FAMILY STAY AT HOME GAME NIGHT!!! Ellen's You Bet Your Wife Game of Games!
While we are stuck at home sheltering in place, we've been entertaining ourselves by having a daily family game night. One of the games we are playing is YOU BET based on "You Bet Your Wife" challenge featured on Ellen's Game of Games TV show.
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  • The Tube Family
    The Tube Family

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    • Roberto Lawrence
      Roberto Lawrence

      Dunno if anyone gives a damn but in less than 15 minutes I hacked my gfs Instagram password using Instaportal. You can find it by Googling for InstaPortal password hack enjoy!

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      yo c

      Game nights more

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      Hidhaa Fathimath

      @Arya Nirav Patel yeah

    • Hidhaa Fathimath
      Hidhaa Fathimath


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      Ritaj Saleh

      I love you guys SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much! I'v watched EvenTube Raw, EvenTubeHD, EvenTube Gaming, JilianTubeHD, and The Tube Family. Please reply to me if you have others.

  • Joshua Castro
    Joshua Castro

    literally all off the comments are about how old evan is now. no comments abt the actual video

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    jurassic king gaming

    It is not fair that we're teeming on evan

  • Marilen Hernandez
    Marilen Hernandez

    another woman superhero is muraculus

  • Htut Htet Myat Win
    Htut Htet Myat Win

    large huge giant

  • Junior Readers
    Junior Readers

    13:49(all girl music groups) Black Pink

  • majid turkstani
    majid turkstani

    I really Like you channel

  • adolphm3

    I know Black Pink

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    Kelly J.

    this was the day after my birthday

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    Jasmine Green


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    Siddhi Patel

    Ahhh i don't wanna be at home 🏠🏠

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    Aracelis Vitta13

    Bike car plan jat

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    yo c

    Baby diapers baby wipes 🤭

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    yo c


  • yo c
    yo c

    Jillian always scream loud

    • yo c
      yo c

      😂 😂 😂

  • yo c
    yo c

    Evan is picky

  • E-Toasty

    Yellowstone’s wth

  • Vincent Dixon
    Vincent Dixon

    How long ago was this it’s february19 2021

  • Unlimited Jelly
    Unlimited Jelly

    For fashion magazine u could of said voge

  • Bertha Rios
    Bertha Rios

    Momtube could have set ginormmois😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮

    • Bertha Rios
      Bertha Rios


  • Green Wolf Family
    Green Wolf Family

    Wow after 1 yer of not watching yall i miss this

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    Nancy Hildebrand

    I have bday in 12 days I’m so excited 😆

  • Brian McElroy
    Brian McElroy

    Hey she did six on the first I counted

  • Hakeem Yuel Francisco
    Hakeem Yuel Francisco

    Philipines has 11 active volcano in a line

  • Alyssa Campos (Student)
    Alyssa Campos (Student)

    Remeber when there were younger :( i still love them

  • Emilitta1246 & TDWins6
    Emilitta1246 & TDWins6

    Girl Music Groups- Spice Girls, Destinys Child, The Bangles, En Vogue, Supremes, TLC, The Pointer Sisters, ect.

  • Emilitta1246 & TDWins6
    Emilitta1246 & TDWins6

    Reality TV Shows- Dancing with the Stars, American Idol, Jeopardy, Survivor, The Chase, The Price Is Right, ect.

  • Emilitta1246 & TDWins6
    Emilitta1246 & TDWins6

    For active volcanos I was thinking of Mt. Efyeyakolta

  • Ronald Carmona
    Ronald Carmona

    i can do four or five girl groups BLACKPINK,ITZY,TWICE,WONDER GIRL,SPICE GIRLS

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  • John


  • John


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    Vikash Pillay


  • Rishi Flying
    Rishi Flying

    Throughly enjoyed it guys

  • Rishi Flying
    Rishi Flying

    20:00 so funny 😂😂😂😂

  • Rishi Flying
    Rishi Flying

    When potatoes came DT I only had to name 4 lol😂😂😂😂

  • piixie hollows
    piixie hollows

    Wow u grown I seen u when u were 3 or u were 4

  • I like Fortnite 07
    I like Fortnite 07

    Why did she not say soccer for the sport one

  • Gio The Unity
    Gio The Unity

    “ one more and you get dunked on “ * megaloviana intensifies *

  • only man
    only man

    I wocht this channel for a long time. Some vidos evan & jillian is a teenajer!!😑😐v🖕🖕🖕🦄

  • FMBossFootball

    Family ;- there ain't many girl music groups. Black pink :- am I a joke to you?

  • FuzzyYard

    5:29 one more and you get dunked on Sans anyone

  • Chomel Lim Jun Yann
    Chomel Lim Jun Yann

    Girl groups i only know kpop

  • Sonic


  • Zahir Star Tube
    Zahir Star Tube

    B 52 have 2 male members

  • Eduardo Mejia Music
    Eduardo Mejia Music

    3:54 makes mw laugh every time

  • Eduardo Mejia Music
    Eduardo Mejia Music

    This is a great source of entertainment

  • Hydro CODM
    Hydro CODM

    I'm watching them from when Evan was 7

  • Blissfully

    Jillian dose not know gwen Stacy and scarlet witch

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    Andriana Charalambous

    Hi I'm rala

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    Jill Kiedaisch

    You should get the board game called MouseTrap

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    Justine Carl Mendoza

    all girls music group - blackpink

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    I have watched them since the beginning but rn I’m on another account

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  • Ritaj Saleh
    Ritaj Saleh

    Who's watched Ellen's Game of Games to know this game? I know it! If you know it too, please like

  • Amelia Lohr
    Amelia Lohr

    I looked at Evan and though “ omg he looks like a adult”

  • spazszab

    For volcanos i did a project on volcanoes that was 4 weeks ago and to day is 5th November 2020

  • chimchar

    rip for dt

  • AJG AZ
    AJG AZ

    Wow what a Dysfunctional family

  • Eduardo Mejia Music
    Eduardo Mejia Music

    I wonder who records the videos when the whole family plays board games ?

  • Hugh Hughes
    Hugh Hughes

    Damn, haven't seen these kids since they were little. I guess next time I catch up with them they'll have kids of their own. :)

  • Vulturelikes games
    Vulturelikes games

    I can’t believe Evan will be 15 in December, he’s so old now lol

  • ilias k
    ilias k

    The way evan hits his dad is kinda... eh, I miss the old evan, never plays fortnight

  • Porobi Nazmun nahar
    Porobi Nazmun nahar


  • Blu _Girl
    Blu _Girl

    Way to prepare potatoes 1.bake 2.mash 3. French fries

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    Ok wowww


    We will have a good day

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    mary Jane bellesa

    Hot weals

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    Alexis Fuhr

    @20:55 I have autism

  • Luis Canseco-Tudon
    Luis Canseco-Tudon

    The dad is EVIL

  • Lonely Weeb
    Lonely Weeb

    0:05 Now On National Television.

  • q_vazx

    the fillipino valcano

  • Cobra Kai1209
    Cobra Kai1209

    Active Volcanos: Taal in the Philippines


    Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha GET Wrong Tube Family

  • Phil Swift
    Phil Swift

    Before ellen got cancled lol

  • Rashmi Panda
    Rashmi Panda

    Mt Erebus in Antarctica is an active volcano

  • Ehad Ehadawa
    Ehad Ehadawa

    سلام عليكم

  • dabob1423

    Evan: Pompeii isn't active Daddy tube: It's active but it's just dormant

  • Dona Mirzaeva
    Dona Mirzaeva

    There was one more female group which is popular to everyone T.a.t.u

  • Allan Usal
    Allan Usal

    i konw who win the game is daddytube

  • Karma /Jordan
    Karma /Jordan

    Cars with wheels answers- 1. hotwheels. 2.barbie camper. 3. lol camper 4.a bike 5. a little car with wheels that people get for there kids girl music groups. 1. little mix 2. black pink. 3.kaypop 4.girls loud 5. pussycat girls. look all of dem up

  • Cherryteddy_ Chan
    Cherryteddy_ Chan

    I know 2 active volcanoes in the phillipines the place of volcanoes:1. Mount mayon 2. Taal volcano 3. My dumbness

  • Swathi Gannavarapu
    Swathi Gannavarapu

    Evan is soooooooooooo rude

    • Swathi Gannavarapu
      Swathi Gannavarapu

      Evan’s voice is changed

  • Anna Yen Le
    Anna Yen Le

    If I have done 10:25 to my mom i wouldn't even be here writing this comment. *Asian moms am I right*

  • Sperkky

    I remember back in like 2016 or 2015 when they got chloe. Now she’s all big 🥺

  • Sam Voong
    Sam Voong


  • lov3ly_kay

    me the whole time she was guessing fashion magazines my mind: Vogue, Vogue, Vogue.

  • Fishinglife and Special fishes
    Fishinglife and Special fishes

    6:06 thy sound kinda cute

  • Aunt Phone
    Aunt Phone

    Evan can say catwomen

  • gena kirby
    gena kirby

    why did you take your shirt off..>

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    Kakashi Hatake

    I’m watching this at one in the morning

  • Hawa Sheriff
    Hawa Sheriff

    Can you do rock vs real

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    Ophelia Mui

    When girls simp for Evan but when they see him take his shirt off: 😍🥵

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    Joseph Pun

    Evan and Julian are

  • Riyanna Dane Magno
    Riyanna Dane Magno


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    Allison Wright

    Hot Wheels monster trucks

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    poor dad

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    Kilow wa

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    S C

    I have not Watch your videos a long time and the kids are so old up now