What do you do to fill the time while stuck at home during a quarantine? Create an obstacle course of course! Jillian set up an elaborate obstacle course throughout our house for an awesome family race. It was a great way to get everybody moving and give everybody a good laugh. Stay safe and stay healthy!
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  • N Kalam
    N Kalam

    Iv been here for 4 years

  • Keisha Quinto
    Keisha Quinto

    LMAOO exam wicked rebelll

  • Lily Schul
    Lily Schul

    wow i love this

  • Rishi Flying
    Rishi Flying

    Lol 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Florian Maatouk
    Florian Maatouk

    with ballon i'm going throw away

  • Florian Maatouk
    Florian Maatouk

    at the hoola hoop feels impossible for me

  • Bell Snewpy
    Bell Snewpy

    Go Jillian!!! So creative :)

  • Dream Lynch
    Dream Lynch

    Dude dad’s voice is still perfect

  • Naufal Dzikrullah Widjajanto
    Naufal Dzikrullah Widjajanto

    I would do this but my house is too small😂

  • Rameez Joulay
    Rameez Joulay

    Jillian use to be so small

  • Prishaa Agarwal
    Prishaa Agarwal


  • Prishaa Agarwal
    Prishaa Agarwal


  • Naresh Dhanavath
    Naresh Dhanavath

    Please make a video of online classes

  • Archie THOMPSON
    Archie THOMPSON

    The first time I saw even was the Oreo challenge

  • Sean Kenjie San Juan
    Sean Kenjie San Juan

    The one you called butt ups, that's hip lift Edit: That is what it is called based on Ring Fit Adventure

  • Carolyn Wing
    Carolyn Wing

    I like making and watching obstacle courses!

  • John Manreza
    John Manreza

    0:08 that got to hurt

  • Mateo Radimir
    Mateo Radimir

    Before 4 or 5 years i watched the disney cruise but now they are so diferent

  • Jade Hart
    Jade Hart

    I’ve been here for 5 years they are so different now

  • Dragondude202

    I still remember the angry birds, the Lego sets, the Christmas unboxing, the board games and of course, Jillians scream

  • Samuel Reynolds
    Samuel Reynolds

    Jillian looks way different in the thumbnail

  • Gilles Maatouk
    Gilles Maatouk

    I love your obstacle course jillian

  • Fäkëlövë gäçhälïfë
    Fäkëlövë gäçhälïfë

    Jillian told she has to pick up the mat five times when she slides and she did not do that

  • Vishal Rohan
    Vishal Rohan

    The creator won congratulations Jillian on wining the obstacle course 😎😍😍

  • Ruel Masangkay
    Ruel Masangkay

    Evan went crazy 😂

  • Ryan Burns
    Ryan Burns

    Jillian said mom lost to Evan by 5 seconds but mom lost by 4

  • Rocr Raxe
    Rocr Raxe

    Jillian's voice gas changed so much I have been seeing them for 5 years and now I just turned 10 . I hope everyone is safe .

  • Qonah Mobarak
    Qonah Mobarak

    Box jumps

  • Superior

    This shows how big ur house is

  • Sammy's Go Recording
    Sammy's Go Recording

    You're Right Jillian The GYM Teacher

  • ray cachuela
    ray cachuela

    Woah that’s a lotta rooms

  • Naheed Chowdhury
    Naheed Chowdhury

    I lik you running 🏃‍♀️ 🏃

  • James Playz
    James Playz

    I like Jillian!!!

  • Short Animations
    Short Animations

    I thin it is called a butt bridge

  • Natasha's world
    Natasha's world

    Funny evan

  • Xxdragøn_gachawolf_ xX
    Xxdragøn_gachawolf_ xX

    the last time i watched u guys was when i was 5 omg lol


    Jillian is so supportive to her mom and Even

  • CoolRandom Vids
    CoolRandom Vids

    That’s a huge house

  • eugenio ybanez
    eugenio ybanez

    I just found yall youtube channel i used to love yall and this just bring back memories

  • DoomyShroomy

    Jillian already got exhausted from explaining the obstacle course

  • Sri Marouthu
    Sri Marouthu

    Evan. Is. Not. Thagood

  • perdedoraonline

    That's a *big* house

  • meredith smith
    meredith smith


  • Wei Stella
    Wei Stella

    *the videos starts* Me:have they gone crazy what have quarantine gotten into them...

  • Kacka Lauren
    Kacka Lauren

    Who's here since 2014

  • Kacka Lauren
    Kacka Lauren

    I like it how there sticking to android

  • Kim

    Yea there voices r so different but I still watchthem

  • Z Tube
    Z Tube

    When Evan got to the high jump he just plopped on to the mat

  • Sophia's Dreamland
    Sophia's Dreamland

    chole is so cute

  • I’m fat :D
    I’m fat :D

    Anyone remember the fast food race???

  • FaZe blizz
    FaZe blizz

    i am wearing the exact same shirt evan is wearing while im watching this

  • The gaming Girl
    The gaming Girl

    Jillian that's amazing in quarantine you are the best 😍❤️💕🦄😊

  • Adriana jeffreys
    Adriana jeffreys

    omg i remember i watch this when i was like 11 and now i am watching this and wow they have change

    • Adriana jeffreys
      Adriana jeffreys

      but for the good

  • Chenny Boy
    Chenny Boy

    I like how Evan doesn’t even care about losing to his lil sister😂 if that were me I wouldve taken it so personally like sis you ain’t gon win against ur older bro

  • Nym Alous
    Nym Alous

    A number of years ago, I was in charge of outdoor activities for our church's VBS (Vacation Bible School, it's like a half-day camp for a week). I did obstacle course kind of like this, but outside. My youngest sister, who was around Jillian's age at the time, would "test" them for me. She had some helpful suggestions as well. She just really loved doing them. One of the days, she ran the course 11 times before any of the other kids even showed up. This video reminded me of that.


    may I know, what is Jillian's height please

  • AngelPlayz

    lol i watched u when i was 7-10 now im 12 its weird

  • Frank Naranjo
    Frank Naranjo

    The “but ups” are called bridges

  • Mary Joan David
    Mary Joan David

    Nice idea jilian

  • Savage Gamer
    Savage Gamer

    You guys are so much taller!

  • Liam Slater
    Liam Slater

    Can you do the delete your channel challenge? Would love to see it happen.

  • melinda fedeli
    melinda fedeli

    So cool just like the hoverboard challenge

  • Extra Angelo
    Extra Angelo

    I have the same squirtle stuffy

  • Doberman Lover
    Doberman Lover

    I haven’t seen Evan and Julian in a long time ever since they were small and they’ve grown so big and Julians voice is so grown up now

    • zoe noelle
      zoe noelle


  • Kiki

    Can we see a part two of this obstacle course but it will even harder and dt does it

  • Joshua Jezreel
    Joshua Jezreel

    You both Are so cute

  • Mercy on hotspot
    Mercy on hotspot

    If you’re an og your will remember fixits

  • vs foods
    vs foods

    Yeah literally I came back to watch this after like 2 or 3 years and I dont beleive how older these both siblings are, especially even

  • Franny Figue
    Franny Figue

    I love how creative you guys are!!! You are the best!!!❤️❤️❤️

  • Nam Nam
    Nam Nam

    Evan has gone through puberty I haven’t watched him in a while.

  • Tie Pilot
    Tie Pilot

    y does are cool

  • surnetkodi kodi
    surnetkodi kodi

    Her voice is getting taken over by puberty

  • Dhiyaa Novanda
    Dhiyaa Novanda

    Wow so cool jilian

  • Viviel Carillo
    Viviel Carillo

    Wow its amazing😉😉😉🏠its like a home quarantine game but those guys are nothing doing a socialdistancing i don't know but is okay i amViel subscribe this chanell and hit the bell this chanell is so amazing Thank you!😊😊😊

    • Viviel Carillo
      Viviel Carillo


  • ToucanRyan

    I’m older than Jillian but she sounds like 3 years older than me (ok, not 3 years ur she sounds older nonetheless

  • Kaylen Tuffs
    Kaylen Tuffs

    Hiii your the best

  • Anelda Bosch
    Anelda Bosch

    Kan jou do a hoverboard vedo if you have🤪😝

  • Xentraction

    9:33 - 9:38 UR WELCOME BOYS

    • sunariin !
      sunariin !

      that’s a mom.. a woman with a husband and two children.. a woman in a happy family.. this comment is what I call disgusting

  • Aung Htet Thu Lin
    Aung Htet Thu Lin

    The tube family new intro is really catchy

  • Chui Pin Woo
    Chui Pin Woo

    I am the same age as Jillian

  • John Matthew Agullana
    John Matthew Agullana

    I'm looking forward to your House tour 2020☺️

  • Joshua Tucker
    Joshua Tucker

    I remember when this channel was called Evantube raw

  • Infernus Viperz
    Infernus Viperz

    They grew up too fast. It’s like yesterday I was watching them do Lego Reviews 😔

  • Mollo Forbes
    Mollo Forbes

    I remember when they were unboxing and making angry birds

  • Yayat Ruhiyati
    Yayat Ruhiyati

    Gilaa udh pada gedeee... Terakhir nonton msh pada polos

  • Leeweiyi 2009
    Leeweiyi 2009


  • Nayna Parmar
    Nayna Parmar

    Evan cheatedddss

  • •••

    Damn just looking back at this channel.. The real question is do i still like him...

    • •••

      Yes. Yes i do sadly

  • S6 Edge
    S6 Edge

    Elon say there a tesla cyber truck

  • Alice Z
    Alice Z

    Evan is sooo unfit

  • Irena Ishak
    Irena Ishak

    You should be pregnant

  • Cait B
    Cait B

    oh my god EVAN

  • Green Spider Sauce
    Green Spider Sauce

    i got tried even watching you guys

  • Jerbinator CC
    Jerbinator CC

    Last time I watched this channel it was called Evan tube raw

  • KHG Panda
    KHG Panda

    I watched him when I was like 3 or 4 and I’m 11 rn and this is still dope

  • Nadine Him
    Nadine Him

    Even cheated he started before his dad said go

  • ROK

    Oh my god Evan grew up so much,I remember when he was so young.good times

  • Asian Kid
    Asian Kid

    Bruh I miss the good ol times. Watching Evan unbox toys like Angry birds,lego etc. Now they kinda stopped I mean not rlly but you know. Their growing man.

  • Philip Haroulakis
    Philip Haroulakis

    5 star build

  • thisblack girlrocks
    thisblack girlrocks

    I remember when evan was like 10 and Jillian was 7 i have been watching them for 5 years and there voices are so different