Click here to see the kids do the Mystery Wheel of Halloween Pancake Art Challenge: irbin.info/loft/fy-lm-h-y/ial3oKTbxaxptJk.html
After watching the kids make Halloween pancake art with the mystery wheel, we thought we'd use the remaining pancake batter to do a Parents Edition. Tell us whose pancakes you like. Who made the better spooky bat or the better evil witch!
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  • The Tube Family
    The Tube Family

    click here to see Evan & Jillian do this challenge: irbin.info/loft/fy-lm-h-y/ial3oKTbxaxptJk.html Thanks for watching!

    • Rafininja tv
      Rafininja tv

      i love your vids you best channel is the tube family

    • Philip III Joyner
      Philip III Joyner

      "Squeeze" is my favorite word. I'm obsessed with the round condiment squeeze bottles that I love so very much. I love IRbin's squeezable pancake artwork videos where I can spot the round condiment squeeze bottles. You used your "16-oz." Homestead Choice bottles for your squeezable pancake artwork competition. My 4 "16-oz." OXO bottles separately have mustard, ketchup, honey barbecue sauce and pancake syrup in my kitchen's cabinet. I love to play with my 20 other empty "12-to-16-oz." "Farberware, OXO & Tablecraft" bottles so I can hold, stack and squeeze 'em on my office desk in my bedroom. I love to squeeze my stuffed pillows, tennis balls, stuffed dolls, orange traffic cone and foamy red heart. I'd wanna get many of my wide-mouthed "24-oz." Choice bottles so I could throw my own squeezable pancake artwork party. I'd wanna separately fill up my bottles with pancake syrup and colorful pancake batters. I'd wanna turn on my cooking griddle and squeeze the batters on it by outlining, drawing and coloring the characters. I'd wanna squeeze pancake syrup on my already cooked pancakes. I'd wanna play with my 4 other empty bottles. I'd wanna play with my 4 empty, wide-mouthed "32-oz." Choice bottles. I like a Dutch lady as an artist. Her name is Melissa Haas-Keizer. She runs her workshop program of arts and crafts called "Made by Melissa" Look up "Made by Melissa Haarlem pancake art" on Google's images so you'll spot her "24-oz." squeeze bottles that were used at her program. The Dutch children squeezed the colorful pancake batters on the griddles. ☺💗☺💗☺💗

    • Rose Petalsss
      Rose Petalsss

      I'M A OG FAN

    • King pig 1412
      King pig 1412

      Dt won

    • King pig 1412
      King pig 1412

      Dr won

  • Caroline Schul
    Caroline Schul

    DT's frankinstine

  • Caroline Schul
    Caroline Schul

    DT's zombie

  • Caroline Schul
    Caroline Schul

    MT's evil witch

  • Caroline Schul
    Caroline Schul

    DT's vampre

  • Caroline Schul
    Caroline Schul

    DT's gummy bear

  • Caroline Schul
    Caroline Schul

    DT's bat

  • cool kid 438
    cool kid 438


  • DancerCharley p
    DancerCharley p

    Dt is so good at pancake art. way better then I could

  • DancerCharley p
    DancerCharley p

    she was SOOO good at the witch voice it's so good

  • Mandakeenee Mishraiy556l
    Mandakeenee Mishraiy556l

    Dad draw is wonderful ❣️

  • Hope Benbasset
    Hope Benbasset


  • Jack Olaf
    Jack Olaf

    Daddytudes bat.

  • Abigail Anderson
    Abigail Anderson

    mt won all

  • Pradnya Deshmukh
    Pradnya Deshmukh

    Dad: What is that a minion I: (thinking from a minion vampire scene) Yakata

  • Kendy Juswandy
    Kendy Juswandy

    Who is here 2020- am i the only one-

  • David Tiet
    David Tiet

    dad wins

  • Safiq r
    Safiq r

    I like all of Daddy tube pancake

  • Craig Kirby
    Craig Kirby

    go daddy tube

  • Geetha Padige
    Geetha Padige

    Dad wins

  • Chris Mulenga
    Chris Mulenga

    Dt. Every single one bro. This man is an artist.

  • Soniyah Mouton
    Soniyah Mouton

    Daddy tube : 0 points Mommy tube : 7 points

  • Soniyah Mouton
    Soniyah Mouton

    # mommy tube

  • Cütie Øreø
    Cütie Øreø

    Dad tube wins he has done so good!!

  • Ray John Villanueva
    Ray John Villanueva

    I like vote of the pancakes like Mt and Dt

  • Veronica Casarez-Padilla
    Veronica Casarez-Padilla

    Dad is better than momDo you know the ninja kid

  • Alexa Flores
    Alexa Flores

    2020 anyone?

  • hissa menaifi
    hissa menaifi

    and it's funny and nice your so nice

  • hissa menaifi
    hissa menaifi

    i love both i can't pick love your videos

  • Sondra Covert
    Sondra Covert

    Also I like all of the DT

  • Sondra Covert
    Sondra Covert

    OMG! That pumpkin that DT made is realistic

  • Shilah Soleha
    Shilah Soleha

    Dad wins every rounds

  • Reid Slusar
    Reid Slusar

    DT Sings won

  • Turtle Gamer
    Turtle Gamer

    Dad wins all the rounds sry

  • Aneesha Nishanth
    Aneesha Nishanth

    daddytube is the winner winner chicken dinner

  • Merry Basu
    Merry Basu

    I like Daddy Tubes pancakes better

    • Merry Basu
      Merry Basu

      I lilke the replie To MR Evan

  • Arham MohamedRafiq
    Arham MohamedRafiq

    I think daddytube gets 50 and mommy 50

  • Nicole Cheung601
    Nicole Cheung601

    Dad wins all

  • Naamah Brown
    Naamah Brown

    dad won sorry mom not tring to be mean

  • Lilian. Martinez
    Lilian. Martinez

    I like DTs because it's scary and goooooooooood

  • Lilian. Martinez
    Lilian. Martinez

    I like DT

  • Pro Gaming
    Pro Gaming

    I Like Dad Tube in all

  • zyrena1545

    i liked dt pancakes.

  • E Smant
    E Smant

    Dad wins sorry mom

  • Siti Noraisah
    Siti Noraisah

    your dad pancake so beautiful

  • takis_17

    DT 6 out of 6 MT 6 out of 6

  • XxBlaZed _NatexX
    XxBlaZed _NatexX

    Dad won

  • Cristine Doyle
    Cristine Doyle

    DT,1, 3 5 6 MT,2,4

  • Mohammad Bin Fazeel
    Mohammad Bin Fazeel

    dady make a good pan cake

  • Gul gang
    Gul gang

    I think daddy tube won

  • Rainbow Rhinos Squad
    Rainbow Rhinos Squad

    Daddy tube is the winner 😁😎😎

  • Gabriel Xiong
    Gabriel Xiong

    Dp. Gets a 6

  • NikaTanya Vids
    NikaTanya Vids

    Here is my vote 1.)spooky bat-DT 2.)favorite candy-DT 3.)Vampire-DT 4.)Evil witch-DT 5.)Zombie-DT 6.)Franken stine- DT Out of all the most votes i voted was DT. But its ok MT you will win some day😊😊☺

  • Holly Tube UK
    Holly Tube UK

    Daddy tubes are the best

  • Rose Petalsss
    Rose Petalsss

    hnjkl;/ ubhjnljghjjbkjk

  • Z e l l a !
    Z e l l a !


  • umerzafar11

    In all the rounds I just like daddy's pancakes 💬💬💌💌❣❣👍👍👍👍🧠🧠

  • ThunderWolf

    Daddy tube

  • ThunderWolf

    How do you do you doesn’t look like it was zombie mommy tube looks like a happy zombie so I will for

  • ThunderWolf

    Daddy tube

  • ThunderWolf

    Mommy tube

    • ThunderWolf

      Daddy tube

  • Franklin Retana Jr.
    Franklin Retana Jr.

    Do a season edition

  • Maryam Musa
    Maryam Musa

    I liked daddyTube

  • Ramysah Rahman
    Ramysah Rahman

    dadytube 1

  • Daniel Hendru
    Daniel Hendru

    I think daddy tubes pancakes are better. Do you agree?

  • Emmaline KiheiLopez
    Emmaline KiheiLopez

    I do the same with my fun dip.

  • David Borgerding
    David Borgerding

    I think DT won all of them but MT tried her best

  • Dee Jay
    Dee Jay

    Daddy tube looks just like a real bat

  • Samama Sohail
    Samama Sohail

    Winner: Daddy Tube

  • Jayden Sreng keo
    Jayden Sreng keo

    One last comment is I like mommy tubes whitch

  • Jayden Sreng keo
    Jayden Sreng keo

    I like Daddy tubes vampire

  • Jayden Sreng keo
    Jayden Sreng keo

    I think Daddy tubes won also

  • Jayden Sreng keo
    Jayden Sreng keo

    I like Daddy tubes art

  • Shu Kurenai
    Shu Kurenai


  • Ajah Watson
    Ajah Watson

    DT you are an artist

  • Bree Richardson
    Bree Richardson

    Dad one all f them sorry momy tube

  • Saturzday vlogzzzzzz
    Saturzday vlogzzzzzz

    DT won every one


    All of dad

  • David Chong
    David Chong

    I think DT is the artist

  • legend rider
    legend rider

    My faforite is zombie

  • GTAGamer 123
    GTAGamer 123

    Danny tube

  • Rachel Castillo
    Rachel Castillo


  • Rachel Castillo
    Rachel Castillo

    D.T. Wins every round he is very good at pancake art

  • SpalshyBoiWilmer Yeeter
    SpalshyBoiWilmer Yeeter

    I like mom tubes fun dip cuz its looks very funny and weird

  • SwarTaal

    Same here daddy won that challenge

  • SwarTaal

    Daddy tube’s pancakes 🥞 were cool 😎😎😎😎

  • Mark I
    Mark I

    Bat:dad Candy:dad Vampire:dad Evil witch:mom Zombie:dad Frankentines:dad

  • Mark I
    Mark I

    Ilike daddy the best but mom is very nice too

  • Mark I
    Mark I

    Ilike daddy the best but mom is very nice too



  • Alona Gieber
    Alona Gieber

    mommy tube zombie

  • Mapet BC
    Mapet BC

    i like dads pancake best .your one of my favorite youtuber

  • bchames45873

    1.dad 2.dad 3.dad 4.dad 5.dad

  • arianna Quintos
    arianna Quintos

    Mt I like Dts more because Dt is a 👩‍🎨

  • Dwight Williams
    Dwight Williams

    Dad wins each round

  • Atlas Alpha
    Atlas Alpha

    Who else loves this Channel

  • Lepeer Bread
    Lepeer Bread

    1. Dad 2. Dad 3. Dad 4. Dad 5. Dad 6. Dad Bonus: dad So that about sums things up

  • Susely Guevara
    Susely Guevara

    Round 1=DaddyTube Round 2= Tie Round 3=DaddyTube Round 4=DaddyTube Round 5=DaddyTube Round 6=DaddyTube Round 7=DaddyTube Results... DaddyTube=7/7 MommyTube= 1/7

  • Mirage Kira
    Mirage Kira

    MT1 DT5

  • Nacho Man
    Nacho Man

    liked the fun dip one but other than that dad won