Welcome to the 2020 version of The Tube Family WHAT I GOT FOR CHRISTMAS! All we really wanted this year was for everyone to be healthy and for things to get back to normal. We picked them up some things on their wish lists, as well as some of the BIGGEST LEGO sets around to keep them busy while at home! Hope everyone who celebrates had a great Christmas and a happy and safe NEW YEAR! See you in 2021!
Videos of Christmas Past:
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  • The Tube Family
    The Tube Family

    Hope everyone had a great Christmas/December 25th! 2020 is almost over! What was your favorite gift or something you are most grateful for? GO!

    • Chao Thao
      Chao Thao

      I want COVID to be over

    • Āïšhâ Žādjâłî
      Āïšhâ Žādjâłî

      @TheBlackCreeper lucky

    • Āïšhâ Žādjâłî
      Āïšhâ Žādjâłî

      I don’t celebrate Xmas but I’m jealous

    • Oakley Gaming vlogs
      Oakley Gaming vlogs

      Nintendo labo

    • Jackson Harris
      Jackson Harris

      i just wanted to say that i got the colosseum, and the build is totally worth it if you haven’t already

  • f x r n w e h
    f x r n w e h

    I thought it was a heater

  • Isaac Universe
    Isaac Universe

    I really wanted the piano

  • Donna Orange
    Donna Orange

    The Biggest set has 1.1 million

  • Robopenguin Gaming
    Robopenguin Gaming

    Evan I love mha as well

  • Ugnius Urbonas
    Ugnius Urbonas

    Bruh i remember watching evans videos, the green screen ones where the best and it just was so funny and entertaining

  • Alexander Nicolaysen
    Alexander Nicolaysen

    When are they making a video 📷 on the lego

  • 200 PUMP OOZEY
    200 PUMP OOZEY


  • 200 PUMP OOZEY
    200 PUMP OOZEY



    Merry Christmas 🌲☃️ tube family 😁 hope you have a good one

  • Alisa Tan
    Alisa Tan


  • Totoro

    Evan if you see this comment Love your demon slayer hoodie! Love that show

  • Luka Woodley
    Luka Woodley

    I haven't watched this channel in years...when did Evan become, In to anime

  • Raphaelle Sanoria
    Raphaelle Sanoria

    Me jealous bc he got anime t shirt i love anime

  • Raphaelle Sanoria
    Raphaelle Sanoria

    they sleepy

  • So do they just have to servants?

  • Christopher Zhao
    Christopher Zhao

    Demon Slayer 👌

  • Renee Reyes
    Renee Reyes

    Julian with the drone:aaaaahhhhh

  • Edward John Daniel II
    Edward John Daniel II

    When Jillian scream before the intro I laughed because he sounded a chubaca (I can’t spell it )

  • drippzzloveshunterxhunter

    Evan is a anime fan like what @The Panda Gaming said my respect for even went so much higher, I have been watching since I was like 3-4. Anybody else still have memories watching?

  • Andrew Gregory
    Andrew Gregory


  • Cristian Morales Galindo
    Cristian Morales Galindo

    Say yes Down earthquake

  • Cristian Morales Galindo
    Cristian Morales Galindo

    Yes or nothing to go back from

  • Cristian Morales Galindo
    Cristian Morales Galindo


  • Cristian Morales Galindo
    Cristian Morales Galindo

    Earthquake in california in freeway and tomorrow and en

  • Cristian Morales Galindo
    Cristian Morales Galindo

    Out here and I don't think

  • Cristian Morales Galindo
    Cristian Morales Galindo

    Yes earthquake in Los Angeles and run

  • ItzAahanHere

    When they get 50 presents and i get 1 for x mas " *BRUH* "

  • Michele Edwards
    Michele Edwards

    Your family has change since 8 years ago

  • Demon slayer Hero team
    Demon slayer Hero team

    I can see demo slayer shirt tanjro

  • Sebastian Battistini Parra
    Sebastian Battistini Parra

    Demon slayer has to be my second favourite anime

  • Schneider Guadamuz
    Schneider Guadamuz


  • alexander romanus
    alexander romanus

    I love christmas!

  • Natalija Kern Rojs
    Natalija Kern Rojs


  • Bizarre Manga
    Bizarre Manga

    Detroit smashed

  • Todoroki Anime Simp
    Todoroki Anime Simp

    I came after a long time and Evan has taste 😔💅🏻

  • Malachi Clark
    Malachi Clark


  • Rohit Rozario
    Rohit Rozario

    My dad has made the Lego grand piano and it looks very cool

  • Kyle Guzman
    Kyle Guzman

    Evan next 2021 Christmas aot merch & arcade game

  • Jason Xelhauntzi-Alvarado
    Jason Xelhauntzi-Alvarado

    damn there voice changed alot after not watching there channel in 5 years

  • Battlehawkjojo On switch
    Battlehawkjojo On switch

    I dont care i just want to see even build legos like back in 2015-2017

  • Harry Smith gameing
    Harry Smith gameing

    The Colosseum is biger

  • mini wu
    mini wu

    U guys like demon slayer

  • Collin Dailey
    Collin Dailey

    “Is that a dude” Evan 2020-

  • Guillaume Kuttel
    Guillaume Kuttel

    Man your dad probably has a very big payload

  • CardXpired

    Who's man's is this I don't remember anything why did they grow up so fast

  • Tristan Melanson
    Tristan Melanson

    hey they stoled my name my name is Tristan

  • Ashley O’Neill
    Ashley O’Neill

    My name is also Tristan

  • 0933boy Gamer roblox
    0933boy Gamer roblox

    0:09 uhhhh

  • Antony Km
    Antony Km

    i wish this year i get a robux gift card for 100,000 robux

  • Omar Carrillo
    Omar Carrillo


  • Ricky Escobar
    Ricky Escobar

    I remember the time where I would watch EVANTUBEHD and even realeased his Giant Gummyworm vid I begged my mom to go to VAT 19 never got it till this day now Evan a man now growing up it front of my eyes all I can really do is sit there and shed a tear or two we love you Evan thanks for making my childhood🥲🐐

  • narcissa Clink
    narcissa Clink

    By city by city cubby will defeat the hackers

  • narcissa Clink
    narcissa Clink

    By city by city

  • Bealyn Galang
    Bealyn Galang

    and i LIke evantube

  • Bealyn Galang
    Bealyn Galang

    i Love evantube

  • Stan Seungwu
    Stan Seungwu

    Omg cloe is now big like ahhh

  • Thamizhan Multimedia
    Thamizhan Multimedia

    The worlds largest lego set is the life size bugatti chrone

  • misskanza

    I'm 8 years old and I watch cobra kai alone

  • Habiba Farouk
    Habiba Farouk

    The peach gum that Evan was chewing on I could smell it all the way from Dubai 🤣🤣

  • Logan Donovan
    Logan Donovan

    mieey christmas to all

  • Armin Arlert
    Armin Arlert

    U guys have grown GEEZ

  • Monke together Strong
    Monke together Strong

    Ice 🧊

  • Jay Trimmings
    Jay Trimmings

    Are those people Evan and Jillian’s Uncle and Aunt?

  • Abdulsallam Iqbal
    Abdulsallam Iqbal

    Merry Christmas

    • Abdulsallam Iqbal
      Abdulsallam Iqbal


  • asif bhuiyian
    asif bhuiyian

    imagine evan getteng his drivers licence

  • Monique Smith
    Monique Smith

    I like the baby that came to your house with that guy

  • VR RV Gaming & Among Us
    VR RV Gaming & Among Us

    Noice guys!!! I got an Apple Watch for Christmas and my mom got an iPhone 12 Pro Max, and my dad got an iPhone 12 Pro. And my sister got 3 new dresses.

  • Froggy Hearts
    Froggy Hearts

    i have evans “guide to drawing anime” book

  • jason ngo
    jason ngo

    I love you 😘❤️💕

    • jason ngo
      jason ngo

      I’m a boy

  • primadona irwan
    primadona irwan


  • Merrill Curtis
    Merrill Curtis

    what happened to the lego when are you guys going to build the colleseum and jillian what about the rollercoaster

  • Danny Le
    Danny Le

    LOL the pop corn maker

  • John Boggs
    John Boggs

    I got lego Harry potter sets too

  • Diego Silva
    Diego Silva

    look at my profile

  • Aisha ahmed
    Aisha ahmed

    I have been watching you guys since you were little you've grown so much!!

  • راضیه سید خوشکار
    راضیه سید خوشکار

    Me and evan are in 10th grade but we look like first graders 😂😂😂 lol

  • Chimanlal Khamar
    Chimanlal Khamar

    I have been watching there video for 5 years

  • chad harvel
    chad harvel

    Thats evan?

  • NHL tiktok and games
    NHL tiktok and games

    I love harry potter lego

  • parvin rajah
    parvin rajah


  • Johanna Allan-Burns
    Johanna Allan-Burns

    Evan: I’m blue Me: daba Dee daba di

  • Sandeep Sinha
    Sandeep Sinha

    you should make lego ninjago fire temple

  • Janani Anand
    Janani Anand

    Love the end part 💝

  • Ghostal

    It’s so funny Evan so chill about it he like oh yeah that’s so cool ITS THE BIGGEST SET IN THE WORKD I WOULD BE SCREAMING MY HEAD OFF

  • Kai Mellenbruch
    Kai Mellenbruch

    Its a garbage can😂😂😂😂

  • Kayllin todoroki
    Kayllin todoroki

    omg even sees anime how did i know that

  • The Cactus King
    The Cactus King


  • DTplazma

    bruh are all the comments just all nostalgia lol

  • nathx

    Yo I had another account but it got hacked I’ve been here since ur angry bird vids on god

  • kacper worotnicki
    kacper worotnicki

    Omg I remember watching eventube like in 2016 jeez they changes omg

  • Carol Peska
    Carol Peska

    Who watches cobra kai give a thombs up 🤜👏👆

  • Squi Shy
    Squi Shy

    Where’s the mom

  • Janice Kristine Refe-Friolo
    Janice Kristine Refe-Friolo

    I just realized that i like the same thing as them

  • Bassel Issa
    Bassel Issa

    Only og can comment or like

  • EMMA

    Hope u had a good Christmas tube family

  • Henry Henry
    Henry Henry

    On Christmas I feel asleep at 12:00 and woke up at 4:00

  • Fäkëlövë gäçhälïfë
    Fäkëlövë gäçhälïfë

    I hade no idea Evan liked anime

  • Misty Kitchen
    Misty Kitchen

    I remember when this was called evantube raw

  • Alyssa Campos (Student)
    Alyssa Campos (Student)

    NOOO there older :(