I have a new show on HULU called JILLIAN'S MYSTERY CRAFT BOX! It stars me and Slime Queen and craft guru Karina Garcia! Available now to binge watch www.hulu.com/series/jillians-mystery-craft-box-by-pocketwatch-e8d3b729-648d-45d4-a392-40da3d98ca7e! Here is a behind the scenes look from our shoot last year. Karina Garcia -the internet's most famous crafter- is putting kid video star JillianTube's DIY skills to the test! In each episode of the all new series Jillian's Mystery Craft Box, Jillian must create an exciting and unique craft using only the items given to her in a mystery box. With some help from The Tube Family, including fellow kid video star, EvanTube - plus her adorable cartoon crafting buddies - Jillian proves she's up to the challenge!
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  • Noraaa

    Jillian CHLOEJillian CHLOE JillianJillianJillian C H L O E CHLOEEEE

  • Princess Sugar rush Plays
    Princess Sugar rush Plays

    I literally started watching them when I was 3-4

  • meriam mallouka
    meriam mallouka

    it is not on hulu

  • M E O N L I G H T
    M E O N L I G H T

    is it out on netflix?


    i thought BTS came to the set

  • Takara Barnes
    Takara Barnes

    I love crafts, too Jillan. I wanna be you when I grow up.

  • Arianna Plays
    Arianna Plays

    I just watched it weeks ago and yea

  • Karina Bocanegra
    Karina Bocanegra

    My name is also Karina

  • MVP_Danny

    Who remembers when they uploaded singing a crismas song

    • MVP_Danny

      They were like 9 and 8

  • Zach-Axel Ponce
    Zach-Axel Ponce

    Let's take a minute to realize that she has a high chance of getting embarrassed big time in high school.

  • Falci.mp4

    Clohe has really bad effects you can see jillians arm goes through clohe

  • Elizabeth Luna
    Elizabeth Luna


  • Micky Mouse Cheesehead
    Micky Mouse Cheesehead

    in the vid im watching the same episode rn but i dont make the crafts lol

  • Zarifah Hassan
    Zarifah Hassan

    Wow! you are very lucky! I will 100 percent watch it!

  • John Salmieri
    John Salmieri

    I don’t have Hulu 😭 that sad

  • Kittykook

    Uh where is bts than I learned it’s means behind the scenes

  • mohd sal
    mohd sal


  • Random stuff dude E
    Random stuff dude E

    I love how Evan just ruins everything XD

  • Baze

    4:46 look at the person in the pink shirt

  • Milk Shakes
    Milk Shakes

    omg Jillian's voice is so werid now I been watching them when it was at 2013

  • MarigoldMoon

    I have Hulu but the reason I never seen her show is because all I do on Hulu is watch anime

  • ch3lzz_

    Yall i missed this guys i have not been wachting these guys for 1 year

  • chloe grace
    chloe grace

    This was published on my bday

  • Troy Deerman
    Troy Deerman

    Ye I'm late cuz don't watch yt much so sry lol

  • Tormon,Kenrick John
    Tormon,Kenrick John

    Time was so fast iremembr how Julian sing jingle bell when she's only like 3 or 5

  • • p a s t e l •
    • p a s t e l •

    Woah wait? They aren’t 8 and 10 anymore? They grew so much omg

    • SnapBoyRiz Gaming
      SnapBoyRiz Gaming


  • Hanna Solis
    Hanna Solis


  • Dowka 29
    Dowka 29

    *I. NEED. TO. HAVE. A. TV. SHOW. NOW.* (wait a sec, i have been on tv)

  • Roaarr World
    Roaarr World

    On my b day I’m gonna be 11 soon

  • Cristy Niks
    Cristy Niks

    Man am I jealous

  • kearah vallejo
    kearah vallejo

    i watch them like 8-10 years old now im 12

  • Roaarr World
    Roaarr World

    I am calling it the toy land with my bunny you draw game and have fun and my craft,s then darth Vader makes my show go,s wrong

  • Roaarr World
    Roaarr World

    I am marking my own tv show maybe


    The Next Generation of Dora The Explorer...

  • Led3355 Led
    Led3355 Led

    What!?!?!?!?! Jill has a a chanel eekkkkkkk AHHHHH I love it eekk

  • Chongkuk Yim
    Chongkuk Yim

    Literally the whole comment section is about Evan and Jillian when they were toddlers.😂

  • Kaylin Crowley
    Kaylin Crowley

    Jillian: has a show at 11. Me: being a normal and bored 11 year old

  • nham giangho
    nham giangho

    what's with the BTS? can u tell me pls!

  • Rorysdaman _YTUBE2021
    Rorysdaman _YTUBE2021

    What Is Hulu?

  • Karla Bobadilla
    Karla Bobadilla

    I remember

  • Yesi Martinez
    Yesi Martinez

    Evan and her sister are good of the show

  • Rishi Vijayakumar
    Rishi Vijayakumar

    Jillian you did awesome!!!!!!

  • Selish

    comments: woah these kids AGED.

  • niki damage
    niki damage

    jill at 11: has her own show. me at 11: watching her show

  • Enrique Taliaoa
    Enrique Taliaoa

    Evan Why did you sabotage 😡😡😡😡

  • Alex playz hart
    Alex playz hart

    omg I watched them for like since Even and Jillian when they were little and now Jillian has her on show this is crazy!

  • Charlene Lane
    Charlene Lane

    Who else started watching the show on Hulu right after they watched the video?

  • Ryder_Flips

    Can evan make a TV show

  • Reyna Diego
    Reyna Diego

    Do you guys remember when jillian was getting ready for kindergarden

  • Poffie's studio
    Poffie's studio

    Can't the comment section just the focus the vid instead of screaming how old they are?

  • Venu Tirumala
    Venu Tirumala

    Bruh When they said BTS I thought bts was in the vid but now I know it means behind the scenes. 😑😂😅

  • Mikasa Ackerman
    Mikasa Ackerman

    “Bts”I thought army’s Bangtan boys XD but it’s “behind the scenes”lol I got freaked out

    • Sunnie Oral
      Sunnie Oral


    • Mikasa Ackerman
      Mikasa Ackerman

      @Reyna Diego,oof XD btw army squad!!

    • Reyna Diego
      Reyna Diego


  • JoshyT

    Please make a puppy tube channel

  • Brian Morales
    Brian Morales


  • Brian Morales
    Brian Morales


  • Brian Morales
    Brian Morales


  • Brian Morales
    Brian Morales


  • Brian Morales
    Brian Morales


  • Brian Morales
    Brian Morales


  • Brian Morales
    Brian Morales


  • Brian Morales
    Brian Morales


  • Lordwin Reyes
    Lordwin Reyes

    i remember jillians first day of school vlogs

  • ImBananaBloxx

    Lol she is more famous than I'll ever be

  • ImNotFunny 13
    ImNotFunny 13

    Do back to school shopping pls

  • Softmari xx
    Softmari xx

    𝗢𝗵 𝗺𝘆 𝗴𝗼𝗼𝗱𝗻𝗲𝘀𝘀 𝘁𝗵𝗲𝘆 𝗴𝗿𝗼𝘄𝗻 𝘀𝗼 𝗺𝘂𝗰𝗵! 👁💧👄💧👁

  • Langdon and Rhodes
    Langdon and Rhodes

    Are you going to go on any more Disney cruises?

  • anathalie leyva
    anathalie leyva


  • Mohit Jadhav
    Mohit Jadhav

    Kon india se hai like

  • xcloudsxroyalehighroblox

    god i miss when u guys were little yall were throwing food on each other head i love yall💞😭💖🥳

  • GreenRiot

    You took the intro from team tv

  • SEVEN8

    I watched this channel since 2014 6 years wow

  • Gaming With Mar
    Gaming With Mar

    am very curious how do they do this in quartine

  • Family MyTubeHD
    Family MyTubeHD

    a successful compact family, always greet you from Indonesia😘😘

  • Sceptical Drax
    Sceptical Drax

    Last year this took way tooo long

  • Nadine Alosta
    Nadine Alosta

    Omgggg last time you watched your videos on 2015

  • Raven

    These Guys Were The Only Ones Missing In My Quarantine!

  • Raven

    These Guys Were The Only Ones Missing In My Quarantine!

  • gINX. Affordable Threads & More
    gINX. Affordable Threads & More

    Make more challenge vids please

  • Gwen Schouten
    Gwen Schouten

    Oh wow this is cute.

  • Aerin and Aliana’s Moments
    Aerin and Aliana’s Moments

    I think i know Karina

  • Xeanthel Faye Ulit
    Xeanthel Faye Ulit

    Her voice though changed

  • Kodiack

    Jillian at 11: has her own show Me: just watching for a random reason Jillian at 5: making lego stuff Me: stares at the screen waiting for something to happen

  • Maken Vlogs
    Maken Vlogs

    very nice

  • Insert cool Name
    Insert cool Name

    I have not watched this channel is years you guys improved a lot and changed a lot you guys were still great in the past

  • NaZty UnKnoWn
    NaZty UnKnoWn

    Evan has a movie and Jillian has a tv show.... man what a amazing life there having

  • Desi Home Experts
    Desi Home Experts

    Hi family ❣️

  • AngusDF

    Evantube is still amazing

  • Asma Alsinani
    Asma Alsinani


  • AwesomeAllie

    I love how the fact that are the 10-12 year olds are so famous and I'm 10 and I'm at 42 subscribers 😂😂

  • Samuel YouTube Gaming & Elevators
    Samuel YouTube Gaming & Elevators

    I thought it was Karina Kurzawa

  • Rajvardhini Naik Nimbalkar
    Rajvardhini Naik Nimbalkar

    Hii Jill

  • Chandan Sinha
    Chandan Sinha

    You guys are amazing

  • Lucario Master
    Lucario Master

    Jillian and Evan and there mom and dad are da best IRbinrs in the world!!!!!

  • Rainbow_ playz
    Rainbow_ playz

    I literally started watching them when I was 5 or 6 years old and now I'm already 10 years old this year😁😁😁😅😅😅

    • Just Crazy
      Just Crazy

      Sameee! But im the same age as Jillian. Born in 2008

  • Christian Robles-Fernandez
    Christian Robles-Fernandez

    Do more snack crate

  • Tamsin Brame
    Tamsin Brame

    This show on Netflix

  • Hugo Sailema
    Hugo Sailema

    IRbin went bad for them so now uses their kid on a show

  • Scott Briggs
    Scott Briggs

    It was so good I watch all of them in one day 🤣

  • Jessica Riddle
    Jessica Riddle

    Hello evan and daddytube i was playing super Mario odyssey and i encounterd that the adventure doesn't end apartly after the credits you get the ability to go to the mushroom kingdom

  • nayereh haji
    nayereh haji

    I like to go one