FREE COMIC BOOK DAY!!! Super Hero Extravaganza & Drive Thru Challenge!
It's Free Comic Book Day so The Tube Family is heading out to shoot two videos. We're showing you all the fun a Free Comic Book Day event as well as trying out the "Letting the Person In Front of Me Decide What I Eat For 24 Hours" Drive Thru Challenge. If you haven't seen that video yet, click here:
Not only did we get a bunch of comic books for FREE, there was balloon sculptures, pro wrestling, games, face painting and a charity raffle. Some of our favorite titles that were offered were: Spider-Man, Avengers, Stranger Things, Riverdale, Little Lulu, The Tick, Star Wars, Robotech.
Like Comic Books? Check out our $100,000 Comic Book Challenge:
Production Music courtesy of Epidemic Sound

  • The Tube Family
    The Tube Family

    If you haven't seen our DRIVE THRU CHALLENGE, click here!

    • CrafterDogeYT ➐
      CrafterDogeYT ➐

      @EvanTubeHD why is Evans's voice deeper

    • Cecilia Ladislao-Rosal
      Cecilia Ladislao-Rosal

      Ihave crush on you jillan

    • Crafts,paintings,Drawings,and more
      Crafts,paintings,Drawings,and more

      I watch it

    • Maricelma Simiano Jung
      Maricelma Simiano Jung

      i love this videooooo


      Hi evan why wont you make some lego giveaway.... if you dont mind

  • Mustache ICE BEAR
    Mustache ICE BEAR

    What day can you can get free comics?

  • Samantha Cruz
    Samantha Cruz

    I am in love with your son Evan he is so cute

  • Samantha Cruz
    Samantha Cruz

    Mr tube and Ms tube

  • Wezzygamer Boi
    Wezzygamer Boi

    The one from monsters inc is randle

  • Conrado Liwanag
    Conrado Liwanag

    Sad for me i im in philipines theres no comic store

  • Wezzygamer Boi
    Wezzygamer Boi

    There is no comic book day because of corona virus

  • Muhammad Amir Norazmir
    Muhammad Amir Norazmir

    Its only book nothing to worry about 😒

    • Muhammad Amir Norazmir
      Muhammad Amir Norazmir

      Good one

  • Kenley Lyman
    Kenley Lyman

    dear jillian evan and the hobby kids all of you have a challenge you got to go to jillians home and mt and dt will have smashers you go outside and SMASH THEM then go to jills room or BOOM SLIME TIME

  • Kenley Lyman
    Kenley Lyman

    24 ours in a closet

  • Graudaco

    3:48 that little girl was just tryna look at some stranger thing cok

    • Mand'zz

      She even said she want's stranger things

  • Mustard Man Gay Idiot
    Mustard Man Gay Idiot

    I love COMICS

  • Janani Anand
    Janani Anand

    Amazing channel fun challenge

  • bhargab Thakuria
    bhargab Thakuria

    Evan, my son watch all your videos

  • Blaze

    Any one remember even tube raw

  • Assantae Denard
    Assantae Denard

    Bro i frealing love comic books and my favorite comics are either the flash or spiderman

  • Amanda Patricia Kadrie
    Amanda Patricia Kadrie

    My hero academia?

  • Afran Shihab
    Afran Shihab

    Julian has get oggy and the cockroach

  • Lisa Macardy
    Lisa Macardy

    I love my hero acdamia

  • Squeeze Fire
    Squeeze Fire

    Evan can you review some anime toys to

  • Cheeki__Breeki

    The free comic book day at my store is just a bunch of guys in a narrow room walking in circles quietly

  • Aaron Tucker
    Aaron Tucker


  • Chris Cadiang
    Chris Cadiang


  • Graudaco

    Lol. At 3:45 a little girl said she wanted stranger things and her mom said no. I think that was a good parenting option

  • Rohan Senthilkumar Anuradha
    Rohan Senthilkumar Anuradha

    Love your comic collection.

  • Brandon Lapage
    Brandon Lapage

    Ghostbusters 2020 Brandon lapage

  • Kenjo Mariano
    Kenjo Mariano

    Can i have the descendants thats me and my friends fav show R.I.P to cameron boyce 1999-2019

  • Murtaza Shahid
    Murtaza Shahid

    Make your own comic

  • Curious George
    Curious George


  • Viet Linh Do
    Viet Linh Do

    I like all the marvel comics

  • kyto812

    I want Evan books

  • Paul Derby
    Paul Derby

    I love free comic book day and my favorite comic series is archie

  • Aaron Youtuber el Titan
    Aaron Youtuber el Titan

    What!!! Deapool, Pikachu😄, book comics, Jily-flash? and Evan?? What🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Doggo Wolf
    Doggo Wolf

    Omg I love my hero Academia

  • Mou Guha
    Mou Guha

    Dad's showing kids vampriella

  • eZ Dripz
    eZ Dripz

    Check my channel

  • Trey Contreras
    Trey Contreras

    I love that comic book store

    • Empire's Comics Vault & Hot Sauce
      Empire's Comics Vault & Hot Sauce

      Thanks, Trey! We appreciate your kind words, sir. 😀

  • Rory Adams
    Rory Adams

    OMGosh my Black Panther (and Spiderman's feet) made a cameo! Woot!

  • Karina Gonzalez
    Karina Gonzalez


  • Cecilia Ladislao-Rosal
    Cecilia Ladislao-Rosal

    I have crush on jullian

  • Pavit Kohli
    Pavit Kohli

    Huge comic book fan gonna get injustice 2 vol 1

  • camii nicole
    camii nicole

    Omg I have not watched this channel in a wheel and when I come back Evan changed so much oml.

  • That Cringey Artist
    That Cringey Artist

    My Hero Academia also has the promised neverland

  • Theresa Agustin
    Theresa Agustin

    6:36 Does Jillian also bought Oggy and the Cockroaches

  • Ravindra T
    Ravindra T

    that was my hero academia

  • Max Gallagher
    Max Gallagher

    1:49 why is she rubbing her nose on Hear dad

  • Cutie Piemd
    Cutie Piemd

    X. QQQ

  • Kevin Kim
    Kevin Kim

    Sorry but I am in Malaysia so I can't go to North America

  • Rhexynne Ayne Eusebio
    Rhexynne Ayne Eusebio

    Are you a filipino

  • Cutiepie

    10:31 get a shirt bro

  • nasir bakar
    nasir bakar

    play beyblade

  • Ampawan B.
    Ampawan B.

    Your father from thailand?

  • edgar escobar
    edgar escobar

    So cool

  • Jiminy


  • Leandro Soto
    Leandro Soto

    Tay harto peluo pa jugetes weon😂weta

  • Genie Choi
    Genie Choi

    Guys you should call your channel The Tube Hd Family!


    Hmm the first to do dis my boi derkek gerard but like these type. Vids


    Wish I was there

  • Suhan DaTanker
    Suhan DaTanker

    i haven't seen evantube in 3 years...even the name has changed to the tube i miss you guys

  • ღ Lil Wølfy ღ
    ღ Lil Wølfy ღ

    I just realized the my dad just borrowed a comic from the library today :) Tube Family can you please change the profile picture for your yt cus this is now The tube family and not Eva tube raw

  • Traumatized Monkey
    Traumatized Monkey

    Where was it

  • Tanner McBee
    Tanner McBee

    How old is Evan I have not watched this in six years like when they started filming i was 4

  • Eda Ates
    Eda Ates

    Evans voice got so deep PUBERTY HIT HIM LIKE A FRIKN BUS

    • sakuu!

      oHohoHo nooooO it's just starting, there's definitely more that's gonna happen

  • Kelly Moores
    Kelly Moores

    Hey tube family what happened to the Disney cruise magic

  • Zoe Corpuz
    Zoe Corpuz

    We had a Free Comic Book Day at our book store, but we missed it.....(cuz we didn’t want to wait in line for so long, unlike YOU guys.) 😭

  • Evss

    This channel has changed so much in the last 6 years

  • Muizz Mughal
    Muizz Mughal

    I haven't watched this channel for ages and I'm legit shook with how deep Even's voice has gone

    • get to 100 subs with some vids
      get to 100 subs with some vids

      Omg same

    • Panda Allimala
      Panda Allimala


    • Mario Estrada
      Mario Estrada

      Yea I know even’s voice is deep

    • puggy

      oMG saME

  • Elmerbaby

    I officially feel old, the last time I watched one of your videos, Evan was like 9...

  • Kurt LovesBread
    Kurt LovesBread

    Deadpool is so troll haha

  • lenard brix
    lenard brix

    Like your video tube family

  • lenard brix
    lenard brix

    I like your video

  • SushiPoodle

    that intro used to say evantube raw

  • GoD MoNsTer
    GoD MoNsTer

    Wow im actually an og watcher

  • ben Eban
    ben Eban

    it has been at less 3 years now im back

  • Sana Zafar
    Sana Zafar

    Its not my birthday My dog isn’t dying Can i get some subs For not lying :)

  • CalebTRM // TheRubyMinecart
    CalebTRM // TheRubyMinecart

    How do you make the intro

  • Rxpectfn

    I am a comic book fan If you are a comic book fan like evan tube

  • Axel Tzintzun
    Axel Tzintzun

    Doctor who looked like mommy tube

  • Abnormal Fury
    Abnormal Fury

    does someone know that there channel profile pic is still the same

  • Queenessa Williams
    Queenessa Williams

    You should get Mortal Kombat 11 for your switch

  • Katalina Kitty
    Katalina Kitty

    This is awesome,,,,,,

  • Andrew Demos
    Andrew Demos

    Giveaway ?!?!?!

  • Kamii Tsubaki
    Kamii Tsubaki

    OMG MY HERO ACADEMIAA!!!!!!!! It's an anime and its REAAALLLLYYYY GOOD! I hope Evan likes it too.

  • Anna Lyka
    Anna Lyka

    Hey jillian i hade a dream last night you and me together just us we play hide and seek we jump on our bed its so much fun i dont want to wake up because im happy to be with you this is true im not lying its the happiest dream i never have hope you read this your so beautiful all of your videos are awesome i love you all your my inspiration

  • alyshia cecilia
    alyshia cecilia

    Jill and Evan switch clothes for 3 days

  • GreenMaster

    He is so grown up now

  • arthur foz
    arthur foz

    You guys should keep doing these comic videos these are so fun

  • Christopher Utrilla
    Christopher Utrilla

    When are you going to change your channel profile

  • Tron1213

    Bro I bet no of them ever read the Archie comics

  • Aaron Bang
    Aaron Bang

    Uh there does the tube family notice that there profile pic is still eventube raw?... But if they wanna keep it then they do them

  • Anand The Gamer
    Anand The Gamer

    Nice video

  • Ani Akub
    Ani Akub

    I have the exact spider man comic you have and it was free comic book day

  • Ellie Milne
    Ellie Milne

    You should change the profile pic

  • Encho De Quiroz
    Encho De Quiroz

    Daddy Tube was an extra in the movie Pursuit Of Happyness casting will smith and jayden smith

  • amanXone

    Whats your favourite comic Evan. Mine Avengers

  • Andrei Ebron
    Andrei Ebron

    I wish we have that in the Philippines

  • 32. Alya A. Kumala 9E
    32. Alya A. Kumala 9E

    you read my hero academia too ?!

  • Rae me and my vlogs
    Rae me and my vlogs

    Evan is so big i wonder how many years have they done youtube like of you agree

  • Jayden Khanlian
    Jayden Khanlian

    Tell us when the next day is

  • Minh Tri Gaming
    Minh Tri Gaming

    Evan can you make a video about the board game call Exploding kittes