Welcome to the 2020 version of The Tube Family WHAT I GOT FOR CHRISTMAS! All we really wanted this year was for everyone to be healthy and for things to get back to normal. We picked them up some things on their wish lists, as well as some of the BIGGEST LEGO sets around to keep them busy while at home! Hope everyone who celebrates had a great Christmas and a happy and safe NEW YEAR! See you in 2021!
Videos of Christmas Past:
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  • The Tube Family
    The Tube Family

    Hope everyone had a great Christmas/December 25th! 2020 is almost over! What was your favorite gift or something you are most grateful for? GO!

    • Toca Life
      Toca Life

      Lego Star Wars UCS hoth

    • Keshia Miller
      Keshia Miller

      @Naoto Shirogane yea same lol

    • ryan hampe
      ryan hampe


    • ryan hampe
      ryan hampe

      Hi what is up

    • Shrreya Ramesh
      Shrreya Ramesh

      And ya u Jillian and Evan u guys a very tall

  • CardXpired

    Who's man's is this I don't remember anything why did they grow up so fast

  • Tristan Melanson
    Tristan Melanson

    hey they stoled my name my name is Tristan

  • Ashley O'Neill
    Ashley O'Neill

    My name is also Tristan

  • frin fingger Board
    frin fingger Board

    0:09 uhhhh

  • Antony Km
    Antony Km

    i wish this year i get a robux gift card for 100,000 robux

  • Omar Carrillo
    Omar Carrillo


  • Ricky Escobar
    Ricky Escobar

    I remember the time where I would watch EVANTUBEHD and even realeased his Giant Gummyworm vid I begged my mom to go to VAT 19 never got it till this day now Evan a man now growing up it front of my eyes all I can really do is sit there and shed a tear or two we love you Evan thanks for making my childhood🥲🐐

  • narcissa Clink
    narcissa Clink

    By city by city cubby will defeat the hackers

  • narcissa Clink
    narcissa Clink

    By city by city

  • Bealyn Galang
    Bealyn Galang

    and i LIke evantube

  • Bealyn Galang
    Bealyn Galang

    i Love evantube

  • Stan Seungwu
    Stan Seungwu

    Omg cloe is now big like ahhh

  • Thamizhan Multimedia
    Thamizhan Multimedia

    The worlds largest lego set is the life size bugatti chrone

  • misskanza

    I'm 8 years old and I watch cobra kai alone

  • Habiba Farouk
    Habiba Farouk

    The peach gum that Evan was chewing on I could smell it all the way from Dubai 🤣🤣

  • Logan Donovan
    Logan Donovan

    mieey christmas to all

  • Armin Arlert
    Armin Arlert

    U guys have grown GEEZ

  • Mohab Gaming
    Mohab Gaming

    Ice 🧊

  • Jay Trimmings
    Jay Trimmings

    Are those people Evan and Jillian’s Uncle and Aunt?

  • Abdulsallam Iqbal
    Abdulsallam Iqbal

    Merry Christmas

    • Abdulsallam Iqbal
      Abdulsallam Iqbal


  • we are the spy ninjas
    we are the spy ninjas

    imagine evan getteng his drivers licence

  • Monique Smith
    Monique Smith

    I like the baby that came to your house with that guy

  • VR RV Gaming & Among Us
    VR RV Gaming & Among Us

    Noice guys!!! I got an Apple Watch for Christmas and my mom got an iPhone 12 Pro Max, and my dad got an iPhone 12 Pro. And my sister got 3 new dresses.

  • Fluffy Bun
    Fluffy Bun

    i have evans “guide to drawing anime” book

  • jason ngo
    jason ngo

    I love you 😘❤️💕

    • jason ngo
      jason ngo

      I’m a boy

  • primadona irwan
    primadona irwan


  • Merrill Curtis
    Merrill Curtis

    what happened to the lego when are you guys going to build the colleseum and jillian what about the rollercoaster

  • Danny Le
    Danny Le

    LOL the pop corn maker

  • John Boggs
    John Boggs

    I got lego Harry potter sets too

  • Diego Silva
    Diego Silva

    look at my profile

  • Aisha ahmed
    Aisha ahmed

    I have been watching you guys since you were little you've grown so much!!

  • راضیه سید خوشکار
    راضیه سید خوشکار

    Me and evan are in 10th grade but we look like first graders 😂😂😂 lol

  • Chimanlal Khamar
    Chimanlal Khamar

    I have been watching there video for 5 years

  • chad harvel
    chad harvel

    Thats evan?

  • tiktok funny Video
    tiktok funny Video

    I love harry potter lego

  • parvin rajah
    parvin rajah


  • Johanna Allan-Burns
    Johanna Allan-Burns

    Evan: I’m blue Me: daba Dee daba di

  • Sandeep Sinha
    Sandeep Sinha

    you should make lego ninjago fire temple

  • Janani Anand
    Janani Anand

    Love the end part 💝

  • Ghostal

    It’s so funny Evan so chill about it he like oh yeah that’s so cool ITS THE BIGGEST SET IN THE WORKD I WOULD BE SCREAMING MY HEAD OFF

  • Kai Mellenbruch
    Kai Mellenbruch

    Its a garbage can😂😂😂😂

  • Kayllin todoroki
    Kayllin todoroki

    omg even sees anime how did i know that

  • The Cactus King
    The Cactus King


  • ValleyBodyWorks

    bruh are all the comments just all nostalgia lol

  • Nathx

    Yo I had another account but it got hacked I’ve been here since ur angry bird vids on god

  • kacper worotnicki
    kacper worotnicki

    Omg I remember watching eventube like in 2016 jeez they changes omg

  • Carol Peska
    Carol Peska

    Who watches cobra kai give a thombs up 🤜👏👆

  • Squi Shy
    Squi Shy

    Where’s the mom

  • Janice Kristine Refe-Friolo
    Janice Kristine Refe-Friolo

    I just realized that i like the same thing as them

  • Bassel Issa
    Bassel Issa

    Only og can comment or like

  • EMMA

    Hope u had a good Christmas tube family

  • Henry Henry
    Henry Henry

    On Christmas I feel asleep at 12:00 and woke up at 4:00

  • Fäkëlövë gäçhälïfë
    Fäkëlövë gäçhälïfë

    I hade no idea Evan liked anime

  • Misty Kitchen
    Misty Kitchen

    I remember when this was called evantube raw

  • Alyssa Campos (Student)
    Alyssa Campos (Student)

    NOOO there older :(

  • Brian Carpenter
    Brian Carpenter

    I respect Evan More now for his anime choices My Hero Academia, Kimenstu No Yaiba (Demon Slayer)

    • •green tea•
      •green tea•


  • Distory With Andrew
    Distory With Andrew

    Jesus your still doing this shot he’s like 40 years old

  • amber griffiths
    amber griffiths

    This is so scary to see the family grow older. I'm so glad for the memories this whole family gave me when I was younger.

  • ImGoodboi :3
    ImGoodboi :3

    i watched the whole series of harry potter is SUPER NICE you should try watching the whole series.

  • Hussain Paracha
    Hussain Paracha

    what happend ti ur tortoise

  • Emily J
    Emily J



    are you building the colosseum set our gonna let it collect dust just like the star destroyer

  • Mr. smort dog
    Mr. smort dog

    Why is that kids eyes so small, how does he see



  • Shigaraki's Waifu
    Shigaraki's Waifu

    1. It has been a while since I watched your vids 2. I am shocked that Evan watches Anime and that Deku hoodie noice 3. JILLIAN'S GLOW UP LIKE BRO

  • Kris Mazari
    Kris Mazari

    Same my early Christmas present was an iPhone 12 and my sister got an iPhone 11

  • UnstoppableGaming

    There needs to be a Lego Elton John to go with the Grand Piano

  • Raman Devil
    Raman Devil

    If my family was here on Christmas one of them would say COVID!

  • eurekawhatsapp Admin
    eurekawhatsapp Admin

    Best video ever

  • Fezix 123
    Fezix 123


  • Baily Bob
    Baily Bob

    It’s kind of sad when Evan and Jillian aren’t going to school and seeing there friends, when i go to school every other week

  • Baily Bob
    Baily Bob

    My favorite present I got this Christmas was my dog, her name is Chloe, she’s a Labrador retriever, I use$ to babysit her

  • Kakashi Hatake234
    Kakashi Hatake234

    I really want the diagon ally set from Harry potter

  • Energy Arts Dance
    Energy Arts Dance

    I love watching your Christmas videos

  • Energy Arts Dance
    Energy Arts Dance

    You guys got very very good stuff

  • Raul Apolo
    Raul Apolo

    My hero academia

  • YTPancakeSquad

    What is your intro music called?

  • iiLuna_Moonii

    I have the same trash can for my dorm house

  • Shredbox

    i used to watch you when i was like 7 (now im 12) and i come back to you guys looking the exact same :)

  • Oliver Brooks
    Oliver Brooks

    I remember Evan when he was a little kid and now he is a teen

  • Alondra Ontiveros
    Alondra Ontiveros

    Even would be like when hee put on the hoodie :evan:I joined the akatski

  • Shey Plata
    Shey Plata

    Lol evan i remember when i watch when your a kid

  • DancerCharley p
    DancerCharley p

    I am grateful for life


    Can you do gundam unboxing

  • surfyn

    I'm the garbage can but you're the trash. HAHAHA i can't-

  • Zaara's Rainbow Unicorn Channel
    Zaara's Rainbow Unicorn Channel


  • Zaara's Rainbow Unicorn Channel
    Zaara's Rainbow Unicorn Channel

    I. Love. You merry. Christmas 🎄. Zaara.

  • Van nala
    Van nala

    I watched him when i was young until now

  • Van nala
    Van nala

    How old is him and her?

  • Spider-Man 101
    Spider-Man 101

    Do a review on that Harry Potter lego set, Evan!

  • Pippa Kemp
    Pippa Kemp

    Hey Even and Jillian I have been admiring your channels ever since angry birds btw I am the same age as Jillian

  • θανασης vlogger
    θανασης vlogger

    8:51 Im the garbage can but you are the trash. Now THATS A LOT OF DAMAGE🤣

  • KingsleytheKing

    I got an iPhone 11

  • Mr Eggs
    Mr Eggs


  • Annie Osornio
    Annie Osornio

    Omg I miss you guys I haven't seen any of you guys sense I was little because I didn't know your IRbin channel

  • Honour Morris
    Honour Morris


  • From Elmy To You
    From Elmy To You

    Our family absolutely loves you guys! You're the reason we started youtubing also!!!

  • Giovanni Sanchez
    Giovanni Sanchez

    im in 3rd grade and we learn about rome and gladdioters and the collowseum

  • primus productions
    primus productions

    I didnt know evan like anime