HOW I SPENT MY 12th BIRTHDAY!!! Jillian's Art Birthday Party!
Happy Birthday Jillian! No big parties this year for Jillian's 12th Birthday. So she had a few friends come over for an Artsy-Fartsy Birthday playdate! She set up a bunch of arts and crafts stations so she and her friends could have fun and get creative on her B-day! Check out the cool things they made!
More Birthday Party action!
5 Years Old - My Gym Party:
7 Years Old - Karate Party:
8 Years Old - Roller Skating Party:
9 Years Old - Slime Party:
10 Years Old - Trampoline Party:
11 Years Old - Bowling Party:
Opening Birthday Presents:
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  • Xian Xian
    Xian Xian

    It was my birthday eleven days after her happy birthday

  • Princess Almira
    Princess Almira

    I'm jealous bc jill is so healthy and i'm not Jill is perfect but i'm not I wish i was the other girl who's pretty:))

  • Manaal Ali
    Manaal Ali

    She got so big

  • Its Dxrla
    Its Dxrla

    I remember watching youre vids when i was like 5-9 hehe now im 11

  • HyMn X
    HyMn X

    oops covid

  • Nicolas Doria
    Nicolas Doria

    Happy birhtday jillian

  • Madison Fratantoro
    Madison Fratantoro

    I have the same birthday as her!

  • hello there
    hello there

    the first series i ever watched of them was the angry bird series i loved coming home from 2nd grade watching them till night those were the days

  • Duncan abayawardana
    Duncan abayawardana

    It's so cool that your birthday is in October because mine's in October to October 29th and I'm turning 12 as well I'm already 12 now because my birthday already passed

  • Jonathan Ornelas
    Jonathan Ornelas

    Jillian has big you know and she’s 12 that’s crazy

  • Rhon Theodore Hernandez
    Rhon Theodore Hernandez

    Jillian is same my age im 12 and jillian is 12 too nice me and jillian same age :))))))

  • Jocelyn Dominguez
    Jocelyn Dominguez

    I've been here since the angry bird videos

  • 6 Train Productions
    6 Train Productions

    Same age as her, though turning 13 in 2 months and 1 day.

  • KrispiKashh Ok
    KrispiKashh Ok

    Holy Jillians voice is deeper now time flies quick

  • Dominic Ndegwa
    Dominic Ndegwa

    happyyyyyyyyy biiiiiiiirrrrrtttttttthhhhhhhhhhhdddddddddddddaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  • it's hareem fatima
    it's hareem fatima

    My birthday is on 14 October and yours is on 15 October i was born on Friday year 2011 im 9 years old

  • kaden clarke
    kaden clarke

    she born on October 14 and I born on august 17

  • Galaxy Gaming1
    Galaxy Gaming1

    Jilian grew so much as i watch her and evan in 2013 I wish i could bring back the good old days :(

  • Jayden Marcotte
    Jayden Marcotte

    Happy late b day,...... Sorry I did not see sooner

  • Alexplayz

    I feel bad for Jillian, there weren’t that much kids at her party. I know it’s a pandemic but I feel like there could have been more people there. I would honestly love to be her friend 🥺❤️

    • Gacha_sundae

      My birthday was worse no one came

  • Gianna Palaia
    Gianna Palaia

    We are the same age! I grew up watching your videos 💗💗 so happy to see you guys still going with the channel

  • Joan joany
    Joan joany

    Jillian is very beautiful

  • Just Crazy
    Just Crazy

    Omg comments are on again

  • Just Crazy
    Just Crazy

    I have been watching Jill since I was 5 and the first video I watched was the angry birds mashup by Evan, and me and Jill are the same age (different bday dates tho)

  • NinjaNATION Studios
    NinjaNATION Studios

    it's like going to kindergarden you know with paint and stuff

  • NinjaNATION Studios
    NinjaNATION Studios

    Umm.... This is kinda sad were are the presents?

  • -Mi Eva-
    -Mi Eva-

    Are birthdays are so close ( *Sept 23* ) I’m 12 too 0👄0 🙏

  • Raymond Quinlan
    Raymond Quinlan

    subscribe on her birthday. love u jillian

  • Best ASMR ever
    Best ASMR ever

    Aw i remember watching you when you were in kindergarden

  • Althea Nicole Manalo
    Althea Nicole Manalo

    Happy birthday Jillian

  • ps3 game boy
    ps3 game boy

    Happy bday jillan . Say thank u to god for another year of life

  • B1 Battle droid
    B1 Battle droid

    Gosh Jul has grown alot

  • Reece Joseph
    Reece Joseph

    hi jillian

  • Sxncake

    It’s crazy! Me and Jill are the same age I was born in august and I’m in 7th grade, and Evan and my sister are the same age both in highschool

  • Atfalwamawaheb lovver andd Noris nuts lover
    Atfalwamawaheb lovver andd Noris nuts lover

    Julian has grown so much I remember to watch you since you were 7 or 8 years old WOW 🤩

  • Ruby Thompson
    Ruby Thompson

    Jillians a year younger than me

  • Tiny Pup
    Tiny Pup

    Hi can you do a q an a plz because I have a

  • 2021 P5A 24 MAN YI CHING ALICE
    2021 P5A 24 MAN YI CHING ALICE

    OGs know Jillian’s 5th birthday video💕

  • irfana shahid
    irfana shahid

    My Birthday is 17 October

  • David Silva
    David Silva

    I’m 12

  • Itsdannyss

    is it me or has her voice changed, man I remember growing up watching them, memories are returning

  • Hello_its_Nenge

    Omg i literally grew up with this channel this is so nostalgic

  • Marley Greco
    Marley Greco

    Happy late birthday I hope you had a great time also we have the same birthday

  • NRN Ehigie
    NRN Ehigie

    Wait! She’s only in year 7

  • Lucas Gaming506
    Lucas Gaming506

    I thought she's 13

  • Juggernaut RBLX
    Juggernaut RBLX

    The 27 th was my birthday

  • Glxteena

    0.0 I’m 12 years old and 2 weeks before was my birthday this video was post 2 weeks before-

  • Alodia Charlize Odoño
    Alodia Charlize Odoño

    I have a so please answer it do evan is 15

  • Jordynn Everette
    Jordynn Everette

    I remember when she opened LEGO packs with Evan 🥺

  • top 5
    top 5

    love u Jill! hope u had a good b-day even though we are in these ruff times(me and u share a bday)

  • Ninja guest
    Ninja guest

    She looks like she’s 16 or 14

  • Dania Hernandez
    Dania Hernandez

    Me and Jill have the same birthday!

  • Ruzl Seandolp Oliva
    Ruzl Seandolp Oliva

    Hey me and jil we have the same age hehehe

  • Valeria Villafuerte
    Valeria Villafuerte

    Her laugh gets me all the time

  • LIL Xa71
    LIL Xa71


  • Phoebe Beebout
    Phoebe Beebout

    I’m eating sushi right now

  • Phoebe Beebout
    Phoebe Beebout

    Not to be rude but PLEASE ware masks or this will go on longer and longer and longer

  • Rachana kumar
    Rachana kumar

    Belated wishes for ur 12th birthday 🥳 May god bless u 😊

  • Alex

    I wish I was at her birthday party 🥳 🍰 🎉

  • Carmenisabel Vlogs
    Carmenisabel Vlogs

    Is she bi or lesbian? Cuz In this video the Web and colors are pink blue purple and then she has a jacket that are like the lesbian Colors

  • Carmenisabel Vlogs
    Carmenisabel Vlogs

    No way I was older then her all this time!

  • mazaury rex476
    mazaury rex476

    I remember this from 6 years ago

  • MOE the artist
    MOE the artist

    Oof I'm sad I wasn't added well happy birthday 😢🎂🎈

  • Selvizhi Subramanian
    Selvizhi Subramanian

    I thought it was your 17 b-day or something like that you look pretty old for a 12 year old sorry to judge...

  • shxqtingstxr

    We are both 12

  • keiko Denty
    keiko Denty


  • NathanBrito. 1
    NathanBrito. 1

    Happy birthday cuz

  • Michelle Mulani
    Michelle Mulani

    Oh god I just realized that I grew up will Jillian. In the yt vids and in real life because my bday is three days apart with her lmao

  • karima osmani
    karima osmani

    I remember Jillian being a small little girl and she got a fluffy puppy for Christmas NOW LOOK AT THEM😭😭Theyve grown so quick😭

  • Mark Grant
    Mark Grant

    Happy birthday!

  • Selez Sohejh
    Selez Sohejh

    IM BACK HUAA I REMEMBER WATCHING YOU 3 YEARS AGOO I miss all of u .. Plus chloe has grown real big ;-;

  • Gorganos

    She’s four days older then me

  • xxcloudy_avocadoxx Gaming
    xxcloudy_avocadoxx Gaming

    I like Jillian she is teen but she is more has a kid mind she being creative not like the other teens they just want phones, boys, like that stuff and her parents is very supportive about that

  • Nicole Chen
    Nicole Chen

    Their yard, is bigger than my house.

  • Sabin Fransis
    Sabin Fransis

    Omggggggg who remembers the old even tubeHD 😭😭😭😭😭

  • Dara Parimala
    Dara Parimala

    Happy Birthday Jillian sis🎉🎈🎁🍰🎂🕯️☺️🌞🥳

  • Pink Peachy
    Pink Peachy

    Imagine if her friends didn't come.... :c


    Ooo k

  • Athena Reign Torres
    Athena Reign Torres

    She is growning so fast :(

  • Sassy vs Sis
    Sassy vs Sis

    Im turning 12 a month after Julian is!🥳🤪😄

  • kerrah rouse
    kerrah rouse

    yea she so old now 6 to 12

  • ItzSkyPlayz

    XD I wish I knew Jill irl so I can come there to paint

  • HB - 03SS 863808 Nahani Way PS
    HB - 03SS 863808 Nahani Way PS

    i am 8 now

  • HB - 03SS 863808 Nahani Way PS
    HB - 03SS 863808 Nahani Way PS

    i love your videos happy 12 birthday jillian

  • Hazel Gamer
    Hazel Gamer

    Happy birthday

  • Moonlight Gaming
    Moonlight Gaming

    wait so jills birth day is on THE 14TH wow me dum ive been watching you for 5 - 6 years and i nevevr knew that also i thought i was older thant jill but she older by 2 months

    • Moonlight Gaming
      Moonlight Gaming

      i mis da littleJill and little Evan

  • DuoBeats

    Yoooo no way I thought I was younger than you cus I thought you were 14

  • Average Me
    Average Me

    honestly we literally watched jillian and evan grow up i feel so old 😔

  • syadza hana
    syadza hana

    I can't believe that she is as old as me. I thought she was younger than me😅

  • 삼바Samba


  • Karime Zamarripa
    Karime Zamarripa

    Your dogs name is my dog name like what 😃

  • Riley Chin
    Riley Chin

    Whats funny is that Jillian has the exact same birthday as me lol

  • Gregori Betances
    Gregori Betances

    Happy Birthday Jillian I hope you have a good one

  • Nicole

    Happy late birthday Jill💜

  • Mangala Kancharla
    Mangala Kancharla

    My birthday is on 19 oct

  • I love BLOBBY
    I love BLOBBY

    I always thought I was older than her I was like awwww she’s so cute but now she’s older than me by a few months

  • Sougha Alnaqbi
    Sougha Alnaqbi

    Happy birthday 🎊

  • Sougha Alnaqbi
    Sougha Alnaqbi

    Will I born in 2008 but 28 - April:)

  • Refgani Jumaani
    Refgani Jumaani

    Hi Jillian I thought you were Evan beacause you guys look disame (i dont remember how to spell the word so ok)


    Happy birthday Jillian