This week we ran into a problem with flies. It appears that a house fly got into our house and decided to lay some eggs. Those eggs hatched into some huge nasty flies which invaded our bedroom. We didn't have a fly swatter so I got the next best thing - the SHOP VAC! Will these pesky bugs be able to escape the powerful forces or will they end up getting sucked into the black hole?! We also try out a few other things to exterminate these gross pests. One of them has four legs and is named CHLOE!


Production Music courtesy of Epidemic Sound

  • The Tube Family
    The Tube Family

    How do you deal with flies that sneak into your house?

    • King Karma
      King Karma

      The trusty technique, hand or swatter.

    • Benz Family
      Benz Family

      I would feel very annoyed. Flies fly into my house almost every day.

    • DogPlays

      I use a fly swatter

    • fiona conway
      fiona conway

      I'm so scared of them for some reason

    • fiona conway
      fiona conway

      @Isabella Magalona same

  • Bell Snewpy
    Bell Snewpy

    Lol :)

  • Chyna Ruiz
    Chyna Ruiz

    Don’t let Chloe eat it

  • King Karma
    King Karma

    I despise flies, they're useless, if they never existed the whole world would be the same

  • Ashita Mehta
    Ashita Mehta

    Did really chole ate But Jillian was very scary We're they real And in real life they lay eggs Wow

  • Purple Diamond Gaming
    Purple Diamond Gaming

    When I wanted to watch eventube HD I saw this vid I was I gotta watch this and tittle said chloe at a fly and I was like ok chloe u get extra protein! :3

  • Seb Gaming
    Seb Gaming

    Jill: dad’s like a ghost buster Later: let’s watch ghostbusters Dad: ahhhh POWER Family except dad: we love this MOVIEEE


    The tube fam seeing a fly for the first time My thoughts : are they watching wwe

  • REALbiggestlegofan Connor
    REALbiggestlegofan Connor

    Jesus that’s a LOT of flies 😳

  • Gunner Grimes
    Gunner Grimes

    The four F’s of Summer: Flies Flies Flies, And Flies.

  • Jimmy Nguyen
    Jimmy Nguyen

    You’re my favourite IRbinr

  • Dylan Alexius Tsai 1202018
    Dylan Alexius Tsai 1202018


  • Katherine Michelle Wong
    Katherine Michelle Wong

    I couldn’t stop laughing when he smacked it with a sock

  • Evan Pirone
    Evan Pirone

    Hey guys

  • Karl Andrei Basamot
    Karl Andrei Basamot

    Daddy Tube: **Talks about how the flies are gross at the start of the vid** The flies: *Sad Fly Hand Rubbing*

  • Salma Mohamed
    Salma Mohamed

    Ahh the scream of Jillian that makes the house shake

  • Tarks

    I feel you round ours they come swarming in

  • Ritik Kalra
    Ritik Kalra

    Who is watching this while eating 😭🤢🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮

  • Kyfunny66


  • Arfa Siddique
    Arfa Siddique

    Jillian said ew...

  • Reema Shuman
    Reema Shuman

    If this ever happens again Keep the house cold trust me this hamend too me

  • Pizzatc 0
    Pizzatc 0

    Flies: Exist Daddy tube: Execute order 66

  • adryana segovia
    adryana segovia

    My dad just takes a towel and slap it on the wall with the fly on that wall


    What happened to the good ol slipper?

  • Ayen Pinlac
    Ayen Pinlac

    When ther is flies in the house and we don’t have what you have we do hands there not scary there not like gonna eat you don’t be scared and sometimes we open the door if we can’t catch it even there is more coming we let them out then killing them

  • Alexandra Maldonado
    Alexandra Maldonado


  • ༒ᗰᗴltinǤ༒ ༒ice༒
    ༒ᗰᗴltinǤ༒ ༒ice༒

    Why are jills feet so pink

  • Primo and Ate
    Primo and Ate

    My dog Ate A SPIDER 🤣

  • Landin The scout trooper
    Landin The scout trooper

    0:09 to 0:23 hey Chloe is like my dogs

  • Shawn McIntosh
    Shawn McIntosh

    You should make more real food versus gummy food

  • Nashwin Gonsalves
    Nashwin Gonsalves

    Cant believe chloe ate a fly

  • Giselle Espinoza
    Giselle Espinoza

    When flies are in my house first floor has a lot of them and2 floor has less flies

  • Creator Daniel
    Creator Daniel


  • James Quackenbush
    James Quackenbush

    hey can you guys play my mario maker 2 level the code is 3F5-Q1X-0KG

  • Jayantha Venkatasubramanya
    Jayantha Venkatasubramanya

    I want daddy tube to do a q and a video cuz I have a big question Was daddy tube there in the per suite of happyness ? I saw someone looking like him

  • Dukester7

    I bet they’re the first people to ever attach a Go Pro to a vacuum.🤣😂🤣😂

  • am i stonks?
    am i stonks?


  • Lars to Mars
    Lars to Mars

    You should listen to the Bee Gees it’s my favorite song I’m your biggest fan and you should watch the Saturday night fever it’s rated R have you ever heard about the Bee Gees you should watch the movie it’s funny and there’s some scary parts but there’s some really good parts that are disco I’m your biggest fan

  • Jack Tube
    Jack Tube

    6:50 that voice crack doe

  • Cole Kronbeck
    Cole Kronbeck

    the vid stanks

    • Reema Shuman
      Reema Shuman


  • Athif Human
    Athif Human

    4:13 was she doin the renegade

  • proelect19 gaming
    proelect19 gaming

    discliamer:many flies has suffered in this vid

  • Adithya KR
    Adithya KR

    How much is the rent

  • Rafininja tv
    Rafininja tv

    in a nother few years evan's still doing fortnite dance

  • Hendri Apriadi
    Hendri Apriadi

    Its been a 5 year

  • Frost Tuber
    Frost Tuber

    0:12 haha so funny chloe eats a fly!😂😂

  • Dane nite
    Dane nite

    Hi Evan

  • Jandrey Ansano
    Jandrey Ansano

    Shout out to me im a fan for 4 years

  • Carlos Morales
    Carlos Morales

    Can you guys do another cruise seires because you guys havent done one in 4 DANG YRS

  • ItsKevPlay s
    ItsKevPlay s

    I like the ring camera hacked

  • ItsKevPlay s
    ItsKevPlay s

    I really like your videos back again☺

  • Dimntionl


  • Area squad
    Area squad

    Who did not watch from the start

  • Area squad
    Area squad

    Who did not each when they stared

  • Mr. Mojo
    Mr. Mojo

    All those 10 year old getting ready for life watch this lol

  • Maunel Nogra
    Maunel Nogra

    Can you giveaway lego for me

  • JX Team
    JX Team

    Omg please do a part 2 and can u start putting mommy tube in some more vids Bec she’s like never in any

  • Enas Diaa El-Dien
    Enas Diaa El-Dien


  • Cuong Tran
    Cuong Tran

    Update us on the bunnys

  • Euhann Nueda
    Euhann Nueda

    Give evan a birb

  • Benjamin Westbrook’s
    Benjamin Westbrook’s

    The intense music felt like I was in Avengers Infinity War

  • Andreana Banaag
    Andreana Banaag

    Chloe is so cute 😊😊😊

  • Jeanny F. Ang
    Jeanny F. Ang

    can you pls make another fun games on quarantine

  • Chroma Wedding
    Chroma Wedding

    When u get so bored in quarantine u start catching Flies with a vacuum cleaner

  • Kristian Loves collecting
    Kristian Loves collecting

    Milan over here chillin doing a tiktok dance called color I see you jillan wanna challange me

  • Awesome TNT Bro tv
    Awesome TNT Bro tv

    Dt is a bug buster

  • Hysterical Chike
    Hysterical Chike

    Joker let out a laugh i wacked with my shop vac

  • zhhlin

    What !

  • zhhlin


  • Ronnie2k

    So nostalgic

  • Brian Nelson
    Brian Nelson

    You should call an exterminator there could be more flies hiding somewhere in there

  • Daniela Mendoza
    Daniela Mendoza

    Fani love you tub family 🌹

  • Nitya Sharma
    Nitya Sharma

    I am from India and we are not scared or shout when flies are inside🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Soggy Biscuits
    Soggy Biscuits

    His tracking at 5:09 was like aim assist in Fortnite

  • L o
    L o

    My cat does the same

  • Imran Kamal
    Imran Kamal

    when i saw the thumbnail, i thought you were scared of a fly based jillian's reactions but I stand corrected

  • Mark Macalintal
    Mark Macalintal

    just saying literally every part of the phillipines u see some flys😂😂 big fan!!

  • Park Angela
    Park Angela

    It looks like a "LANGAW" HAHAHAHAHA

  • Rick clan
    Rick clan

    Yo how old is ur guys Daughter

  • { Gwen The slytherin}
    { Gwen The slytherin}


  • Salma Mohamed
    Salma Mohamed


  • Darwin ninja family
    Darwin ninja family


  • Juan Plascencia
    Juan Plascencia

    every time the dad sucked a fly they scream lol

  • Melinda's World
    Melinda's World

    u heard the man "chloe ate it"

  • Hary Potter
    Hary Potter

    Anyone remembers when this channel was called evantube raw?

  • Likidy Squidwater
    Likidy Squidwater

    Evans scream 😂

  • Jp Vids
    Jp Vids

    I grew up watching you

  • Noah Sanchez
    Noah Sanchez

    Anyone else notice how this used to be Evans channel but now the family just completely stole it to be theirs

  • Ayaan Khan
    Ayaan Khan

    U guys shud do many things in one video U only do one thing so the video becomes a bit boring

  • ZGamer Lcmbr
    ZGamer Lcmbr

    Who watched evntube like along time ago when their 5 and just remember this channel then u come and look how big and popular he got

  • myla Ozaraga
    myla Ozaraga


  • anil pyakurel
    anil pyakurel

    In which country you live

  • Yasmeen Raouf
    Yasmeen Raouf

    I slap my flies with my Fly hit thing or I let my dad slap it

  • Irene Wang
    Irene Wang

    What is Jillian's tik tok

  • Asmaa Zafar
    Asmaa Zafar

    gossh why you screem so much my family is like wth are you watching lol

  • Soo Min Ahn
    Soo Min Ahn

    Flies dont come to my house ... Mosquitos ...

  • Xenon-Souls

    Damn the dad ripped he still looks young

  • Coolasaur


  • Michelle Nguyen
    Michelle Nguyen

    "CHLOE ATE IT!?" me: dead

  • Y E E T P I G G Y
    Y E E T P I G G Y

    epic battle between dad from family youtubers and the scary flies