Here's our second vlog from our quick trip to London! We only had one free day so we thought we'd walk around the city and see as much as we could. We signed up for a London Eye River Cruise but the London Eye wound up being closed for the day! However, the cruise was nice and we got to see a lot without having to walk.
After the cruise, we got a 3 attraction pass to the Shrek Adventure, London Dungeon and SeaLife Aquarium. Unfortunately, no cameras were allowed in both the Shrek Adventure and London Dungeon. They had life performances in both and were quite entertaining. MT got "targeted" a couple times in the dungeon and got attacked by some of the actors. The SeaLife Aquarium was a nice relaxing end to day.
The next morning we walked to the Buckingham Palace before heading to the airport. There weren't any tours this time of year, but it was still cool to see from the outside. Stay tuned, more travel vlogs coming soon!
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  • Maddox Badiola
    Maddox Badiola

    the london Eye is closed 😢😰

  • StealthKV

    Tube family you should come back to London again

  • Marvel Tanaka
    Marvel Tanaka

    How they grown

  • That one weird Friend
    That one weird Friend

    I have been to London December last year I went to the palace ,the eye ,shrek place thing,sea world,London dungeon, and the winters fairs

  • Mythical phoniex
    Mythical phoniex

    And this is why I’m not going there

  • Nukie Playz Roblox
    Nukie Playz Roblox

    ive been there before 🤩

  • gamer daisy Styles
    gamer daisy Styles

    I live in the uk how do you like the uk

  • Shilpa Karwa
    Shilpa Karwa

    Wow that is awesome to go to UK

  • Bike Repairs
    Bike Repairs

    Oh no BuckinghAm it's Buckinghum

  • Maddison Beaton
    Maddison Beaton

    Ive been to the London Dungeon and I got locked in the cage and someone came up behind me in the cage and I freaked out and everyone in my tour group laughed at me lol 😹

  • 3wan

    I’m from the uk and I live in England

  • jasmine chow
    jasmine chow

    I just went there last year in December ! Buckingham palace is so beautiful!

  • Iwan Ratcliffe
    Iwan Ratcliffe

    I live in London

  • the ayykaay way
    the ayykaay way

    I say bucking-am, and I come from Yorkshire so I don't know if that's got anything to do with it.

    • Jenko

      No everyone in the uk says that it is just Americans that say bucking ham

  • Jacob Bennett
    Jacob Bennett

    Bucking HAM (I have been triggered) 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧

  • Dj Angeline
    Dj Angeline

    Jillian you have a bad dream because you didn't pray hahahah.....

  • ADM 70R
    ADM 70R

    6:37 I was walking there but not the day u were there

  • Audra Busteed
    Audra Busteed

    I’ve touched something that Evan tube touched

  • Cool Kids
    Cool Kids



    I also has a youtube channel i come form tamilnadu please see and tell how it is


      My name is sai


      My channel name is family tube hd

  • William Fry
    William Fry

    i live in london

  • Summer Chamberlain
    Summer Chamberlain

    London Dungeon is amading

  • Aqua Monkey
    Aqua Monkey

    England is my city

  • its chaos
    its chaos

    I'm from UK and the palace is said "Buckingam palace" but written "Buckingham palace" . You learn something new every day!

  • CrShxdy

    0:03 evans scream

  • Reid Douville
    Reid Douville

    The old intro :o

  • Jad Sader
    Jad Sader

    hi tube family

  • Phineas Flynn
    Phineas Flynn

    They go past Big Ben with loads of scaffolding on it. Me: I went when that was there!

    • awesme mrman
      awesme mrman

      ya big ben is being fixed and repaired most of the damage is from the Blitz

  • AaronsVidsJB

    Bucking hm palace

  • Thomas Bennett
    Thomas Bennett

    When I went to Shrek the Chef hit me with his spoon on my birthday

  • Nightmare X
    Nightmare X

    omg i was at london dugons and the girl in the cage stared at me making me go towards i screamed my head of whenthe light went out

  • Slyze

    When they said London Dungeon I thought they meant The Tower Of London

  • VF_0RBIT

    That area is south Bank I have been there multiple times

  • Labour Reviews Stuff!
    Labour Reviews Stuff!

    Hope you had a Great time did you see Downing Street?

  • Blackpanthe 25ishot
    Blackpanthe 25ishot

    You aren’t supposed to be here!

  • Fraz World
    Fraz World

    Puberty hit hard lol

  • Jake S
    Jake S

    BuckenHAM palace 😂😭

  • Monty Wakefield
    Monty Wakefield

    I’m from the uk too

  • Mahmoud Ali
    Mahmoud Ali

    I’ve been to that aquarium and I really liked it I’ve also been on the cruise

  • MarshyMello's YoutubeGameplays
    MarshyMello's YoutubeGameplays

    i live in uk

  • Paul Pierre
    Paul Pierre

    I have actually been there with my family. It was nice with Shrek and the London Dungeon. I wanted to go to the London Dungeon last because I thought it would be nice to have a big and scary surprise last.

  • G K Kane
    G K Kane

    I’m English we don’t speak posh

  • B Cf04
    B Cf04

    There was only 1 guard because the queen was not in if she was there would of been more you can also tell if the flag is up at the top of it it means she is in if not she isn't

  • Kessel_Gam3r

    you should have had fish and chips

  • MachaBang

    Btw it's called the London eye it's not a ferris wheel 😅

  • HSA Playz
    HSA Playz

    I live in london

  • Chakri M
    Chakri M

    Why don’t they come to Down Under aka Australia

  • r4dz

    Good thing they didn’t meet any *roadmans* they would be *dead*

  • Oliverxl12 _
    Oliverxl12 _

    Don’t get me wrong love London But I sure don’t like rush hour 😂

  • captain carp
    captain carp

    I am from the UK

  • jawaher is vErY sMaRt
    jawaher is vErY sMaRt

    0:05 First day of school be like

    • awesme mrman
      awesme mrman

      LOL YA

  • Little legend Gaming
    Little legend Gaming

    Worst theme park in uk is chessington world of adventures

  • jessica

    I live in London did you enjoy it?

  • ....

    Can you go to Wales

  • Jimmy Eddowes
    Jimmy Eddowes

    Come to Reading in England

  • PeachTea RBLX
    PeachTea RBLX

    I went to shreks adventure and sea life aquarium too and I loved it!

    • That one weird Friend
      That one weird Friend


  • carlo amado
    carlo amado

    I live London and i saw you walking but I thought you were busy

  • Apollo The Space Engine
    Apollo The Space Engine

    im a canadian now

  • Erasmo Gonsalves
    Erasmo Gonsalves

    I live in the U.K.

  • Jay Cabilao
    Jay Cabilao

    My favorite part is dreamworks shrek's adventures! london 3:02

  • tblacher

    I live here

  • Mikhail Chavez
    Mikhail Chavez

    you should of went to harry potter land its so much fun there

  • megacheeseball 100
    megacheeseball 100

    I live in the united kingdon (uk)

  • Riley McMillan
    Riley McMillan

    I literally just went on the cruise before watching this 😂

  • Kaiarahi80

    Welcome to London, now come to New Zealand

  • huraman orujov!
    huraman orujov!

    I love the London dungeon! It is really fun, though a bit scary! I went when I was 10 and I almost cried😂

  • Pau Pablo
    Pau Pablo

    You should go to Philippines like if aggre

  • xテンテン

    Is daddy tube a filipino?

  • Awezy

    Not cruise week, cruise day

  • Smith Bernales
    Smith Bernales

    Or more like this " lon-dungeon"

  • Peter Lynch
    Peter Lynch

    I’m in London right now It’s so good I’m a big fan of yours ,please sub to them

  • Fn Girl
    Fn Girl

    I went to the London aquarium and eye yesterday and tomorrow in going to the dungeon for the second time

  • R1ngax

    You should go to Thorpe park and Alton towers (two best theme parks in the uk)

  • Jam3s St3wart
    Jam3s St3wart

    I'm heading to London today, and I'm doing the eye and the cruise.


    The kids grew so much

  • Lani Magbuhos
    Lani Magbuhos

    london eye is open in 2000 year

  • Lucas Pop
    Lucas Pop

    Glorious LONDON

  • Xx bAlistic xX
    Xx bAlistic xX

    I also went to that sea life

  • Xx bAlistic xX
    Xx bAlistic xX

    The ride at 1:28 I have been on it

  • Jzmynn_

    i just know i was at london that time

  • Did Giducos
    Did Giducos

    The clock tower is still underconstruction⏰

  • noodles

    It would be cool if you met the gaming beaver

  • Softie Plays
    Softie Plays

    Evan got so big

  • Delbert Tube
    Delbert Tube

    Im going to london and other shengen countries this summer

  • Fishy

    We went to London last summer and you guys went to some of the same places as us 🤣

  • Dino Joff
    Dino Joff

    What is this song

  • Weird Dancin dope Lovers
    Weird Dancin dope Lovers

    Jillan : MY HANDS ARE COLD ME:You'll get used to it I live in UK I'm used to it

    • awesme mrman
      awesme mrman

      imagine living in norway

  • CUT -
    CUT -

    I lOVE LONDON!!♥️♥️🤤


    london is amazing i’ve been there myself

    • awesme mrman
      awesme mrman

      my grandpa lived in london and he saw the HUGE damage done to buckingham palace by Nazi Germany


    Go to Peterborough

  • Julo

    Welcome to Britain how may I help you.

  • Julo

    I was there 4 weeks before you, it is so fantastic there.

  • Chris Roberts
    Chris Roberts

    You people went to English

  • Waterloo road Music Videos
    Waterloo road Music Videos

    You should have gone to Windsor castle

  • hayley Semple
    hayley Semple

    Sorry us British people do not speak like that it's okay 😃

  • Hawkodile YT
    Hawkodile YT

    What's up with the Big Ben?

  • Kittimus Prime
    Kittimus Prime

    He keeps pronouncing Buckingham wrong

  • kieron Gilbert
    kieron Gilbert

    And the garden was part of the scene

  • kieron Gilbert
    kieron Gilbert

    8.30 to 8.51 minutes the castle where part of paddington scene of the film at the top (museum)

  • Kermit is A whole mood.
    Kermit is A whole mood.

    Hai from London