Today, Jillian and MT show you how to make yummy Spring Chocolate Pretzel Bites in the shape of little flowers! They look really cute and taste even better. Unless you decide to prank your brother and substitute mayonnaise instead of white chocolate! Find out what Evan thinks of this tasty treat!
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  • Heidi 2000 Magic
    Heidi 2000 Magic

    Rip Evan

  • El Noriega
    El Noriega

    Eww gross candy with manyens

  • Renovator

    nice prank!!

  • Invisible Chlo
    Invisible Chlo

    I was subbed since 100k on my other yt acc 🥺

  • Mohammed Hassan
    Mohammed Hassan

    Who were already watching them before they were famous

  • bellisimahollywood

    Because she uses a like a red box

  • bellisimahollywood

    What’s Julian uses takeoff her braces

  • Amber Recio
    Amber Recio

    I like your videos I like your videos

  • Khadija Terki
    Khadija Terki

    Bruh All the comments about them growing up lol

  • Gia’s Fun
    Gia’s Fun

    Is that an APRIL FOOLS joke?

  • Elena Russo
    Elena Russo

    Shake it mom

  • Deaven Harrington
    Deaven Harrington

    Jillian sings will be a great channel

  • Gwen Schouten
    Gwen Schouten

    Oh wow that’s great.

  • Gwen Schouten
    Gwen Schouten

    Oh wow looks good.

  • CMG

    Jillian you have grown

  • Herobot

    99.99: OMG EVAN AND JILLIAN GREW SO MUCH 00.01: Nice video, keep it up

  • Saminaxx81 plays xoxo Roblox
    Saminaxx81 plays xoxo Roblox


    • The Annie Keever Company.
      The Annie Keever Company.

      I appreciate your support but that was random...

  • Maggie Putman
    Maggie Putman

    mother daughter time!

  • the reaper
    the reaper

    Now when evan is in puberty no more coppa

  • • Sofia Morales •
    • Sofia Morales •

    *Hi, I used to watch you when I was very young (around 4-5)and here I am again! I am turning 11 in a month and I’m so happy to see how much you guys have grown! I would watch your Disney cruise videos all the time and I always wished “I would want to go on a Disney cruise one day” and my dream came true the summer of 2019. It was amazing! I dint watch you much anymore but I am glad to see you guys have grown so much!*

  • Sara Nguyen
    Sara Nguyen

    you look like Charli D'mileo

  • Keila Hernandez
    Keila Hernandez

    I can't believe it Jillian is 11 and she's allowed to wear mascara 😂

  • Jack Olaf
    Jack Olaf

    No tiktok.

  • Mr. Mushroom
    Mr. Mushroom

    Everyone: oMl ThEy gReW Up sO mUCh Me: wow evan has alot of grandparents

  • Jasmin David
    Jasmin David

    Evan looks sooo tall

  • Julia Yi
    Julia Yi

    And I oopsy

  • Sanjay Kumar
    Sanjay Kumar

    Evan and jillian I am a huge fan of you guys. Hope you guys are safe and healthy.Stay well Stay healthy.

  • Wezzygamer Boi
    Wezzygamer Boi

    Can we just use regular m&ms?

    • Kateřina Vrabel
      Kateřina Vrabel


  • k Vannur
    k Vannur

    Jillian is so mean at evan

  • Samantha Yu
    Samantha Yu

    what did jillian use at 4:55? was it a inhaler?

  • Mari T
    Mari T

    How old is Evan 😎

  • alvin diokno
    alvin diokno

    There’s a Darkside of cup head and can you please make a video about the bad ending of cup head😈

  • Neil Garton
    Neil Garton


  • Zackk

    80% of Comments: He Is Old I’ve been watching him since Angry birds 1% of Comments:This Vid Is Bomb 19% of comments: These Comments

  • Juan Perez
    Juan Perez

    These videos are amazing

  • Aashi. Tawani
    Aashi. Tawani

    Is it April fools

  • Yellena Baul
    Yellena Baul

    Watching from the Philippines!!!😊

  • Alyssa Barnes
    Alyssa Barnes

    Omg I love Jill's apron. Need it

  • jay-r garcia12
    jay-r garcia12

    jillian and me are same age

  • Crystaldasloth YT
    Crystaldasloth YT

    i rather eat the pretzel plain im weird XD

  • Orghento Hooplot
    Orghento Hooplot

    They growing up im 10

  • Herobot

    Guys we get it, we’ve been watching them since they were little

  • Kloseh Don
    Kloseh Don

    Your kids are Beautiful!!

  • Ghayda Basfar
    Ghayda Basfar

    For some reason...Evan look handsome in the point he were eating ;-; :3 I got simp

  • chumaniaga cniaga
    chumaniaga cniaga

    The cookies soo cute


    This is the best prank ever 😂😂😂👍

  • santytheboss 1
    santytheboss 1

    I was watching since I was like 4 on the softdough or something angry birds reviews

  • Mia Perales
    Mia Perales

    jills voice tho

  • Lxzy_ Potxto Olivia
    Lxzy_ Potxto Olivia

    I seen a tik tok and it was like remover him well this is him now and I was like 😂 tha- tha- no~~

  • Praveen Kumar
    Praveen Kumar

    The tube family is mad group I have seen ever

  • Tevez Williamson
    Tevez Williamson

    what the underneath Jillian eye

  • Stormy

    U grow fast I was 6 for like 5 years and I’m 7

  • Kellie Terrell
    Kellie Terrell

    You know the vid y’all made when you wached the BFG evan made sans

  • emma angeles
    emma angeles

    jillian doesn’t even seem the same omg🥺😭

  • hiba hashir
    hiba hashir

    i think jillian will start a video of cooking recipes that i have doubts

  • Enas Diaa El-Dien
    Enas Diaa El-Dien

    i make it and its so ymmy

    • Enas Diaa El-Dien
      Enas Diaa El-Dien

      see it on tik tok on kenzy talia

    • Enas Diaa El-Dien
      Enas Diaa El-Dien

      and i make it with chocolet

    • Enas Diaa El-Dien
      Enas Diaa El-Dien

      but i make it in maikrowav

  • Button.

    Who remembers the angry bird videos

  • Cyber Skooots production
    Cyber Skooots production

    Epic prank

  • Cristian Farias
    Cristian Farias

    So funny 🤣

  • Maooky

    y'all were my CHILDHOOD.. omg

  • Robielle Silla
    Robielle Silla

    4:55 what is that thing?

  • Lena s
    Lena s

    I've seen someone post a comment on tiktok which said prank Evan and she did it

  • Kardankr Roblox
    Kardankr Roblox

    How am I 2 years older than that little girl and I’m not allowed to where makeup but she is? 😂 she looks pathetic, 😂

  • Sinchana Joshi
    Sinchana Joshi

    Jillian is very pretty at the first

  • Brenda Ballard
    Brenda Ballard

    Jillian is so big now


    I saw Evan and Jillian were small,now they were big and new voice.

  • Gwyneth dela cruz
    Gwyneth dela cruz

    I was watching there vids since they were little like me. Me and Jillian is the same age so yea!

  • mr redboy
    mr redboy


  • mr redboy
    mr redboy

    Hey Jillian you are very hot and cute

  • Mercy on hotspot
    Mercy on hotspot

    Jillian trying to throw it back like:🤕 1 hour later 💀

  • Contagious Smile
    Contagious Smile

    Jillian voice is already changing

  • Katherine Castro
    Katherine Castro

    jiliian what is your name in tik tok can you telll me plss

  • itz midnight_gacha!
    itz midnight_gacha!

    hi im a fan!!!julian ummm do you have tiktok????

  • mins-BOY

    Geez you guys our big you were younger and now you are so big

  • Alex Sanchez
    Alex Sanchez

    Eavan is a poop ha ha it’s a joke.

  • Sandy_Creates

    I can't believe how much they've grown! Stay safe Tubers! (You should call your viewers Tubers)

  • Christina Chad
    Christina Chad

    Evan doesn't know eating everiting

  • Orvilia Ibarra
    Orvilia Ibarra

    Dang 8 years

  • clark ocampo
    clark ocampo

    I remember watching them in 2014

  • Very Vianney
    Very Vianney

    Is Jillian wareing makeup???she never wares makeup. Then they start dancing lol

  • Jaylene Collins
    Jaylene Collins

    Same u guys are so older


    I never saw or tasted those chocolates lol

  • Jamal Hood
    Jamal Hood


  • Synthetic Roblox
    Synthetic Roblox

    They used to be so brainless and there words didint make sense smh lol (no offense just sayin) And now they’re like all mature

  • Nathanwilliamson_vlogs

    Subscribe to me it means a lot and I remember when they were younger and even always did LEGO videos

  • Rama Shurafy
    Rama Shurafy

    evan changed from befor

  • Miguel Meza
    Miguel Meza

    My Favorite is Evan

  • Sam Saley
    Sam Saley

    I will try it 😘😘😘😘

  • Sam Saley
    Sam Saley

    HaHa that was funny❤️❤️

  • Kadin Tapia
    Kadin Tapia

    Everyone:they have grown so much! Me: didn't we all?

  • Liane Arteaga
    Liane Arteaga

    I Love this show

  • Denise Go
    Denise Go

    they have grown up so muchhh, i used to watch them like when i was ten but they look more grown up than me whyyyy

  • Aleyamma Alexander
    Aleyamma Alexander

    I love you ❤️

  • Aleyamma Alexander
    Aleyamma Alexander

    Hi I am Casey 😁

  • Bao-Anh Nguyen
    Bao-Anh Nguyen

    Are you guys feeling, Mad? Need some laughter? Sad? You should watch HISHE DUBS how frozen one sould of ended

  • TS Thunder
    TS Thunder

    The tube family:even acts normal Eventubegamming:LIKE THE VID IN THE NEXT 5 SECONDS OR I WILL EAT BABY YODA me:😑

  • ᑕᗩᑭTᗩIᑎ ᗩᑎIᗰE
    ᑕᗩᑭTᗩIᑎ ᗩᑎIᗰE

    OMG you grow so fast

  • Hugo Oropeza
    Hugo Oropeza

    Jeez they're so grown now..

  • Stupid Gacha Tiger
    Stupid Gacha Tiger

    The day this was posted was my little sister b-day

  • Playablez Playz
    Playablez Playz

    10 seconds later... "It has been 15 minutes".