GIANT PIANO FAIL!!! FAO Schwarz Toy Shopping at New York City!
While we were in New York for Toy Fair, we thought we stop by the new FAO Schwarz in Rockerfeller Center (because we hadn't seen enough toys). It was nice being in a big toy store since Toys "R" Us is no longer around. Before we left, we had to jump on the giant piano and recreate the epid scene from the movie Big with Tom Hanks. Somehow it sounded a lot better when he played it.
Production Music courtesy of Epidemic Sound

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    Pinafrancia Panganiban

    dt: design your own car! me: having flashbacks of *wreck it ralph*

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    I kan play Megalovinia from Undertale on the piano

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    Se went Thérè au night-club Time it was awesome

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    4:39 i like your heart and soul

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    Do you mean EPIC FAIL ON THE PIANO xD

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    Ishi Olazo

    I wish I was there. btw

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    Ishi Olazo

    i never watched this channel in a long time. so its great to see you guys again.

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    Drew’s Vids

    2:51 don’t put that many fingers on the glass (plasma ball) I have one and if you put too many fingers on it it will explode and it has poison in it

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    4:25 how many flags are there

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    Hi can yoi do the can't say no chalenge for your mom and dad

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    That reminds me of the jelly belly factory

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    Hydro sniper Is a nonce

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    I was there on December 30th 2018

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    PinguDude 240

    This is Big all over again

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    Louis MURPHY

    Reminds me of the giant piano scene in the film “big”

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    Olga Mehr

    I used to work in fao scwarz I miss it'


    shiny mercedes benz

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    B CP films

    My name is Bryton and I love your videos I live in Sylvester ga

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    We went to FAO and got a GIANT gummy pizza!!!!! :)

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    Brad Galles

    I went there for thanksgiving

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    Jacobzxxz Dandyish

    Do u know if you go to Chuck E. Cheese they replace the old pizza but they change the cheese 🤢

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    Roberto Mercado

    Hi im a long time fan i have been watching your vids since 2013

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    When are you going to go on another cruise

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    Geez, losing veiws dude. I remember you were the thing 6 years ago

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    DT you made me laugh at 3:00 in the video

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    I actually play the piano

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    Press Read More For Good Luck For Twenty Years! Thanks! No Likes Needed! Enjoy Your New Car, Girlfriend, Boyfriend, Console, First Fortnite Win. Anything! Enjoy Your Day

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    Where were you guys cuz that sounds like a great place to go to with my family,and can you please send me the LEGO TIE Fighter because I love LEGO,I have marvel,Jurassic world,DC,Star wars,and more legos, if you still have the LEGO TIE Fighter,please send it to me,I subscribed to your channel because I love your channel,I’ve been watching your channel Evantubehd for 6 years now.So please,I love your channel.Thanks

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    Wanted to say videos hope you upload more toys unboxing videos

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