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We are letting our Instagram followers control our lives for the day!!! We posted a bunch of Instagram polls at and letting everyone vote on what we should do for 24 hours! Watch and see how everything went down. Did our followers want us to wake Jillian up in the morning or let her sleep in? Who did they want to make breakfast in the morning? Did they want us to go bowling or go roller skating? What did they want us to eat for dinner, McDonald's or Chick-Fil-A? Baskin Robbins VS. Menchie's? Toy Story 4 VS Lion King? Stranger Things VS. Sleep? We had a lot of fun doing this 24 hour challenge. Thank you to all our Instagram followers who participated. LIKE this video if you think we should do it again!
In this family vlog, we also take Chloe to the vet to be treated for Kennel Cough and Evan goes to his piano lesson. Stay tuned for our Back To School Shopping Challenge on EvanTubeHD! =)
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  • Sans The Skeleton
    Sans The Skeleton

    Previews r da worst part of movie. U can just watch trailer on IRbin

  • Sans The Skeleton
    Sans The Skeleton

    Y not drums instead of piano?

  • Sans The Skeleton
    Sans The Skeleton


  • Mashalinho-مشعلينو

    Mr.jimmy or dt Plz do a part 2

  • Moss_Angles19

    Dang juts how I rember you guys from 4 years ago

  • BF ScripZ
    BF ScripZ

    Evens disability not Able to crack a egg

    • BF ScripZ
      BF ScripZ

      With out leaving a egg shell

  • Brian’s builds Alexander
    Brian’s builds Alexander

    24:31 Continue watching for Barbara

  • Sultan Siza
    Sultan Siza

    Oh my god I have been watching you guys since I was a kid and when you were a kid I haven’t watched you guys in years and now your old

  • Static_max

    Only ogs remember when they got the gold lego guy

  • Adam Kim
    Adam Kim

    You do know that you don't have to put yes for up and no for down you can change it from no and yes. Lol

  • Garen McMillian
    Garen McMillian


  • Parker Schneider
    Parker Schneider

    I'm not trying to be rude but how old is Evan and he doesn't know how to do stuff in the kitchen.🤯

  • TheFalseButTrue

    Is Evan left handed?

  • Ezra Clark
    Ezra Clark


  • WildRaider Boy
    WildRaider Boy

    Who has been here since 2015

  • Oscarjr04

    If you’re looking for a healthy way to make eggs you should get kale or spinach blend it in a blender with very little water then put normal eggs in a pan then quickly put the blended kale or spinach then it should mix and then cook it and then it should be done

    • Oscarjr04

      It shouldn’t make the flavor change it should still taste like eggs. It just depends on how egg you put, if you put more egg than spinach, so you should put the same amount of both things. If not then a little less Spinach or kale than egg.

  • Nitro Ninja
    Nitro Ninja

    I'm better at craking eggs then Evan hehehehehe

  • VaVaGo Gaming
    VaVaGo Gaming

    “Is that a dead bird”😂😂😂

  • Eileen Rodriguez
    Eileen Rodriguez

    The tube famaliy do a part two

  • Sheyma Emine TALIC
    Sheyma Emine TALIC

    ayeee where my stranger things stans at

  • infernoser

    Come on grow up leave you tube

  • Anabelle Aguilera
    Anabelle Aguilera

    do you guys live in fontana because i do

  • Lonely Weeb
    Lonely Weeb

    Gordan Ramsay: Your a Teen you Know better you Could make Good Eggs but You are an I-

  • Snazzy_bro737

    Dude I’m 7 and I know how to make eggs

  • EZ Demo
    EZ Demo

    I thought I was a bad cook

  • Cheyanne Carney
    Cheyanne Carney

    Do another Instagram contrs our life for 24 hours but do one how should do a tik tock even or Jillian and even do Charlie De Melo or Jillian do transishian

  • Elijah Shorey
    Elijah Shorey

    Evan......... dead birds aren’t in eggs I can’t believe you thought that lol 🤦🏼

  • Starkitty711

    I'm also left handed

  • Shayndelle Official
    Shayndelle Official

    Invader Zim Enter The Florpus Movie 2019

  • Wolf_Girl tuber
    Wolf_Girl tuber

    Me: Staring at the Chick-fil-a food drooling: Also me: *Thinking About Chick-Fil-A All night 😭😭😭😭

  • TEC Volg
    TEC Volg

    Eggs don’t come from dead birds they only have yoke cause there not ferdlize by a rooster

  • Glenn Frias
    Glenn Frias


  • Nhethra Venkatesh
    Nhethra Venkatesh

    Hello my name is Nhethra. l am a big fan of evan and Jillian .l saw their twin thelapaty slime and cake and I don’t understand how are their two Evan and Jillians in the video where they made friends with future Evan and Jillian. was it graphics that doesn’t matter! And make a thelapathy challenge about card decorating. And it should include : glitter different color, tiny tissue paper, color pencil etc. bye! And send a reply! 🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈

    • Nhethra Venkatesh
      Nhethra Venkatesh

      I thought I made that clear send a reply!✨✨✨🥰😘

  • ashia Turla
    ashia Turla

    Do you do that to chat because I want to do it it looks like from the shop shown I want to do it so please tell me to do it I don’t know how to do that so help me are you still alive so I love you I know you and then I am watching and watching Captain underpants picking a Netflix do you know Netflix because I like it so if you have all those movies in by it and it’s so cool there’s one captain underpants like a gameLove you bye help me OK you promise I would promise to you pinky promise it’s like crashing do your hands so I am Filipino do you know peeping I need a TV been beeping

  • Bradon Snyder
    Bradon Snyder

    Mcdonalds has coil form in there food

  • OrcaRubik

    T-this was Evan tuve raw...

  • Zak Stuart
    Zak Stuart

    Who new Jillian could sleep cute 😆😆😆😆😆

  • Zak Stuart
    Zak Stuart


  • Yellow Sponge Cake
    Yellow Sponge Cake

    It used to be EvenTube Raw

  • Yellow Sponge Cake
    Yellow Sponge Cake

    Bro why did you change the channel name to tube family

  • Ethan jay Cabilao
    Ethan jay Cabilao

    hey Evan phineas and ferb is back cause it's a movie called phineas and ferb the movie candance against the univerise streaming augs 28 on disney+

  • Trenton Wilson
    Trenton Wilson

    I haven’t watched this video in so long and it feels like I watched it yesterday but it’s actually been a year

  • Kathleen Larson
    Kathleen Larson

    Who remembers when jill when to kindergarten Click this button I I I

  • Gwen Schouten
    Gwen Schouten

    I like Chick Full A

  • Cabio Jiang
    Cabio Jiang

    Has anyone noticed Jillian slapped her moms butt when she was twerking

  • Chantal Yuri Bayani
    Chantal Yuri Bayani

    You guys should watch Crawl it's an awesome movie!

  • Travis Halter
    Travis Halter

    It's been awhile since I've watched the channel, very different It's fine I guess

  • Civic Court
    Civic Court

    Stranger things is only for 14 year olds

  • Raymond Prieto
    Raymond Prieto


  • Angel trevino
    Angel trevino

    My family eats only breakfast and lunch and everyone but us eats breakfast lunch desert and dinner

  • Manoj Tilekar
    Manoj Tilekar

    evan was making eggs he did not put salt in them because the eggs did not test good

  • Josh BalbinTV
    Josh BalbinTV

    Lemme Tweck

  • Ate grace
    Ate grace

    Hello guys nice seeing your channel

  • Dinosharttt

    They are so big now ! I remember the angry bird vid and never watched it again I was a huge fan of channel and just cam back!

  • Vangjeli Duka
    Vangjeli Duka

    Wake her up



  • Cherry on Top
    Cherry on Top

    we love insta!!

  • the reaper
    the reaper

    Puberty puperty ok evan

  • chug splash
    chug splash

    The six II Instagram is I want you to make the food and I want Evan to do the easy way I want him to do the cereal way because I like EvanTube

  • Caelen Heafey
    Caelen Heafey

    I miss the even tube raw

  • Sam Pangilinan
    Sam Pangilinan

    why are there parents are not old yet like evan had grown up and jilian and sorry for the wrong spelling

  • World Peace
    World Peace

    Halfway through the video: 1. You guys know you can change the "yes" and "no" buttons to say whatever you want, right? 😅 you could have had "Evan" and "Jillian" buttons, "up" and "down" buttons and so on 2. As a person who enjoys cooking, the breakfast part was painful 😂 but for a first time, great job Evan!

  • Cat Life maters
    Cat Life maters


  • Alondra Ortega
    Alondra Ortega

    Tody is may birthday

  • Nathangaming Tv
    Nathangaming Tv

    19:30 I’m the same with Evan the only drive thorws we go to is McDonald’s and chick fil A

  • king_ isaax
    king_ isaax

    she got nothing to twerk💀

  • Eris

    Even should start a cooking channel and just put in the bloopers

  • ieshi Del Rosario
    ieshi Del Rosario

    Theye grow up so fast

  • CR7 Ansh
    CR7 Ansh

    Hi I'm your hugest fan

  • rdm rm
    rdm rm

    Only og’s know when daddy tune made Evans old rooms

  • Qais AL omair
    Qais AL omair

    They are so luky

  • Jonathang884

    Even tube lives in California near Los Angeles haha next time blur where ya going


    22:15 that was my lemonade and my song😂😂


    How do you guys actually get a good house?

  • Wezzygamer Boi
    Wezzygamer Boi

    She changed her room

  • Vishal Rohan
    Vishal Rohan

    I don't think Evan is a good chef at cooking Jillian should have made breakfast Evan mom should learn him t to cook and stop the video games I am not mean but I am just telling you guys

  • Youssef Kareem
    Youssef Kareem

    Hahahaha hahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahhahahhahahahahhahaahahahah hahahahahahahaha hahahahahahahaha hahahahahahahaha haaahjajajajjjajjhahhahahajahahahahahhahhhahhaahahhaahhahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahhaaahhahajahajajhajahajahhahahahahhaahahahahhahahahhahahahahahahhahahahhahahahahhahahahahahahahahahhahahaahahahahahahahahhahahahhhhhhahahahahahahahahahhahahahhahahahahahhahaah

  • Vianae Figueroa
    Vianae Figueroa

    When he can cook 😍

  • Nathan Tello
    Nathan Tello

    H I

  • ąŋɖཞɛ


  • LDub ZDub
    LDub ZDub

    Ok why is Jillian scared of stranger things and I’m 8 and I’m not

    • LDub ZDub
      LDub ZDub

      Sry Jillian

  • Pawandeep Virk
    Pawandeep Virk

    Evans changed so much 😮 I haven’t watched Evantube in years

    • Jaxon The lazer
      Jaxon The lazer

      Me too

  • Md Shfi
    Md Shfi

    A loving family is a blessing

  • Jeff Felise
    Jeff Felise

    Bro this was my childhood

  • Hamstar! !
    Hamstar! !

    The amount of people watching this in 2020 during covid. ⬇

  • Isemine G
    Isemine G

    Omg have grown so much...

  • Erika Sears
    Erika Sears

    twerk, twerk also choose our destiny! stay at home in 2020

  • Fernando Salas
    Fernando Salas

    I hope the cooking portion of the video was a joke cuz come on guys

  • Willton Johnson
    Willton Johnson

    The battle is on nerf war time everyone vs each other!

  • kayla Terrisha
    kayla Terrisha

    Build funny videos please

  • Nabetse Cruz
    Nabetse Cruz

    In the beginning 😂😂 When Jillian just slapped her hand on Mommy tubes 🎂 😂😂 Sorry I had to 😂😂😂

  • Mariana Neri
    Mariana Neri


  • angur ali
    angur ali


  • ahamed ibrahim
    ahamed ibrahim

    You was a brilliant

  • Chxrrxy Bomb Plays
    Chxrrxy Bomb Plays

    *14 yrs old evan doesn't know how to cook breakfast* *10 yrs old me knows how to cook breakfast*

  • rhea n ruhi
    rhea n ruhi

    6:36 haha i was eating mc donalds while watching this vid

  • Kayleen guzman
    Kayleen guzman

    Jillian is the best friend

  • Nicole The queen
    Nicole The queen

    Are used to watch him when I was like five and now I’m watching him I’m eight

  • Hana Abdulrahman
    Hana Abdulrahman

    Oh my God I’ve been watching you guys when I was like seven years old or six and now I’m 11

  • iris joaquin
    iris joaquin

    Cool to get some rest for a bit