JILLIAN'S NEW BEST FRIEND!!! EvanTubeHD Action Figure is Finally Here!
Click here to see how my action figure was made: irbin.info/loft/fy-lm-h-y/Zs2ZnYvMq7Ojmak.html
Check out our video on the Crhomebook channel: irbin.info/loft/fy-lm-h-y/dtmaeoTGyZyb0mo.html
It's mail time! We open a couple boxes that came in the mail along with check out what the kids got with their Christmas gift cards. Evan's fully painted action figure created by the folks at Otis College of Art and Design for our Chrome Book video finally arrived! We also check out the brand new LEGO Welcome to Apocalypseburg set from the LEGO MOVIE 2! Click here to watch us do a family speed build on EvanTubeHD irbin.info/loft/fy-lm-h-y/orCDn4XSkHGWy2o.html
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  • pz reaction
    pz reaction

    The puppet is sooooo funny

  • P Solis
    P Solis

    I want her to sing abc

  • Kalpa Kara
    Kalpa Kara


  • Lizbeth Ramirez
    Lizbeth Ramirez


  • Wendy Jaqueline Umanzor Garcia
    Wendy Jaqueline Umanzor Garcia

    The puppet iso cool and beutiful

  • Joy Valiao
    Joy Valiao


  • Connor Lienemann
    Connor Lienemann

    I did the makey makey stuff at school it’s pretty cool and fun

  • Britney Pazcacio
    Britney Pazcacio

    My favorite part is when the puppet starts hitting herself

  • ashia Turla
    ashia Turla

    HAhahah ha omg 😱 omg 😆 is the mood amp

  • ashia Turla
    ashia Turla

    Ha Hah Hah Hah Hah Hah Hah Hah Hah Hah Hah Hah Hah Hah Hah Hah

  • my stuff
    my stuff

    I got jealous cause I love puppets

  • Ronalyn Villanueva
    Ronalyn Villanueva

    Let it go

  • Craig Kirby
    Craig Kirby

    happy valentines day

  • Lisandra Delgado
    Lisandra Delgado

    She should sing Lego Batman

  • BJJ Bros
    BJJ Bros

    Katy Perry

  • Sams World
    Sams World

    I have that same pupet

  • Annie Allen Jones
    Annie Allen Jones

    I want the doll to sing be our guest

  • Isabella Reyesmichaca
    Isabella Reyesmichaca


  • Craig Kirby
    Craig Kirby

    whithout colur

  • mariano Sandoval
    mariano Sandoval

    Teenage mutant Ninja turtles

  • Ana Domingo
    Ana Domingo

    live while where young from the band one direction please

  • Aime Flood
    Aime Flood

    Catania should be on America’s got talent with Jillian!

  • Maryam Ahmed
    Maryam Ahmed

    I think Katiana should sing Speechless (From Alladin) Because I know that Jillian and Daddy Tube likes to sing together and if you guys never watched the movie, be sure to watch it. Big fan! Bye!

  • rajdhani egaila
    rajdhani egaila

    She does the most funny puppting I have ever seen in

  • Sandra Molina
    Sandra Molina

    My o my

  • Paulina Hernandez
    Paulina Hernandez

    Can you please give me your Puppet

  • Haiz N
    Haiz N

    jillian you have a puppet i want one

  • omar.khater

    that toy you have looks like Evan when he grew up

  • Raymond Teh
    Raymond Teh

    Jillian can do a perfect puppet shoq

  • May I
    May I

    You're going back into a free market

  • GRL Power
    GRL Power

    You said wich even looks better so I think the painted one looks better

  • ShinyPipGuin20 :3 ඞ
    ShinyPipGuin20 :3 ඞ

    Ik that puppet

  • alessandra imey
    alessandra imey


  • Shaun Chisolm
    Shaun Chisolm

    Into the unknown and show yourself

  • Nico Simanjuntak
    Nico Simanjuntak

    Evan color

  • Nyahna Adams
    Nyahna Adams

    Love you

    • Nyahna Adams
      Nyahna Adams


  • tontonyngcong

    How about bts

  • Jaime Evita Reyes
    Jaime Evita Reyes

    Your new best friend is creeping me out

  • Kayleen guzman
    Kayleen guzman

    It’s party time for me

  • Jay Savier Jack
    Jay Savier Jack

    Make Katiana sing Let it go from Frozen

  • Kayleen guzman
    Kayleen guzman

    I love the princess puppet

  • RyAnna Begay
    RyAnna Begay

    Buetiiful people

  • Sheen Mhavize Casila
    Sheen Mhavize Casila

    Can Jillian make a series of puppet shows on her channel?????????????👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  • M


  • angela rose Celestial
    angela rose Celestial

    can that show true talent

  • Poupard

    The figure does not look like Evan ! LOL

  • mandy solo
    mandy solo

    I want puppet

  • Majda Bur
    Majda Bur

    Hi evin you are my good boy


    Panic at the disco high hopes

  • Riley Webster
    Riley Webster

    sing its raining tacos

  • Vincent le
    Vincent le

    What song name is this intro

  • Cuddly Puppy
    Cuddly Puppy

    Were did julien get that doll

  • Anshu Saraf
    Anshu Saraf


  • Adam Baker
    Adam Baker

    Gera gera po

  • Cher Fauziah HAD
    Cher Fauziah HAD


  • Marlene Ramirez Contreras
    Marlene Ramirez Contreras

    hi Tube Family

  • juanclarissa

    the muppet looks like Sofia the first

  • Sheila Lazaro
    Sheila Lazaro


  • Sheila Lazaro
    Sheila Lazaro

    i'm the only 1 with a comment

  • do not contact again or police will be called
    do not contact again or police will be called


  • juanclarissa

    appcapilla sings some where over the rainbow

  • juanclarissa

    Jillian’s new friend capptianna

  • goro.

    *SuperMarioLogan would like to know your location*

  • Laughing Jill got bored
    Laughing Jill got bored

    Got more puppets I want more puppet videos

  • Toy Teammates
    Toy Teammates


  • Pokemon xy
    Pokemon xy


  • bhumika joshi
    bhumika joshi

    Cattiana should sing a whole new world

  • Drina Mikolajczyk
    Drina Mikolajczyk

    do let it go

  • Todd Yee
    Todd Yee

    Emmitt is my brothers name


    You should check out Jeff videos

  • Scarlett Pacheco
    Scarlett Pacheco

    7 Rigs

  • Currybomber123

    I worked with makey makey at school

  • Ann Troung
    Ann Troung

    Jillian's puppet should song A Million Dreams by The Greatest Showman

  • Ann Troung
    Ann Troung

    I thought Jillian's puppet looks like Sofia The First for a second

    • Ann Troung
      Ann Troung

      @Łost Ângel Sofia The First?

    • Łost Ângel
      Łost Ângel

      I think she is.

  • kenmabearrシ

    Jillian has a puppet of herself

  • hunter wellman
    hunter wellman

    I millan drems

  • Lmoore46 Moore
    Lmoore46 Moore

    Old town road like for yes unlike for no

  • Eesha Waseem
    Eesha Waseem

    Please play granny game

  • Alex G
    Alex G

    Also you should do more videos with catiana

  • Alex G
    Alex G

    I know I'm a little late today but I got a puppet to its a mouse 🐁 🧀😁

    • Brodie Dean
      Brodie Dean


  • Remeliza Lopez
    Remeliza Lopez

    Im someone from the 🇵🇭 philipeens

  • Remeliza Lopez
    Remeliza Lopez

    The puppet should sing something from the Greatest showman my fav movie but one qestion is it your fav as well?🖥📱🎥📹📺

  • Remeliza Lopez
    Remeliza Lopez

    Hi I live in the UK in England and Burnley but I like the one in colour

  • Squish Fuzzy Time
    Squish Fuzzy Time


  • Melissa Humphrey
    Melissa Humphrey

    fly like an eagle 😎

  • Cookie Cream
    Cookie Cream

    yes someone jeffy

  • Jeanette Contreras
    Jeanette Contreras

    Julian's puppet should sing Megan Trainer

  • Maddox Stafford
    Maddox Stafford

    Old town road

  • zfac 000
    zfac 000


  • cleocrown gaming
    cleocrown gaming

    Is This a possesed doll

  • Andy King
    Andy King

    Like if in 2019

    • Saturn Septecles 71
      Saturn Septecles 71

      Andy King sorry I’m in 2002

  • Andy King
    Andy King

    The even head is kinda creepy But it's still so cool

  • Dragon pro 90363
    Dragon pro 90363

    Man evan you getting all the grirls

  • MD Shamsul Alam
    MD Shamsul Alam

    I thing she should sing town road

  • Melissa Quesada
    Melissa Quesada

    Sing a baby song in a silly voice!🤣😂

    • starfire Gaming
      starfire Gaming

      OK so random dude boy 😒😒

  • Anonymous Cyclone
    Anonymous Cyclone

    Even is 😎

  • Ravenclaw Playz
    Ravenclaw Playz

    Jillian, you mean Thotiana? LOL

  • Avery Is Awesome
    Avery Is Awesome

    She should sing Taylor Swift

  • Balline

    Eavn is a But

  • Maria Razo
    Maria Razo

    Song bts🎶🎵