome
    Kayley is awsome

    I though even was gonna get kissed by a girl 🤣

  • Maltese Jasper
    Maltese Jasper

    The Dolphins look happy

  • Sarah Dabbas
    Sarah Dabbas

    I know who Evan crush is start with s And I love you Julian

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  • Lola games
    Lola games

    im from the bahamas

  • Arlene Spence
    Arlene Spence

    All in can now is welcome to Nassau Grand Bahama

  • Rhianne Quesada
    Rhianne Quesada

    That Dolphin Is Lucky.. LOL JK

  • Carla Abao
    Carla Abao

    That was fun thats cool I'm so happy

  • ShurikenBoy3000

    It can't be just me that wants to hug a dolphin now.

    • Thanos

      ShurikenBoy3000 same!!

  • matt andre delacruz
    matt andre delacruz

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  • Nyria Carmen Glover Guerra
    Nyria Carmen Glover Guerra

    The dolphin kissing Evan! 😏😂😂

  • Exo-Ossity

    I could not smiling during this video it was so cute. You guys are so lucky for this!

  • Isaiah Rodriguez
    Isaiah Rodriguez


  • Peelygod Jojostuff
    Peelygod Jojostuff

    Jotaro mad... be careful Evan...

  • Ka3rýtrina Sta ford
    Ka3rýtrina Sta ford

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  • Thijm Kamphuis
    Thijm Kamphuis

    Nice intro

  • Krabby Patties
    Krabby Patties

    My sister cried when she saw the thumbnail 😳🤭

  • Krabby Patties
    Krabby Patties

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    Raymond Teh

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  • HR Renovation
    HR Renovation

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  • Enrique Lopez
    Enrique Lopez

    The whole Disney Cruise is awesome, filled with activities for the whole family, it*s like if you were at one of their theme parks, I was hoping they would show the different games&activities like a tunnel of sorts that they have on the deck.

  • soma


  • Khamiella Bacaron
    Khamiella Bacaron

    Evan’s armpit is lighter than my future

    • Khamiella Bacaron
      Khamiella Bacaron

      Darwish Yusuf ITS TRUE THO😭

    • Darwish Yusuf
      Darwish Yusuf

      SIS WHAT

  • Emilio Martinez Lopez
    Emilio Martinez Lopez

    Evantubehd got kissed by dolphin Juilliantubehd looks cute.

  • Artsiee S
    Artsiee S

    who else watched evantubehd as a little kid? I did.

  • Delphene Da silva
    Delphene Da silva

    I want to try swim with dolphins and jillan is so pretty wish I look like her when I'm ten I'm only nine

  • Azka Amin
    Azka Amin

    Evan is so handsome 😍 (i am a girl )i love you 💏

  • Taha Danish
    Taha Danish

    That was the best fire works I have ever seen

  • Taha Danish
    Taha Danish

    I loved it when you said to Jillian I will call you pennywise

  • Its Jun Him
    Its Jun Him

    DT: mom try to Dab but failed Me : because the dab god is watching *just stop the Dabs pls*

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    nicolas kissi

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  • Dream Alice
    Dream Alice

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    Dream Alice

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    Jackson Castellanos

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    Isabela Poral

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    Silah Saaqib

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    Brandon Morga

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    Adeena Vally

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    Thomas Schaaf

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    sobhan samandary

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    sobhan samandary

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  • sobhan samandary
    sobhan samandary


  • Travis Lassey
    Travis Lassey

    I started watching I. 2012 and me and Evan were born the same year so that’s cool

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    Samaira Patankar


  • 1k subs with no vids Challenge
    1k subs with no vids Challenge

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  • Agustin Mendez Flores
    Agustin Mendez Flores

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    Darian Piedra

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  • Diamond Man
    Diamond Man

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      dorime anemo

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    Frank Rivera

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  • susy murillo
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    Caleb McAnally

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    Liam Cameron

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    My koment 1000

  • JillianneAndFriends

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  • Russian725

    I went to Mexico on a cruise and did the same thing but it was not Disney

  • Sondos Daba
    Sondos Daba

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    Jeshua Norman


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    Julian Todorovac

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    Rico Barcelo

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