HAPPY NEW YEAR: OUR PLANS FOR 2020!!! COPPA YouTube Changes, TikTok, Room Tour & Bodybuilding!
Happy New Year! In this vlog we discuss our plans and resolutions for 2020! Big ones include Evan going to the gym and working out for the first time, Jillian making more videos on her new TikTok account (@jilliybeanhd), MT making cooking videos, and DT preparing for his return to competitive bodybuilding! We've also got some big trips planned this year so stay tuned!
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  • SoMeister HD Show
    SoMeister HD Show

    For my half year resolution is to make the second half of 2020 (July 2020-December 2020) worth it before 2021 begins

  • Alex Noob
    Alex Noob


  • LunarStar Eclipse
    LunarStar Eclipse

    “We’ve got a lot of cool stuff planned for 2020” Corona: Heh you can try

  • BenecioThePerson

    HAHAHAHAhahaha...heh...heh...2020 plans......

  • Fluffy snappy
    Fluffy snappy

    aww I remember watching them when i was little and now im 14

  • Hyper Brix
    Hyper Brix

    Happy new year I hope 2021 is the end of covid 19

  • Delia Otero
    Delia Otero

    Do a family tiktok all together

  • Megan H
    Megan H

    Evantubehd eras Early Era 2011-2012 Golden Era 2012-2017 The New Era 2018-Present

  • Mian Farhan
    Mian Farhan

    Sorry your plans were not completed

  • Lilu Pippin
    Lilu Pippin

    I'm 8 and I'm decorating my room like a adult/Morden look

  • Arjay Oconer
    Arjay Oconer

    DT:So we have alot of plans for 2020 2020:Uhhh ah No

  • 2eeet

    My resolution is streched

  • Pombili Abraham
    Pombili Abraham

    i like your vedeo evan

  • Pradnya Deshmukh
    Pradnya Deshmukh

    Please play Roblox with me my name in the game is Siouxsie

  • Pradnya Deshmukh
    Pradnya Deshmukh

    Please play Roblox with me my name in the game is Siouxsie

  • Elisha Laureen Rivera
    Elisha Laureen Rivera

    I remember watching them 5 years ago 😢

  • Cure Saúl
    Cure Saúl

    Well the little mermaid is made for a general audience not just little girls.

  • awesme mrman
    awesme mrman

    little did they know that all their plans were going to be ruined

  • samuel abarquez
    samuel abarquez

    when u upload ur vid jan8 its my b-day( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • Sofia Una Valenzuela
    Sofia Una Valenzuela

    Give away pls!!!

  • Elaine Porter
    Elaine Porter

    How old is jill and evan?

  • Helen Papaioannou
    Helen Papaioannou

    dear tube family this is for you Jillian how do you feel having two room p.s I really like your room upstairs

  • Fam. Román Franco
    Fam. Román Franco

    You haven't done a house tour 😫😫😫


    Man I miss watching your videos we were about the same age too. I remember you and Jillian being kids and look how much you've grown up.

  • Laury Rodriguez
    Laury Rodriguez

    Evan is nothing I turn 11 in April and I weight around 144 pounds

  • Lee Zi Rui
    Lee Zi Rui

    3:29 air fryer wow. But my mom knows how to operate the air fryer

  • Soukan Pongsak
    Soukan Pongsak

    Corona comes by... EVAN AND DT CAN NEVER WORKOUT NOWWWW MUAHAAHAAHA -corona shuts down every workout store- Muahahaha

  • Brenda Guiles
    Brenda Guiles

    make even dance


    Teach Him To Dance.

  • Jonathan Lopez
    Jonathan Lopez

    Let me box evan

  • Sp4rrow

    Imagine thinking that 2020 was gonna be a good year😂

  • Xplo Gamer
    Xplo Gamer

    Aa Evan I'm your biggest fan since I was a kid I watch your video s and evean I'm sick I still watch you video s so im asking if you can play injustice 2 in Android it's so good kus I played it so I wanna shear it to you

  • Noor Hasila Syila
    Noor Hasila Syila

    So cool evan

  • Nealson Rolando
    Nealson Rolando

    Just wanna say Seeing other yt girls : i dunno if they are in my top what Seeing jill : definetely my top 3

  • Ark Venom
    Ark Venom

    I remember watching the fry challenge on IRbin kids when Evan was like 11

  • ssputra_05

    4:41 wait,evan born in 2005,but why he's still 14 sorry im asian so i dont understand how american's age work lol

    • ssputra_05

      @ItZCrimson oop ik how it work now but its conplicated to explaint ;w;

    • ItZCrimson

      Same im also confused

  • Jennifer Walsh
    Jennifer Walsh

    We like NEVER AND I MEAN NEVER take our tree down LOL

  • シɢᴀʙɪsʜᴀʜ

    His voice make me go like 🤤😲

  • Jessica Munoz
    Jessica Munoz

    I wold love one!

  • zhhlin


  • Airon James
    Airon James

    Wow,tall and cool and beautiful Christmas tree,how did he control Evans bb8 from sphero,I had one bb9E,hit the like button into blue if you are a true tube family fan,hit the like button and smash sub button in the video

  • Expert. Reflex
    Expert. Reflex

    Before my birthday which is December 28th

  • Kaisan Arrington
    Kaisan Arrington

    I put up my Christmas decorations every Christmas night my parents put away my Christmas ornaments decorations on Christmas night. or the day after Christmas so that's what I do thank you thank you have a good day by.


    i wish i lived in their house

  • Betsy Ashish
    Betsy Ashish



    Evan is older than me two years i am only 12 years old

  • Hanashii Flower
    Hanashii Flower

    My dad knows how to do the air fryer

  • Vito Aluzzo
    Vito Aluzzo

    Happy New Year 2020 to you familyhd as Jillian, Evan, mom, and dad happy New Year to you familyhd....

  • Ella Khavasova
    Ella Khavasova

    His voice 😱

  • GamingWith Joy
    GamingWith Joy

    Evan sounds so different and looks so different from when I last watched one of his videos in 2016😔❤️

  • Justin Shipp
    Justin Shipp

    U post this on my birthday

  • Meggan Davis
    Meggan Davis

    No Fortnight that was 2018 and 2019 No more fortnight

  • bleach dio
    bleach dio

    January 30

  • Muhammad Waseem
    Muhammad Waseem

    happy 2020 too

  • anushriplaysroblox

    Mom: I won’t show you the other side because it says the year. Me: Why did you show the years last year?

  • The Fire
    The Fire

    Bru I'm 10 and I got bigger guns then Evan

  • super saiyan blue
    super saiyan blue

    oh yeah if your wondering how much I can do the answer is 86

  • super saiyan blue
    super saiyan blue

    bruh barely three push-ups when your 13 that's SAD

  • Noah Preciado
    Noah Preciado

    me too

  • SaberGaming

    Um somebody did a glitch but I got ditch hahahahahahahahahahahah

  • Omar Garcia
    Omar Garcia

    Ever since evan got his braces his voice got deeper

  • Andrew D'Annunzio
    Andrew D'Annunzio

    coppa I am 14 not under 13 this video is not for kids dont age restrict this video kid wise i promise

  • Jimmy Fantage
    Jimmy Fantage

    I love the dad, he's hilarious. I came here from their Build a Bear video. I'm subscribing. xD

  • J Liz
    J Liz

    Im 12

  • Gaming with ish
    Gaming with ish

    Even your like the friend I never had and even you look like my best friend in real life

  • Gaming with ish
    Gaming with ish

    I'm 12 turning 13 on June the 15th

  • Valerie Der Avanessian
    Valerie Der Avanessian

    first video i watched was the Death Star build

  • Hamed Productions
    Hamed Productions

    I love minecraft i wish Evan played it

  • kuki 332
    kuki 332

    Hello welcome to a new year I'm god and god bless you always

  • The Golden Sushi
    The Golden Sushi

    Jesus, last time I was here he was playing sky landers with his dad and doing Lego reviews.

  • Kermit

    Jillian really thinks she has muscles 😁

  • lehan mathew
    lehan mathew

    Hi Evan I'm in Sri Lanka my name is lehan mathew I am your fan I also like jerlian how old are you Evan and how old are you jerlian and love you guyz😘😘😘😘😄😄

  • etlog and guavs
    etlog and guavs

    i'm 12 5'5 tall and yes i am a swimmer :)

  • Jordan Greenough
    Jordan Greenough

    all i see in evans eyes are dissapointment I spelt it wrong because i lazzy

  • Joshua Dell
    Joshua Dell

    My resolution is to start streaming on twitch with an xbox

  • Star Gazer
    Star Gazer

    never knew Evan's voice would go that deep-

  • The Shulkin Screamer
    The Shulkin Screamer

    EvanTubeHD is not for kids

  • Its_Just_Boyce gaming
    Its_Just_Boyce gaming

    My Christmas tree is still up

  • IIllIlIlllI

    Whach out they have corona viruse

  • Emily M
    Emily M

    I used to watch them at 7 years old and I remember used to having a crush on Evan 😂 I’m now 12 XD Honestly this is my childhood 🤣

  • Owen Mortell
    Owen Mortell

    Tell us your real name

  • Wow 200
    Wow 200

    Play Tag w/ Ryan

  • Speed Stack
    Speed Stack


  • KaRaDae

    Nice leg trip or sweep Evan lol

  • Ray John Villanueva
    Ray John Villanueva

    Yes guys do a tiktok dance off

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    KxMxYKim _owo

    I want da squishiessss!!!😍😍😍

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    Darius Worth

    Do you want to arm wrestling with me 🏋️💪💪

    • Darius Worth
      Darius Worth

      Do a arm wrestling with me 🏋️💪💪

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  • Angel Pinto
    Angel Pinto

    hi Evan from the tube family I like your videos i am your favorite you tubers That's all

  • thezombiecreeper

    Everyone thought COPPA was the apocalypse, and now it’s just some minor annoyance.

  • veni Iongi
    veni Iongi

    I want a give away!!!!!!!

  • animeted animatoin
    animeted animatoin

    if your 13 your still teen n 14 n15

  • Sean Hyousuke
    Sean Hyousuke

    Dang, it’s been so many years since i last saw the Tube Family, but holy mackerel did everyone change the last time i saw them ._.

  • Andrew Antony
    Andrew Antony

    jillan hog

  • Sockie

    Opposite universe: boys doing Tik Tok renegade Girls doing bodybuilding lifting million pound weights

  • Bellabug's Studio
    Bellabug's Studio

    Can I have a giveaway

  • John Smith
    John Smith

    Evan in 2021 is ripped Jill in 2021 guys I got a boyfriend

    • CmanTheBoss5875

      That was so haha funny moment

  • Azdbiu YT
    Azdbiu YT


  • Gryffindor Potter
    Gryffindor Potter

    Do a video where Julian Teach Evan how Ro tap dance

  • Gryffindor Potter
    Gryffindor Potter

    Do a spine the wheel of Halloween costume video on the wheel should be policeman,jurge,King,queen,prince,princess,wizard,witch costume Idea