GETTING MY EARS PIERCED!!! Does It Hurt? Evan Plays VR!
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Today, Jillian finally decided to get her ears pierced. With the encouragement of her friends, we head over to Claire's at the local mall for the ear piercing. We've been to this store countless times and Jillian has always stayed clear of the infamous chair by the window...until now. Does getting your ears pierced hurt? Find out in this video!
Meanwhile, Evan tries out the new old Oculus Rift that we picked up on ebay. Stay tuned for some cool VR gaming videos on EvanTubeGaming!
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  • Emily F
    Emily F

    I got mine pierced at clair's and it does not hurt, I was the same age as you, It hurts for a little while but when you put the liquid on them they feel better

  • Student Trinity Doan
    Student Trinity Doan

    Me to I it when I not one yet

  • Trudiann Harris
    Trudiann Harris

    Wow that go

    • Trudiann Harris
      Trudiann Harris


  • Mary grace Goffinet
    Mary grace Goffinet

    She got her ear piercing late..I got mine when I was 4 year's old

  • Pavitrata Uniyal
    Pavitrata Uniyal


  • Sofia Malik
    Sofia Malik

    When they pierced my ears I just blinked.

  • The everything
    The everything

    No does not hurt

  • Lindmira Rexhepi
    Lindmira Rexhepi

    I have gotten my ears pierced three times at three different places

  • Pusheen_unicorn 0008
    Pusheen_unicorn 0008


  • Gianna Fodor
    Gianna Fodor

    I am getting my ears pierced for the third time today! And it doesn't hurt

  • Wendy Jaqueline Umanzor Garcia
    Wendy Jaqueline Umanzor Garcia

    Hi jillian

  • ñxghtmårê -_-
    ñxghtmårê -_-

    I used to have like three cavities but they all fell out but they didn't hurt

  • Dora & Juan Palomares
    Dora & Juan Palomares


  • Leona Connolly
    Leona Connolly

    I had my ears pierced when I was young and I got my ears pierced for the second time I was nervous

  • Pritesh Patel
    Pritesh Patel

    I’m a boy and got my ears periced

  • Meme Stapleton
    Meme Stapleton

    Jillian dose it hurt to get ur ears pierced bc I REALLY REALLY REALLY Nervous bc my mum says I have 2 days to think bc I’m going to clairs mabye.If you do see this I may have my ears pierced by now idk and if you do see this I REALLY love ur channel!.Good bye ✌️ 😍🥰😘☺️😊🙂🙃😉😌

  • Amelia Tizzle
    Amelia Tizzle

    No it not hurt I did it 2 years ago

  • Moriah Quinn
    Moriah Quinn

    I got my 2 but the 2 one hurt and 1 did not hurt

  • Hong Nguyen
    Hong Nguyen

    Jillian: gets convinced to get her ears pierced by her family FOREVER Me: A emo boi whos 12 and not allowed

  • Veryan Toast
    Veryan Toast

    Never ever get your ears pierced at Clares they use a piercing gun and it crashes and stuff in your ear

  • Fun Mania with Harsakhi
    Fun Mania with Harsakhi

    It doesn't hurt at all... Its just like a pinch!

    • Hermione Granger
      Hermione Granger

      Oh, really? I have a really low pain tolerance, so I get hurt reallyyy easily. Would it still hurt? I want to pierce my ears, but I’m too scared to ask, because I’m scared my parents will say yes 😅

  • Connor Lienemann
    Connor Lienemann

    Same this with my sister my mom and dad kept asking her but she didn’t want to go this and now my sis just got her ears pierced a few days ago

  • Rose Gaming
    Rose Gaming

    I got my ears pierced when I was 3 I did not cry it does not hurt at all

  • lisa colombo
    lisa colombo

    i am getting my ears peirced this tuesday and lowkey i am kind scared

  • Parminder Kaur
    Parminder Kaur

    It dose not hurt that much

  • Mahek

    I have many piercings (3 ear piercings, nose piercing, septum piercing, eyebrow piercings and lip piercing) and my eyebrow and ear lobe piercing were the least painful!

  • ꧁ ღ An Awkward Crybaby ღ ꧂
    ꧁ ღ An Awkward Crybaby ღ ꧂

    I’m still scared to pierce my ears- ._.

  • Humeira Munshi
    Humeira Munshi

    I got my ears pierced when I was 1 year old. That was 10 years ago and I can’t remember if it hurt or not.

  • Moonlight Boba
    Moonlight Boba

    i does hurt for like 5 seconds then its fine!

  • Rajesh Ahirwar
    Rajesh Ahirwar

    I got my ears pierced a long time ago

  • Sharanya-ish

    I got my ears pierced when I was 3 months old!!!

  • hari prasad
    hari prasad

    Tell your friends it doesn't pain

  • Josie Chapman
    Josie Chapman

    it does not hurt. Don't worry, be happy

  • Ian Lazaroo
    Ian Lazaroo

    I got my ear pierced went I was 6 years old it wasn't pain

  • Maisie Moo
    Maisie Moo

    I got my ears pierced and I flinched it only hurts for a second but on the way home I felt dizzy oof

  • Abby Gillin
    Abby Gillin

    I want to get my ears pierced

  • I Powell
    I Powell

    My daughter has the same earrings as you

  • Siva Rama
    Siva Rama

    I go my ear piersed when I was born so I don't remember if it hearts or not

  • 「Cherri•Suki」

    I got mine when I was a baby, I asked my mom why and she said “just in case when you are older and you won’t feel it.” So technically, I don’t remember what ears getting pierced feels like. (Sorry for bad grammar)


    I'm getting my right ear pierced the night after I post this comment, I'm not that worried

  • Maged AlSheshtawi
    Maged AlSheshtawi

    I got my ears pierced when I was a baby so I don't remember 😂😂

  • It’sPandaCam

    I’m watching this during quarantine

  • Mermaid Monkey
    Mermaid Monkey

    I got my ears pierced once it doesn’t hurt🙂

  • ruby elizabeth
    ruby elizabeth

    I am getting my ears pierced tommorow I am excited but nervous my mum said it not that bad but I am meh 😂

  • Andres Flores
    Andres Flores

    Dustin ht

  • adryana segovia
    adryana segovia

    I also had the same reaction when she got her ears pierced at 4:27

  • adryana segovia
    adryana segovia

    When my mom and her friend took me to go pierce my ears when I was 4 months old and they said when we were going there said I was laughing and happy but when the pierce my ears I started crying so bad.I got my second pierce a few months ago and I almost fainted when my mom said “should we pierce your ears today” cause we were at Claire’s at the mall lookin at phone cases and new earrings and I was scarred to death cause i can’t remember how painful the pierce was when I was little

  • Aailyah Wooley
    Aailyah Wooley

    i got my ears pierced many years ago

  • Elizabeth Junell
    Elizabeth Junell

    It does not Hurt

  • May I
    May I

    Oh my gard Jillian ear out

    • May I
      May I


    • May I
      May I


  • Eddy Craziness !
    Eddy Craziness !

    I"m a boy, my mom and dad said I can't have my ears pierced

  • Mayo_is_cool _all_the_time
    Mayo_is_cool _all_the_time

    I’m the same age a Jillian and I have to holes on each ear

  • Jacqueline Tsonetokoy
    Jacqueline Tsonetokoy

    I’m a boy and I had my ears pierced when I was only 3 and I had to do it again cause mind closed up and it didn’t hurt u can do it I believe in u

  • Adrienne Newlands
    Adrienne Newlands

    You’re Siri look amazing Jillian sorry if I got your name wrong.

  • Adrienne Newlands
    Adrienne Newlands

    I got my ears pierced and I like it I just said OW 2 Times!

  • Piper Wagner
    Piper Wagner

    I got my ear pirst it doesn't hurt

  • Harrison Palmer
    Harrison Palmer

    I have my ears pierced and my nose pierced and I'm a boy

  • KiKi ROJAS
    KiKi ROJAS

    It doesn't hurt I got my ears pierced when I was like a weeks old or months old it didn't really hurt I think I cried but yeah I have them till this day. I am 9 years old that's crazy

  • Megan Wang
    Megan Wang

    Don't worry my mom pierced my ear and she's not a pro 😩😩😳😳

  • Paula Jereese
    Paula Jereese

    It doesn't hurt it just burns a little.

  • RA - 04BF 844925 Credit Valley PS
    RA - 04BF 844925 Credit Valley PS

    I have but it did not heart I was a baby

  • GamerGirl HD
    GamerGirl HD

    I got my ear pierced 8 and it really really hurts i also cried hahaha but you can do it

  • Kennehtroy Fabon
    Kennehtroy Fabon

    It is not that bad

  • BrettLouis LeeLoongShin
    BrettLouis LeeLoongShin

    Did any one realised those braces cause I’ve never seen those kinds braces 👇🏽

  • Anna’s music
    Anna’s music

    I’m getting my ear pierced soon Jillian has ears pierced I’m getting braces soon Jillian has braces We same people!! I know wrong grammar

  • Leonel Reis Borges
    Leonel Reis Borges

    I love your video I was so nervous in Portugal so I didn’t pierce my ears

  • Kanchan Malla
    Kanchan Malla

    I got my ear pierced when I was 2 months old with a needle and a thread

  • Nikkita Wells
    Nikkita Wells

    I got my ears pierced when I was younger gun first time needle second I just remember I jumped when first got ot done with the gun dosent really hurt as I remember

  • Tshamano Mugeri
    Tshamano Mugeri

    Don't worry, it's not that painful 🙂🙂

  • Diana AB
    Diana AB

    I got my ears when i was a baby my mom sayed i didn't cry

  • lollypop 7309
    lollypop 7309

    I had mine done but mine got infected because my ear lobes were to thick. It should be fine

  • Chris Vokey
    Chris Vokey

    Getting your ears pierced is not as bad as you think it feels like a baby wasp stinging your ear

  • Glitz Moon Art
    Glitz Moon Art

    I got my ears pierced when i was a baby only a few weeks old by my aunt she just poked my ear with the earings. Apparently i was crying alot

  • Lanky Fam
    Lanky Fam

    Well I got my ear pierced when I was 5 and it actually hurts cuz in not using like Jillians Thingy ☺️☺️☺️

  • GloomyXIndigo

    I got my ear pierced when I was a baby 👶 so it doesn’t hurt

  • Jonah Brown
    Jonah Brown

    It dos not

  • Gracyn Noel
    Gracyn Noel

    I want my ears pierced so badly but I’m so scared... I’ve been watching IRbin videos of people getting there ears pierced to see how bad it really is. 😬

  • Preslee Kaplan
    Preslee Kaplan

    I haven’t even gotten my ears pierced, and I know that I only hurts for like 1 second and then it’s worth it


    I have

  • Lil tikichu
    Lil tikichu

    I got my ears pierced 3 times cause my holes keep on closing

  • Manahil Omer
    Manahil Omer

    It doesn't hurt

  • Ashley Mobley
    Ashley Mobley



    I'm not here for the ear piercing just the vr

  • Wafflez Gaming
    Wafflez Gaming

    i pierced my ears last year but it closed and now I'm kinda scared that my parents'll make me pierced it again

  • Apun Datta
    Apun Datta

    it's" not badd

  • Mrunal Shankar
    Mrunal Shankar

    Not at all its like a prick

  • lemonade1905

    So, i got my ears pierced at 6 and i had a habbit of touching it and it got infected saddly. But i am happy that i got mine before jill. Edit: it just feels like a staple in ur ear 😂 Another edit: she chose the same earrings as me!

  • Matilda Martin
    Matilda Martin

    i pierced my ears when i was 5 years old it did not really hurt

  • Anabelle DeJesus
    Anabelle DeJesus

    I got my ears peirced at 4

  • the piggy show
    the piggy show

    getting ears peaced is not good at clairs and juctice its bad for ears

  • Zaina Shroof
    Zaina Shroof

    I had my ear pierced when i was a baby

  • Daysi Delaluz
    Daysi Delaluz

    Yes it does not hert

  • Saja fun World
    Saja fun World

    Be brave

  • Saja fun World
    Saja fun World


  • Ashlynn Holub
    Ashlynn Holub

    Yeah it does hurt the first time my will suggest to not lay on your ears

  • Michael Knapp
    Michael Knapp

    I haven't I want to

  • Farah Hanan
    Farah Hanan

    It does not hurt

  • A youtube user
    A youtube user

    I had my ears pierced when I was 3 lol

  • Cayden and Lucas Gaming
    Cayden and Lucas Gaming

    So brave Edit I liked my own comment

  • Marivic Panambo-David
    Marivic Panambo-David

    I pieced my ear when I was a baby and I still have a video of it