PARENTS Q&A!!! Your Questions Answered FINALLY! - New Year's Eve Special!
The time has finally come for our Parents Edition Q&A! Thanks to everyone who submitted a question almost a year ago! We hope you had a great 2018. On today's video we give updates on how our 2018 new year resolutions went and then answer some of the most popular questions for MommyTube and DaddyTube! You may be surprised at some of the answers! And most importantly HAVE A HAPPY NEW YEAR!
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  • The Tube Family
    The Tube Family


    • Rafininja tv
      Rafininja tv


    • PokéKid 169
      PokéKid 169

      The Tube Family More games, More toys, Oh boy!

    • Simarna Kaur
      Simarna Kaur

      make this last

    • Muhammad Azli
      Muhammad Azli

      Same to all of you

    • Hayden Wilbur
      Hayden Wilbur

      But it’s 2020 and this was made in 2018

  • Athbah A. AlRashoud
    Athbah A. AlRashoud

    Make a come back

  • Jaquabo

    Uh, I think Evan is wearing Imperial Japan on his shirt. Kinda sus

  • Maureen Jauw
    Maureen Jauw

    Yes make a comeback

  • Gwen Sarmiento
    Gwen Sarmiento

    Nani!? OMAE WA MOU SHINDEIRU, Did you see this meme?

  • Jamilah Begam
    Jamilah Begam

    yes he should be a humongous.

  • Athbah A. AlRashoud
    Athbah A. AlRashoud

    For me mac

  • Athbah A. AlRashoud
    Athbah A. AlRashoud

    Wow daddy tude

  • Athbah A. AlRashoud
    Athbah A. AlRashoud

    Cute baby evan

  • Athbah A. AlRashoud
    Athbah A. AlRashoud

    Hey I need you’re name

  • Athbah A. AlRashoud
    Athbah A. AlRashoud

    Me to I love black

  • Jovani Herrera jr
    Jovani Herrera jr

    Dt’s name is jerry and mt’s name is julissa

  • jujudaone 300
    jujudaone 300

    How come MT dose not have a channel

  • Ohfamiliarfaces Ahha
    Ohfamiliarfaces Ahha

    I know this was 2 years ago, but what is your cultures?

  • Venkateshwar Prahalad uckoo
    Venkateshwar Prahalad uckoo

    So do you have no name.

  • lise santana
    lise santana

    The tube familay

  • Jamie Turnwald
    Jamie Turnwald

    Also was Jillian in instant family movie

  • Diego Ramirez
    Diego Ramirez

    October anyone

  • Herobot

    They were in college for 6-7 years Me: so, does that mean they could’ve got a masters degree?

  • Florian Maatouk
    Florian Maatouk

    bullseye or hulk

  • Florian Maatouk
    Florian Maatouk

    also holding tnt block from banjo kazooie

  • Florian Maatouk
    Florian Maatouk

    my hobbie is mother father gentheman

  • Florian Maatouk
    Florian Maatouk

    i was in sonic the hedgehog movie

  • Florian Maatouk
    Florian Maatouk

    my middle school is during 7 years

  • Florian Maatouk
    Florian Maatouk

    daddy tube got a rope attack

  • Florian Maatouk
    Florian Maatouk

    what is your favorite activities?

  • Allan Usal
    Allan Usal

    i konw who win

  • Spidermandxniel

    I love Daddy Tube!!

  • Seeva Plays
    Seeva Plays

    I love you guys

  • Seeva Plays
    Seeva Plays

    Love you guys

  • Seeva Plays
    Seeva Plays

    Sorry didn’t mean to

  • Seeva Plays
    Seeva Plays

    I know what daddy tubes name is

  • Seeva Plays
    Seeva Plays

    I know why DT’s name is

  • Josiah Gaming
    Josiah Gaming

    Bro black is not a color

  • Rocking star Dev
    Rocking star Dev

    I know dt and mt real names

  • Lamm El Abd
    Lamm El Abd

    The tube family

  • Aaron's Vlog Tube
    Aaron's Vlog Tube

    pause at 5:01 mt is soo lucky. She was with Ryan's Toy Review

    • Max Plays
      Max Plays

      Is this true

  • Pepper Lasyone
    Pepper Lasyone

    What is your favorite viewer ?

  • Yuan Manilag
    Yuan Manilag

    One Question Is Daddy Tube Filipino?

  • Topbuzz


  • Smart Uranus
    Smart Uranus

    name channel The Tube Family

  • Phenomenal Obviously
    Phenomenal Obviously

    Did the parents divorce?

    • alex gudino
      alex gudino


  • Immanuel Tan
    Immanuel Tan

    Im an og

  • Noor Network
    Noor Network

    I predict u will call it the tube family

  • Reaction in the zone
    Reaction in the zone

    Happy new year 🎉🎉🎉🎈🎉🎉

  • Kimhong Nguyen
    Kimhong Nguyen

    4:43 im mentally college age and is more intelligent then them

  • Phyllis Koh
    Phyllis Koh

    What is your name tell us for real

  • Murch 2020
    Murch 2020

    what are your guys names and i am talking about DT and MT

  • May I
    May I

    Evan I miss you

  • May I
    May I

    Hello I miss you

  • Michelle Nguyen
    Michelle Nguyen

    sorry for the espoused thing but dt name is Justin ;-;

  • Eyad Yasser
    Eyad Yasser

    The tube family

  • Gabe G
    Gabe G



    Even tv? Maybe?

  • Delphene Da silva
    Delphene Da silva

    Pls do a kids Q&A

    • Gacha NKS
      Gacha NKS

      They already did it in their channel

  • Nexus

    Why can't they just tell us where they live 😭😭😭😭 they probably live in California

  • Vukan Markovic
    Vukan Markovic

    Why does he Even have a fascist Japanese flag on his mother

  • Nathaniel Iscool
    Nathaniel Iscool

    Evans qa I know what the parents age he said 37 and 49 I think

  • Matias Gonzalez
    Matias Gonzalez

    The tube Family

  • Mega _Mac_Wolf 08
    Mega _Mac_Wolf 08

    What is your last name??

  • Aashi. Tawani
    Aashi. Tawani


  • Aashi. Tawani
    Aashi. Tawani

    Happy new year 🎈 tube family

  • xbnha_ limelightx
    xbnha_ limelightx

    If you want to know daddytubes real name check the mommy tube sky diving vid. When mommy tube figures out daddy tubes plan she says his name

  • Kelly

    Jillian - wait your favorite vacation was without us!

  • R Batingan
    R Batingan

    If u search MT’s and DT Name on google u can find it

  • Margarira acevedo
    Margarira acevedo

    Hi person scroling down the coments

  • Marco the godzilla fan
    Marco the godzilla fan


  • Marco the godzilla fan
    Marco the godzilla fan

    I don't like you mt and dt because you didn't tell your real name 😠😡😠😡😠

  • alishanbee

    DT: My resolution is to get out of the house more 2020: *Oh.. Ha Ha.. Bummer*

    • Bazooka Gaming Girl
      Bazooka Gaming Girl

      This was 2019

    • S1NNERZZ


    • Siddhant Xavier
      Siddhant Xavier

      alishanbee bruh , tru dat

    • JuliAnnaGaming 781
      JuliAnnaGaming 781

      For real tho

  • ꧁ egghead ꧂
    ꧁ egghead ꧂


  • Tectal Knight
    Tectal Knight

    Your name is leaked in the skydiving mom video and both online

  • YJ Jeli
    YJ Jeli

    Dt is wearing the black panther shirt from the loot crate

  • Jay Savier Jack
    Jay Savier Jack

    Seriously,what are your REAL names?! My and Dt? And where do you guys live!?

  • Random Vids X
    Random Vids X


  • Crude Callum
    Crude Callum

    this was posted on my 11th birthday

  • LukeNation

    th ax

  • Among Us Association
    Among Us Association

    What is your last name?

  • Anna's World
    Anna's World

    I eat oatmeal every day too and I’m nine

  • maria carballo
    maria carballo

    jk im watching this really late btw i subscribed

  • maria carballo
    maria carballo

    its 2020

  • red 123
    red 123

    I'm starting to know where they live

  • Mia Hanrahan
    Mia Hanrahan

    Mommy tubes name is Karen and Daddy's tubes name is Karen I am unsure of their last name

  • Jagjit Singh
    Jagjit Singh

    I have the same toy gun

  • Rubba Ali !
    Rubba Ali !

    Where are they commonly from

  • JaxMan122


  • Jonathan

    Mommy Tube: Crayons. I like the smell, it reminds me of teaching. Me: The kids you taught smelled like wax?!

  • Shanzay Chaudhry
    Shanzay Chaudhry

    when your next q an a

  • Ashvith Singh
    Ashvith Singh


  • Marisa Liu
    Marisa Liu

    What's Evan and Jillian's last name?

  • prietoboy_ louis
    prietoboy_ louis

    He looks like vanoss gaming and she looks like corry chase😳

  • gloria boateng
    gloria boateng

    do it

  • Khaerunnisa Naurah
    Khaerunnisa Naurah

    This is amazing

  • superRomeo8 hi
    superRomeo8 hi

    i love to sing too evan i love it i have a band but not on yt

  • dr.sarah musa
    dr.sarah musa


  • ItsReyPlayz

    sorry DT

  • Arcade Aarav
    Arcade Aarav


  • Leanna’s Art And Cooking
    Leanna’s Art And Cooking

    3:51 Daddy got to whip people

  • CreeperDuDE 89
    CreeperDuDE 89

    4:20; the names are on google. But they dont tell you because its private only to them. So dont go asking

  • Amanda Martin
    Amanda Martin


  • vincent pizzuto
    vincent pizzuto

    whats your moms name