WALKING OVER A CROCODILE PIT AT DISNEY WORLD!!! Playing in Toy Story Land After it Closes! DAY 2
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Today, we start the day off at Epcot for breakfast and ride on Frozen Ever After. Then we head over to the Animal Kingdom for a special attraction called Wild Animal Trek. On the Trek you get to see some of the behind the scenes of the KIlimanjaro Safari and get a closer look at the animals. At one point we got to walk over a large rope bridge that was suspended over a pit of hungry crocodiles!
After the Wild Africa Trek, we ride Expedition Everest again during the day. Then we head over to Hollywood Studios to ride the Rockin Rollercoaster, Hollywood Tower of Terror and Star Tours before taking a photo with Chewbacca.
We had dinner with all the other influencers before heading to Toy Story Land. They closed the entire Toy Story Land off to the public. So there no lines! No lines and free Mickey bars = Best Disney World day ever! Jillian wanted to ride Slinky Dog Dash 3 times in a row but we decided that 2 times was enough.

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