We're back with another messy Parents Edition Challenge! The kids did the messy version of the Watermelon Smash Game Challenge (Click here to see it: irbin.info/loft/fy-lm-h-y/qpqIlJffuoqlmWo.html), so today we are going to be doing the even messier version of the Watermelon Smash Game! We're taking a bunch of expired leftovers and seeing who will be unlucky enough to get them cracked over our heads. Could this be worse than the Eat It or Wear It Challenge?!
More Fun Challenges: irbin.info/number/PL7TV22RuQ4DZrcNjQON5PJcrWKiZ9lLzH
EAT IT OR WEAR IT CHALLENGE: irbin.info/loft/fy-lm-h-y/pM6Zo33NxXGe1Wo.html EXPLODING WATERMELON CHALLENGE: irbin.info/loft/fy-lm-h-y/esuFYaqXkIx2p3c.html EXTREME SOUR CANDY CHALLENGE: irbin.info/loft/fy-lm-h-y/aJuFlna8u6RlkIs.html FAMILY DRAWING CHALLENGE: irbin.info/loft/fy-lm-h-y/ZdCAcXWxxqeI0WY.html
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Info about the Watermelon Smash Game from Yulu Toys:
Take a chance on the Watermelon Smash game but don't be the one to get splashed. This all new hilarious twist on the water roulette game challenges each player to press the watermelon against your head as many times as said on the spinner. A suspenseful game in which you never know when the watermelon will fully crack open. If it cracks on your turn, you either get covered with water or plastic watermelon seeds (or other gross things in your refrigerator) and you are out of the game.
Be the last player left to avoid having the watermelon crack open and you win. Great for indoor play with seeds or outdoor play with water.
Production Music courtesy of Epidemic Sound

  • The Tube Family
    The Tube Family

    Back for some more Parents Edition Challenge fun! What should we do next?

    • KirianaNeve Thompson
      KirianaNeve Thompson

      Oreo challenge parents Edition

    • Nicholas Perales
      Nicholas Perales

      I don't know?🤔🤨

    • Nazaire Thomason
      Nazaire Thomason

      the soggy doggy game parents edition

    • Timothy Doton
      Timothy Doton

      Eat it or wear it parents edition

    • Claudia Flores
      Claudia Flores

      you should play get a grip it is a no thumbs board game you get a card and do the challenge on it without using your thumbs please i will be the first view probably:)(i always am)

  • Random Hacks
    Random Hacks

    I feel bad for Mommy Tube... 😔

  • Gh Ghh
    Gh Ghh

    2014 bruh that things old

  • Rafaël is cool
    Rafaël is cool

    Lol so funny I subed

  • StarWarsBoy1515

    It was funny when MT said it was it but it wasn’t

  • Thered Indonesia
    Thered Indonesia

    Momytubes scream just like tinki tanks from slendytubbies

  • Adan Perez
    Adan Perez

    Whos watching this un 2092

  • Asad Mahmood
    Asad Mahmood

    Please do a food fight video ! With expired food so its not sort of wasted ......

  • Linda van Antwerpen
    Linda van Antwerpen

    I am watching this in 2020

  • All Kinds Of Impossible
    All Kinds Of Impossible

    No one ate the salsa

  • sarheef khan
    sarheef khan

    My favorite game water melon smash

  • Life with Shai and Kora
    Life with Shai and Kora

    She never drank the hot sauce

  • Life with Shai and Kora
    Life with Shai and Kora

    Looks like jills wearing makeup

  • Natalie clark
    Natalie clark

    Ketchup or mustard

  • Klen-Sören Andres
    Klen-Sören Andres

    I like that video

  • isaiah rojas 324
    isaiah rojas 324

    Did any one notice chloe in the back wound in the begining

  • Elite Shadow
    Elite Shadow

    Jill cheated Look at 9:17 she pulled it open

  • Luz Lara
    Luz Lara

    Mom needs to take spinning classes and flipping a coin 😅

  • Ethel Lai
    Ethel Lai

    you should make a pancake art challenge soon

  • Shaista Khan
    Shaista Khan

    did you see Evan at 13 11 or 13 12

  • Satnam Singh
    Satnam Singh

    It's kinda like MT doesn't like Evan she said that Evan broke the watermelon in this video and in the boom boom baloon video she said that Evan lost.

  • Mazher Danish
    Mazher Danish

    jill looks different

  • April Urate
    April Urate

    Mommy tube just pretend that she got slime

  • MsRayleo

    the salsa 💃 that expires 2014

  • MsRayleo

    it’s chunky

  • destin7bunny on roblox destin the unicorn
    destin7bunny on roblox destin the unicorn

    Wear the drinks because I heard that if you eat something expired you will get really sick. maybe need to go to the hospital?

  • Ed

    did anyone see evan doing something "in the back" 13:10

  • Claudia Flores
    Claudia Flores

    I feel so bad for MT

  • kristixforever

    Is it just me or was Jillian wearing makeup like mascara...

  • gamerio 10 yosesemity sam
    gamerio 10 yosesemity sam

    Who watched this in 2019

    • 「Cherri•Suki」

      Im in 2021 uwu

    • Flamey Flames
      Flamey Flames

      For some reason I watch it every year watch me be here in 2021

    • Get R I C K R O L L E D L O L
      Get R I C K R O L L E D L O L

      2020 would be me

    • Satnam Singh
      Satnam Singh


  • Nafees Khurram
    Nafees Khurram

    Parents edition more challenge

  • Jerhurm

    Evan dancing in the background 💃 7:18

  • cristian gamer
    cristian gamer

    Cloi the dog was in the left

  • Logical_Thinking UwU
    Logical_Thinking UwU

    Jillian looks so different when she smiles

  • AR boss m4
    AR boss m4

    wwe vs wwf

  • AR boss m4
    AR boss m4

    WWE. VS. WWF

  • AR boss m4
    AR boss m4


  • Augustdancing _8
    Augustdancing _8

    Is it just me or does Jillian have make up on? • • • • • Like- yes Ignore- no

    • Get R I C K R O L L E D L O L
      Get R I C K R O L L E D L O L

      I ignore

    • Adam Teece
      Adam Teece

      Augustdancing _8 stop trying to get likes

  • Bozo__Gaming

    what happened.to jill

  • KIRBY Gardner
    KIRBY Gardner

    This is gross.🤢🤢🤢🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮

  • KIRBY Gardner
    KIRBY Gardner

    Even did a fortnite dance. Oooooooooo🤯👍

  • Jerika Paul
    Jerika Paul

    Lucky Daddy👏

  • Johainizamshah bin johari
    Johainizamshah bin johari

    Evan and dad always get luck

  • local auntie
    local auntie

    If you like the evan family Hit the like!

  • Trina Lu
    Trina Lu

    Jillian is way to young to wear make up in my opinion

  • rocky vu
    rocky vu

    Evan did the l 7:13

  • Vaughn emmanuelle Tiamzon
    Vaughn emmanuelle Tiamzon

    Do the challenge dont wake up daddy


    Mom and dad is funny

  • Louisse Elijah De Vera
    Louisse Elijah De Vera

    Hahahahahahahahahaha Sooooooooooo funny. Amazing, super funny. Can you do more funny challenge.

  • Marcus Magbanua
    Marcus Magbanua

    How old is Evan and Jillian

  • Marcus Magbanua
    Marcus Magbanua

    They didn't do crack it on another

  • Elias Curiel Huizar
    Elias Curiel Huizar

    Why does Jill look different

  • Somi H.
    Somi H.

    Look at Evan 13:11

  • Emily Vlogs
    Emily Vlogs

    I think you should do it to Chloe and you take turns in spinning it and if you spin a crack it on another then the person that spun it has to crack it on their on head

  • Kyng-Dorian

    Chloe’s in the challenge to?

  • Jonathan Andriano
    Jonathan Andriano

    i like the next video ice cream challenge

  • Anjali

    mommytube should have closed her mouth when the first one came on her head otherwise it can go inside her mouth.

  • Debra Merchant
    Debra Merchant

    Parents Edition pimple Pete bean boozle

  • Bianca Bradwell
    Bianca Bradwell

    mt you were probaly messy

  • Marcus Magbanua
    Marcus Magbanua


  • Charmaine Croxson
    Charmaine Croxson

    I want you to play gee who

  • Aditya Khurana
    Aditya Khurana


  • TV Friday explaining TV
    TV Friday explaining TV

    This is so funny when you poor thing on the mother I was laughing so so hard this is better than the challenge

  • CFH_Noize

    4:50 mood

  • Only1me2014

    I say that the parents should play twister.😘👑💗💖💟🌺💙💏🍦⌛🌻😚🍪🍭🍩🍫🎁❄🌈🎉👗💋🎀😂😅💝😘🍧🌼

    • Only1me2014

      And I say that because it is my favorite game.😘

  • My I
    My I

    1:00 sup

  • Jose Batista
    Jose Batista

    Who thinks that Jillan opens the watermelon



  • Lyriks Life
    Lyriks Life

    hay evan

  • N00bsl4yer - Pg3d
    N00bsl4yer - Pg3d

    Tractor noise 06:59

  • N00bsl4yer - Pg3d
    N00bsl4yer - Pg3d

    Hahahahahaha 05:43

  • Addil Abdella
    Addil Abdella

    That's the same day as my birthday 😁😎🙂🤗😲🤑leave a like

  • Bilal Imran
    Bilal Imran

    Did parents vs kids

  • Lucky Charm
    Lucky Charm

    What about pop tart vs real food 😊😊like if you agree👍

  • Kaddy Crew
    Kaddy Crew


  • Alpha Male Velociraptor
    Alpha Male Velociraptor


  • Atty Fat
    Atty Fat

    24 hours in car or bedroom with daddy tube and jillian or evanad jillian

    • Atty Fat
      Atty Fat

      I mean evan and jillian

  • Saran Rohan
    Saran Rohan

    Hi evan!!!!!!!!!!

  • Theresa RODRIGUEZ
    Theresa RODRIGUEZ

    You cald us losers 😤🔪🔫💊⛓💣🗡⚒⚰️

  • Jer Argo
    Jer Argo

    You should bottle flip

  • Jer Argo
    Jer Argo

    It did

  • Jignesh Rana
    Jignesh Rana

    Shark attack

  • Nicola F
    Nicola F

    hi chloe

  • Marco Zendejas
    Marco Zendejas

    i saw Chloe in the back in the beginning 🤔

  • Peanut Films
    Peanut Films


  • green_zebra_ 62
    green_zebra_ 62

    i just see evan doing fortnight dances

  • G

    Who's channel people see more Evan's or Jillian's comment.😊

  • Hailey Sweeny
    Hailey Sweeny

    I love how at 7:17 evan starts doing a fortnite dance

  • PolishDancingCow

    5:43 mommy tube turns to a chipmunk. Evidence - none yet

  • PolishDancingCow

    5:37 mommy tube turns to a dinosaur. Evidence - none yet

  • Streaming Master
    Streaming Master

    6:57 OMG A DINOSOUR!

  • Ravindran Subramaniam
    Ravindran Subramaniam

    Do the beanboozeld challenge

  • Aaminah Rahman
    Aaminah Rahman

    I feel sorry for mommy tube like it you agree😵😵😰😥

  • Aaminah Rahman
    Aaminah Rahman

    Do the parents addition smoothie challenge leave a like it you agree😇😊😇😊

  • Alexis Dela Rosa
    Alexis Dela Rosa

    0:07 that was funny

  • Audrevianca Bedonia
    Audrevianca Bedonia

    Hey mom forget the ketchup

  • Reena Prachi
    Reena Prachi

    do dare challange with your family

  • Liz Martinez
    Liz Martinez

    I noticed that jill looked different

  • Alizah Achakzai
    Alizah Achakzai

    Jillian looks different

  • Cusu Spidey
    Cusu Spidey

    evan hello