GO KARTS IN THE MIDDLE OF THE OCEAN!!! Racing to Canada on the Norwegian Bliss! Cruise Week Day 6
DAY 1 - Norwegian Bliss: irbin.info/loft/fy-lm-h-y/os1lpZ6m0bBtu2o.html
DAY 2 - Dog Sledding in Juneau: irbin.info/loft/fy-lm-h-y/hMiLhGrJxKmAwos.html
DAY 3 - Zip Line in Skagway: irbin.info/loft/fy-lm-h-y/d5eah43fyXtq0H8.html
DAY 4 - Water Slides in Glacier Bay: irbin.info/loft/fy-lm-h-y/ntNmcnebt6Bmxpk.html
DAY 5 - Bear in Ketchikan: irbin.info/loft/fy-lm-h-y/iriAo2XbxauYm3M.html
DAY 6 - Go Karts in Victoria: irbin.info/loft/fy-lm-h-y/m9asZWy_po2flYc.html
We are leaving Alaska and heading to Victoria, British Columbia for our final stop on our Norwegian Bliss Alaskan cruise! On our way we try out a few more things on the ship like the miniature golf course and the go kart track! We also got to check out some of the crew showing off their talents in the crew talent show. We got into Victoria pretty late and didn't have much time to do anything, so we just took a stroll on the ogden point walking route. Hope you guys enjoyed our Alaskan Cruise Week. Stay tuned for more from our adventure in Seattle!
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  • theorenfamily

    Were they going to have another cruise week in summer 2020 if COVID hadn't prevented it?

  • Lara Maxine Solamillo
    Lara Maxine Solamillo

    9:45 what song please answer meeeeee

  • anna lim
    anna lim

    there is a nice ice cream/ sweets area there

  • Manu Chhabra
    Manu Chhabra

    Do u even know golf

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    I S H I E S H A Y

    How many times did Evan have cheese pizza

  • casi3 oder Casimirkatze xD
    casi3 oder Casimirkatze xD

    Go karts in a cruise wow

  • Sean Curley
    Sean Curley

    Can You Name The Songs From The Norwegian Bliss Crew Talent Show

  • Martin Alejo
    Martin Alejo


  • Sean Curley
    Sean Curley

    2:50 All Staff Singing We Are The World Originally By USA For Africa

  • Sean Curley
    Sean Curley

    2:20 Start Of Talent Show With Songs From The 60's 70's 80's 90's 2000's And 2010's

  • Sean Curley
    Sean Curley

    2:25 Go Kart Time Just Like Mario Kart Sonic Racing Pac Man Crash Bandicoot And More Racing Video Games

  • Sean Curley
    Sean Curley

    2:14 Member of Staff Talent Show With Songs From Ed Sheeran Wham Zara Larsson The Saturdays Madonna Clean Bandit Ellie Goulding Jess Glynne Mariah Carey Justin Bieber Anne Marie Little Mix Demi Lovato Louisa Johnson Abba Elvis Presley Barry Gibb And The Bee Gees George Ezra George Michael Rita Ora Crush 40 Olly Murs ELO Queen And More Music Superstars

  • ᄋᄉᄋ맛있는 포도
    ᄋᄉᄋ맛있는 포도

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    Romulo Jr. Ballesteros

    Boats are full of surprises


    I love you videos

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    rishi metalforever



    I live in British colmubia

  • Loretta Phalen
    Loretta Phalen

    That whole cruise looks so fun! What was your favorite day? Isaiah.

  • Mario Perez
    Mario Perez

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    David Sears


  • Sxnny_day

    I’ve been on two go karts the first one was when I was like four with my dad and I didn’t know why people kept crashing into our car and I had a breakdown . The second one was with my cousins somewhere and I’ve also been on a quad bike and you had to wear these massive helmets and get strapped up and it was super fun!

  • Heather Weichbrodt
    Heather Weichbrodt


  • inounderstand

    ThIs ViP buT loAd i GEt NOrmAl cRuiSE :((((((((((((((((((((

  • inounderstand

    you went to Victoria Biritish Columbia??? my name is Victoria :OOOO

  • Justin Dolor
    Justin Dolor

    i mean Jillian and mommy tube dance

  • Justin Dolor
    Justin Dolor

    i love the mom and the sister dance

  • anna lim
    anna lim

    I went on the same curise

  • Luke Domino
    Luke Domino

    This is my favourite evantube video because I live in Victoria British Columbia!

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    M&M Nation Shannon

    I love the positive energy ❤️❤️

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    chandralekha kalaimuto

    cool song dt at the end

  • mr.idraqi

    What is the closing song @The Tube Family

  • Wolf

    Never in my life would I think they'd splat a go kart on a cruise ship! That's such a crazy idea, but it looks fun xd.


    It looks a little scary in the night

  • Ethan Black
    Ethan Black

    Hey Evan that seems cool

  • kaito

    I watched you guys when I was a kid like 7 and I don’t know everytime i feel sad I watched your videos and your videos just makes me happy I don’t know and I’m 14 by the way

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    Mrpinkpug 16

    Those are the slowest go karts I’ve ever seen in my life

    • KJż.

      Mrpinkpug 16 shut up

  • Nicolas Plodzik
    Nicolas Plodzik

    8:54 but Canada is also in America.

  • Alexander martinez
    Alexander martinez

    The addams family

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    Testing Cheap


    • Testing Cheap
      Testing Cheap

      But I did not go on the Alaskan one

  • HollowBot JJ
    HollowBot JJ

    every time they went to go eat evan got cheese pizza lol : >

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    Jazz Irvine

    I also subscribed all his videos

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    Jazz Irvine

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  • Jazz Irvine
    Jazz Irvine

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  • Jazz Irvine
    Jazz Irvine

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    Jazz Irvine

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    Jazz Irvine

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    cargamer 303

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    Hannah Liu

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    Dian Kumala Agustiani

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    Max Velanoff

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    The dab Dudes

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    The dab Dudes

    Get comments Back IRbin

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    SXUNNY DXYSʕ•ᴥ•ʔ

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    Farhet Gill

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    Cedric Alvarado

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  • Whitefox Shredder
    Whitefox Shredder

    I been their can’t believe we been on the same ship REEEEEE been to the same place but was really sad was because we couldn’t go dog sledding because of the bad weather and stuff we had to go on the dirt but it was fun either way had a good time it was so cold that I didn’t even want to go swimming 🏊‍♀️


    Can't believe gets very less views after changing the channel name from evantuberaw

  • Cybertron Nation
    Cybertron Nation

    BREAKING NEWS! IRbin to DEMONETIZE all "Kid" CONTENT! If your CHANNEL is seen doing Toy Reviews, You'll lose your audience! But it's a little more complicated than that! WE MUST STRIKE BACK!

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      Max Velanoff

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    Ethan Gil Gutz

    You guys should do the, Eating One colored food for 24 hours, its been so long no family chalanges i miss you guys doing chalange, LOVE you guys its been 2 years i watched your videos♥

  • I am your grandma
    I am your grandma

    You go to Hawkins omg

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    in their recent video i noticed that evan isn't talking as much anymore i miss his voice:(


      His voice has changed and has braces too


      His voice has changed

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    Kayla Sanchez

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    The Big Jock

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    Creeperboyz II

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  • lauren.plays.roblox

    I used to live in Victoria BC but now I'm in Airdrie Alberta! Canada has the worst weather in winter but the best in summer! But the thing is there is snow from possibly October till possibly March or April! That's Canada for ya! 😂

    • Zakia Rasheed
      Zakia Rasheed

      @SJanna Abed but it's true....

    • SJanna Abed
      SJanna Abed

      How dare u say that about Canada

    • Max Velanoff
      Max Velanoff

      Lauren Braithwaite 100% one day it was colder then mars where I lived

  • Attic

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    milan cat

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    Lily Wilson

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    Reset Aquaz

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    • Reset Aquaz
      Reset Aquaz

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    Lil’ Mush and family

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    Adam Rondon

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    Rachel Ballesteros

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    Johann Segarra

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  • Johann Segarra
    Johann Segarra

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  • Jaideep Reddy
    Jaideep Reddy

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    Gabriela Alcala Flores

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  • mentine

    I live in bc and i was on a cruise to alaska at the same time as u guys!

  • Dorie Segarra
    Dorie Segarra

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  • Artic Clippz
    Artic Clippz

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    Malissa Bordi

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    Keldon Parke

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    Alejandro Reveles

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    RG - 08GD 729414 James Grieve PS

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    • Tâm Nhi Lý
      Tâm Nhi Lý

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  • Shadow Virus
    Shadow Virus

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