EVAN IS BACK IN THE GYM!!! Shoulder and Tricep Workout! Chick-Fil-A Builds Big Muscles!
Click here if you missed our last workout video: irbin.info/loft/fy-lm-h-y/gMmBhYaSyYR4l5k.html
Last time we showed you a great pull workout for beginners. Today, we show you what we do a great push workout focusing on shoulders and triceps. Do these exercise to build big strong shoulders and arms!
After our workout, we meet up with the girls to have dinner at our favorite fast food restaurant, Chick-Fil-A! Surprisingly, you can find a high quality protein meal here. Granted, if you are trying to lose weight you should probably skip the fries and opt for their grilled selections.
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    This video is 1 year ago today!

  • Rishi Flying
    Rishi Flying

    Wow DT ur like an expert at this and Evan ur doing good

  • Amy Zhang
    Amy Zhang

    Even: Milkshake Even's dad: Milkshake? You just came from the gym! Now your going to have to run on the treadmill for 2 hours Lol

  • I am done with life
    I am done with life

    We all have grown up so much 😂

  • SoMeister Vlogs
    SoMeister Vlogs

    I wish I can get a workout like Evan

  • sadam

    yourdad is the reall superdad he can do anything like dream dad anyone wants,so u evan and jillian value your life time and no regrets

  • Jacob Caudle
    Jacob Caudle

    Dang his dad is really muscular!

  • Jamari Wright
    Jamari Wright


  • marsya syabilla
    marsya syabilla

    7:11 (me:🥵❤️❤️)

  • Miko Duterte
    Miko Duterte

    Evan’s all grown up now

  • Unknownuser

    Kids grow up to fast I was watching him when I was 9 and I’m seeing this kid becoming a man respect 💯

  • Oanh Honda
    Oanh Honda


  • Ryan Wiebe
    Ryan Wiebe

    0:30 That's What She Said

  • Ilovenicolebunches

    I want Chick fil a!!

  • DANK playz
    DANK playz

    How about instead of fried chicken nuggets get the grilled nuggets the grilled nuggets are more healthier than the fried ones because they fried in grease

  • Vyknee

    Push him harder! Haha

  • Jem Lol
    Jem Lol

    Seeing even filming his dad in the mirrors is to funny

  • Ballistic Firebolt
    Ballistic Firebolt

    I like how he said that he said that chicken breasts are a good source of protein, and didn't mention that getting it fried isn't good for workouts.

  • mdynz


  • yohane the fallen angel
    yohane the fallen angel

    I am 9 and im a strong gymnast

  • Yuehy

    Them: doing a bunch of exercises Me: eating Pringle’s in my bed

  • Ethan Xigang
    Ethan Xigang

    Daddy tube should be a fitness trainer

  • Ghayda Basfar
    Ghayda Basfar


  • Misty

    Is it ok to simp on evan??🙏❤

  • Maooky

    random but their channel url is still evantuberaw 😔

  • Miko Duterte
    Miko Duterte

    Evan is all grown up now. It feels like yesterday when I saw him in the gummy worm vid

  • Sulthan Daffa
    Sulthan Daffa

    My man was building legos back then now he building muscle

  • stfu.stingray.legend. Sucks
    stfu.stingray.legend. Sucks

    I was just 7 years old when I watched their eat it or wear it Challenge lol

  • AnbuX Gaming
    AnbuX Gaming

    Its been 3 months. Are we gonna get an update video for evan's workout?

  • DARKforce223

    Tip- I’m not sure if it’s by area, but Chik-Fil-A sells Grilled breast nuggets. I’m sure that’s a better option than the regular fried nuggets

  • Yacallateivan

    Damn dt Buff👍😂

  • FabFam Vlogs
    FabFam Vlogs


  • JinDeadrical

    Is nobody gonna talk about how buff Daddytube is?

  • Hunter Brito
    Hunter Brito

    i really like these type of videos i just got into working out in november and lost 70 pounds good to see they you guys are working out too! together!

  • B y u l
    B y u l

    omg hes so much older when i first saw him back in 2016 (i was 6 yrs old) looked like puberty hit him hard :v

  • Boys Sock
    Boys Sock

    Don't skip leg day

  • Platypus

    Who remembers when he was born? | | V

  • Usha D
    Usha D

    Nice muscles 💪 dt

  • Aminah Ahmed
    Aminah Ahmed


  • Cursed Trixx's Channel
    Cursed Trixx's Channel

    How i gain more muscle: Grabs some foots from my friends and yeet them Or just do some writing on my friends exam

  • Dustin Coletti
    Dustin Coletti

    Lifetime Fitness, my cousin used to work there, and my best friends mom is the yoga instructor there

  • Dustin Coletti
    Dustin Coletti

    I know where this is

  • Lenny Byrne
    Lenny Byrne

    Do u take steroids

  • Lux

    Bruhhhhh his d1d got soooo rippppped over the years lol

  • Bizarre Alex
    Bizarre Alex

    Me and him grew up with eachother same age and he looks so much older than me 😭😓

  • atenciaf

    I liked and subscribed and also I workout we have a gym in are house are you gonna pin me now?

  • Game_s Game_s
    Game_s Game_s

    Your dad is ripped

  • Veronica Soto
    Veronica Soto


  • Marigel Sean Rubianes Carter
    Marigel Sean Rubianes Carter


  • Crystal Hinson
    Crystal Hinson

    A Milkshake Came to the Gym Fitness Evantube IRbin video

  • Kirsten Ellisha Acuna
    Kirsten Ellisha Acuna

    why does he look so HANDSOME!!!!

  • これをグーグルしないでください

    To DEVIL MAY CRY FANS this is what DT actually means. DT= Devil Trigger

  • Southern Reloaded
    Southern Reloaded

    The gym is closed down because of the global health crisis!

  • [[[ DIGITAL GAMING ]]]
    [[[ DIGITAL GAMING ]]]



    Evan looks like my elder brother in closeup 👬👬

  • Lara Ysabella O. Faller
    Lara Ysabella O. Faller

    Puberty hits evan hard

  • Thiara Jaim
    Thiara Jaim

    Can i just say that evan is so handsome right now likee bruuh puberty hits him hard..for me though 😅

  • Brendon Irvine
    Brendon Irvine


  • StxrryDreams

    Jillian is a dancer, Evan is a gamer, DaddyTube is a Singer, and MommyTube is a Cooker, Jillian is blessed with being beautiful, Evan is blessed with kindness, DaddyTube is blessed too have a good family, And MommyTube is blessed too have her cooking skills.

  • Rohini Waghmode
    Rohini Waghmode

    I just love evan tube hd

  • Sukhi Kang
    Sukhi Kang

    Tbh I liked the old videos I come back from a long time ago and I liked the eat it or wear challenges or angry bird videos these are cool but they are no were near as good as before sorry also I remember that the channel that is called the tube family actually used to be called Evantuberaw

  • Lema Chowdhury
    Lema Chowdhury

    What is mummy's tube called

  • mia cymone
    mia cymone

    i watched this kid when i was like 8 i think and now i’m 13, i was bored cus of this quarantine and he has gotten big

  • calmzz

    overhead press is bad for teens it slows down height growth

  • FlyingNick

    evan hitted puberty

  • _elysiansoul

    hold up. wait a minute. i haven’t watch y’all in a while. EVAN wth?!! his voice is unrecognizable from like 3 years ago 😭😭

  • Jollibee

    I remember that this channel was named EvantubeRaw

  • keesh mae
    keesh mae

    who's watching this during quarantine?

  • keesh mae
    keesh mae


  • In3pired

    How old is he 😳

    • kurta 21
      kurta 21

      TheRblxKc 14 year old

  • Mythili SankaraNarayanan
    Mythili SankaraNarayanan

    Hi there 👋 I love your videos!!!!

  • Javier Gonzalez
    Javier Gonzalez

    I stronger than you and you acting like cool but your not Okay

  • kuramaboyplayz

    I love my past so much and it was making me feel so relaxing and now if I watch some of his old vids I remember my past

  • kuramaboyplayz

    I love Evan's vids when he was more younger and him with his family

  • Yosbel GG
    Yosbel GG

    So that how he going to get a gf

  • james bartholomeul
    james bartholomeul

    i havent watched this for 7 years. evans dad is ripped 😂

  • Crinkly_SinkHol E
    Crinkly_SinkHol E

    Even though the older people who watched them grew out of it, I’m glad they continued for more generations

  • Rica

    Talking about Evan look at his dad got ripped

  • Epic Mikey
    Epic Mikey

    How old is he and what’s his height

  • Andy Asisco
    Andy Asisco

    I came back after not watching him in forever and I ain’t know the dad was that swole

    • Que DaBeast
      Que DaBeast

      Andy Asisco same ikr

  • Nathan Nguyen
    Nathan Nguyen

    Don’t get corona

  • Uravity!

    I used to watch evan so much lmao i got shocked when i saw him

    • Uravity!

      wait a damn minute hes 14-

  • Kelvin Espocia
    Kelvin Espocia

    it's been a while I remember his angry bird mural in his room at their old house

  • ÆPlushLight Gaming
    ÆPlushLight Gaming

    Make evan play basketball.

  • Ash Kan
    Ash Kan

    Hi my brother is your friend on fortnite. I'm his little sister I'm almost 9 years old you r playing fortnite right now I'm your biggest fan

  • Asad Rehman
    Asad Rehman

    I'm sorry to say that I was a big fan of this channel but not now because you guys are not making challenges vids as well as you guys are making one a week


    he is so week

  • Daniel P. Gushard
    Daniel P. Gushard


  • Annalyn Julian
    Annalyn Julian

    eva tnbe💋💖💕💗❤️💓

  • poppypierblx

    Me watched this when I was little I saw Evan:😉 I came back to see their videos because I never saw it again I saw Evan:omg this is Evan?!?!!?!? I was so shock😱😱😱😱😱😱

  • Miguel Osiris Perez Gutierrez
    Miguel Osiris Perez Gutierrez

    I did not know Evan is exercising everyday or what

  • Chyna Ruiz
    Chyna Ruiz


  • Justinn Evan
    Justinn Evan

    And the GOlden Tube family intro

  • Justinn Evan
    Justinn Evan

    I missed the old Tube family =(


    How old is he now? I didn't notice hahaha

  • Michael Byrne
    Michael Byrne

    0:30 I couldn't stop laughing ;)

    • Ilovenicolebunches

      Nice profile pic... yawning lion!

  • ollie cooper
    ollie cooper

    COMPOUND LIFTS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Derek Dankenbring
    Derek Dankenbring

    Evan I love you so much and I’m glad that your also joining the gym instead of being the computer all day and also very handsome and cute when you like workout I love you! -Phia❤️

    • Ilovenicolebunches

      You are really nice

  • Agent Kitsune
    Agent Kitsune

    If you are gonna make gym blogs make a channel called "EvanTube Fitness"


    I watch Evan for two reasons 1 I have been watching him since I was like 5 and he is a role model to me to be a better person and IRbinr pls read thi