WHAT I GOT FOR CHRISTMAS!!! Ultimate Gaming Christmas Haul, Magic Tricks & NEW Cruise Week!
Here's are annual Christmas morning gift unwrapping video! Another great Christmas full of fun! No cars this year, but the kids got some really fun gaming gear. Evan got a new Secret Lab Omega gaming chair and Jillian got her Mortal Kombat arcade 1up cabinet that she's had her eye on all year! Mom and Dad scored some cool Christmas presents as well! And the family gets a big vacation to the Caribbean! Stay tuned for our next CRUISE WEEK!
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  • The Tube Family
    The Tube Family

    Happy Holidays everyone! Click here to see DT open that big Transformers box: irbin.info/loft/fy-lm-h-y/gNGEnYrRxml4k3M.html


      Evan was funny as me

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      Haha you got me

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      just coming back to say happy holidays for 2020

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      The Tube FamilyIRbin EvanArisPerey JillianKirby MomBarbie

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    You Guys Are Both Awesome 🤩

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    Chloe is So Cute

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    Evan is So Cool 😎

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    Jill is So Cute

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    Stay Safe And Stay Home The Tube Family

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    I Love You Evan And Jillian

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  • Nuha Chowdhury
    Nuha Chowdhury

    “Mommy tube be like: look at all the blood “. “Jill be like: ye that’s why I like it lol “🤣🤣🤣🤣.

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    Life of bita

    Jill in: 31:07 Me in 2021:never happing this year🥱

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    Michael Francis Barros

    Ther is a new movie of mortal combat comeing soon

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    evan- sheets?sheets? what’s a sheet?

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    it’s says evannn TUBEEEEEE

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  • cautious_jamess

    medium in men or kids........ evan

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    Where do I get that chair and the underwear

  • Cyber Sub-Zero LK-52O
    Cyber Sub-Zero LK-52O

    you got mortal kombat arcade??

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    emirr _

    11:48 "exactly" seconds before the belt

  • Chazz M
    Chazz M

    I also got an arcade machine for christmas in 2020 it was a pacman machine with 8 different games

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    Dominik Marx

    Mortal kombat

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    Samantha Gulley

    I have the same fao magic kit

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    hansen chuah

    by the way,the largest cruise ship is the symphony of the seas from royal carribean

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    Vianca Escalante

    I love love love ur videos

  • Vianca Escalante
    Vianca Escalante

    My brothers spirit animal is a turtle and Evan got a sloth bag lol

    • Vianca Escalante
      Vianca Escalante

      I love ur videos

  • Mason Clark
    Mason Clark

    I also had the MortalKombat arcade 1up for Christmas

  • skater

    I love how embarrassed jill was when she got bras like she's grown up so much over the time I've been watching them (which is most my life)

  • SB's Creative studio
    SB's Creative studio

    can u make a video on a lego set but evan and jill only build it

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    2021 VS 20:21

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    Hussain Jee

    I looooove you

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    Wiggly Fun and toys

    Who watched the wiggles when they were younger

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    FA LA LA LA 😂😂😂😂😂

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    The last time I was hear is when even got the huge gummy worm online

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  • arianna Quintos
    arianna Quintos

    Omg their so BIG😅😅😅😅😯😯😯

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    Remember when they used to open legos haven’t been here in 4+ years

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    4:37 hold up

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    Gehgw Gwtst

    Pls do another one this year🙏🙂

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    evans a little dork bru lmao

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    C9 and NRG are my favorite teams (I'm a rocket league player Rannk:champ 2

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    U won’t be going on that crooz this year hohoho

  • Nah Halls
    Nah Halls

    Them-were going on a cruise WERE GOING ON A CRUISE Covid-19-ohh that’s not a thing

  • Nicole Clark
    Nicole Clark

    11:34 that’s EXACTLY how she’d look as a simpsons character. wow evan👏🏻

  • SeptreFN

    Evan grew up too fast man I can remember watching him on the hunt for mr gold

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    Alexander Sellings

    Is anyone else watching this to get in the Christmas spirit

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      @Ellis Tonge your welcome for your first like 👍🏻

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    Ummmmm he like blue pink and purple and those are bi colors hmmm I have a feeling he is. He giving me vibes

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    Who else is here 2 days before christmas 2020

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    I went to coco cay on my ship

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    CosMic Whixps

    cloud 9 and nrg, bruh

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    CosMic Whixps

    my child hood

  • Tyler XPLRS
    Tyler XPLRS

    Can’t wait to see what u guys got this Christmas watched u when I was 5 I’m thirteen now....MERRY CHRISMAS

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    Heller Don’t say hello

    Whenever even said oh sheet I was like Evan cursed

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    4:54 directed by dan sniter

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    August Lancaster

    Correction: Here’s our annual

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    Who else is watching in the week of 2020 Christmas

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      But yeah me too

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    Izaiah Guzman

    Do a house tour

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    Jillian looks like she hates her family

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    SLE xlord

    This year you won’t do the Christmas haul NOOO

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      [AGENT] JCIWallCrawler

      No they will

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      SLE xlord

      I forgot about the COVID-19 when I wrote this but because of the cruise

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      butter slime

      How come

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    MaximumGalaxy 08

    They dont deserve any of that

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  • Lego Dog
    Lego Dog

    Well that cruise plan didn’t work out very well did it

  • Ben Cott
    Ben Cott

    11:49 Evan woke up Christmas morning and chose pain

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    Gavin Griffin

    I’ve been on the harmony

  • LEE YI XIN Moe
    LEE YI XIN Moe

    When Evan said "Oh sheet"

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    Only ogs remember the legos vids

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    Mfg it’s been so long miss this channel 😢

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    Who’s here watching this in 2020?

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    little did they know..

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    I have that home alone game

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    who is still waiting cruise week 6 lol like if you are

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    August Lancaster

    5:27 what is that laugh!?

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    jeez where have I been for years

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    [AGENT] JCIWallCrawler

    “We will be on a cruise!” COVID-19: No, no I don’t think you will

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    celeste campos

    My parents could NEVER

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    Rosa Ortega

    Wow Chloe got SO big

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    Royal Roblox Gamer

    **Me watching this 10 months late**

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    Mister SoMeister Backup

    Nice 2019 presents for Christmas

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    •Fire•sunset •

    Dad: I don’t want this to be a kids video No one: Me: isn’t this a kids channel 😂😂

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    Adrian Adrian

    Why is this 10 months ago I want Christmas to be today

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    Alfredo Flores jr

    Where’s the baby

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    10:50 REALLY

  • Ba- Ba boi
    Ba- Ba boi

    Evan did you want a sister or brother

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    did you know this was filmed before christmas and get those presents from sponsership deals and thats how a lot of their gifts are expensive

  • CJLCoolkid Gaming
    CJLCoolkid Gaming

    Lol every mom is always like awwww sooo cool to their child’s present when the child gets them an xbox.

  • OneTap Prod
    OneTap Prod

    dis man dont even know what a sheet is 6:22

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    Hey Evan u may not know me but u joined ZORGS stream I was in there maybe sometime we could play video games some times

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    alya farisah

    evan galaxy bed sheet is same with me!!!

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    U can already tell Jill is gonna binge the arcade after her breakups.

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      Omg yes

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    Jairo Domenguez

    Hear what evan said 11:48 that's messed up

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    ShallowWarblerAnFat’s Gaming 21.

    So Fun Video Guys.

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    Terrible T rex

    13:07 the virus be like: we're gonna enjoy this while it falls apart peice by peice

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    The weird One

    Man this came up on recommended man youtube is aleready getting ready for christmas

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    I don’t know what am I going to get for Christmas 2020

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    Yo Christmas is the best

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    11:49 Evan is a savage 😂😂😂

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    Well their cruise is ruined lol