GETTING MY BRACES OFF & CUTTING MY HAIR!!! Candy Celebration Makeover!
Jillian is getting her braces off so she thought it'd be fun to change her look with a hair makeover! Made a quick trip to SuperCuts for a haircut then a stop at Claire's to shop for some cool hair accessories before the big day at the orthodontist! After the braces came off it was off to buy some gum, sink her teeth into the giant candy apple and a good toothbrushing!
Production Music courtesy of Epidemic Sound

  • Emiliano Piña
    Emiliano Piña

    I just got my braces today

  • Turtles Are Better Than people
    Turtles Are Better Than people

    If u eat bread and eggs together you will have a bandage

  • Nahla Ahmed Mohammad Haji Shaker Darkah
    Nahla Ahmed Mohammad Haji Shaker Darkah

    im gona need brasess when im 9 but in 8

  • Anja Louisse De Jesus
    Anja Louisse De Jesus

    2020 anyone Just ME ok

  • Toxic Playz
    Toxic Playz

    How much old is she ?

  • Kalpa Kara
    Kalpa Kara

    Wow this video was so good

  • ZincOrigin

    Some orthodontist they have they just have caramel apples in stock lol

  • Dever D 217
    Dever D 217

    I still have braces on

  • natasha hassan
    natasha hassan

    i love you guys

  • One minutes Movies
    One minutes Movies

    I’m in Canada are you ?

  • Anthony Hernandez
    Anthony Hernandez

    I’m scared when I get braces

  • Anthony Hernandez
    Anthony Hernandez

    She’s brave

  • Promise Jacobs
    Promise Jacobs


  • Giada Valdes
    Giada Valdes

    Wow I just got my braces on

  • Mia Reed
    Mia Reed

    my kids go to the same orthodontist and are in love with your channel

  • lxvely x hope
    lxvely x hope

    why am i watching people get braces whenever i’m getting mine on in 13 days-

  • Johnathan Pugh
    Johnathan Pugh

    You’re absolutely amazing

  • The Jenna Show
    The Jenna Show

    I’m getting my braces off next week!!! 😁

    • Vanessa Sanchez
      Vanessa Sanchez

      The Jenna Show how did it go?!

  • Emily Chen
    Emily Chen

    I did not know dt came too


    Lol Evan in the back hahaha

  • Rajesh Ahirwar
    Rajesh Ahirwar

    Awww she looks so cute and beautiful like before

  • Nicco

    I’ve been to the dentist so much, that I could taste the things that they are putting in her mouth😂

  • 褚凡綺

    I always wanted braces and my dreamed came true! I’m getting them in September

  • Wezzygamer Boi
    Wezzygamer Boi

    I hope I don’t get braces

  • Kimeang Sim
    Kimeang Sim

    I wish I have Braces

  • miso princess ʕ•ᴥ•ʔノ
    miso princess ʕ•ᴥ•ʔノ

    it’s so weird not seeing everyone with masks and such

    • Likidy Squidwater
      Likidy Squidwater


  • Shreyas

    Dentist: You are taking out braces Me: Watches every IRbin video about braces

    • Ellie Moore
      Ellie Moore

      omg that's me rn

    • Cate Rackaway
      Cate Rackaway

      I’m the opposite I might get braces

  • John Rivera
    John Rivera

    She still hasn’t gotten braces back on in 2020😂

  • Demmie Bates
    Demmie Bates

    Why are her gums so far down

    • Emma lovescheer
      Emma lovescheer

      It’s okay

  • keila Garcia
    keila Garcia

    I got my braces off

  • Nana Mure
    Nana Mure

    Evan hi Julian hi

  • Nola Gamer2008
    Nola Gamer2008

    what was the song starting at 4:20

  • Jim C
    Jim C

    At 4:20... Mom: then tomorrow we will come back and get your ears pierced. Jillian turns around, : No!

  • 소담이야기

    can you show your retainers?

  • Lilly gaming
    Lilly gaming

    I used to want braces Not anymore I I I V

    • Kiara Stromberg
      Kiara Stromberg

      Well what if you need them like me?

    • Hermione Granger
      Hermione Granger

      When I was little, I used to want braces and always pretend to have them. Then, when I was slightly older, only ten years old, I actually had to get braces. Now I realize how painful it was. The foods I couldn’t eat weren’t a problem, though. I never liked gum, soda, etc. and it could even get me out of eating foods I don’t like. It was mainly how much it hurt.

    • Hermione Granger
      Hermione Granger


    • Blupee


  • Theresa Caballero
    Theresa Caballero

    I. Love. It

  • MilkyClouds

    I have the same sparkly headband

  • camryn carlson
    camryn carlson

    braces 😁

  • Vincent Evangelista
    Vincent Evangelista

    great job

  • Milly Darling
    Milly Darling

    does it heart bc im getting my off in 2 weeks O:

  • amy calderbank
    amy calderbank

    Love your vidos


    I just got my braces off yesterday!! (btw washing the glue off is the worst part)

  • Preslee Kaplan
    Preslee Kaplan

    Hope she doesn’t have to have braces again !

  • Aurelia Munteanu
    Aurelia Munteanu


  • Shay Mitchell
    Shay Mitchell

    I have to keep my braces on for a year. I have a dentist appointment tommorow to get my bands on my braces. I hope that I get a chocolate covered caramel apple too when I get my braces off

  • Elena Mateo
    Elena Mateo

    I want braces like. jillian

  • Lala Rodriguez
    Lala Rodriguez

    I do not like jillian

  • Reeze Anne bts Gonzales
    Reeze Anne bts Gonzales

    Hi evan hi jillian hi mom hi dad

  • Family vlogs With Jules
    Family vlogs With Jules

    Wow I’m surprised that the dentist gave Jill an apple covered in Carmel ,milk chocolate, and white chocolate over that.

  • Gracie

    The music at 4:21 reminds me of We Are The Davises

  • Yukky videos In USA
    Yukky videos In USA

    ThAt was a really good video

  • Lil skully lol
    Lil skully lol

    Im getting braces in a few days

  • Adam Vasquez
    Adam Vasquez

    My favorite IRbin channel's Dore brothers Lucas and marcus Cyrus and girlfriend Lucas girlfriend The tube family Talking Tom and friends Come play with me Lankybox Ashley Aisha Maria

  • Rhon Theodore Hernandez
    Rhon Theodore Hernandez


  • chi wai tam
    chi wai tam

    I remember you got braces in 22 th September,2017

  • TaBz 23206
    TaBz 23206

    I do never want braces

  • Axtro.a.x.l

    People my age: getting girlfriends/boyfriend Me: trying to fix my hairline

  • Yuan Chew
    Yuan Chew

    Does it hurt bc I have them on and taking um of sone

  • Sarah coelho
    Sarah coelho

    Jillian should get a boyfriend

  • Miss Blory
    Miss Blory

    I stil remember to september 21 2017

  • Isabel Vasquez
    Isabel Vasquez

    I’m going to meed braces 😬

  • Saif Ali
    Saif Ali

    Young 😀😀😀😇😇😘

  • Gracie Lou
    Gracie Lou

    Idk why Americans get braces sooo young then when there older get them on again in the uk we get them on at an appropriate age not at 10 we get them around 12+ and only once

  • S N
    S N

    4:55-4:57song name please!!

  • S N
    S N

    What is that song name???...please tell me

  • Enas Diaa El-Dien
    Enas Diaa El-Dien

    it is hird or no

  • Kane the ok guy who likes Naruto
    Kane the ok guy who likes Naruto

    Why did people dislike this vid?

  • Crystal Hinson
    Crystal Hinson

    I get Sonic the Hedgehog Now I Got The Call of the Wild

  • Girlyswirly Leggi
    Girlyswirly Leggi

    Jill did it hurt to get braces

  • YT_ Ice Bear
    YT_ Ice Bear

    Jill looks cute in braces 😁

  • Angelina Finn
    Angelina Finn

    What’s the music’s called in the Otherdontist????


    Hey Mommy Tube/ MT why can I only hear you voice in my left ear

  • rosxling

    Who is here in 2020? Just me.....ok😂 lol

  • Brianna Navarro
    Brianna Navarro


  • jhermaine Pierre Riley
    jhermaine Pierre Riley

    evan looks like spencer x from tik tok and jillian looks like peyton coffee from tik tok


    هل يوجد عرب هنا

  • Gabriella Soto
    Gabriella Soto

    Hey Jillian you know you like Price is Right

  • rebecca bell
    rebecca bell

    I have braces and I’m 8 years old 👧🏻

  • Courtney Jones
    Courtney Jones

    Literally just watched the video where she first gets them

  • Cheezy Chay
    Cheezy Chay

    How school?

  • Just Leah :p
    Just Leah :p

    I never had braces but I am getting them yayyy

  • Omni

    How long do you need to keep braces im getting braces soon

  • Lou & Gracie
    Lou & Gracie

    Did it hurt when they took your braces off?

  • Unclejoe4

    Bro I remember when she was a baby

  • princillia shaku
    princillia shaku

    I'm getting braces soon im so excited and nervous but it might take a while 😁😁😁😁😁

  • Mahad


  • kataram narsinga rao
    kataram narsinga rao

    Iove you

  • kataram narsinga rao
    kataram narsinga rao

    You look great.

  • mililaisantone

    I get my braces off Saturday

  • its cate
    its cate

    free replay button lol 3:52 im still laughing hahahahhaahaha

  • Ruben Duron
    Ruben Duron


  • Ava does Roblox
    Ava does Roblox

    This is how many people need Braces

  • Fares FN
    Fares FN


  • garett

    2020 dudes

  • chloe._. jungkook
    chloe._. jungkook


    • Cat Valentine
      Cat Valentine

      What where and when ????

  • Team J
    Team J

    Hi Whats Up Eavn And Juilla

  • nandoeagle2

    Does braces heart when you put them on because i am going to the dentist tommorow and my nom said that i need to get bra.ces

  • - ItzLexiPlayz -
    - ItzLexiPlayz -

    Lol had to do all this for my retainers xd


    Does it hurt when you do that stuff that’s so creepy

  • Noe Lima Jr.
    Noe Lima Jr.

    The small piece looked like an avocado! 🥑