GIRLS GET STUCK ON WATER SLIDE IN ALASKA!!! Norwegian Bliss Glacier Bay - Cruise Week Day 4
DAY 1 - Norwegian Bliss:
DAY 2 - Dog Sledding in Juneau:
DAY 3 - Zip Line in Skagway:
DAY 4 - Water Slides in Glacier Bay:
DAY 5 - Bear in Ketchikan:
It's a Sea Day here on the Norwegian Bliss. We check out the beautiful views of the glaciers in Glacier Bay. Then it was time to head to pool area and try out the 2 water slides they had on the ship. One was a cool "racing" slide where you could go down single, double or race two singles. The other slide has you starting in a tube and the floor drops out from beneath your feet, sending you rocketing over the side of the ship. A lot of girls were getting stuck in slide because they didn't have the momentum to get over the large looping hill. Jillian had the courage to try the slide, but was too light. Maybe in a few years!
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    Pizza Time

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    Cool 👍😉

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    agt champions 2019

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    i cant imagine what it would be like to go on thousands of dollar cruises and still eat pizza every day 3 meals a day.

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    I love your vids

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    6:35 Male And Female Barbershop Quartet Performance

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    That’s my freind in 3:09 at the back. That’s crazy

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    Aditi Priya Sherchan

    What happened to the person that got stuck on a waterslide ? Is she ok ?

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    4:15 didn't know Jill had an osmo pocket

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    Those lights in the slide are sooo strange

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    No one can go on a water slide backwards

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    Wow what surprises me is that Evan only eats pizza and can get sick or something

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    Who else loves that this was for there grandma and now it’s just them 😂

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    Im from the future enjoy the fun now

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    Derek Dankenbring

    I probably wouldn’t wanna be in a INCLOSED water slide I probably wanna go To a like open waterslide

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    OMG Jillian I love water slides it's the best I go there when it was summer it was pretty hot outside but I got a little bit of sun burn I was kinda red just a little bit 🌞😠😠*it's the sun burn okay the red angry emoji that the sun burn *🏊🏊it was so fun the water slide sorry there's no emoji of the water slide but there's a water emoji but no slide bye gtg 👋👋👋I have to charge my phone okay bye *it's 1% bad right oh noooo bye bye good bye s*** sorry

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    5:26 Dady daughter time

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    1:28 it looks like a picture.

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    I never see real snow

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    I like when y’all go on cruise

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    I would be so scared if I was stuck in a slide hovering over the ocean 😂

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    Imagine you dropped your GoPro in the the waterslide :O i need likes please like

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    “Washy washy happy happy”

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    I just lived in Juneau, AK and it was probably the prettiest place I have EVER lived in:)

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    This is how many people got stuck at the water slide I | V

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    The pool I love that

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    Alaska is beautiful, like if u agree

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    Where is day 3 😭

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    You should visit India it is a beautiful place as specially Karnataka you can see toy'rus in the phonix mall

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    Evan looks so different since last time I saw him

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    I live in Alaska ❤️

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    i have a question for you guys the tube family how many cruise have you bin on ive bin on 4

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    My mom is asking that your dad is Filipino?

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    "Washy washy!" That was one of our favorite parts when cruising on the Bliss this past June. It fed over into a couple excursions and it was hilarious! We still toss it around occasionally lol!!

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    I have bin to alaska

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    0:50 I feel like that looks like a reference from finding Dory

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    I was just in this cruise

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    Im never gonna go on that slide beacuse you get stuck omg

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    I watched Evan when he did LEGO ninjago

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    Hi wear is Evan

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    omg i just watched a video showing this water slide and how it fails most of the time lol

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    How many pizza's Evan ate is the same amount as my brother ate on our Disney cruise

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    In April I went on that same cruise to Mexico. I know the lady at 6:07

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    I’ve been here since they started their channel Like if you’ve been too I I V

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    the very begging scared me so much lol

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    I love you jillian ❤

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    Did you see icebergs

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    The Tube family Girl gets stuck in tube slide

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    i used to love your vids but now your boooooooring

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    lmao we went on the same ship a few weeks back and my brother on sail away night was the first person to get stuck ❤️

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    I love Alaska

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    OMG i was on the same crusie as u guys on the same week i think i saw u guys love if u can please respond

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    I live in Alaska!!!!

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    Imagine being in one of those water slides while the ship is sinking

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      Cristina’s Vlogs

      Nah they have a floatie

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      That would be creepy... if it’s fully sinker then the water would just come rushing in like a jump scare.

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      Gianna Mohamed dude I will shat my self

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    The real question disney cruise or Norwegian

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    Titanic crash

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    Ommgggeeee I went on a Norwegian cruise and they said washie washie to me to with the hand sanitizer. 😂


    Cool Video wuchi Wuchi Happy 😘🎊🎉😀

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    I went to skagway while I was on that cruise and Canada both were very nice

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    Funny thing is I went on that cruise right before summer ended

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    I went in that cruse this summer! Cool!

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    I got stuck the same exact way on the joy except I accidentally uncrossed my arms

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    Now all the ice that was on Alaska are completely melted😭 there's no ice anymore... It was COMPLETELY MELTED.. If you don't believe just search it on google

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    And off to our right that’s the iceberg that sunk the titanic.

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    1,200 subscribers Without any videos

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    I went on NCL Norwegian Dawn! New York, Orlando, Great Stirrup Cay Beach, BAHAMAS nassau, new york. They also say Washy washy happy happy on my cruise Its just like Dawn but fancier slides There was a glow party on my ship at 10 15 pm and i danced with the cruise director

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      Went there in July was it Richard the cruise director? Super fun!

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    Glacier Bay Is colder than Tampa Bay

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    bro I was on Norwegian Joy, the cruise next to you, and I saw the exact same glaciers :D

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    It’s funny how dad said Evan is eating fruit and Evan was confused

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    anyone else think JIllian looks like a mermaid?

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    Jill looks so pretty in the pictures

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    Girls don’t get stuck because there not heavy enough. It’s because girls wear swimshirts and the shirt can cause friction slowing you down

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    I live in Alaska

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    Omg the start I thought she was stuck 🤭😬 hey guys I love 💕 ur channels and this channel if u see this comment can I give a shoutout to this channel and ur families channel?

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    I live in Alaska!! But I was born in new Jersey.