I ALMOST DIED SLEDDING!!! Evan Gets Attacked with Snow Balls!
Time for a little fun in the snow with our cousins! We found a nice little dangerous place to go sledding. The snow was a little icy and full of pits and holes, but we survived and had a lot of fun!
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  • Enes Hasani
    Enes Hasani


  • Cara&George Jackson
    Cara&George Jackson

    I am proud

  • Layla Classics
    Layla Classics

    So relaxing and fun!

  • leanne david
    leanne david

    Evan is the cutest guy in the univers

  • Sabine Setiawan
    Sabine Setiawan

    Where Are You From?🤔🤔🤔

  • :《ᐯ丨ς丅R丨Ӽȥ》 :
    :《ᐯ丨ς丅R丨Ӽȥ》 :

    3:10 extreme ragdoll

  • QuackBack

    I started watch when I was like 4 and I still love you vids

  • Yuan Chew
    Yuan Chew

    The girl on jet stomach though

  • Jayvin Vasquez
    Jayvin Vasquez

    Snow ball,those were snow boulders

  • ECOBOI99 Plays
    ECOBOI99 Plays

    It’s like a slide that comes and goes

  • Liam Finnamore
    Liam Finnamore

    is evan cousins with Jaiden animates?

  • Kelsea Arms
    Kelsea Arms

    😱 omg

  • Daneysi Polanco
    Daneysi Polanco

    Who’s watching these videos all over again cause they got nothing to do in quarantine 👇🏼

  • FunFunFun with Maggiebear and Gaviebear
    FunFunFun with Maggiebear and Gaviebear

    awww i miss watching them♥︎

  • Crystal Hinson
    Crystal Hinson

    I Sledding Dangerous Snow Balls EvanTube

  • FlyXxMidnightXx Gaming
    FlyXxMidnightXx Gaming

    I have been watching there Vida 5 years ago and now there grown up like what

  • ssputra_05

    can someone estimate the height of evan,he grew so fast lol (like me) :( i want to be kid forever!!!

  • I like bleach not the anime
    I like bleach not the anime

    I also almost died

  • Wolflee66

    BAWK BAWK ME IS COWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • YT_ Ice Bear
    YT_ Ice Bear

    10 out of 10

    • YT_ Ice Bear
      YT_ Ice Bear

      100 of 100

  • omg202

    Evans voice changed a lot when i watched him in 2012 when I was 12

    • Neil Tube
      Neil Tube

      I watch one of your vids and you look and sound to young to be 12 even now, you are going on r/I’mOldInfo and I will expose you on my channel!

  • Gerlie Mangayayam
    Gerlie Mangayayam

    Who almost died

  • EmmaTheRavenclaw :D
    EmmaTheRavenclaw :D

    Once when I went sledding on the mountains, I went Down so fast and I was so scared that I was going to fall off the cliff because I nearly went under the fence before my dad caught me

    • acatelia

      EmmaTheRavenclaw :D okay but when

  • Bleach Gaming
    Bleach Gaming


  • Waffle Bruhblub
    Waffle Bruhblub

    At least he’s still alive. uwu

  • SuperNintendoDavid

    I got attacked with rocks

  • Erwin Pacinos
    Erwin Pacinos

    I wish my city has snow :( :(

  • Andre Ruiter
    Andre Ruiter


  • Sandy lt
    Sandy lt

    My name is Emy

  • Irma Yanet
    Irma Yanet

    why does the snow look so puffy lol IT looks like Marshmellows

  • Ì Xè Thea éX Í
    Ì Xè Thea éX Í

    Just like if your world snow's i love snow

  • Charlie Pringle
    Charlie Pringle

    I wish AUSTRALIA had snow I’ve never even seen snow

    • Flzzy Oracion YT
      Flzzy Oracion YT

      I live in Australia and I think I might’ve seen snow in Canberra when I was five. But I can’t really remember it that well

  • Javier Ramirez
    Javier Ramirez

    F in the chat

  • Keelan Posimani
    Keelan Posimani


  • Keelan Posimani
    Keelan Posimani

    1:16 bitterly me scared

  • JarodGonzales10

    Hey Tube Fam, I have a question for you guys. What is the place of this place you guys went too. Because it really looks like mine. Please respond.

  • candiiizzs

    Where do you guys live?

  • Stephen nick Cauilan
    Stephen nick Cauilan

    I wish in Filipins ders snow 😭😭😭

  • C KEL
    C KEL

    Anyone here remember Evantube RAW and LEGO unboxing

  • Elaine Saelee
    Elaine Saelee

    I am sorry dad tube and douther but I think mommy tube and Even tube is the funniest

  • Bang Bang Ash Su
    Bang Bang Ash Su


  • Chierii

    Wait what are Evan's shoes>?

  • P.S Velocity
    P.S Velocity

    We sound like grandparents...OMG! I remember when they were so young!

  • Hotshotbraeden11 Maloof
    Hotshotbraeden11 Maloof

    get wrecked by snow balls

  • Phat Huynh
    Phat Huynh

    This place looks familiar Is it Mt.baldy

  • Greta S
    Greta S

    wow Jillian has changed so much she’s like so tall!! Btw love your vids!!

  • Nick Henderson
    Nick Henderson

    Attack !!!!

  • Shadow_dog 58
    Shadow_dog 58

    Chickens are awesome dont you agree

  • Shadow_dog 58
    Shadow_dog 58

    I love sledding

  • Mystizeal Henry
    Mystizeal Henry

    Evan used to be tiny now he big

  • Gaming with ish
    Gaming with ish

    Even your 2 years 1 month and 3 older than me

  • Lina Dipay
    Lina Dipay


  • Fat Dogs
    Fat Dogs

    Pause on 2:30 cause that’s what u will be like when it’s dark and you see it......

  • Fat Dogs
    Fat Dogs

    Don’t press it ! Like before the world Ends !!!

  • Step channel
    Step channel

    I think evan dream is to be a human snow man

  • Mati's World
    Mati's World

    5:06 Literally me

    • Daniel Blair
      Daniel Blair

      Mati's World Is it falling, or going head first?

  • Mati's World
    Mati's World

    4:00 lmao

  • Luke Bruno
    Luke Bruno

    I'm sorry, but for a minnesotan, this is very painful to watch

  • Hotdog2402

    Evan was going easy on the kids

  • Nikko Manglanlan
    Nikko Manglanlan

    4:14 and 6:01 the kid was like YEET

    • local auntie
      local auntie

      I’m cool about it

    • local auntie
      local auntie

      Pure Chan UwU that’s what i say!! But it’s okay

    • Waffle Bruhblub
      Waffle Bruhblub

      Yeetus the feetus to the deleetus ok just kidding

  • NoLife5220 OnXbox
    NoLife5220 OnXbox

    I live in Merced California and if we want to go sledding we go to Yosemite national park is beautiful during winter and summer is like 2 hours away here in Merced and also in Merced it dose not snow sow we go to Yosemite to see snow

  • Diachel Nycoel
    Diachel Nycoel

    OUCH! Jillan, are you ok??

  • Linda A
    Linda A

    Is it just me or evans’s voice is low?

  • Dylan Matson
    Dylan Matson

    I can’t believe it Evan, you’re all grown up

  • Cara Mulcahy
    Cara Mulcahy

    whats so dandres

  • Luke Killpack
    Luke Killpack

    well something like that happened to me except we went down a steep hill with trees and 2 people where injured one had a concussion and the other broke his elbow

  • Aishi Chan
    Aishi Chan

    *SANA ALL*

    • Taekkook 3
      Taekkook 3

      Ayy Filipino?

  • Angelina Dooda
    Angelina Dooda

    I just watched one of there older vjdeos and they did the real food vs squishy food and the kid looks so young there but in this vodeo he looks like he grew up sooooo fast Dont rush to grow up!!! Enjoy it while it lasts

  • Kaia Williams
    Kaia Williams

    “Dat looked like it hurt!”

  • Alex Nerfersbuck
    Alex Nerfersbuck

    Be careful Jillian!

  • TUan NGuyen
    TUan NGuyen

    Hey can you make a video of go to Cartoon Network hotel? PLZ

  • Sariah Bharath
    Sariah Bharath

    my dad goes faster on a sled than evan. Evan is so big

  • Madalitso Mapondera
    Madalitso Mapondera

    go for the revive on evan LOL

  • La Bro
    La Bro

    @ 7:21 and 7:22 that guy went "ohh, Ohh!" at Jillian. lol

  • Melvin Castillo
    Melvin Castillo

    R.i.p her snowball

  • cate gaming
    cate gaming

    I was only 4 when i started watching now im 10 and they are sooo much older!I love ur channel ❤❤❤❤

    • yannah cabantug
      yannah cabantug

      Guurll same but I was 6

  • Wavy

    I’m in a car watching people have fun and the cars not even moving ;(

  • Wavy


  • Call me ande
    Call me ande

    The best part about sledding is falling of the sled itself and rolling Down and going airborn

  • Weird Dancin dope Lovers
    Weird Dancin dope Lovers

    One of cousins sounds like Evan when he was small

  • Shogun K1
    Shogun K1

    What happened at the end

  • Rhonda Keith
    Rhonda Keith

    I thought Evan and Jillian were tubing at Peakn'Peek but then the title said "I almost died sledding." So I realized they were sledding!

  • Makayla 04
    Makayla 04

    snow caves r dangerous what is they collapse on u your dead

  • Makayla 04
    Makayla 04

    where were they ? i live up north and we have like no snow

  • Logan Piercey
    Logan Piercey

    I'm in new Zealand 🇳🇿🌏🏕🏖🛴🛳🚠

  • SoaRMistloYT Y
    SoaRMistloYT Y

    Rip Kobe Bryant like if you cried 1978 to 2020

  • Heeeun Kim
    Heeeun Kim

    Guys be careful of virus going around

    • Shadman Mahdi
      Shadman Mahdi

      Right! be careful of Coronavirus. It is dangerous

  • Josh Hester
    Josh Hester

    Looks like you guys are having a blast

  • Dillon Savage
    Dillon Savage

    NGL that hill is kinda small

  • R4INYY

    wow u guys have snow in england it’s cold and we have no snow but that’s kalm with me coz i can play football and stuff

  • Wendy England
    Wendy England

    How many time this like button is Pressed is how many videos they have posted

  • Brandon Lange
    Brandon Lange

    Did anyone watch Evan when he was just showing angry birds stuff I did

    • cate gaming
      cate gaming

      It was the first vid of evan i saw

    • cate gaming
      cate gaming


  • Car Andrew
    Car Andrew

    There in south Lake Tahoe that snowboarding place is off of the 50 highway

  • •Idk what to put here So yo guys•
    •Idk what to put here So yo guys•

    Remember when Evan was still a kid a few years back? Ah, the good old days

    • -LavenderPetalz-

      Fraelia Oracion he still is a kid but he’s just a older kid

    • among us white
      among us white

      Daily Overwatch vids Bonjour

    • among us white
      among us white

      Daily Overwatch vids Hu

    • among us white
      among us white

      Fraelia Oracion was the way way

    • •Idk what to put here So yo guys•
      •Idk what to put here So yo guys•

      Nathan N ya he was

  • Voldemort Follower
    Voldemort Follower

    I saw this videos tumnail and was so happy

  • Alexa Flores
    Alexa Flores

    Bruh the two little kids are Freaking SAVAGES!!!😂😂

    • awesme mrman
      awesme mrman

      ikr they litterly did KAZMAKAZIE

  • Flor Turqueza
    Flor Turqueza

    At canada?

  • Hayden Carrillo
    Hayden Carrillo

    In 2012 I was 1 years old

  • Ann Carlson
    Ann Carlson

    I am new but thankyou for giving unspeakable it was cool

  • Lloyd Blxde
    Lloyd Blxde

    this happened to me twice but when i was skiing