FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL!!! I Got Kicked Out of Class!
It's another 1st Day of School! Evan has his first day of high school and Jillian enters the 7th grade. But things are bit different this year since we're not actually going to school. Our school district has opted for distance learning for the first 2 months of the year to see how things go. The kids have their computer setups ready to go! We had a couple technical snags, but were able to eventually get things running. Jillian also bakes some chocolate chip cookies for her cooking class...YUM!
First Day of Kindergarten:
Kindergarten VS. Middle School:
Back to School Shopping:
Back to School Adventure:


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  • The Tube Family
    The Tube Family

    The first day of school was A LOT different for us this year! How was it for you guys?

    • toilet paper boi
      toilet paper boi


    • gaming with nate25
      gaming with nate25

      I didn't like it

    • Melissa Nelson
      Melissa Nelson

      It was pretty different

    • TiggyGamez

      it’s okay for me and my brothers. Dang, i can’t believe Evan’s a freshman. i remember when he was in second grade

    • Maira Grimaldo
      Maira Grimaldo

      It was good

  • basil Mendoza
    basil Mendoza

    We use Google classroom

  • Heavennna Thomas
    Heavennna Thomas


  • Alex Chicago
    Alex Chicago

    Imagine if Evan became a IRbin animator. His voice sounds like one.

  • Ninthecs222 L
    Ninthecs222 L

    Bro they just all grown up.

  • Loahif plays
    Loahif plays

    I thought that Wonder Woman thing was a real person but it was a Wonder Woman stand thing


    well the first day of school was great even if i didnt get to see my friends

  • Lucas Hoshino
    Lucas Hoshino

    Damn you covid

  • พี่ร้อง น้องเล่น
    พี่ร้อง น้องเล่น

    COVID 19 is here

  • Gabriel Sancen
    Gabriel Sancen

    The facked that he said to sneak the good to school while my mom get mad when i eat in class

  • Kashfi Kashem
    Kashfi Kashem

    Im watching this 5 months later

  • Joni Beth Waldroup
    Joni Beth Waldroup

    I doo

  • Kesh Studio
    Kesh Studio

    Me sees title of vid Vid:baking cookies..... BRUHHHHHH

  • qu06 gaming
    qu06 gaming

    jillan chares

  • qu06 gaming
    qu06 gaming

    how do you do pe on a compter

  • Reeced0210

    ive been in online class for 1 year

  • James Ortiz
    James Ortiz


  • Fatma Al ali
    Fatma Al ali

    Evan which Grade r u

  • Jose Ramirez
    Jose Ramirez

    i do flipgrids to for school

  • Jose Ramirez
    Jose Ramirez

    i now how to speak spanish

  • Box Khan
    Box Khan

    Why is evan dressed like the akatsuki

  • Crazy D
    Crazy D

    Love this part 10:47 LOL

  • TubboLikeDaBee

    When their school starts: 8:20 When mine starts: 7:35 😭😭😭😭

  • Reece Mason
    Reece Mason

    Even joined the akasuki

  • Train_Tech2021


  • Vladimir Ferreira
    Vladimir Ferreira

    Hey ! Mine ! Google Escola 🤬

  • Blossom Rocks
    Blossom Rocks

    Jill also uses google classroom lol I do

  • Kikka Fuk
    Kikka Fuk

    bruh they was my childhood

  • Yan Shu
    Yan Shu

    Evan is so handsome wearing the cosplay and i also like how he decorate his room

  • Kintha Baso
    Kintha Baso

    How old is Evan

  • Cypher Plays
    Cypher Plays

    Why was evan laying on the carpet with chloe????

  • Bindi Singh
    Bindi Singh


  • Eugene Ornato
    Eugene Ornato

    i always eat the icing for cinnamon rolls

  • Xander Rewis
    Xander Rewis

    My lunch is at 10:33 lol

  • ivorie kaur
    ivorie kaur

    Evan do be like itachi from naruto

  • Jayden Waker
    Jayden Waker

    I remember when you were my age or we were younger

  • C.T Gamer
    C.T Gamer

    You have that LEGO set!! 3:55

  • daisie

    who else saw the clock that said 3:45

  • Ahmad Ridwan
    Ahmad Ridwan


  • Paisley Baker
    Paisley Baker

    I remember that

  • Barrett Kincheloe
    Barrett Kincheloe

    this hit hard i remember the gummy challenges uh memories 😔😔

  • Lily Lanuza
    Lily Lanuza

    dont eat raw cookie dough me: eats everytime i bake them

  • what ? I eat raw cookie dough every day

  • Jediwes Yoda
    Jediwes Yoda

    Dear Evan to HD I’m your biggest fan I was watching you when I was a kid my favorite video was the worlds largest gummy worm I love it a lot so have a great year Evan from Wesley Aukerman ps it is very nice to meet you

    • Jediwes Yoda
      Jediwes Yoda


  • Monique Smith
    Monique Smith

    Jillian you are a great chef

  • Charolette Underwood
    Charolette Underwood

    My name is Lanee and I was wondering if you guys had any friend Legos sets?

  • emma fox
    emma fox

    I got a channel I make chandelier videos

  • Oliver Hoft
    Oliver Hoft

    What the hell Chloe is so big now

  • Milan Thomas
    Milan Thomas

    Jillian:don’t eat raw cookie dough if it has raw eggs in it. Me: oops

  • Milan Thomas
    Milan Thomas

    Wow chloe growled so much

  • Munifahsyari Fudin
    Munifahsyari Fudin

    Man! Why did i love the tube family i mean like i like everyone😆

  • Nate Rippetoe
    Nate Rippetoe

    I've been watching your videos since i was like 3 and now I'm 9 and you guys are awsome

  • Elijiah Roberts
    Elijiah Roberts

    She goes to my achool

  • Cherisse Foster
    Cherisse Foster

    It's grogu

  • Jill Genessy
    Jill Genessy

    Do they do online school 🏫

  • Fernando Arriaga
    Fernando Arriaga

    The first day I went to the real school they kicked me out so my mom had to pick me up

  • Rodriguez Girls
    Rodriguez Girls

    Dear tube family online school was so different ki dove weird I feel like I’ve gotten more lazy lol by the way when jillian was about to get on zoom I was the same exact what tell her she’s awesome frome jade and you guys are awesome too😃😃😃🙂😄😌😊

  • dog bones3
    dog bones3

    i did the iron man helmet and im 11

  • L S
    L S

    I CAN'T REPLY D: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Venkateshwar Prahalad uckoo
    Venkateshwar Prahalad uckoo

    can you guys make a live pls

  • Nicole

    Their dad has swag

  • Joey Martinez
    Joey Martinez

    Where did you get the desk from

  • Summer Vang
    Summer Vang

    I like Jillian

  • Aliyah Khan
    Aliyah Khan

    =0 This vid was made on my b-day!!

  • Zehra Batool
    Zehra Batool

    Love you guys

  • Zehra Batool
    Zehra Batool

    Love your vids

  • Hayder Talib
    Hayder Talib

    Is even in grade 9 and Jill in grade 7?

  • Aiden Wong
    Aiden Wong

    You guys should build the lego coliseum

  • I suck at fortnite
    I suck at fortnite

    What I expect my future family to be like

  • Oskaar178 Vr
    Oskaar178 Vr

    Akasuki is now assembled

  • KAM林

    Im afraid she did,t get kicked out its called having a crappy school laptop and lagg!!!

  • marko Ebajay
    marko Ebajay

    5 dolar

  • Yaretzi Martinez
    Yaretzi Martinez

    are the one in ones for your amp day for you to use

  • The Cars and Nintendo Fanatic!
    The Cars and Nintendo Fanatic!

    10:44 Evan makes an exquisite Kar-a-tay Kid

  • The Cars and Nintendo Fanatic!
    The Cars and Nintendo Fanatic!

    9:47 I never realized how GINORMOUS Chloe’s tail is

  • The Cars and Nintendo Fanatic!
    The Cars and Nintendo Fanatic!

    Your house vaguely reminds me of the beach house I visit during the summer.

  • Damian Lopez
    Damian Lopez

    Teacher: Don't have tabs open or the test will close! Me and the boys with duel monitors:

  • Kamado Tanjiro
    Kamado Tanjiro

    all 6.77 million people will cry if chloe pass away :C

  • Kamado Tanjiro
    Kamado Tanjiro

    Only the OGs remember “oMg Mr. gOlD, wE gOt mR. gOld!!!!”

  • uNkOwn ChArLiDoRiTo
    uNkOwn ChArLiDoRiTo

    The thing about there “big” house is that its nice but its messy, try to clean if more

  • Mohammed Shabaz
    Mohammed Shabaz

    6:23 evans gaming setup :O i dont even have even a laptop

  • Shirley Mcintyre
    Shirley Mcintyre

    It is great so far

  • Tony Dunigan
    Tony Dunigan


  • Ayden Anderson
    Ayden Anderson

    Tube channel is that channel name is Ayden Anderson

  • Ayden Anderson
    Ayden Anderson

    Come on IRbin it’s it’s Ayden Anderson


    My school is from home

  • DonkeyAteMyPie

    Evan joined the akaskis

  • Diego Rodriguez
    Diego Rodriguez

    Hey watch your videos your old videos when I was a kid

  • Alex cruz pineda Cruz
    Alex cruz pineda Cruz

    Wait wut grade is evan also 7 0r 8

  • Alex cruz pineda Cruz
    Alex cruz pineda Cruz

    Yo is jill in 6th or wit im in 6th because my birthday is the same as hers

  • Diego Rosenfeld
    Diego Rosenfeld

    It’s 2021........

  • Susan Story
    Susan Story

    That where like kids then they grew up tall 💝💝

  • Scarlet Peterson-Bishop
    Scarlet Peterson-Bishop

    My Middle school is different

  • FaZe Kay
    FaZe Kay

    Akatsuki n

  • Hey I'm DONUTZ
    Hey I'm DONUTZ


  • Aila Khan
    Aila Khan


  • Khloe Reyes
    Khloe Reyes

    My name in irl is named Khloe I guess I’m a dog now xD

  • Kyokodaki

    10:48 yooooo NARUTOOOOO

  • Vanessa’s Dinner Table
    Vanessa’s Dinner Table


  • Elnara Browers
    Elnara Browers

    My cat died that is What the f(-)k happened