DAY 0:
DAY 1: (Embarkation Day)
DAY 2: (Atlantis Water Slides, Bahamas)
DAY 3: (Dreamworks Day at Sea)
DAY 4: (Zipline St. Thomas)
DAY 5: (Parasailing in St. Maarten)
DAY 6: (Belly Flop Day at Sea)
DAY 7: (Mini Golf, Arcade, and Workout at Sea)
Royal Caribbean Allure of the Seas
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On this episode of Cruise Week, it is embarkation day and we are boarding the Royal Caribbean Allure of the Seas. This ship is currently the 2nd largest ship in the world, next to it''s sister ship the Oasis of the Seas and larger, Harmony of the seas. A larger ship, the Symphony of the Seas will be sailing in the near future!
This ship is HUGE! When we first got aboard, we felt like we were in a shopping mall. There are restaurants, theaters, shops, a bunch of elevators to move the 6,000 passengers, a carousel, zipline, flowriders, rock wall, and and ice skating rink! It's going to take a while to figure out where everything is.
Our first meal was at the WipeOut Cafe where they serve hot dogs, hamburgers and Evan's favorite CHEESE PIZZA. For dinner we ate at the Coastal Kitchen and then got to see the Broadway musical Mamma Mia! in the Amber Theater.
This time we were able to book a Crown Loft Suite with a balcony over the Boardwalk. We get a nice view of the AquaTheater, Boardwalk, Sports Court, Mini Golf, Zipline and Flowriders. If you prefer a more peaceful serene experience, you might opt for an ocean view balcony. But we enjoyed checking out all the fun that was going on at the rear of the ship.
This is a 7 Night Eastern Caribbean Cruise out of Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Tomorrow we'll be in Nassau, Bahamas where we plan to go to the Atlantis Resort and experience the waterslides at the AquaVenture water park. Maybe even take the "Leap of Faith", a nearly vertical waterslide that takes you through a tank full of sharks! Stay tuned!
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