GOODBYE SCHOOL!!! Classroom Tour & Evan's VR Challenge!
Click here to see Evan's Five Nights at Freddy's VR video on EvanTubeGaming:
Another school year has come and gone! Jillian gives us a tour of her classroom and shows us what she's been up to at school. Evan tries playing Five Nights at Freddy's VR: Help Wanted for EvanTubeGaming!
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  • The Tube Family
    The Tube Family

    Are you guys out of school yet? Click here to see Evan's Five Nights at Freddy's VR video on EvanTubeGaming:

    • Shanzeyh Khan
      Shanzeyh Khan


    • Abcbekfast

      I am related to Thomas Jefferson

    • Somi H.
      Somi H.

      I’m going to go to school on Monday 2 more days I’m going to 3rd grade

    • •Tae•

      I've been out since May 24th going back August 12th

    • Riz Lazaro III
      Riz Lazaro III

      No I live in the Philippines i have school😭

  • Sans The Skeleton
    Sans The Skeleton

    No fnaf, plz

  • Crabby HY
    Crabby HY

    me watching this in 2020 where evan's voice is SUPER low now

  • Urotheking gaming Best
    Urotheking gaming Best

    I am 4th grade

  • Justine Samonte
    Justine Samonte


  • Rogelio Ortega
    Rogelio Ortega

    DanTDM played five nights at Fredes in vr too

  • Fluffy_hamter

    I miss primary school..

  • yahia alshami
    yahia alshami

    Dutch kids be like 😲😲😲😲

  • DeronPlayz

    I love evans scream hahahaha


    0:02 100.\• percent good ps someone make it bass boosted

  • Fooaxyo a
    Fooaxyo a

    Is evan playing clash r

  • Kyle Rice
    Kyle Rice

    Im guessing that in Jillians class there is someone named Kyle

  • A B C
    A B C


  • RK DS
    RK DS

    Mmmmm dinner corona mhmhmhmm corona + death

  • Shad Evangelio
    Shad Evangelio

    It make me fanny

  • Shad Evangelio
    Shad Evangelio


  • Crafts,paintings,Drawings,and more
    Crafts,paintings,Drawings,and more

    DO I SERIOUSLY have to do all of this i am going to 5th grade and maybe I have to do it

  • Dereck Albano
    Dereck Albano

    Even screaming in his vr meanwhile Jillian is dancing with a spoon

  • scarface1805

    Jill is 10 years old right there?

  • Yuan Chew
    Yuan Chew

    Evans so funny

  • Phoebe Lineberry
    Phoebe Lineberry

    I couldn't stop laughing at Evan screaming

  • Adam Roshdy
    Adam Roshdy

    hahahahaha evan is crazy 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Brilliant Barnes
    Brilliant Barnes

    She’s 11 and she’s was in the 5th grade??? 😂😂😂

  • Khante Khiante
    Khante Khiante

    Try horror game Evan😀

  • BasicallyDylan

    My name is Dylan....

  • Juzer Gandhi
    Juzer Gandhi

    My school closed for winter vacation today

  • Makayla Diep
    Makayla Diep

    Evan screams like a boy but da screaming moments r a girl's

  • Jorge L Mendoza
    Jorge L Mendoza

    I love your videos I watch them every day my name is Monica


    Whaaaaa whaaaaa whaaaaa

  • บุญเพ็ง กิตติคําบน
    บุญเพ็ง กิตติคําบน

    Rainbow road is from mario kart

  • Christian Reynoso subscribe
    Christian Reynoso subscribe

    What state are you in?

  • sTrAy cIrCuS
    sTrAy cIrCuS

    After a while I noticed Jillian and I are in the same grade rn ( I'm in grade 6)

  • Erin Shields
    Erin Shields

    this is how many people like your video ⬇

  • Flossy

    I think jillian is pretty

  • Lia Vazquez
    Lia Vazquez

    The way Evan screamed 😱

  • LaZe GaYz
    LaZe GaYz

    My class is reading where the red fern grows right now

  • Adam Domiaty
    Adam Domiaty

    Rayan is crazy

  • Funtime Freddy
    Funtime Freddy

    ╔┓┏╦━━╦┓╔┓╔━━╗ ║┗┛║┗━╣┃║┃║ X 0 ║ ║┏┓║┏━╣┗╣┗╣╰╯║ ╚┛┗╩━━╩━╩━╩━━

  • Derek Shepherd
    Derek Shepherd

    why rainbow road

  • Michael Sunman
    Michael Sunman

    I like your grandma picture

  • Harmony GuardianWolves
    Harmony GuardianWolves

    R.I.P headphone users when evan screamed

  • Said Hermena
    Said Hermena

    oh man i like it

  • salma akhter
    salma akhter

    Jillian's real name is Jillian Dylan Calam Grace

    • Melz&Chris

      salma akhter 😉❤️

  • Geovannie Ramirez
    Geovannie Ramirez

    Wow a school that stays for there classes. I HAVE TO MOVE FROM CLASS TO CLASS!

    • Melz&Chris

      Geovannie Ramirez yep😜

  • Dubstar Creations
    Dubstar Creations

    I’m younger than her and I’m going to 6th which is middle school

    • Melz&Chris

      Dubstar Creations that’s cool😉❤️

  • Golden Genesis 64
    Golden Genesis 64

    I can relate a lot since I just pass 5th grade so

  • anxnymous

    Wait Jillian is in 5th grade dang mindblown

  • Alisa Velarde
    Alisa Velarde

    Evan scraem woah more than a million

  • Zac ATT4CK
    Zac ATT4CK

    This is how many times did Evan got jump scared from fnaf VR | | V

    • Ackil Dela Cruz
      Ackil Dela Cruz

      Yiiiiiiiiieeeep you failed

    • MaxesClub

      11 likes. 11 months ago. Yeah, your comment failed.

  • Ja Da
    Ja Da

    I like jillian

  • Indi rahma
    Indi rahma

    i love you jillian

  • Tony Cavallo
    Tony Cavallo

    I skipped all of the parts with Julian

  • Andrew Meyer
    Andrew Meyer

    Man i havent watched since 2017. Ok so in the beginning I was like "WHOS THAT?"

    • Doursa Omar
      Doursa Omar


  • Vx_LiLoK0 _xV
    Vx_LiLoK0 _xV

    I’m dying Evans so scared 🤣🤣😂

  • Miriam zapata
    Miriam zapata

    I saw you even play clash Royale what level are you on

  • AngelxX


  • Captain Boomergib
    Captain Boomergib

    No I’m still in school until 20th July so rip

  • Leonardo Martinez
    Leonardo Martinez

    The section where it shows evan playing clash royal, I'm saying I have a higjer level than him 😉

  • Raptor Gaming
    Raptor Gaming

    Been watching for years

  • Rhea John
    Rhea John

    I’m in 5th grade too. I live in Singapore. I singapore it’s called primary 5

  • Zubaida Nour
    Zubaida Nour

    Wow Jillian you draw so beautiful I like your videos so much and I want to watch it every day I will describe your channel thank you so much for making a video for us thank you I’ll be described your channel every day and Joanne you’re so beautiful you’re amazing girl

  • Herobrine


  • toast

    How many times did Evan scream.

  • Musfera Ahmad
    Musfera Ahmad

    Did anyone notice Jillian said that her real name is Jillian Dylan

  • MatthewD1918

    Evan if you’re going to play that on VR, then you should definitely play Duck Season. It’s so fun and scary.

  • FarhanzTheEpic

    I mean did aven play clash royals

  • FarhanzTheEpic

    Did aven play clash

  • Musa Mohamed
    Musa Mohamed


  • Game On!!!
    Game On!!!

    I do ar too

  • Davis Allen
    Davis Allen

    Evan is just playing clash of royal

  • Declan Agnew
    Declan Agnew

    I love Evan playing clash royale

  • ItsTheRobotDude YT
    ItsTheRobotDude YT

    im gonna take my horse to the rainbow road

  • Narancia Ghirga
    Narancia Ghirga

    How much time has Evan screamed

  • Tatatae Bts
    Tatatae Bts

    There school looks and sounds better my school is horrible they don’t teach us very well at all

  • Ratsienhawe n8tive
    Ratsienhawe n8tive

    Hiiis scream lmao😂🤣 he sounds like me when im on a ride

  • Demolition Boyz studios
    Demolition Boyz studios

    Jillian which grade are you now ?

  • fishy bwudda
    fishy bwudda

    Im in 4th grade now I passed

  • fishy bwudda
    fishy bwudda

    I finish thumbnail word that said schools out okay ima finish it now for summer

  • Gretchen Agojo
    Gretchen Agojo

    what grade is jillian im in 4th grade

  • Bertha Wu
    Bertha Wu

    I think that’s called

  • Jason Kozina
    Jason Kozina

    Y-y-you scrums like a man

  • Anthony Carrillo
    Anthony Carrillo

    I don’t see Gemini only Pisces and Aries

  • Donut The Siamese Cat
    Donut The Siamese Cat

    That screaming montage was the best XD

  • Pauline Weston
    Pauline Weston

    Does Evan school not do open houses?

  • Youssef Hany
    Youssef Hany

    I love that she is not embarrassed by here parents in class

  • Daniel Perez
    Daniel Perez

    1like=if you like the tube family ⬇️

  • Turtlez 2020
    Turtlez 2020

    5:05 that was a field trip in my school too!

  • Donald Duck
    Donald Duck

    You need to change ur yt profile cuz it sayz evantube RAW

  • fantom DJF
    fantom DJF

    i love evan

  • Wacky

    I remember watching him in like 2015

  • Valerie Iniguez
    Valerie Iniguez

    Evan looks crazy

  • Freddyroket9 Fanflover
    Freddyroket9 Fanflover

    I'miss Out Of School But I'm Gonna Be To School In 3rd Grade.I Hope There's More Videos Of Evan Play'some FNAF VR.I Hope There's Job Simulator Soon.

  • Susan Brooks
    Susan Brooks

    i click on video me: oh what could go wrong. Evan:AHHHAHHAAHHHHAHHHHHHHHH

  • Ellie's Magical World
    Ellie's Magical World

    I can’t believe it my name is Ellie too

  • hello there
    hello there

    That scream tho in the beginning 😆

  • Baylee T
    Baylee T

    Now I’m scared for 5th grade this year....

  • Marisol Serna
    Marisol Serna

    hey guys evan is so silly

  • Peridot UwU
    Peridot UwU

    Jillian doing yoga or whatever she is doing peacefully while Evan screaming in agony

  • Jx 2O916
    Jx 2O916


  • Nayeli Esparza
    Nayeli Esparza

    0:03 🤣🤣🤣🤣👌