FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL!!! I Got Kicked Out of Class!
It's another 1st Day of School! Evan has his first day of high school and Jillian enters the 7th grade. But things are bit different this year since we're not actually going to school. Our school district has opted for distance learning for the first 2 months of the year to see how things go. The kids have their computer setups ready to go! We had a couple technical snags, but were able to eventually get things running. Jillian also bakes some chocolate chip cookies for her cooking class...YUM!
First Day of Kindergarten:
Kindergarten VS. Middle School:
Back to School Shopping:
Back to School Adventure:


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  • The Tube Family
    The Tube Family

    The first day of school was A LOT different for us this year! How was it for you guys?

    • Milly Style
      Milly Style

      No one cares

    • Im made Of crap
      Im made Of crap

      Bad somebody kept kicking me out the meeting

    • Rex Guillermo
      Rex Guillermo


    • Sharon Tolentino
      Sharon Tolentino

      I wake up at like 6 for school lol

    • Sharon Tolentino
      Sharon Tolentino

      It was fun..........,and stressfull and sad coz Covid came and I was supposed to invite my friends to ly bday

  • Trance

    Why can’t you change the old channel name

  • Frederick Hernandez
    Frederick Hernandez

    I have modules i do have online mettings after the metting we Play roblox

    • Frederick Hernandez
      Frederick Hernandez

      I forgot to say this we do it in secret after the teacher leaves

  • Elizabeth Geiger
    Elizabeth Geiger

    Jillian:don’t eat raw cookie dough because it has eggs or raw eggs Me:eating raw cookie dough

  • Noman Khan
    Noman Khan

    Aww the dog wants to play 1:28

  • bushra rizwan
    bushra rizwan


  • Xx_ Jdubz
    Xx_ Jdubz


  • Le Avventure di jj
    Le Avventure di jj

    Even tu parli in Italiano

  • Gizmo_09

    it was 3 p.m.

  • Gizmo_09

    Did you guys see the time

  • lulas life
    lulas life


  • Light_Gaming World
    Light_Gaming World

    I'm in 7th grade... ok

  • Abby Huerta
    Abby Huerta

    What grade are you in

  • Avani Malhotra
    Avani Malhotra

    I use Google Classroom too for my classes Edit: I use the google account given by my school which is a g-suite account

  • Elijah's Escapades
    Elijah's Escapades

    It’s 7:50

  • alessandra morales
    alessandra morales

    you guys were my child hood

  • Hayley Nguyen
    Hayley Nguyen

    Jillian looks so different I remember I started watching jillian when she was maybe four or nine yrs old

  • Caleb Guffey
    Caleb Guffey

    In my state (it might just be my school district) it is required that you take a swimming class which is kinda hard during quarantine.

  • Rohit Playz
    Rohit Playz

    Even be looking like riaga from the akatski

  • Zaynab Khan
    Zaynab Khan

    Jillian: Don’t eat raw cookie dough Me: Eating raw cookie dough lol 😂

  • Gabriel Ruelas
    Gabriel Ruelas

    Love u guys keep up the good work I’ve been watching you guys since 2012 and now I’m turning 13 on may 6 2021

  • Melly Christine Papa Galeos
    Melly Christine Papa Galeos

    It was nice

  • Tenochteonamitl Chihuahua
    Tenochteonamitl Chihuahua

    Big bubber itachi what are you doing

  • TGaming

    Is it just me or do their videos feel like one big flex

  • lilJayjay24 Kobe
    lilJayjay24 Kobe

    im in 5th grade and i do that

  • SoMeister HD Show
    SoMeister HD Show

    My first day was supposed to be on August 31st, 2020, then got changed to September 8, 2020 and now School started for me on September 15, 2020

  • Janar Vani
    Janar Vani

    who thinks they have changed their voice a lottttt

  • ayivuyise m
    ayivuyise m

    It's cool

  • ayivuyise m
    ayivuyise m

    I like your fort house

  • Emmanuels Adventures
    Emmanuels Adventures

    F word school

  • Your Avenger
    Your Avenger

    3:07 WHAT WAS THAT!?😟

  • Ferney Gonzalez
    Ferney Gonzalez

    Is just me or when class end I just run upstairs then go to my room and play Fortnite or Minecraft or straight just watch Netflix?


    I feel sorry for jillian because she just got kicked out the class

  • David Rodriguez
    David Rodriguez

    Is she free and is she in 6th grade

  • Angel Little Plume
    Angel Little Plume

    My brother has the 2 LEGO set

  • Gabriel Angelo Raquepo
    Gabriel Angelo Raquepo

    7:52 kinda like a rap yo

  • Meggie Moo
    Meggie Moo

    Evan and Jillian are both so grown up 😢

  • K M
    K M


  • Jawad uwu
    Jawad uwu

    .j. Kiwis 🥝 keep woods to the i is June is what a oeiu app does

  • diya m patel
    diya m patel

    When Evan said his yt channel and his teacher knows him and tell him to sign

  • Jabegamer YT
    Jabegamer YT

    Why does Jill's class start at 8:20 even if Jill is in a higher grade than me, my class starts at 7:20

  • Layla シ
    Layla シ

    Imagine being with the same class as evan or jill

  • Draco Malfoy
    Draco Malfoy

    Teacher: Ok class is over! Your- *PRESSES LEAVE CALL*

  • Tyipical AuGUstYT
    Tyipical AuGUstYT

    Evan your like itachi

  • Falco Zoid
    Falco Zoid

    Flipgrid I use that to and also Jillian and Evan sounds way different thanks for the correction

    • Kimberly Zazueta
      Kimberly Zazueta

      Evan* No offense

  • Charlotte's Wide World
    Charlotte's Wide World

    You got cinnamon rolls!?!? Lucky.....

  • Reapex Gripz
    Reapex Gripz

    Who else was watching this video while in school and doing there work

  • Alejandra Orozco
    Alejandra Orozco

    Does anybody know why Evan's class is all dressed as Naruto in the class photos?

  • jayaweera 414
    jayaweera 414

    You are lucky cause in Sri Lanka children are not allowed to use phones until they are 19 and our physical school starts at seven and they are very far so we have to wake up at 4am.🇱🇰🇱🇰🇱🇰

  • Brody Diyorio
    Brody Diyorio

    Such a wholesome family

  • Milea.who_3850 official
    Milea.who_3850 official

    Is it a large egg or a jumbo egg for the cookie reckpe?

  • YTandyYT

    I use my PC for school

  • Ludird

    Evan and his family raised me

  • ツVyByn

    boohoo my ante made those cocies

  • Nick Ellison
    Nick Ellison

    The first day of High School was good. Just a little of attendance stuff.

  • Nubzoo Neela Vang
    Nubzoo Neela Vang

    Even yous voice.even watches anime.

  • The overlook hotel
    The overlook hotel

    I remember watching these guys when I was a kid and now they are teenagers, keep making good vids and stay safe and healthy:)

  • gaming brick builder
    gaming brick builder

    I think Gillian has the same chrome book as me

  • angela nicetwin
    angela nicetwin

    omg me and jill is in the same grade cool

  • Fauxia 15
    Fauxia 15

    I grew with you I watche'd you When I was in 2 class now i am In 3 class


    Yeah that right

  • Foxplayz 113
    Foxplayz 113

    I use google classroom too and also google meets bc we have our school gmails

  • XBUXdXnkinDoM wildcraft
    XBUXdXnkinDoM wildcraft

    She so big OMG I haven't seen you guys in maybe a year or two years

  • PONY

    Jillian looking kinda bad tho 🥴😏

  • Dania Ramirez
    Dania Ramirez

    what hapind to jill

  • josephine nguyen
    josephine nguyen

    good i am doing to same as you!! love you guys!!!!

  • Katy Figmaka
    Katy Figmaka

    Your videos are so cool!!!

  • flot btw wish he got mod
    flot btw wish he got mod

    im in 7 th grade

  • VietRBLX

    10:45 Atatsuki?

  • J L
    J L

    This popped up in my recommended and it’s just crazy seeing how much older they got I remember when I used to build my legos while watch videos like this

  • SinnyK

    I haven't watched them in 2 and a half years and maybe more, so glad I came back to check on them 😁

  • Diego Zavaleta
    Diego Zavaleta


  • yoshi squad 1
    yoshi squad 1

    All you gota do is click the link

  • yoshi squad 1
    yoshi squad 1

    Jillian just join back it's easy

  • Tony Porcioncula
    Tony Porcioncula

    Did Julian use flipgrid for her baking video??

  • /////////////////

    What I learn in class: 12 x 12 My homework: 40 x 16 + 97 - (32 + 51 x 64) - 18 + 93 x 11 My exam: Jimmy ate 2 cookies. Calculate the distance between the moon and the earth.

  • Erin Davis
    Erin Davis


  • LZG Vetro
    LZG Vetro

    So I- ........ just watched a video from 5 years ago they grew up so fast

  • Andromeda Rivera
    Andromeda Rivera

    jill: panics when she’s not early to class me: *ahh, yes, the time in life when you get so scared when you aren’t in school on time*

  • Magima Janani
    Magima Janani

    I didn't Know Evan was the same Age as Me and Had ICT To !!!

  • Jay An Magpantay
    Jay An Magpantay

    Jills dad be like just pretend you drop your pencil wow best dad award goes to you

  • B1 Battle droid
    B1 Battle droid

    Gosh Evan and Jul look old

  • Kuya Frago
    Kuya Frago

    Do you go to bunkerhill?

  • Giselle Davila
    Giselle Davila

    You dad likes Legos my dad dose to

  • Melos Gashi
    Melos Gashi

    Yooo evan as itachi thats some heat fam

  • Pizza lovers
    Pizza lovers

    Why you not to the Indonesian

  • chimchar

    mad respect for evan for dressing up as Akatsuki. is that Itachi?

  • alinai manji123 manji123
    alinai manji123 manji123

    CLOHE has grown so big

  • AchenyJenny Modou
    AchenyJenny Modou

    Wow I love 🍪

  • Atfalwamawaheb lovver andd Noris nuts lover
    Atfalwamawaheb lovver andd Noris nuts lover

    Jullins grown up aloot but her voice never changes who agrees like 😂

  • I like ur cut g Ava
    I like ur cut g Ava

    Evan you watch anime? Can we watch together if you do ‘-‘ I was also a akastuki for halloween lol

  • Sophia Koukios
    Sophia Koukios

    I eat raw cookiedow ITS MY CHILDHOOD

  • Ahmed Alsailani
    Ahmed Alsailani

    I get bored 😑 in school lol I am so lazy in school 😂 lol

  • Superninja MM
    Superninja MM

    My school routine: Wake up go to school

  • artshot

    they still make me smile like when I was eight

  • Red shark 123
    Red shark 123

    You do lunch at 11:00 and 12:00 i do lunch USA TIME at 1:30PM

  • Hailey Lavarias
    Hailey Lavarias

    your dog grown so much.

  • mathew eapen
    mathew eapen

    what breed is chloe

  • JP Patchett
    JP Patchett

    Lucky my class starts at 7:35 and I am in 6 grade

    • Idress Sandhar
      Idress Sandhar

      Exactly the same thing with me

  • Krrishiv Bajaj
    Krrishiv Bajaj

    Hey when did evan start watching naruto