THE DEATH NUT CHALLENGE!!! Eating the World's Hottest Peanuts - HUGE MISTAKE!
We're back with another family challenge - THE DEATH NUT CHALLENGE!!! We are trying the Word's Hottest Peanuts and seeing who can handle 13 million Scoville units of Carolina Reaper spice! This is definitely the hottest and most painful challenge we've ever done. #deathnutchallenge #deathnut
DT's Geek Show:
The best Carolina Reaper Pepper based spicy, hot food challenge available. Way more fun & intense than the 1 tortilla chip challenge!
Version 2 picks up where Version 1 left off! Our chili-heads spoke and we listened to thousands of customers providing valuable input and insistence to create a better challenge!
We started with all new pepper blends using the 6 hottest peppers on earth & developed a new coating process to improve flavor and crunch.
We topped it off with a sprinkling of 13,000,000 SHU pure all natural Capsaicin Crystals to the 5th and final level - the Death Nut.
Production Music courtesy of Epidemic Sound

  • Naya WR
    Naya WR

    There mouth was grey now red

  • 1 Redkeymon
    1 Redkeymon

    its crazy to see you after 7 years ago :D Onetime i saw a video of you guys playing Nintendo switch for the first time , and I have a question... Do you still having the switch? ??? Thanks. Your Subscriber

  • Benjamin Gaming
    Benjamin Gaming

    What if they do a vid like another operation vid but if you get a piece you get a gummy bear but there’s the hot gummy bear too 0.0

  • Josiah Velloce
    Josiah Velloce

    Go watch TanBoyKun`s video he ate all by him self

  • Bryan Guerra
    Bryan Guerra

    The Tube Family 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻😎😎

  • {·MoonDrop·}

    Dude i came back after stop watching for 7 years and you grown so much :)

  • Caroline Schul
    Caroline Schul

    A gummy-bair prank that wold be silly do it! do it!

  • Soojeen Park
    Soojeen Park

    Daddy tube regrets everything

  • Jezreel cds CDS
    Jezreel cds CDS

    I am younger that Evan I am 12 and I made it to 3 🤷🏼🤷🏼🤷🏼

  • Regular Gamer
    Regular Gamer

    So get rid of all immoral behavior and all the wicked things you do. Humbly accept the word that God has placed in you. This word can save you.”- James 1:21

  • Regular Gamer
    Regular Gamer

    For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son [Jesus Christ], that whoever believes in Him should not perish, but have eternal life John 3:16

  • Christiano Hongo
    Christiano Hongo

    *Eat All Spices* Belly: XD Tongue:🔥 Toilet: ಠ_ಠ

  • Sweet treat Zahra
    Sweet treat Zahra

    for a while i thought evan was somebody else

  • Melany and camila Ortega
    Melany and camila Ortega

    The one whit the hat is not crying and he's not saying nothing like the other brother LOL BRAVE

  • Melany and camila Ortega
    Melany and camila Ortega


  • Melany and camila Ortega
    Melany and camila Ortega

    Why are you guys are china?

  • earlx plays
    earlx plays

    im so sorry i havent watch all your video but i have been your very very long fan

  • Kameryn Allen
    Kameryn Allen

    I would want to see the world hottest chip

  • Sure Elephant
    Sure Elephant

    If you ever okay a board game again I suggest Betrayal at House on the Hill it's really fun!

  • Sky ML
    Sky ML

    i remember watching this channel 8 yrs ago

  • Minty Pop
    Minty Pop

    if ur mexican u understand how we can eat spicy things with no water

  • Felix Purba
    Felix Purba

    Hey Evan! Can you bring back your kano laptop its so fun to watch when you playing it

  • Benson Cobby Bugarin
    Benson Cobby Bugarin

    Is number 1 of the spicy bad for kids LOL

  • øDanPlayzø

    I havent Seen Evan Since 2015 I loved his videos Then someday I just Stopped watching him I loved his videos so much I don't know why I stopped watching him Evan Have a Great Year -Dan.

  • H Gammad
    H Gammad

    Do it, death nut solo!

  • Ketra . Fiona . Chloe Au-Tseng
    Ketra . Fiona . Chloe Au-Tseng

    Evan: Nope Me with spicy things Me: THERE’S A KILLER AFTER ME 😭😭😭😭

  • raymond tan
    raymond tan

    The last time i saw you,you were 6 or 7

  • Qaisara hadi
    Qaisara hadi

    i can see mom,s neck turning red

  • Olivia Valle
    Olivia Valle

    Can you make a pick a color then bye color video

  • Olivia Valle
    Olivia Valle


  • Ishwa Rya Lacdao Gamoso gamoso
    Ishwa Rya Lacdao Gamoso gamoso

    Wheres Jill

  • Luisa Aparicio
    Luisa Aparicio

    You should get 2 packs for daddy tube and his brother should eat all 4 of them. Also Even stop being a baby and eat something spicy

  • Andreas Walexon
    Andreas Walexon

    JillianTube: Didn't participate EvanTube: Spice Baby MT: Pretty spicyyyy DT and UncleTube: The SPICE KINGSSS

  • Cornelius van de Klundert
    Cornelius van de Klundert

    It looks like there drinking drugs man there faces

  • Kale

    It legit looked like dt was about to cry

  • akandice

    Chloe just looks so concern for them in the background lol😂

    • Khyati Dave
      Khyati Dave

      A what 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😭

  • evandson do nasimento moreira nene
    evandson do nasimento moreira nene

    we don't want to see this so you know ruin your videos are ridiculous!

  • KING


  • dogi boi
    dogi boi

    And its also crazy how Chinese and Irish people look the same

  • dogi boi
    dogi boi

    I we are some of you people comment " Evan grew up so much" in every video

  • xazamx

    i've smelled the paqui and its smells like DEATH!

  • Clone wars studios 10
    Clone wars studios 10

    I fell bad for even

  • LugiaplayZ 09
    LugiaplayZ 09

    Evan do you still heart and reply to random comments

  • t-gamer4954h2o Lopez Iv
    t-gamer4954h2o Lopez Iv

    bro i love your vids i have been watching your vids for 5years

  • Ali Al Habsi
    Ali Al Habsi

    who remebers when this channel was called evantube RAW

  • tactical taco147
    tactical taco147

    they havent posted in so long

  • Lalito Arias10
    Lalito Arias10

    Evans uncle was in chrismas when they got another arcade

    • mark lee
      mark lee

      I am also Tristan's father

  • RIleymygamer

    please don't cry when your eating a hot chip

  • RIleymygamer

    0:22 one chip challenge

  • laura orozco
    laura orozco

    Daddy tube once said: “It’s more interesting to see 4 people suffer then 1”. -daddy tube

  • Renzko

    back in the days i use to watch him so much now days i don't really watch em there so unrated



  • E'Ryan Benefield
    E'Ryan Benefield

    Thank god I’m allergic to peanuts

  • Giselle De La Cruz
    Giselle De La Cruz


  • Ayaan Dogra
    Ayaan Dogra

    from the first nut to the 3rd- Daddytube and brothertube- tryna act cool as if this aint nothing nut 4- ughhhhhh.. trynnaaa ssstttay cool Deathnut- 😭😭 waaaaahh

  • Possibly Me
    Possibly Me

    I’ll see you in another 5 years, old friend.

  • Deady's TNT
    Deady's TNT


  • Amber Neal
    Amber Neal

    Do the bear next

  • Rexhep Kuqo
    Rexhep Kuqo

    Hi guys when will u guys go on another cruise cause I binge watch your others ones u went on in the past?

  • Moses Gaddi
    Moses Gaddi

    If it’s that hot going down, I can’t imagine how hot it will be coming out. 💩🔥🔥

    • Your Equinox
      Your Equinox


  • Reaction & Review with Wesley
    Reaction & Review with Wesley

    @The Tube Family I like your approach Daddytube!!

  • Melissa Ortiz
    Melissa Ortiz

    Hello, JillanubeHD I love your show so much and The Tube Family and EvantubeHD. I was just wondering if you can do a challenge where you can do a Yes Day where for 24 hours your parents say yes to everything. There are rules like $50 and below and no burning things done and all that jazz. So please tell me if it is a good idea?

    • Melissa Ortiz
      Melissa Ortiz


  • Will Buie
    Will Buie

    This is funny

  • Khushi,s hub
    Khushi,s hub

    Just a little spicy

  • Robert Tiefenbacher
    Robert Tiefenbacher

    For the next video can you buy the toe of satan lollipop.

  • Cristian Reyes
    Cristian Reyes

    Daddytube should eat a real carolina reaper

  • Alexandra

    Evan always chickens out lol

  • Idris Johnson
    Idris Johnson

    Oooooooooooh Bro Evan looks like a grown man now Tbh I haven’t watched this channel in 4 years

  • Uzma Tanveer
    Uzma Tanveer

    I am a mega OG but I have never seen evan’s uncle

    • mark lee
      mark lee

      I've been behind the scenes waiting for my moment...

  • Charlie Bell
    Charlie Bell

    I always used to watch this when I was 4


    1% of comments: such a cool video omg 99% of them:OmG yoU GuYS GREW SO mUCh

  • SB's Creative studio
    SB's Creative studio

    Can u try the spicy gummy bears

  • thefroag

    Will they heart my comment or respond to this comment??

  • thefroag

    Your brother looks just like you. You both look like twins 😄. You both should do a twin telepathy challenge or something like that

  • Dope e
    Dope e

    Bro i think taki’s are spicy but images being them oh my and rip toilet

  • Joshua Pierce
    Joshua Pierce

    I Love This Channel and I watch evantube gaming but this BUT THIS IF YOUR not ok um then then call the. Hostpital

  • ZhenKD

    Everyone's talking about how crazy Evan grew... but I'm wondering if Evan will ever get a girlfriend. Edit: this is a joke for yall commenting how Evan grew i just want to point out that some people will comment in recent videos about Evan's glow up.

    • Kyle Martinez
      Kyle Martinez

      He might have a girlfriend already but just don't wanna reveal or cuz he is a bit shy 😂😂😂


    Everytime I watch EvanTube videos I always see comments saying "I remember evan when he was little" something like that.. can u stop now? We get it okay??

  • Mark Gannett
    Mark Gannett

    I can't handle even slightly spicy foods anymore, but I could never understand why someone would willingly do this to their mouth not to mention their throat and stomach.

  • MYTHBEAST_7085

    jolo chips

  • MYTHBEAST_7085


  • Selah Gaming
    Selah Gaming

    Is that handles

  • Rehan KhalidK
    Rehan KhalidK

    And really great video

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    Rehan KhalidK

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    Mark Shannon

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    Arik Villarosa

    Holy jesus evan grew up a lot

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    Mubaraka Goga

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  • Blankcoder Animations
    Blankcoder Animations

    Why did you do this? Looks "Fun".

  • Saadia Yaqoob
    Saadia Yaqoob

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    Saadia Yaqoob

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    Saadia Yaqoob

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  • GamerJohn886

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  • Syaheed Hazim
    Syaheed Hazim

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    • its wolfiestar
      its wolfiestar


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    Mxg ong

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  • Vince Evans
    Vince Evans

    I'm always watching EvantubeHD, The tube family,EvantubeGaming,JilliantubeHD,DTsings Waiting for upload new video and I watch it I'm a fan always stay tuned in you You guys are awesome MORE POWER to you guys.

  • The YT Bro
    The YT Bro

    Dang, this must be the only Tube Family video with a few replies from the Tube Family to comments

  • Owen is a Pro's Channel And Owen is MJ
    Owen is a Pro's Channel And Owen is MJ

    Well at least this channel is still active since 2011.