WE LEFT HIM AT HOME!!! Father & Daughter Road Trip to Clamour 2019 & Epic YouTuber Party!!
Click here to check out last year's awesome trip to ClamourCon! irbin.info/loft/fy-lm-h-y/aaqHqWm4xKyctXs.html
It's time for another Father Daughter road trip! Only this time, we're flying to Palm Springs! Jillian and DT are heading to Clamour 2019, a summit for IRbin creators. Evan had some school testing that he couldn't miss, so he and MT are going to be hanging out at home.
In this episode, we got to attend an awesome Hatchimals Party and Goliath Games Field Day and photos with llamas! Stay tuned for more fun from Clamour 2019! #clamour19
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  • Peter Holland
    Peter Holland

    they stayed at the hotel i was at and never knew🥲 rip me going to Palm Springs and Desert when they went and never knew they went

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    dakota lnnit

    11:46 ahhhhhhhh a Furry

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    4:02 is that a karen?

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    Remember me though I have to say goodbye remember me don’t let it make you cry so even from far away I hold you in my heart I sing a secret song to you each night we fall apart remember me

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    •murlinzx ツ officiall•

    i like the crystal canyon in 9:30 i wanna try the crystal candy stuff in the sticks :0

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    the end is near 2020 and 2021 will have covid

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    I clicked this beacuse the front cover LOL

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    I haven’t watched you guys in like 5 years I remember when Evan was little and I just noticed this video was 2 years ago so yeah

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    I’ve been there

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    When I saw Pokémon I dropped my pizza

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    Little did you know that next year covid hit

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    Even is mini spencer X

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    Jil Evan make escape room

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    In the mommy makes pop up cake pops i think daddytube won the contest

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    Me and my dad used to do some daddy daughter date days

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    you cant be to old for the tube family

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    JerezSlaya Atama

    Can you tell Evan what year it is because I think he’s stuck in 2016 (DABBING)

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    Like my comment if every time you go to the air port it's always cloudy

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    Shut up right I love this vídeo

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    Yep last year COVID came in lol

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    Roses are red IRbin is too When I hit the like button It turns blue.

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    Captain jack games and stuff

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    the intro tho-

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    Can’t wait for clamore 2020... wait

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    Ethan Castillo

    Dang evan drunk

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    Anindita Medina

    why don't you guys try planning together for next year clamour con so all of you could go together

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  • Isabel R. Cruz Munoz
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    The plane that you recorded with the ball looking thing I have a toy just the smaller version of that plane

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    Charlotte McDonnell

    I honestly think their dad is the cousin of the rock

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    Tamara H.

    I am seeing this now and I am sad that they could not go this year


    When times we’re simpler 😌

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    Huston Minor

    I didn't want watch guys in a year I'm watching guys now I 20/20 you guys are the best I remember Julian was so young love you guys peace

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    Did anyone else notice Jessica Ballinger? Or was it just me?

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