WHAT IS EVANTUBEHD'S ETHNICITY??? DNA Results from 23andME! I Am Part African!
One of the most frequently asked questions we get is, "What is EvanTubeHD's Ethnicity?" So today we are answering that question using the 23andME Ancestry Kit! We show you what's in the kit, how to collect your DNA sample by spitting into the saliva container, how submit it and finally how to interpret your 23andME DNA results!
Do you think you know what we are? Some of the results were surprising to us!
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  • The Tube Family
    The Tube Family

    Anyone want to guess our ethnicity BEFORE watching this video?



    • KirianaNeve Thompson
      KirianaNeve Thompson

      The Tube Family my Ethnicity is half Polynesian with part Irish and a bit of Scottish with a little bit French and a bit of Wales

    • Purpl3 Frost
      Purpl3 Frost

      Idk :p

    • Echo Yt
      Echo Yt

      @AndrewsRandomChannel 00

    • DrySidney21 roblox
      DrySidney21 roblox

      FLUX _ lol ur so dum ur third can u not count

  • skilled gamerboi34
    skilled gamerboi34

    I am probably 70% white and 30% Panamanian

  • ton hoainhi
    ton hoainhi

    I’m Vietnamese for real

  • Sofia Malik
    Sofia Malik

    Im half italian too

  • _XWakkoTheInvincible The Legend
    _XWakkoTheInvincible The Legend

    im 99.9 percent asian and 0.1 american

  • Wayne Lie
    Wayne Lie

    Your Adopted

  • irishboy

    You aren’t irish traiter

  • irishboy

    Ireland so rainy all the time in winter and autumn and spring summer some times

  • irishboy

    And the grandad that died wife my nana is from Kildare in ireland and my moms grandad is from wicklow my nana live in Wicklow a lot though she’s basicly more wicklow then Kildare in Ireland I’m a true Leinster Ireland

  • irishboy

    I’m from dublin in Ireland my grandad that died is from Meath in Ireland

  • irishboy

    Wait your irish me to


    This shows that all races are great at IRbin

  • Kirk Ethan Silva
    Kirk Ethan Silva

    0:36 evans shirt has the Japanese Empire Flag

  • ArtKid

    I never took the test but I think I am 89% Chinese 43% Southeast Asian 25% Hawaiian 11% African 0.9% Unknown

  • Vlog fan0123
    Vlog fan0123

    I knew he was asian 😂😂

  • Telico Roblox - Lam Tran Æ
    Telico Roblox - Lam Tran Æ

    That little country is madasgar

  • Lé Ørca
    Lé Ørca

    they forgot anout chole :(

  • Sahil Sharma
    Sahil Sharma


  • Danielle Lim
    Danielle Lim

    There not Filipino???

  • Amelie Evans
    Amelie Evans

    I'm South African

  • xhthepikachu Gaming
    xhthepikachu Gaming

    Evan: 50% Chinese Me: dude I’m 100% Chinese all my ancestors are from China during WW2-

  • The Curious Guy
    The Curious Guy

    The native American could have been the 0.1 % unassigned

  • Eric Coleman
    Eric Coleman

    Did you know Madagascar isn’t a part of Africa it is it’s own country

  • Muang Bawi
    Muang Bawi

    The ancestry thing only shows part of your ansestry not all

  • Amanda Nguyen
    Amanda Nguyen

    The way Even said Vietnamese is just........ OFFENDING ps.I still love u

  • Nick Yang
    Nick Yang

    She can say the N-word lol

  • HyMn X
    HyMn X

    oh Jillian you're a part of SEA? Gees I am a SEA too. I didn't mean it's a sea.

  • Ken Brown
    Ken Brown


  • Liam Kelley
    Liam Kelley

    I just realized that their father looks a lot like Takeshi Kitano

  • Echo Yt
    Echo Yt

    I am full african

  • GraciaGwen NinoAnne
    GraciaGwen NinoAnne


  • Johnny Tran
    Johnny Tran

    im 42.8% vietnamese and 48.2 american but both of my parents are viet so i dont understand how that works

  • ImAsianboiii

    You guys look filipino

    • Chachi


  • nushad perera
    nushad perera

    That tiny thing next to Africa is Sri Lanka. Where I live.

  • SeppoSamurai


  • tc tc
    tc tc


  • Annie Chlarcy
    Annie Chlarcy

    MT:... but I don't have any (Native American) in my blood... 13:05 Me: Actually you didn't test your blood... you don't have any Native American *in your spit* 😏

  • BenzyPlayz

    My mom thought he filipino

  • ItZRicky


  • Allii Playz
    Allii Playz


  • Seno

    Vietnamese gang

  • The red scarf
    The red scarf

    I feel like a lot of people just like me are barely coming back to this channel like i remember when he had 500 subs

  • Viet Bui
    Viet Bui

    Yeah Vietnamese too🇻🇳

    • Lana B
      Lana B

      Same fam


    I am from north africa

  • Connor Lienemann
    Connor Lienemann

    I’m part German and a lot of my ancestors were German also I also speak German

  • Erode

    Who here in 2020

  • Alexander Gonzalez
    Alexander Gonzalez

    Right I front of my salad

  • Dylan Chia
    Dylan Chia

    Everybody is african. sub Saharan afrcia is where humans originated

  • Rachel Murphy
    Rachel Murphy

    I'm 100% Irish

  • Khánh Ngô Huy
    Khánh Ngô Huy

    Im vietnamese

  • Shep LandOfficial
    Shep LandOfficial

    Then laughing at him for saying that he was Chinese

  • Olivia Padilha Feddersen
    Olivia Padilha Feddersen

    I am Brazilian

  • Lil Ennard Gaming
    Lil Ennard Gaming

    remember evantube raw

  • Jxff UwU
    Jxff UwU

    I expected them to be half irish and half vietnamese.

  • Maritza Wills
    Maritza Wills

    I live in Africa

  • Ma.Joriz Leone
    Ma.Joriz Leone

    Im surprised about what your guys types were

  • Helio

    Everyone is part African (thumbnail)

  • Beyond Limit
    Beyond Limit


  • Julianna Jacildo
    Julianna Jacildo

    i thought there was some kind of filipino in y'all lmaoo

  • dash ABON
    dash ABON

    U all look like asian thou except for mom and Jillian

  • RustyShank

    these test are flawed

  • Unicorn poo
    Unicorn poo

    Dang, I haven’t watched you guys in like 5 years, you’ve grown so much!

  • Lana B
    Lana B

    Viet gang 😎

  • Francisco Chana
    Francisco Chana

    Jillian: i’m spanish Me (being from spain) : and what’s wrong with that

  • Kinda sus tho
    Kinda sus tho

    Why is daddy tube ashamed of being asian 😡😡😡😡

  • Charlene A.Tanoyo
    Charlene A.Tanoyo

    I look at your family I see evan as a Indonesian

  • Rollo de papel Gaming
    Rollo de papel Gaming

    Yo Julián Hola soy Roi y tu?

  • Russell Sutojo
    Russell Sutojo

    Iam asian and indonesian

  • andrei yuan faustino
    andrei yuan faustino


  • Mateo_ figi
    Mateo_ figi

    I am a HUGE mix of Hispanic, Asian, Native American specifically Mapuche, and white

  • Union County Railfan
    Union County Railfan

    What’s the background music please!!!!!!!😄😄😄😄

  • Ciara Connoll;cookbook
    Ciara Connoll;cookbook

    He's Irish

  • Tronkilonk

    You realize these types of websites aren’t that accurate.

  • Ivan G
    Ivan G

    He is Asian from his dad and Irish from his mother KAREN

  • Kyan Madera
    Kyan Madera

    No cap thought they was part asian

  • Oscar Play's
    Oscar Play's

    I thought Evan and Jills dad was Japanese 😂

  • Kevin Palencia
    Kevin Palencia

    You can get a test for chloe to see what breeds is she so actually you can

  • Kaiarahi80

    Do it yourself covid-19 test kit

  • Joaquin Picazo
    Joaquin Picazo

    If anyone wanna know I am Mostly Irish and Native American

  • Mr. Sokka Watertribe
    Mr. Sokka Watertribe

    My friend told me he is related to Pocahontas

  • Lil Ricky
    Lil Ricky

    Lmao the thumbnail and title is so clickbaity

  • Westoon Films
    Westoon Films

    You have the same dog as me!

  • kim nguyen
    kim nguyen

    Hi to all the Asians and subscribe to Pewdiepie

  • potato_fan

    Oml I am just a few years younger then Evan 😂 (he is 14 I think)

  • bruce collins
    bruce collins

    Y’all saying your og’s if you are what is the name of the rare LEGO fig he did vids on Answer: Mr Gold

  • bruce collins
    bruce collins

    I think Jill is American part Asian

  • ThunderKatz

    EvAn in thumbnail Africa IM gOnNa say the n word

  • Karen Setiawan
    Karen Setiawan

    Me : why is he look a like asian **sees his father**

  • Hector Hernandez
    Hector Hernandez

    Philipines is red dad so your a little bit filipino

  • ____ognen___ ___nikolovski___
    ____ognen___ ___nikolovski___

    I started watching evan since he started with angry birds

  • Xinlongsdino

    This is 👌

  • Louis Lorenz Garing
    Louis Lorenz Garing

    I am asian Guess my country And chloe is a goldenDoodle

  • Lil Ricky
    Lil Ricky

    No one: Absolutely no one: Mom I’m AfRiCaN, literally 1/1000 North African 😂

  • ツWaivy

    Yup yup dublin

  • Anthony Vandermeer
    Anthony Vandermeer

    My name is Italian but I'm Dutch

  • kvr3n j0y
    kvr3n j0y

    Bro what ever since I started watching their Chanel like how many years ago idk how long but I legit thought they were Filipino 😳

  • Crazy kowin Meyers HAPPY thanksgiving
    Crazy kowin Meyers HAPPY thanksgiving


  • awe the asian
    awe the asian

    Evan's wearing an Empire of Japan T =^

  • Asmoden

    I was shocked he was asian

  • Cindy Debra
    Cindy Debra

    So it's not an accurate kit cos Evan and Jillian should be the same..no?