OFF TO LONDON!!! Special Movie Screening!
THE KID WHO WOULD BE KING IS NOW PLAYING IN THEATERS. Parents, get tickets here: This is a paid advertisement for 20th Century Fox.
Check out our behind the scenes look at our trip to London for a special screening of the new movie The #KidWhoWouldBeKing. We met the cast and had an adventure fit for a King.
Production Music courtesy of Epidemic Sound

  • Charisma Duenas
    Charisma Duenas

    wow u went england!! ugh i missed it am in england,america is so cool!! but when i finish my gcse's i'llgo america

  • breanna florez
    breanna florez


  • New Mister Puppet Play
    New Mister Puppet Play

    Ow man! Why I'm live in Indonesia Jakarta (terrible country) I wanted live in new york usa! Everyone subscribe me or I will......

  • the ayykaay way
    the ayykaay way

    where the British boys at!

  • awesme mrman
    awesme mrman

    london may look pretty but less than 80 years ago it was complete rumble

  • Kate Mendes
    Kate Mendes

    So what do you think of the uk? I’m from the uk

  • Top 10 Geography
    Top 10 Geography

    Uk gang were you at

  • Laser Bum
    Laser Bum

    shouda visited big Jill and morgz

    • Nintendo Josh
      Nintendo Josh

      I live in the same city/town as them and I’ve seen them a couple time!

  • tblacher

    Next time do not take tours and I am from there so I know

  • Ethan Lee
    Ethan Lee

    I been there

  • FatChxngus


  • Jessica Ashton
    Jessica Ashton

    1:04 its cold thats England for u

  • Pry land OnYt
    Pry land OnYt

    I went there

  • Boberto Farticous
    Boberto Farticous

    I've always wanted a pet cowboy turtle named Breadquanda.

  • Isabella Siu
    Isabella Siu

    We are going to London

  • Takeda takahashi
    Takeda takahashi

    yes as a brit this makes me happy

  • Tomi Allen
    Tomi Allen

    omg I live in London

  • E lord
    E lord

    Why she look like a guy in the beginning

  • Charis R
    Charis R

    I live in England and I have been to London before.

  • Mk PlayZ
    Mk PlayZ

    I live in Uk

  • HavocTV

    Man your my childhood when your just a child, i admire you lmao

  • A3 Scervin
    A3 Scervin

    I've enjoyed you guys so much I've done my part in life i will now give my place to someone els p.s i know you think am lying. Goodbye life😭😭😭😪😪😪😥😥😥

  • Tiyana Bolar
    Tiyana Bolar

    I used to live in England and I used to go to London like every two weeks

  • Chris Millington
    Chris Millington

    Whair did you learn to drive Mario cart

  • Ninja Cow
    Ninja Cow

    “Nothing dangerous though like bird box” lol 😂

  • Arico Villacrusis
    Arico Villacrusis

    LONDON Evan&Jillian

  • Arico Villacrusis
    Arico Villacrusis

    LONDON Evan

  • Arico Villacrusis
    Arico Villacrusis


  • cherish joyce
    cherish joyce

    They are going trips very often.

  • VF Gaming
    VF Gaming

    Go to Maldives 🇲🇻 really cool place I went there

  • Chelsea L. T.
    Chelsea L. T.

    “some really expensive hats, with some shiny rocks on them”

  • Alex Toms
    Alex Toms

    Even though I don't come from London I live in Wivenhoe Wich is a great place or village in the uk

  • Sharon Miller
    Sharon Miller

    i live in london but i never went out that day

  • Lani Magbuhos
    Lani Magbuhos

    Do you Like London Eye Ferris Wheel? 1 like = Yes Reply = No

  • GaLa_Mexican_Restaurant #Sanrafael#Vallejo
    GaLa_Mexican_Restaurant #Sanrafael#Vallejo

    Are. You. Two. In. The. Movie

  • Cool Dolphins
    Cool Dolphins

    Make sure when you fly to England fly to Gatwick airport and stay in the premier Inn that's best... I should know because I live in England.

  • JayJay Playz
    JayJay Playz

    U guys r lucky yoy got to go in the first stone castle in the uk

  • Lucas Pop
    Lucas Pop

    England I live in England lolol

  • LeoTeal


  • M Bros
    M Bros

    wow its been years I haven't watched u guys

  • Ajinkya Biwalkar
    Ajinkya Biwalkar

    I saw you guys leaving the airport as I was going to USA, but was too scared to ask you guys for a picture. 😐😐

  • gxgxs _d
    gxgxs _d

    Cool! I wish ideas u guys because I love in london , although I've watched like 1 video of yours. Your not my fav and will never be but I meh

  • Saarah Chopdat
    Saarah Chopdat


  • Hârrŷ àt Røbłóx
    Hârrŷ àt Røbłóx


  • ItsJustIncredible Jxstincredible
    ItsJustIncredible Jxstincredible

    I haven’t watched this channel and I just watched a video from 2012 and I never realized how deep Evans voice is

  • SquirrelMAN 9
    SquirrelMAN 9

    Moo I'm a chicken.

  • Mr . Awsome
    Mr . Awsome

    *chuckle* The train has an accent 🤣

  • Tik tok
    Tik tok

    I live in lo LONDON and it take minutes to get there to the movies

  • Thefabian boy
    Thefabian boy

    Wer are Your from

  • Thefabian boy
    Thefabian boy

    Wer are You front

  • Thefabian boy
    Thefabian boy

    Wer are You front?

  • Sshukoo_ :3
    Sshukoo_ :3

    U guys grow so fudge big

  • The Doomslayer
    The Doomslayer

    Welcome to cold and miserable old England

  • Chris Lopez
    Chris Lopez

    My hotel was near yours !!!! And I arrived at London to!!!👍🏻

  • Juvenal Estrada
    Juvenal Estrada

    Tell me if you see 21 savage there

  • Dirty Swan
    Dirty Swan

    I went to London too!

  • Dezmond Fur
    Dezmond Fur

    I’m in the UK I’m in *L I V E R P O O L*

  • Muhammad Asim
    Muhammad Asim

    I’m in London right now I want to meet uuuuuuuuuuu

  • Даниил Питерский
    Даниил Питерский

    А я смотрел его когда он бы мелким и делал обзоры на angry birds

  • Ethan C
    Ethan C

    Is this the trip we’re jill gets sick

  • Guadalupe Cervantes
    Guadalupe Cervantes

    Which state do you live in?

  • UnrealS0ul

    can yalls go to malaysia :>

  • Hanzo fan 75
    Hanzo fan 75

    They went to London and didn't go to Nandos?

  • IV Shadowfox
    IV Shadowfox

    Hi so my name is Ivy and I was wondering if you could do a IRbin video dedicated to how to start a IRbin channel and what you may need. Thanks Love you guys hope you have a great time in London I wish I could go there Xox Ivy.❤️💛💚💙💜😘😜😝😋😇💖🦊

  • Emilio González Mendoza
    Emilio González Mendoza

    Hello Evan i like your vídeos


    You ride British Airlines


      I Mean British Airways

  • oof !
    oof !

    cool vid

  • I am Daisy
    I am Daisy

    Evan is sooo cuteeee.

  • ITZ Goode
    ITZ Goode

    I have that same backpack that Evan has

  • Shashi Patel
    Shashi Patel


  • ExicGamer

    I'm in Heaven

  • ExicGamer

    I live in London 😂😂😂😂😀😀😀😆😅😅😅😇😇😇

  • Avaya and Kenni Nepinak
    Avaya and Kenni Nepinak

    Haven’t watched Evan in a while... he sounds and looks so different

  • DeZiiRe SlaZeR
    DeZiiRe SlaZeR

    I remember when u use to upload LEGO building videos

  • Azmi Samuri
    Azmi Samuri

    Im from london like if you live in london

    • Xaellipse

      I live in London.

  • My chair is a Little wet
    My chair is a Little wet

    Jill looks like she’s 14 anyone else?

    • DSS Singh
      DSS Singh

      You don't what a 14 year old looks like do you

  • Kae Toot
    Kae Toot

    Wow his voice is so deep now😂

  • Madison Zweigart
    Madison Zweigart

    I love you guises videos please give me a shout out in your next video you guys are so funny I love the smile it is and you guys are just super fun

  • Andruska Radu
    Andruska Radu

    you know UK is in the UE and she gona exit from UE

    • DSS Singh
      DSS Singh


  • steve Farvell
    steve Farvell

    i have been to the tower of london

  • mobile repering
    mobile repering

    I am indian my derm is london toor

  • Laura Rengha
    Laura Rengha

    I liked my own comment because no one will like mind

    • Laura Rengha
      Laura Rengha


  • Milia Misher
    Milia Misher

    Dang he grew up fast

  • Blade 22
    Blade 22

    Wow they have grown so much I remember when Evan was playing Minecraft

  • Sandra Branchaud
    Sandra Branchaud

    👍👍 enjoy london amazing vacation

  • caitlyn

    Welcome to the UK. I’m from the UK 🙂🇬🇧

  • Aden Edwards
    Aden Edwards

    Evan you are the best you tuber and first yotuber I’ve ever seen in history👍👍👍👍

  • Crazykidstube 22
    Crazykidstube 22

    Wow! How awesome!

  • Snipezz

    I saw Evan there!

  • Salma Rahman
    Salma Rahman

    I live in London


    I'm in Malaysia(if you understand) I also go to Paris And London anddddd where do you live.

  • Lani Magbuhos
    Lani Magbuhos

    evan jillian go to the london eye ferris wheel

  • Leo Lite Guitarist
    Leo Lite Guitarist

    The Beatles? Queen? Where?

  • Cars and Thomas fan 12
    Cars and Thomas fan 12

    What’s the name of the music in the video and in the timelapse in your LEGO dimension LEGO Batman movie story pack video

  • KC Donasco
    KC Donasco

    Fun Fact: J.K Rowling was actually inspired by the Edinburgh castle for the books Harry Potter! And for Potter heads I would like to announce that there is a pretty BIG rumor that there will be a movie coming in 2020 of Harry Potter.

  • Shining Stars
    Shining Stars

    I went to Tower of London well I live in London hope you had fun there

  • Mr Phoenix
    Mr Phoenix

    I went London but I live in England xD I live Stoke on Trent so it's 6 hours to get to London.

  • panthersgb

    I'm British lol hope your saw the diffrence😀

  • Martintimani 2007
    Martintimani 2007

    Don't you have school

  • Bikelife_bobby .925
    Bikelife_bobby .925

    I have always dreamed of having a life like Evans