I GOT MY BRACES OFF!!! Thanksgiving Tooth Pull!
We hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! Evan got his braces off, Jillian got her tooth pulled, we ate sushi and spatchcock a Turkey!
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  • Legend

    who remembers the giant gummy vid

  • Doppio Dog
    Doppio Dog


  • Exiled Streem
    Exiled Streem

    He grown so much

  • Hailey Penuelas
    Hailey Penuelas

    My name is hailey too😁

  • yo c
    yo c

    Jillian always scream loud

  • yo c
    yo c

    Evan is picky

  • Lupe Silva
    Lupe Silva

    I haven’t seen these guys in YEARS and just randomly remembered them. I’m happy I’m back tho🤍

  • Cathy Pan
    Cathy Pan

    It has been so long since I saw this

  • NicoleLuvsCookie

    sheesh he gets a whole celebration? The orthodontists only say “your done “

  • Killian P.
    Killian P.

    My man not wearing a mask at the dentist

  • Amelia Lohr
    Amelia Lohr

    In a week I might be getting off my bite plate

  • Amelia Lohr
    Amelia Lohr

    I have brace on I eat candy so much and apples I'm breaking all the rules 😂

  • Luke Jacobs
    Luke Jacobs

    I think I’m the only one who never watched even tube until a couple of months ago

  • Gracy

    😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍 GLITTER ⭐ LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!

  • nai saetern
    nai saetern

    there are so many youtube family in california

  • nai saetern
    nai saetern

    i dont know if the tube family know who the royalty family

  • nai saetern
    nai saetern

    when the corona virus dies down the tube family and the labrant family should collab

  • nai saetern
    nai saetern

    evan is all grown up now so is jillian

  • Preston Sherman
    Preston Sherman


  • Preston Sherman
    Preston Sherman


  • Preston Sherman
    Preston Sherman


  • Preston Sherman
    Preston Sherman


  • Preston Sherman
    Preston Sherman


  • Muhammad Amir Norazmir
    Muhammad Amir Norazmir


  • Muhammad Amir Norazmir
    Muhammad Amir Norazmir

    Cute baby

  • Lupe Valencia
    Lupe Valencia

    I remember Julian.. Apple when she got her braces off

  • HA Baker
    HA Baker

    What is thanks giving I live in Australia

  • From Elmy To You
    From Elmy To You

    Our family absolutely loves you guys! You're the reason we started youtubing also!!!

  • NotJustin

    Wait a minute did evan wear a mask?

  • The Roblox Duet with Hailey and Zoe
    The Roblox Duet with Hailey and Zoe

    omg Evans voice is so deep now :o

  • Grim Playz
    Grim Playz

    So cool


    i know i did i had some goooooooooooooooooooooooooooood fooooooooooood

  • Erick Calvo
    Erick Calvo


  • Himanshu Rana
    Himanshu Rana

    The OG know the name of THIS IRbin channel before... if you know what i mean 😏😏😏

  • Hamadan Abdulla Al Moosawi
    Hamadan Abdulla Al Moosawi

    How will Even look without his braces

  • Hector N
    Hector N

    Evan fan girls be like: omg he voice is awesome! while me wow i been watching these guys when they were younger :(

  • Grayson Altizer
    Grayson Altizer

    That sushi looks bomb

  • Vɪᴄᴛᴏʀɪᴀ Mᴀɴᴇs
    Vɪᴄᴛᴏʀɪᴀ Mᴀɴᴇs

    I am going to cryyy he grew up so muchhh

  • Muhammad Amir Norazmir
    Muhammad Amir Norazmir

    Cute baby 🥺


    why did they put raw in the name anyway?

  • Josh real1
    Josh real1


  • Big Gibson
    Big Gibson

    Now that they are older

  • Big Gibson
    Big Gibson

    Evan and Jill look so different

  • ꧁tropical viibes꧂
    ꧁tropical viibes꧂

    I might have to get braces but I’m 9 rn, so maybe not yet, does it hurt when you get braces and when you get them off?

  • ivan ruiz
    ivan ruiz

    Ark you Diego

  • Panda Plays
    Panda Plays

    Merry Christmas

  • Panda Plays
    Panda Plays

    Congratulations Evan you did have braces for 2 years

  • Hollow Eyes
    Hollow Eyes

    Who’s that baby

  • Ajla Hodzic
    Ajla Hodzic


  • Nicole Clavijo
    Nicole Clavijo

    Happy Thanksgiving

  • Rafaele Dano
    Rafaele Dano

    I got all my baby taken out all by myself at the age of 11

  • ¿

    Who remembers the vide when there mom was sick and the Jill was doing a rock and roll

    • Zane _1504
      Zane _1504

      Sometimes you gotta break the rules, and do what you gotta do

  • Elyse Marshall
    Elyse Marshall

    Who remembers Evan tube raw

  • MorHope

    Who else is happy that he got his braces off

  • Arun Kandiah
    Arun Kandiah

    She just pulled the chicken legs

    • Arun Kandiah
      Arun Kandiah

      Now the chicken is dead

  • TheCloudyGaming

    That sushi looks like it smacks

  • Maddie Caldwell
    Maddie Caldwell

    That was so bloody

  • Mary Nawai
    Mary Nawai

    hi Evan

  • JorzzYT

    Only real one know the mr golden series

  • Celina

    that sushi looks so good, i have to say

  • Celina

    omg I didn't even recognise him I only realised by looking at the other videos,, he's grown upp

  • Nader Fouad
    Nader Fouad

    Omggg I missed watching your vids, feels good to be watching you after 4-6 years

  • Athbah A. AlRashoud
    Athbah A. AlRashoud

    I want to see what my Carrabas name is

  • Athbah A. AlRashoud
    Athbah A. AlRashoud

    What is the name of the Koroba website

  • Train_Tech2021

    6:48 XDD

  • Silvia Quintero
    Silvia Quintero

    Hey i’m pocket watch yeah only have old videos and a fit of dem

  • sans Omegatale
    sans Omegatale

    Does anyone remeber the gummy vs real and all the other _ vs real parents editions

  • Sergio Madrid
    Sergio Madrid

    I've grown up with Evan and I have always found it cool

  • HB - 03SS 863808 Nahani Way PS
    HB - 03SS 863808 Nahani Way PS

    my brother is 15 years old

  • HB - 03SS 863808 Nahani Way PS
    HB - 03SS 863808 Nahani Way PS

    congrads even

  • HB - 03SS 863808 Nahani Way PS
    HB - 03SS 863808 Nahani Way PS

    my brother likes even and i like jilian

  • Asian cat
    Asian cat


  • icloudy dxeams.
    icloudy dxeams.

    I’m sad Evan sounds so diffrent

  • joana Rose Tablano
    joana Rose Tablano

    is the turkey alive it move its leg

  • Marshall Mackinney
    Marshall Mackinney

    i bean left out lied to talked about and used stared down and laughed at while walking out of school. thats my life

  • johnny's and jaehyun's fart jar
    johnny's and jaehyun's fart jar

    i watched his channel 7 years ago- omg...so iconic.

  • iiclouxdyxii xii
    iiclouxdyxii xii


  • Soongyu Yang
    Soongyu Yang


  • Mary Gorelczenko
    Mary Gorelczenko

    you guys are lucky that your dentists are super happy and welcoming for your braces tocome off meanwhile my dentists would just say to come back in 5 months because I am getting them back on.

  • Matthew Bowles
    Matthew Bowles

    I am now starting to get my braces on

  • mister k
    mister k

    hey evan my name is ken im from Indonesia im born 06-12-2009 11 year almost like you and im a boy 😁

    • Saul

      Isn’t he like 15?

  • Shibe Gaming
    Shibe Gaming

    Evan has grown so much, and i watched his old videos and lego building videos 😀

  • sasya candra
    sasya candra

    Hi Tube family, if your reading this just wanted to say that I have loved this Chanel since, like, Eventube raw. Just wanted to say thanks for making these videos, and I really like Jillian Tube, too because I’m 12 years old too!

  • Mr_Phil_Me_Up

    I remember watching Evan unbox toys years ago

  • Sara Mukarram
    Sara Mukarram

    I love you all

  • Foxybro99

    Oh thank god, I haven’t been here in forever! I’m so happy COPPA didn’t ruin this channel!!

  • CreeperDuDE 89
    CreeperDuDE 89

    0:24 i'd honestly feel so embarrassed here ngl

    • Brianna Elyze Malto
      Brianna Elyze Malto

      Lmao facrs

    • Gladener Santiago
      Gladener Santiago

      Omg me too!!!

  • Kaaliyah Drummond
    Kaaliyah Drummond

    My brother thought it was a boy 🤣🤣🤣

  • Yellow Earth
    Yellow Earth

    I haven’t watched for so long.

  • Yellow Earth
    Yellow Earth

    0:36 poor woman she wanted a hive five

  • Yee T
    Yee T

    God Loves U

  • Wen Xuan Lee
    Wen Xuan Lee

    his voice change so much OMG😂

  • baiakmenlang synmon
    baiakmenlang synmon

    Why does Evan always hold a spoon like punching someone

  • {!Pink_Cloudy!}

    Who else remembers- Evan and Jillian

  • iiMxn_Gachaii

    It's been years since I've watched you and finally I FOUND you guys again

  • GltchedObsidian

    Yo they look so different oh my god

  • Monique Rojas
    Monique Rojas

    i haven’t watched them in forever but i found evan on tiktok so i’m back 🤑

  • kixr

    Who else is excited for there Christmas video this year

  • Ain’t No Woman Like A One Eyed Girl
    Ain’t No Woman Like A One Eyed Girl

    I got my braces off almost 3 years ago.

  • Venkateshwar Uckoo
    Venkateshwar Uckoo

    Can you please make a other New Year video

    • Venkateshwar Uckoo
      Venkateshwar Uckoo

      Please please please please