OUR LAST EVANTUBERAW VIDEO!!! International Mystery Wheel of Snacks! New Channel Name Announcement!
Try SnackCrate: snck.us/Snacktime09236
After 7 years of this channel being called EvanTubeRAW, we decided to change the name to better reflect the family content we create. Henceforth, this channel shall be known as THE TUBE FAMILY! Same fun family, same fun content, just a new name!
To celebrate, we're gonna eat some yummy international snacks from Brazil, Switzerland, and South Africa! Who gets what snack you ask? The Mystery Wheel of International Snacks, of course! We're spinning to the wheel to see which SnackCrate box we get to choose from. Which one would you choose? Brazillian Snacks? Swiss Snacks? or South African Snacks?
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  • The Tube Family
    The Tube Family

    So we finally changed our name! Thanks for all the suggestions. There were a lot of good ones! We felt this one best fit who we are and what we do on this channel! Looking forward to making a lot of great content for you guys for years to come. Thanks for being part of our family!

    • Lily R
      Lily R

      You have the same coffee maker that my family does

    • The CORUS Corner
      The CORUS Corner


    • ApplesRYum

      @The Miranda Silva evantubegaming is Evan's channel specifically

    • Romulo Jr. Ballesteros
      Romulo Jr. Ballesteros

      Pls do an intro with chloe jumping on your heads loll

    • Poppy Stamper
      Poppy Stamper

      @TheBrandenState Same I'm in 2020!!!!

  • SoMeister Backup
    SoMeister Backup

    It nice the channel is still going

  • Connor Lienemann
    Connor Lienemann

    FYI Tube family, in Switzerland they speak German and so on the Wavy Chips bag was like a German kind of language. I just wanted u to know that you kinda pronounced the words wrong. Its spelled “Höllisch scharf” but pronounced (Hall-ish sharf) and at the top of the chip bad you also pronounced it wrong. It’s spelled “Zweifel” but pronounced (zvei- fel). In German, w are pronounced as v. Also on the chocolate candy bar that DT got, he also pronounced it wrong. It should be spelled “Milchschokolade” which is pronounced as (Milsh shock-o-lad-e) which means “Milk Chocolate”. In German e’s make sound and they are not silent like English. Just wanted to let u know ;)

  • Evil gru
    Evil gru

    What if mom has a IRbin channel

  • SoMeister Vlogs
    SoMeister Vlogs

    I went to Washington D.C that day when you posted that video

  • Raymond Quinlan
    Raymond Quinlan

    I live in south africa

  • Chris Arji
    Chris Arji

    How is that deleting your IRbin channel

  • SB's Creative studio
    SB's Creative studio


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    Kalpa Kara


  • Wwe Fte
    Wwe Fte

    I started watching evantubeHD when I was 3 thats how much I love the channel.

  • Ethan Austen
    Ethan Austen

    I eat cheese naks but I think nik naks are a winner

  • Rosana Rodarte
    Rosana Rodarte

    Is this ASMR

  • SB's Creative studio
    SB's Creative studio

    wow i love watching your channel

  • Alexander Usman
    Alexander Usman

    Man it’s been 6 years since I started watching and to see how old Evan and Jillian are it makes me upset....... and I remember when I started watching Evan when he was doing angry birds. The memories..... and also my fave intro is the one with the big golden letters wich I grew up knowing so yeah knowing how long the tube family came it makes me happy 😊!!

  • Carlos Amaya
    Carlos Amaya

    Why do you want to switch it

  • Carlos Amaya
    Carlos Amaya

    I love even tube raw

  • Jason Roberts
    Jason Roberts

    what is your last name???????

  • Bigboy Freeman
    Bigboy Freeman

    I thought evan was going to quit before the challange started because hes a cheeseatarian

  • Dhruv Samthej
    Dhruv Samthej

    When I read the title I was sad who else was sad when you read the title 👇


    plesas dont go and change the name and do you realy dont like even

  • Dakxiel M RIOS
    Dakxiel M RIOS

    Why i'm calling Evan to Iván XD SORRY DONT GET MAD MY BAD

  • Stella Kandalepas
    Stella Kandalepas

    I am South Africa

  • Shamjud Ahad
    Shamjud Ahad

    Can you please play piggy

    • Shamjud Ahad
      Shamjud Ahad

      In roblox

  • Isabella Gardner
    Isabella Gardner

    Oh my GODNESS for a sec I thought you guys were a goner!

  • bethzy vazquez
    bethzy vazquez

    omg april 5 is the day of my brithday

  • Elisabeth Ware
    Elisabeth Ware

    NO, Please don't change ya'll's name

  • Lonely Weeb
    Lonely Weeb

    I actually stopped watching Evan when the Changed the Intro, and I love the new intro

  • Menita Simons
    Menita Simons

    Can you make a video about how to make a squishy

  • Menita Simons
    Menita Simons

    Hi I like the name of your new channel

  • Pak Tua
    Pak Tua


  • Pak Tua
    Pak Tua


  • Alvin Isra
    Alvin Isra

    You surprised me

  • Zenky Looi
    Zenky Looi

    That "Oh my god daddy!" Sounded wrong but sure...

  • Jhulian Sb
    Jhulian Sb

    We keep supporting on you

  • Jhulian Sb
    Jhulian Sb


  • XxBadavbxX 01
    XxBadavbxX 01

    When the South African viewers see lays be like

  • Brandon Banks Photography
    Brandon Banks Photography

    They should have renamed it to “evantube cooked”

  • Arkhamknight gaming
    Arkhamknight gaming

    I want you to play candy land

  • Angel Ramirez
    Angel Ramirez

    Goodbye evantube raw😭

  • Abz Z
    Abz Z


  • Abz Z
    Abz Z


  • Olivia Padilha Feddersen
    Olivia Padilha Feddersen

    Banana with some chocolate

  • Olivia Padilha Feddersen
    Olivia Padilha Feddersen

    It is not mocha it is moça

  • Olivia Padilha Feddersen
    Olivia Padilha Feddersen

    Guaraná is not scary Jillian

  • Olivia Padilha Feddersen
    Olivia Padilha Feddersen

    I am Brazilian

  • Dylan WAIXEL
    Dylan WAIXEL


  • Zak Stuart
    Zak Stuart

    Completely of subject do you still have COZMO Evan. If so is he alright.

  • Ethan Eng
    Ethan Eng

    Can I be in a video and Evan Friend me on fortnite

  • Aerin and Aliana’s Moments
    Aerin and Aliana’s Moments

    So they change the name because my mom said Evan and Jillian always their in the video but their mom and dad is nothing in the video

  • Ellie

    ive been w atching them for 7 years I think and im barely seeing this.

  • chaya Elkins
    chaya Elkins

    i loved the eveantube raw intro!!!

  • Brandon Mobile
    Brandon Mobile

    OMG SHE SAID 13:19

  • herman budiono
    herman budiono


  • Denisse Merino
    Denisse Merino

    Omg i thought it was your guys last video ❤️🥺

  • Wesley Turner
    Wesley Turner


  • Beach Wolf YouTube
    Beach Wolf YouTube

    Pls make another one pllllssss. I want more of these vids.

  • Ayaan Gaming
    Ayaan Gaming

    only ogs remember the old intros

  • igolden Buddy
    igolden Buddy


  • Jaeron Pillay
    Jaeron Pillay

    I'm from South Africa

    • Kimikoda


  • Sumathidevi alapati
    Sumathidevi alapati

    Too nice videos

  • Skyler Anders
    Skyler Anders

    Im from sourh africa and i eat cheese nack

  • 2k subs before 2021
    2k subs before 2021

    i missed eventube raw

  • Wiley's world
    Wiley's world

    I’m so sad i have watched your Chanel since even was 7 and for a long time I watched even tube raw sad to see it gone.

  • Jared kidwell
    Jared kidwell

    Oh gosh that old intro I miss it

  • Tomatohead1117 TV
    Tomatohead1117 TV


  • omar ashour
    omar ashour

    the tube family tube=pipe

  • Goat.sticks_ _21
    Goat.sticks_ _21

    She sed daddy

  • Anisa Nicolas-Kaiwi
    Anisa Nicolas-Kaiwi

    Hey live on maui

  • TigsGotScrumYT 999
    TigsGotScrumYT 999

    This is crazy I remember the Evan tube raw intro so well and I’ve had a lot of memeories with this channel but it’s a creative and awesome name you’ve changed it to even tho this video was ages ago I’ll still leave a comment lol


    I’ve been whatching since the angry bird clay makings

  • Laith Alwiswasi
    Laith Alwiswasi


  • Rafininja tv
    Rafininja tv


  • Chris Gomez
    Chris Gomez


  • Enrique Lopez
    Enrique Lopez

    I thought, instead of snacks, how about food,

  • King_Tian 2009
    King_Tian 2009

    4:53 Jillian-“That sound like an evil person,gorana” Gorana-)corana-)corono-)coronavirus Predicted 2020

    • The Digital Guy
      The Digital Guy

      O M G

    • Halo Game
      Halo Game

      Yes lol

  • Sajanaras GT
    Sajanaras GT

    Last episode on Evantuberaw Aw man, Act now in change Name in the tube family

  • Eli Echavarria
    Eli Echavarria

    0:26 I always thought that was what this Channel was About.

  • Pearl's style
    Pearl's style

    I love the new name!

  • Noah Popal
    Noah Popal

    Evantube raw is the raw Version the tube fam is the cooked version


    im very sad that you changed the name!

  • doo doo Man
    doo doo Man

    Have u ever tried Mexican snacks

  • Adeena Vally
    Adeena Vally

    Ya I eat most things

  • Adeena Vally
    Adeena Vally

    The food here is crazy I love south Africa

  • Adeena Vally
    Adeena Vally

    I live in south Africa it has so many fun things I love south Africa and there is a lot of spicy food because we Indians

  • Axel Tan Doom
    Axel Tan Doom

    5 Stars nooooooo..................

  • chucky cramber
    chucky cramber

    I think the herd the mom her but hurts after she ate those spicy chips what evan gave her she siad when it was the dad's turn after Evan's

  • Yahya Patel
    Yahya Patel

    I am from south Africa and the 5 star chocolate is the best for me

  • Savannah Plays
    Savannah Plays

    Y!? NOOOOOOOOO 😿😿😔😔😕😭

  • Jhanica Myrtle Nocos
    Jhanica Myrtle Nocos


  • DiamondChameleon Gaming
    DiamondChameleon Gaming

    The real language is Spanish

  • Katherine Loichinger
    Katherine Loichinger

    So sad but so close

  • shafeek aslam
    shafeek aslam

    Good evan tube raw is not good. The tube family is awesome


    I want you to keep the same name. ❤️

  • Jaybel Almo
    Jaybel Almo

    You know mt and dt


    Why you say three of us your family have four.......🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Wezzygamer Boi
    Wezzygamer Boi

    What’s lays?

  • Jr V
    Jr V

    Evantubehd is my childhood! 😁😁

  • Jr V
    Jr V

    I never find people saying that wow there is comments in a family or kids channel! or is it just me?

  • Komal Akbar
    Komal Akbar

    If you like the tube family then like

  • Shelifa Begum
    Shelifa Begum

    Do A Fourth Viedo Daughter And Son