QUARANTINE DAILY ROUTINE!!! Mini House Tour, Evan Sings, Comic Book Room, Home Gym & Dog Training!
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Here are some of things we have been doing while sheltering at home. From online classes to making music videos, we're trying our best to keep ourselves entertained during the quarantine. We also give you a look at DT's comic book room before he renovates it. Stay tuned for PART 2!
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  • The Tube Family
    The Tube Family

    Here's the link to Evan's music video! Enjoy! irbin.info/loft/fy-lm-h-y/k9t1Z57Iu5Gr1mY.html

    • Delphene Da silva
      Delphene Da silva

      I have mortal combat on Ps 4 and it's fun

    • Ana Dorito Donations
      Ana Dorito Donations



      4:46 mary jane dies just answering god luck

    • Ana Dorito Donations
      Ana Dorito Donations

      JilianTube Even

    • Michael Kelley aka Skillet
      Michael Kelley aka Skillet

      Evan I’m your biggest fan . If u are reading this please reply.🙏🏻

  • Homeblox


  • Caleb Cortez
    Caleb Cortez

    Spider man dad dies

  • yaani khan
    yaani khan

    gwen stacy and her father

  • Rafaela loyola
    Rafaela loyola

    Since i was a kid i was watching this on my auntie phone and just subscribe..now that i havr my own phone and own gmail i can now watch it again..☺️🇵🇭

  • Moi

    Christmas Evan

  • Kintha Baso
    Kintha Baso

    Green Goblin

  • Kintha Baso
    Kintha Baso

    Peters dad

  • TheReal DevWarrior
    TheReal DevWarrior

    4:42 I legit just read that book. "The night Gwen Stacy Died" I wonder who died.

  • SoMeister Vlogs
    SoMeister Vlogs

    Having to be stuck in our house was not good for most of us

  • Gold Flake
    Gold Flake

    Evans dad:oh well you don,t need a tree Mr Beast:👁👄👁

  • tyler the beast
    tyler the beast

    Gwen Stacy died in 121 and 122

  • Gabe Hinton
    Gabe Hinton

    that dog is gross

  • Aditya M
    Aditya M

    Gwen Stacy dies

  • Jeremiel Edrolin
    Jeremiel Edrolin

    I think you need to hide the old comics because I think their now expensive

  • Kalei Eggy
    Kalei Eggy

    Do you have any gi joe comics

  • John Paul Tamayo
    John Paul Tamayo

    Showing the sets from the battle of the bricks: Me: A surprise to be sure, but a welcome one

  • Jack Ewart
    Jack Ewart

    Last time I watched it was The hoverboard race😭

  • Odyssey Plushies
    Odyssey Plushies

    Jillian still saying look it

  • MJ Matthias
    MJ Matthias

    Gwen Stacy

  • Julio’s Videos
    Julio’s Videos

    you have enough non graded comics to make a comic store

  • SoMeister HD Show
    SoMeister HD Show

    I did a lot of drawing during my lockdown

  • Milkypotato

    They've grown up very well.

  • liinusx

    Can i have some of the Lego Star Wars That you didnt Build because i love Starwars 😄😄😄😄😄😄

  • Noah chatman
    Noah chatman

    I forgot about Evan’s channel exists I started watching it again last night

  • Noah chatman
    Noah chatman

    That comic were someone dies it’s Gwen Stacy

  • ComplexCree Roblox
    ComplexCree Roblox

    On Jill’s pillow: Evan sux! Lol

  • Rishi Flying
    Rishi Flying

    DT after u make ur comic room setup pls make a vid of it we’d be really happy

  • AlphaBrickStudios


  • Daniel Doromal
    Daniel Doromal


  • Nick Gonzales
    Nick Gonzales

    is any body watching in 2021

  • ho ka ge
    ho ka ge

    love how he showed num. 47 and "first appearance of silver surver" than took out num. 12 and there was a silver surver on the front lol 3:36

  • Joshua Silvas
    Joshua Silvas

    Nice car

  • William Tsang
    William Tsang

    What Windows video editor you use for your videos?

  • ISN Atlas
    ISN Atlas

    Remember when there were normal comments which are not saying that I'm watching this after 5 year

  • Ananya M.A.
    Ananya M.A.

    OMG Jillian you have a great voice.i love your voice.when you were siniging

  • Marius Donegan
    Marius Donegan

    qwen stacey dies

  • BonnieBros

    umm is it true your last name is a Disney character? XD


    Mary Jane Watson or Gwen Stacy dies in that one

  • Luciano Yousef
    Luciano Yousef

    Omg Evan I haven’t watched you in like 5 or 4 years and damn you hit puberty hard

  • Aaryan Pol
    Aaryan Pol

    Nobody. No one. Random people DaMm PuBeRtY HiT HaRD

  • Nott Drizzle
    Nott Drizzle

    Damn I watched this when I was 3 in 2013 seven years later in 2020 almost 2021 I seen how much they’ve also grown

  • Master Go 64
    Master Go 64

    I watch this channel for 3 years


    Oh my dawg is that dog okay cuz I don't think that doggo should be that big

  • Mandy Caswell
    Mandy Caswell

    I really like your videos :)

  • MKXD123

    funny that evan edits with the same software as me lol vegas pro

  • Ssssplash

    I can relate to all the protein stuff and all the dumbbells because my mother is a bodybuilder 2

  • Bryce Hull
    Bryce Hull


  • Delphene Da silva
    Delphene Da silva

    I have a gym at my so my mother trained at home and my father won as strongest south African he came first place he's name is nadeem osman

  • Lucas Rubio
    Lucas Rubio

    Pretty sure aunt may dies

  • Ducklin Guy
    Ducklin Guy

    Uncle ben

  • Justcallme Mark
    Justcallme Mark

    I just realized jill kinda looks like Dora grown up👀

  • Super Sonic
    Super Sonic

    i pazed it at the right time to see

  • Jack Lederman
    Jack Lederman

    Remember “ mr gold it’s mr GOLD!!!!!!!!!!!”

  • TheGoated No
    TheGoated No

    7:10 soooo we just gonna ignore all that glue in the bottom shelf?

  • Doom Family Adventures
    Doom Family Adventures

    haha the pillow said evan sux!

  • Mickey And Friends
    Mickey And Friends

    My dad base coved

  • Stefanie Marie
    Stefanie Marie

    What happened to y’all last time I checked u were like 10 😭

  • Alex Noob
    Alex Noob

    Ik right


    Can I have a comic book pls... And a shoutout

  • sinkinskirt

    tell Evan to marry me

  • Adriel Cardona
    Adriel Cardona

    Thank the Lord you don't drink 🍷😂

  • Sans The Skeleton
    Sans The Skeleton

    Did u notice that jill said "rapysaijoe raoysaijoe

    • Sans The Skeleton
      Sans The Skeleton

      My bro just told me that I have to do some work around here, cuz I've been sitting here watching this. I just used my magic (oh, and tell evan that Sans is real)

  • Carlos Alejandro Arboleda Arango
    Carlos Alejandro Arboleda Arango

    I have coronavirus and my son to

  • elemental

    damn, it’s been a while but I’m the same age as you guys and it’s kinda fun to watch you videos, I’ve been doing it for the past 6 years

  • NIK 1
    NIK 1

    I have watched evan and jillian since they were 9 Like if you have too 👍

  • WoRshipzG

    voice crack

  • Silvax Gaming
    Silvax Gaming

    who controls the tube family channel?

  • s bala
    s bala

    Globe or lobe

  • Williams Sweets
    Williams Sweets

    why are you not rec in the movie

  • Aagamann

    This gives me nostalgia i used to watch their vids like 7 years ago

  • Richard Perez
    Richard Perez

    Who misses old Evan and Julian

  • darkgamer

    yo nice vids also when i was little i always use to watch ur vids and i still do!

  • Dont Read my Profile Picture
    Dont Read my Profile Picture

    Every Generation of IRbin (I dont like a lot of these) 2006-2010: Fred 2010-2012: Smosh 2013-2015: Stampy 2016: EvanTube 2017: Jake Paul 2018-2020: Mr Beast And then Pewdiepie everything

  • kristy ly
    kristy ly

    The Tube Family

  • Adrian Campbell
    Adrian Campbell

    I remember when they were 9

  • Adrian Campbell
    Adrian Campbell

    I’m not sick 😷 I wear my mask

  • JR JR
    JR JR

    I feel like I litteraly grew up with them

  • Spidermandxniel

    1:37 Evan Sux!

  • ŘŮĐ4Ø

    The puberty trick hit Evan hard.

  • James Mix
    James Mix

    guys Evan sux 1:37 rewind or fast forward

  • Chanceyt Animations
    Chanceyt Animations

    I haven’t watched in 6 years wow

  • Zahra Anwar
    Zahra Anwar

    Wired music vedio

  • Harry Rawson
    Harry Rawson

    America: 1 month is for ever Australia been in lockdown for 4 months

  • W Trotter
    W Trotter

    Can you fix it

  • Zoinks ML
    Zoinks ML

    Uncle ben

  • អុឹង ណាវីន
    អុឹង ណាវីន

    No one is talking about what Jillian wrote on her pillow lol 1:37

  • The real cheese Productions
    The real cheese Productions

    7 years ago I envied these kids and even now I envy these kids so much they are lucky gettin to record videos daily and bein famous all the time it saddens me how different everyone’s lives are

  • Gi Francisco
    Gi Francisco

    Sometimes I yous water for my cirial if theres no milk

  • Grave

    I love how many silver surfer comics daddytube has because I love silver surfer he is one of if not my favorite marvel hero

  • XThisIsAVeryLongNameIsntItAnywayHaveANiceDayOkByeX

    8:22 - 9:32


    Dude that Ironman is epic

  • Minnie Villena
    Minnie Villena

    I havent watched them for 5 years now and they r all so different

  • Isaac Maynard
    Isaac Maynard

    The book you were showing Amazing Spider-Man 121 that's the death of Gwen Stacy

  • Rohan R
    Rohan R

    Evans brain has rot

  • wuzang

    its called growing up thank me later

  • Shae Colmenero
    Shae Colmenero

    Did anyone else see the comic fantastic four it said 12 cents

  • Kane Sasouvanh
    Kane Sasouvanh

    My dad can carry 235 pounds

  • Gedgar

    the batman one dt has in the random pile that is my only oldish comic

  • Patrick Sok
    Patrick Sok

    Cat on attack