It's the big "B" Day for Evan - BRACES DAY! Getting braces for Christmas! This should cut down on all the Holiday sweets! We also celebrate MT's birthday and Evan's last meal!
Click here to see Jillian getting braces: irbin.info/loft/fy-lm-h-y/o7ppe4bYpY9tvGI.html
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  • Gacha_Galaxie 123
    Gacha_Galaxie 123

    This is making me nervous bow because I only have 5 or 4 theet left to take out and im gonna have braces and its because my theet grow on top of each other and its all a genetic thing and my gums are tooooooo tight 😔😪😭😭😨😰😥😢😢😧

  • Connor Lienemann
    Connor Lienemann

    Wait, Evan didn’t want to get purple for the color of his braces? Surprising.

  • XxxOceanaticxxX

    OMG litterly I just go my top braces today and I'm in painn becuase my tteth are moving

  • Raghav

    I am sure he must have cried that night 😂

  • Stella P
    Stella P

    mom: i am not sharing kids:eats the whole thing

  • scooperjack

    I just got my braces yesterday

  • haloNotable

    What did she just say 😳 1:32

  • Feiby F
    Feiby F

    I wish I had braces

  • marsya syabilla
    marsya syabilla

    7:21 omgggg I- ❤️🤧❤️ evan is soo hansome KJSKKSKJsjmKa

    • Connor Lienemann
      Connor Lienemann


  • Francisca Garcia
    Francisca Garcia

    My favorite brand is lite blue and purple and pink

  • Tahiry Miller
    Tahiry Miller

    I watch your videos

  • Wezzygamer Boi
    Wezzygamer Boi


  • Teodors M&M
    Teodors M&M

    Awesome Braces Dude

  • Nabu135 Streams
    Nabu135 Streams

    Why is everyone talking about evan being different and cute will you all talk about something else you all are being really really weird 😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐

  • gloria batres
    gloria batres


  • Delia Moreno
    Delia Moreno

    Have you noticed that when Evan was eating his bread he had a black thing in his hand

  • imstilloscar

    0:02 Evan disrespectful 😂😂

  • keila Garcia
    keila Garcia

    I like the color of your braces

  • Ashley Pham
    Ashley Pham

    I see my orthodontist in 4 1/2 days. To make the appointment! I’m nervous

  • Maxim Hoornaert
    Maxim Hoornaert

    I need braces today and I am sooooo scared

  • Mafer Leon
    Mafer Leon

    Did it hurt ?

  • X Hunter
    X Hunter

    Hears : the little bother Wait what since when?

  • Sanjay Kumar
    Sanjay Kumar

    Evan can you ask jillian to show us more of her hairstyles.Thanks. And honestly you look AMAZING with those braces. And I am am a BIG fan of your channel and jillians channel too

  • Emilio Martinez Lopez
    Emilio Martinez Lopez

    Happy Birthday

  • Juan Gonzales
    Juan Gonzales

    Hi even

  • Cynthia may bunya
    Cynthia may bunya

    He is been funny it is not his birthday it was thr mom birthday

  • Noah Osmond
    Noah Osmond

    Does anybody see in the intro how in the EvanTubeHD logo you can see all of the family members? like of you do

  • Sonia Yeo
    Sonia Yeo

    It that painful

  • Belinda Ungco
    Belinda Ungco

    Hi im gana have braces to

  • Kentucky Wildcats Fan
    Kentucky Wildcats Fan

    My orthodontist got an arcade

  • Madisyn Wato
    Madisyn Wato


  • akalewold seifu
    akalewold seifu

    When Evan blew out the candle that was funny and no one sinnging by her self

  • Hadeel Fageeh
    Hadeel Fageeh

    Braces like It


    when I'm older I will get braces

  • Hey it’s bilal Q
    Hey it’s bilal Q

    I’m getting braces after coronavirus is death

  • Panda

    I’m scared I get braces in like 3 weeks! 😟😟😟😞😞😞

  • Sarah coelho
    Sarah coelho

    I wish I was famous

  • Inversepuma8776

    Yeah, when I got my braces, the first time I ate it felt like I was chewing on metal.

  • Aqeef Adam
    Aqeef Adam

    Evan is that hurd o scare because my dad want to do like that😕


    Jilian got braces when she was 9 the recommended is at 12-15 thats way to young!

  • Ninki Minjaj
    Ninki Minjaj

    This boyyyy, puberty did him gooooddd

  • Rhon Theodore Hernandez
    Rhon Theodore Hernandez


  • Fire YT
    Fire YT


  • Ana Sofía González Ortíz
    Ana Sofía González Ortíz

    All the comentarus are saying : WOOW evan is soo tall or jillian and evan grow up so fast, hahahha, but its true 😅😂

  • Xplosive [GD]
    Xplosive [GD]

    Only OG’s will remember when he found Mr. Gold

  • Jace's World
    Jace's World

    Evan is.s not your birthday

  • Nana Mure
    Nana Mure

    Happy birthday I feel bad for Evan because brace and Julian and Evan grew so much

  • Space_Panda Gaming
    Space_Panda Gaming

    I get braces tomorrow and I’m... Watching every braces video possible

  • Miguel Gagan
    Miguel Gagan

    0:00 Birth Day Stealer haha 😂

  • Jay B
    Jay B

    I got scared watching this because my dentist said I might need braces.

  • Peyton Downing
    Peyton Downing

    I remember when Evan was little now everybody is saying he is hot I agree, if I was a woman

  • Ang Kokpeng
    Ang Kokpeng

    So that's what braces look like

  • Sean Carvalho
    Sean Carvalho


  • Abdul Aziiz
    Abdul Aziiz

    I like Christmas in Fortnite only

  • Stir fry action Channel
    Stir fry action Channel

    I never had braces they look cool though

  • Amiyah Carter
    Amiyah Carter

    Evan blowed out his mom's candle

  • Damian Raymundo
    Damian Raymundo

    Don't cry big boy

  • Fortnite 360
    Fortnite 360

    Also I love your guys vids plz make more biggest fan!!!!!!!!

  • Darielcode Blue
    Darielcode Blue

    Weirder than her sister 👉👧

  • Crystal Hinson
    Crystal Hinson

    I got Spongebob Movie Sponge Out of Water for Christmas

  • It’s Pizzaboi
    It’s Pizzaboi

    I got clear red braces too. OMG

  • Enrique Martinez Mendoza
    Enrique Martinez Mendoza

    I remember when he did the large gummy worm damn bro u have changed

  • ieshi Del Rosario
    ieshi Del Rosario

    Doo eva have crush

  • Medy Pagaoa
    Medy Pagaoa


  • azteckguru1

    I had braces, I now have a retainer

  • Jhennalyn Gutierrez
    Jhennalyn Gutierrez

    Where's ur dentist I NEED braces and ya -_- lol

  • Real Viper
    Real Viper

    I have braces they are not that bad only for the first couple of days I got mine on dec. 23 😬

  • Unchained Gabe
    Unchained Gabe

    I got my braces on about two months ago. I didn’t feel anything until they tightened them. IT HURT!!

  • Randy Vu
    Randy Vu


  • Jake Carlson
    Jake Carlson

    i think it’s just me or does evans voice not seem as deep? 😂

  • BannedFazeJarvis

    I getting braces soon and I pretty scared

    • BannedFazeJarvis

      Good luck to me

  • Jocelyn Bayubay
    Jocelyn Bayubay

    I I think Evan is playing Mortal Kombat 11

  • Derek Dankenbring
    Derek Dankenbring

    At 3:34 is a really cute smile😊☺️

  • Derek Dankenbring
    Derek Dankenbring

    Love ya EVAN

  • GodMystic YT
    GodMystic YT

    Evan I watched you at like 2015 till 2016 but then I stopped and came back 2020 HOLY MOLY HE GREW UP SO FAST

  • Dudes Dad
    Dudes Dad

    Happy birthday blowing out candles 🤣😂😅😆

  • Valentina Raya
    Valentina Raya

    Evan I have braces and it only hurt me only two days

  • NothingElseYT

    Evan you look like my schoolmate his name is Noah

  • Mazreen Waseem
    Mazreen Waseem

    I got braces today and they did not hurt when I was putting them on but hurt afterward

  • Simplypeachi

    Who goes to dr. Grubaugh for getting braces cause I do.

  • Ali Mansur
    Ali Mansur

    Really funny when Evan blow the cake 😂😂

  • Julia Hernandez
    Julia Hernandez


  • micfiendaddict1

    I have braces to they hurt 🦷🦷

  • Elle Tucci
    Elle Tucci

    evan is just like my boyfriends brother so settle funny and CUTE!!!

  • J A
    J A

    Hi even I like your bras is

  • Janet Rodriguez
    Janet Rodriguez

    I never have braces jilana is fay luck that she had her braces Evan is guiding

  • Dark_Slayer1621 _
    Dark_Slayer1621 _

    I want to get braces beacuse I don’t like how I talk so if I wear braces my voice is going to change just the slightest bit

  • N Blader
    N Blader

    Who has red braces or is going to get them click her👇

    • N Blader
      N Blader

      Not the dislike not this👉👎X

  • AnimeKen

    Creepy thumbnail

  • el miguel
    el miguel

    que buenos videos

  • Nikka Clavio
    Nikka Clavio

    I'm having Nostalgia right now, Evan hit puberty like a truck

  • Nael tube
    Nael tube

    I k

  • Keira Boone
    Keira Boone

    I had braces before.

  • tsukki's headphones
    tsukki's headphones

    Omg I haven't seen this channel for a long time and Evan changed so much!!!

  • Janet Rodriguez
    Janet Rodriguez

    Happy birthday mommy tube

  • mandy

    Your movie beyond beyond has the voice of you evan.

  • Scre Bee
    Scre Bee

    How many of y’all are getting braces so you looked this up 😂

  • FaZe Saff
    FaZe Saff

    Happy B Day

  • Nisa Amira
    Nisa Amira

    I have braces and when I had them on for the first time it didn’t hurt at first but it hurt so much after

  • AlwaysFishing

    My cousin love u guys🥰