GOODBYE MIDDLE SCHOOL!!! Quarantine Graduation Parade - It's Official Evan is Going to High School!
Time to say goodbye to middle school! No commencement ceremony this year due to the virus and school closures. Instead, the school set up a graduation parade! So we are decorating the car for the big occassion!


Production Music courtesy of Epidemic Sound

  • Gumabllhasbobux

    I remeber being like around 5 and watching his unboxing/playing with angry bird toys, now he's already going to high-school and most of us are much older now.

  • Amayah Dumayas
    Amayah Dumayas

    My childhood was just me watching their videos, now I'm also graduating from middle school

  • Edward Villarreal
    Edward Villarreal

    yo if my son was graduating i would rent a low rider and go bonkers

  • Rolado Castro Magarin
    Rolado Castro Magarin

    Bruh I got this recommended and surprise I’m 8th grade class of 2021

  • Luke Rosenberry
    Luke Rosenberry

    Wait you go to oak ridge BRUhHhHHh I go there in a year

  • Evangelista Deintary 18
    Evangelista Deintary 18

    Oh god, we're just 9 that time but now..

  • Andres Damian
    Andres Damian

    I'm done with middle last year going to 8th even hope to see you again cause we were in a same class at...... middle school

  • Loltigercute

    Wow I remember when Evan got his phone in the pair of underpants

  • Walter Mwangi
    Walter Mwangi

    last time i saw him he was 6, no literally

  • marji

    wasn't this kid like 10 yesturday

  • jood harb
    jood harb

    All the best Evan!!!

  • Cypher Plays
    Cypher Plays

    I have been watching since this channel started. I have grown up with this family and now I am 13 and almost 14.

  • TheInept _Games
    TheInept _Games

    He’s 13 and I’m 14 and he looks so old. I’m 14 and I look 7 😂

  • Alexis Espino
    Alexis Espino

    In my school are mascot is a tiger to

  • stormtrooper dude96
    stormtrooper dude96

    I hope you do well, Evan!

  • Anna Slimeack
    Anna Slimeack


  • Anna Slimeack
    Anna Slimeack

    I heard if you said a IRbinrs name four times you get pinned The tube family the tube family the tube family the tube family

  • Alex O'Brien
    Alex O'Brien

    I don’t believe he is in high school I refuse to

  • The YT Bro
    The YT Bro

    Man people are still SAYING that Evan has grown. I know they are.

  • Fretric Maravilla
    Fretric Maravilla

    Yeah childhood

  • Josue Tesado
    Josue Tesado

    "that's a cool year" Everyone: 👁️👄👁️

  • Axr darkwolf
    Axr darkwolf

    2:31 that’s a cool year FAMOUS LAST WORDS little did they know it was gonna be the worst year ever

  • TeaCutie

    in 1:54 you can hear Evans voice so technically you didn't surprise him

  • Tyler Shears
    Tyler Shears

    Evan is still in middle school? I thought he was like my age. 15. Im in 10th grade now. Bruh , all that work on the car and in the house made it look like he was graduating highschool

  • Kaiden Loftus
    Kaiden Loftus

    Me and Evan are the same age and I started watching when we were 5

  • Kasey Lopez Morales
    Kasey Lopez Morales

    Bro I remember back when I was 7 I was watching his videos and realizing we're the same age and now we're both starting High school! WHAT?!?!?!

  • Richard Lopez
    Richard Lopez

    My respect for the teachers not wearing masks📉📉📉📉

  • XDGlyph

    I remember watching evan doing challenges and angry birds videos when I was 9 and stopped watching him, he made my childhood a little better. He is now going to Highschool Getting old

  • qxstin

    Isn't evan 15 y is he going to high school now im only 11 in yr 6 high school 2021

  • Spectral Wind
    Spectral Wind

    i going not this year to high next year I'm going to high les go congrats evan

  • Sara Khalid
    Sara Khalid

    have a great day evan

  • Frøstyøwl

    Me and Evan are the same age! I couldn’t graduate 8th grade properly this year. Its kinda crazy cause a long time ago i watched the skylander videos and stopped for a while. I really dig this family channel tho.

  • Booty Licker
    Booty Licker

    we share the same birthday i was born in 2005 though

  • Nasi Edgos
    Nasi Edgos

    I’m just as old as Evan if not a week younger Edit: we are both born in the same month

  • Lucas Floczak
    Lucas Floczak

    my boy is all grown up😢

  • Kalani

    My Last Day of 14th December In Christchurch New Zealand My School Almost Finish Primary On Monday

  • David Olvera
    David Olvera

    I’m going to graduate 5 grade this year

  • It's isabella
    It's isabella

    I remember evan was just like 10 or 11 or 12 and julian was like 9 or 8 and they did gummy vs real and i was around 6 or 7 and now im 11. WOOWWW Evan has really come a lonngggg way🌟👍✨ CONGRATS TO EVAN🌟✨👍👏👏👏

  • Kiwi Roblox
    Kiwi Roblox

    I remember the angry birds videos lol congratulations Evan! (I’m very late)

  • Albert Carmichael
    Albert Carmichael

    How old is he

  • Toxic Playz ツ
    Toxic Playz ツ

    *watches Evan play with angry Birds* *Comes back years later* *Evan going to highschool*

  • Biana B
    Biana B

    Aye we’re the same age

  • Potato

    As an Aussie I have no clue what middle school is

  • Dania Ramirez
    Dania Ramirez

    congragejlashons even

  • Danielito Torres
    Danielito Torres

    It's Evan's first year at High School

  • Lily Jay
    Lily Jay

    The frick they so old-'z

  • Waleed Mohsin Khan
    Waleed Mohsin Khan


  • rogina hu
    rogina hu

    How u draw all that it’s so cool 😎 wow 🤩


    Evan is 12 years old am I right

  • SoMeister Vlogs
    SoMeister Vlogs

    Congratulations Evan, you are now a Freshman

  • chung yin li
    chung yin li

    Hey Elon

    • chung yin li
      chung yin li

      And spaceX

    • chung yin li
      chung yin li

      Elon founds tesala

  • Kristine Joy F. Palos
    Kristine Joy F. Palos

    Congrats evan🥰

  • Israel Salazar Marquez
    Israel Salazar Marquez

    Dude this people are not wearing masks

  • i stan 5 crackheads
    i stan 5 crackheads

    Im so proud of even , he's already going to highschool he was my child hood thank you for the memories evan❤️


    Omg I stopped watching for a year and now I come and Evan is in HIGH SCHOOL how do they grow so fast

  • Alex gaming 2.0
    Alex gaming 2.0

    Happy graduation Evan hope you do good in high school and Jillian hope you do good In middle school. And it really warms my heart that your guys Chanel’s are on fire and are still going strong, like evens channel, Jillians Channel, d.t sings, evantube gaming, and m.ts Channel.job to all the tube family and happy Halloween 🎃

  • Calm & Serene
    Calm & Serene

    Wait... So evan was born in 2005 but he's in 9th grade as of October 2020 but my friends who are born in 2006 are in the same grade as him as of October 2020 too?!🤔

  • Timothy Pham
    Timothy Pham

    Did Evan fail a grade

  • Timothy Pham
    Timothy Pham

    I thought Evan was in 9th grade when this school year was over

  • Rosana Rodarte
    Rosana Rodarte

    () 0 can u tell witch one is the number like if u find it

  • Rosana Rodarte
    Rosana Rodarte


  • chimkn fet
    chimkn fet


  • no_limit _vix
    no_limit _vix

    Man he grew up so fast I was 4 when I started to watch his videos I'm almost 15 years old

  • Alisha Putri Fakhira
    Alisha Putri Fakhira

    I remember watching this when evan is like 7 and jillian 5, this makes me feel old😣😣

  • Teacher Mandul
    Teacher Mandul

    Hi haven't seen this in a while I used to watch Evan when he was like 7

  • Trash_safe

    2020 just got even crazier

  • Samantha Vega
    Samantha Vega

    Hello to family tube we’re still happy to see you guys I haven’t watched your videos a long time and I wish you guys could make a brand new one with Chloe your dog bringing the biggest friends and watching your videos almost 30 years now and now we’re in 2020 I can’t believe it this is a long time now my name is Samantha and I like you’re watching your videos by 🎊🎊🎊👍🏻🌏

  • Eirryanne Khate Labadlabad
    Eirryanne Khate Labadlabad

    i thought before, Evan was older than me then it's not 🤣

  • sentinal jack
    sentinal jack

    I remember watching him when I was 8 and I come and I’m just starting high school and I come back to see that he is gonna start high school to think that I grew up watching his career makes me feel old

  • Jonathan gomez
    Jonathan gomez

    So my brother is the same age

  • cobraisok

    Dude I have been watching since kindergarten now high school I’m getting there I’m jills age

  • Hanna Montes
    Hanna Montes

    congratulations Evan... I know I'm a bit late on this whole thing but I have been a bit busy. I have been watching you since you were 8 and I never realized that we are the same age and I am going to highschool too, and I just want to wish you the best of luck!

  • Berat Koch
    Berat Koch

    I remember when I was about 6 and Evan was also 6 I was watching his lego builds and now I come back in he’s in bh

  • Seruna R
    Seruna R

    Yo I thought he was older than me, guess not lol

  • David Kim
    David Kim

    there’s the families with Toyota’s and all mEaNwHiLe Evan rolling in his Tesla 😎

  • Madison Lovesvids18
    Madison Lovesvids18

    Yah like this will happen for me. I’m in eighth grade now for this year and like this is goin to happen when I go to high school


    Realizing that my favorite IRbinr is only one year older than me

  • Ryann McIlwaine
    Ryann McIlwaine

    Congrats seven

  • Ryann McIlwaine
    Ryann McIlwaine

    Cool car Evan

    • Ryann McIlwaine
      Ryann McIlwaine

      Your girls really cool😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩

  • Kenzie Lopez
    Kenzie Lopez

    my school masot is a tiger too i live at ulysses kanssas

  • PreSkilled

    I’m just wondering what that song is it’s amazing

  • depocx

    FCK i feel old i see the skylanders vids wow

    • Joan joany
      Joan joany

      Ikr it's sad

  • Pow Delta.
    Pow Delta.

    Can’t believe he’s already going to high school he bring back my memories😭

  • Keylonne Howard
    Keylonne Howard

    Congratulations even I am high school to I am a big fan lol have a great day

  • Hehe Hehe
    Hehe Hehe

    Imagine Jillian makes it to high school and Evan does the Same thing to with the candy thing

  • Adrian Diaz
    Adrian Diaz

    I remember watching his angry birds videos when I was 5 and now he's in high school.

  • NamjoonsTear

    I graduated this year as well... We sat inside doing nothing

  • Daury Jerez
    Daury Jerez

    I used to watch him when I was 8 now I come back and realize were the same age 🤯🤯

  • Jenna Espinoza
    Jenna Espinoza

    The last video I watched was when Evan and his sister were small and they were doing eat it or wear it now I come back to this?

  • that boi
    that boi

    Why tf are they doing so much for finishing middle school 😂

  • Michael Casas
    Michael Casas


  • syd e
    syd e

    I am his age

  • q_vazx


  • The United Universes
    The United Universes

    Does anybody know where he lives, I wanna meet him.

  • jacobphouthavong

    I though evan was already in high school lol

  • burningmarshmellow yt
    burningmarshmellow yt


  • Nikäシ YT
    Nikäシ YT

    Oh meh gosh i watched them before then i stopped watching them then here i am. omg dis made my childhood days fun🥺🥺🥺(edit:wow they got alot older now🥺)

  • Zhongli :D
    Zhongli :D

    Ita been a wile i watch him since i had my 1 account on youtube i remember when i was 5 yo and i was addicted to his videos.. congrats bro

  • Cookies yummy
    Cookies yummy

    I remember when I was 6 now 14 now they’re so big now

  • Rock Lee
    Rock Lee

    So I stop watching when he does the hunt for mr gold or a little bit further than that now he’s going to high school what