Evan just turned 13 so we are baking a giant Oreo birthday cake with the left over Oreos from our Oreo Challenge 2!
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Production Music courtesy of Epidemic Sound

  • NathanBrito. 1
    NathanBrito. 1

    Evan cuz

  • Cookies N Cream
    Cookies N Cream

  • Ashita Mehta
    Ashita Mehta

    Happy birthday to you

  • Pezbroz gaming
    Pezbroz gaming

    It’s my bday in 2 days

  • Nury Sylvia
    Nury Sylvia

    Happy birthday Evan th 13

  • Jose Medina
    Jose Medina

    About to be Evans 15th birthday

  • Just some girl with luck
    Just some girl with luck

    Fun fact: *Tomatoes a Fruit*

  • Alivia Great
    Alivia Great

    I love this 😋

  • Blipsqueak the chris loves bowgart Estrada
    Blipsqueak the chris loves bowgart Estrada

    Bam uh hun

  • Blipsqueak the chris loves bowgart Estrada
    Blipsqueak the chris loves bowgart Estrada

    😂😂😂😂😂 beet it

    • JD Orcullo
      JD Orcullo


  • Blipsqueak the chris loves bowgart Estrada
    Blipsqueak the chris loves bowgart Estrada

    Happy birthday to evan

  • Blipsqueak the chris loves bowgart Estrada
    Blipsqueak the chris loves bowgart Estrada

    Happy birthday to even

    • JD Orcullo
      JD Orcullo

      even or Evan😂😂😂

  • Cookies N Cream
    Cookies N Cream

    I love it when mommy tube says"Quiet" while shes pointing the spoon at daddy tube

  • Babysitters Club
    Babysitters Club

    Love love love how Evan cares about dangered people😌😌😌 I also did this recipe and I loved it

  • Yobrooks

    I feel like I grew u with this family

  • clearly a potato
    clearly a potato

    Same birthday date

  • clearly a potato
    clearly a potato

    Same birthday date

  • Literally Cringe
    Literally Cringe

    My birthday is December 12th which is pretty cool

  • Mister Nobody
    Mister Nobody

    candy calch

  • Ayshnan Banutheepan
    Ayshnan Banutheepan

    Can u send the link for this recipe

  • H4ck3rT00n

    wo is watching this in 2020

  • Oof Production
    Oof Production

    Now Evan is 14 omg

  • Yuan Necesito
    Yuan Necesito

    Happy bday Evan!

  • Wezzygamer Boi
    Wezzygamer Boi

    My mum hates Oreos I don’t know what was wrong with it but she hates it

  • I play Fortnite_-_ hi
    I play Fortnite_-_ hi

    Why was Evan killing his cake

  • Jessica Cuevas
    Jessica Cuevas

    Congratulations Even you're a teenager

  • dara prabhakarao
    dara prabhakarao

    Do not prefer a lot of Oreos it is not good for health but a very pretty cake is done by you

  • SKit ANimATioNS
    SKit ANimATioNS

    I’ve been watching Evan tube since 2013

  • Ninja Yeoj
    Ninja Yeoj

    Julian is lazy

  • Tom Torbenson
    Tom Torbenson

    Them: singing happy b-day dramaticly* even: doing fortnite dances*

  • Jasmine Mathew
    Jasmine Mathew

    when you realize that Evan is older than you by 4 days: 🤧

  • angel garcia
    angel garcia

    happy birthday day evan I hope you like it 🎉

    • Ninja Reaper
      Ninja Reaper

      It already past ur late that was when he was 13 he is 14 now

  • Ibloxy

    *and that is why you dont yeet cut cake...*

  • eggZplays


  • eggZplays


  • Blipsqueak the chris loves bowgart Estrada
    Blipsqueak the chris loves bowgart Estrada

    Your ruff jill

  • Mao Zhou
    Mao Zhou

    So he is a a Capricorn ♑️?

  • Lyndall Watson
    Lyndall Watson


  • Kardankr Roblox
    Kardankr Roblox

    If anyone knows who Brawadis is aka Faze rugs brother you might know Brawadis’s dog Booker he reminds me of Julian’s Dog. 😉

  • Blessy Roy's Creative World
    Blessy Roy's Creative World

    Tomato is a fruit because it has seeds

  • King Nooby
    King Nooby

    *wait he’s 13?*

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    Elíseo Gonzalez

    🎁🎁🎁🎁🎁🎁🎁🎁 happy 😆 birthday 🎁

  • Janice Hernandez
    Janice Hernandez

    I want Evan and his 👪 to be at brownville

  • Tra Tran
    Tra Tran

    0:05 - 0:07 Even Caught swearing 😂 😂 😂

  • wolfythedrago gaming
    wolfythedrago gaming

    Happy birthday to Evan and your lucky you have good parent's

  • les mance
    les mance

    I watch jill and evan sive they where 8 and 9 i dont know but i cant believe he is 13 now woah

  • Life with Shai and Kora
    Life with Shai and Kora

    Happy birthday

  • Ella Kokesh (Student)
    Ella Kokesh (Student)

    Lol xd 😂 I was eating Oreos while watching this so I wouldn’t get hungry for Oreos!!😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Jingle Bell
    Jingle Bell

    Evan is 5 months older than me and now i just feel like almost every 12-14 years olds like anything with oreos 😂

  • Ted Loranty
    Ted Loranty

    Who Ben watching him sence 2012

    • Ted Loranty
      Ted Loranty

      I did

  • Ted Loranty
    Ted Loranty

    Actually sence angry bird video

    • Ted Loranty
      Ted Loranty

      Who did that

  • Ted Loranty
    Ted Loranty

    I Ben watching him for 7years

  • Boudi Gamer
    Boudi Gamer

    I will cut my cake YEET even! (yeet?)

  • kaylee real
    kaylee real

    it looks like a macaroon to me♥️♥️♥️

  • Lia ,s Fun time
    Lia ,s Fun time

    Who’s watching this in 2020 like if you are👍👍👍

  • Isabela Poral
    Isabela Poral

    Hopefully there house is ok now

  • Pug Rider_the epic
    Pug Rider_the epic

    When Evan cut the pice his mom sounded like marge from the Simpson

  • Tamika Dukes
    Tamika Dukes

    My son birthday coming up guys make sure you say happy birthday Jaden ok

  • Alexa Ilagan
    Alexa Ilagan

    Jillian didnt know how to used a mixer..HAHAHAH😝

  • Jeyarajah Rajendram
    Jeyarajah Rajendram

    You guys are the best 😉

  • The Fortnite Age
    The Fortnite Age

    Evan and I have the Birthday December 6

  • Noel Alvelo Sawyer
    Noel Alvelo Sawyer

    hey evan when the covid 19 ends i come to your house to try this excellent oreo cake

  • Stephanie Hernandez Carpio
    Stephanie Hernandez Carpio

    Raise your hand if you’re watching this in 2020 or 2015

  • Marian Nagy
    Marian Nagy

    Yummy ......i once made an oreo ice-crem cake

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    kate Ocomen


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    Elena Mateo

    happy birthday even

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    Stella Vlogs

    2020 anyone?

  • A Navarrette
    A Navarrette

    Even: i going to cut my piece yeet

  • Meileen The Panda
    Meileen The Panda

    Someone tell me! Do cherry coke Oreos taste good?

  • Joshua Ramirez
    Joshua Ramirez

    My family sounds worst when singing Happy birthday

  • iiGalaxy and Himiko Toga
    iiGalaxy and Himiko Toga

    My birthday is in December 1

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    Aleyamma Alexander

    I love you

  • Aleyamma Alexander
    Aleyamma Alexander

    Hi I am Casey 👋

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    Alvin Frempong-Taylor

    happy bith

  • Sutiniggchhngg Ay
    Sutiniggchhngg Ay

    hmmhhmmh is look so yummy

  • Sutini TINI
    Sutini TINI

    Hmhmhmhm it so yummy Btw l am from indonesia (Halo)

    • Sutini TINI
      Sutini TINI


  • Sealgamer 13
    Sealgamer 13

    Evan You Are A Great IRbinr You make me so happy I love you and your family

  • MorsidKing

    2015 to 2020 i cant bellieve it

  • Trino Jesse Tormon
    Trino Jesse Tormon

    Tomato is a fruit ??????????

  • Sage Carson
    Sage Carson

    is it just me or its 2020 and this video came like a longggg time ago

  • Wilson Taylor
    Wilson Taylor

    Happy birthday EvanTubeGaming

  • nijel malicdem
    nijel malicdem

    I love you jillian

  • Horror Anonymous
    Horror Anonymous

    *15:53** Evan: I’m cutting my piece YEET!* *Mom: EVAN!* 😂 *Evan: yeet...*

    • Angel Young
      Angel Young


    • Sutini TINI
      Sutini TINI

      Oh yes you are right

  • Cheah Seng Hoe
    Cheah Seng Hoe

    Plot twist their first cake was watery and they had to film the day after his birthday

  • Lyzel Balaquiao
    Lyzel Balaquiao

    I’ve heard cookies and cream (ice cream) I actually like to eat them

  • Mia !
    Mia !

    how are we the same age? 😳

  • François Beaini
    François Beaini

    Every what is your fortnite username

  • François Beaini
    François Beaini

    A Evan do you want to play fortnite with me I play on the Nintendo switch

  • François Beaini
    François Beaini

    Evan my name is Johnny and I'm so happy after the coronavirus we can meet

  • François Beaini
    François Beaini

    Evan Hiatt I have watch all your videos end would you like to come to my house after the Coronavirus and we can play outside Evan do you like your Nerf guns because I have Nerf guns I want to play outside with them are we can play fortnite

  • No LongerUploadingVideos
    No LongerUploadingVideos

    Nobody : Commenters: OMG I haven’t watched Evan since 2015! He’s grown up!


    Happy birthday evan

  • Golden Freddy Vlogs
    Golden Freddy Vlogs

    Mommy tube like Michael Jackson too just like me nice

  • Loewen7 Seven
    Loewen7 Seven

    Mom: evennnn what you doing in my birthday cake Btw if you don't know what I'm talking about Is it's this tik tok meme where it's like Pepaaa what u doing in my ........

  • Elaine Coughlan
    Elaine Coughlan

    My birthday is the day before evens


    How is he 13 if he got a late Bday because he was born in 2006 and I was born in 2006 and I’m 12 month’s older than him

  • YT_ Ice Bear
    YT_ Ice Bear

    Who likes anything of Oreo

  • Jennifer Walsh
    Jennifer Walsh

    That's so sad your friends list all their stuff :(

  • Ricardo Milos
    Ricardo Milos

    Im Cutten my piese yeet yee yeet *cakefalls*

  • fendi mahid
    fendi mahid

    at 15:59 evan was like ohhh shiiiiiii tttttt