WHO IS BRAVER CHALLENGE!!! Scary Rides and Monsters at Fright Fest Six Flags Magic Mountain!
Today we're doing the WHO IS BRAVER CHALLENGE as we try out scary roller coasters at Six Flags Magic Mountain. How many new roller coasters will Evan and Jillian go on this time. They recently went on their first looping roller coaster at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom (irbin.info/loft/fy-lm-h-y/YahnpaS4166jzYc.html). So we thought we'd try some of the crazy rides at Magic Mountain. We also get some carnival game wins (and losses). It's also Fright Fest time. At night all the gouls and ghosts come out to terrorize people at the park. So we need to escape Magic Mountain before MommyTube has a heart attack!
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  • SoMeister Vlogs
    SoMeister Vlogs

    I am planning to make a vlog at Six Flags

  • Nevaeh Walksoverice
    Nevaeh Walksoverice

    All I see is them having fun....

  • LetsPlayGame z
    LetsPlayGame z

    I saw them there at the time. Fright Fest. People scare me like hell.

  • Promise Jacobs
    Promise Jacobs


  • iconicsonicfan

    Bruh the Batman ride in San Antonio is really scary

  • JJ stuff
    JJ stuff

    Wait I just noticed that this video is just some gp family riding roller coasters

  • Megan G
    Megan G

    Don’t do the goliath because it’s really big the one in Georgia has a 488 feet drop

  • Joaquin Lopez Joaquin Lopez
    Joaquin Lopez Joaquin Lopez

    I went to this on April 19 2019

  • SizZle

    Yo Evan couldn’t even put his hands up on the kitty coaster 😂🤣

  • The Annie Keever Company.
    The Annie Keever Company.

    11:03 Actually, That doesn't translate to Ninja in Japanese. So the jokes on you.

  • Preslee Kaplan
    Preslee Kaplan

    I can’t do those dizzy rides

  • Preslee Kaplan
    Preslee Kaplan

    This is during Halloween right?

  • budinurmukmin

    when they where on the roller coster, i was shaking my gadget to look like i was on it

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    Ashley Mobley

    I haven't sol your video in a while

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  • Pam Semolava
    Pam Semolava

    I want to try that ride

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    Naomi Channel

    It’s better for me to watch you do some of the roller coasters because some times I will grow up

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    Lian Reigne Pangilinan


  • Soyla Morales
    Soyla Morales

    I never went to six flages but i been to kingisland and i live in kentucky so it six flages close to where i live like kingisland?

  • David Joshua
    David Joshua

    Goliath is SO FUN!!!!

  • payal naiker
    payal naiker


  • Matthew Abner
    Matthew Abner

    5:03 who saw kingda ka

  • TryhardDev11

    When i went to six flags my sister got a pink batman cape i got green lantern cape and my brother got batman cape

  • FuzzyTheLlamma

    There’s another six flags in Chicago. It has a Goliath with a 80º drop.

  • Kylie Q
    Kylie Q

    I love six flags

  • Shay Gartland
    Shay Gartland

    Evan pretty much gets pizza every time they eat somewhere why?

  • Cool Kid 6
    Cool Kid 6

    I have been on the 300 foot coaster !



  • Daisy Cribeiro
    Daisy Cribeiro

    I thought this was horror nights

  • Ella Wong
    Ella Wong

    12:59 what happened to Jill she litterly looked like she passed out

  • Marisol Rosario
    Marisol Rosario

    😂 that was funny I can’t stop laughing 😝

  • Marisol Rosario
    Marisol Rosario

    😂 that was funny I can’t stop laughing 😝

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    Death Senpai

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    Rejoss Sibarani

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    I just went to magic mountain

  • Frankuuu

    Yeah I don’t think this is magic mountain

  • Ariel Gut
    Ariel Gut

    You should’ve gone on full throttle that is my favorite ride and Tatsu is my second favorite and Superman and drop of doom are really fun!!

  • ABG_Greenz

    U guys live around here?!?! Me too

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    Jacob Torres

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  • Carolina Diaz
    Carolina Diaz

    Can we use the rides during the event?

  • Cian Agar
    Cian Agar


  • Ceryz #bts
    Ceryz #bts

    Jillian didn't say a single thank you to Evan when Evan said "which one do you want Jill?"

    • Marley Temple
      Marley Temple

      Kwek Boon Song she might have said thank you after the clip

  • Mexican_yoshi09

    Go on revolution it’s fun and I went yesterday it was fright fest I got scared

  • Jerry Jraws
    Jerry Jraws

    yesterday I went to six flags and the zombies were so scary

  • Joslynn Rodriguez
    Joslynn Rodriguez

    the batman ride is faster then scream i know because i went on scream,the bat man ride,twisted calosses,the ridlers revenge,tautse,the flash,wonder womens laso of truth,gold rush,ninja thats alot

  • yara

    wow. they went to six flags magic mountain and i live 10-15 minutes away from there and i go every other weekend...

  • Dayana Mojica
    Dayana Mojica

    Is it just me or I don’t have some cool parents like this😂anyone else have Mexican parents that are strict?

    • yara

      my parents are mexican and they can be pretty strict. but me and my sisters bought the season pass to go to six flags for the rest of 2019 and 2020

  • Nolan Quinn
    Nolan Quinn

    Both the kids are scardie cats

  • Landon Thome
    Landon Thome

    Shoulda went on Kingda Ka

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    ed chang

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    I havent watched this channel in a while but omg they got older 😱

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    Laura Harland


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    I got anxiety from the rides even I am not in there


    That superman 1 is In Australia dreamworld but it’s called tower of tower 2 the reason y it has 2 is because it goes backwards now

  • Coaster Fanatic
    Coaster Fanatic

    Ninja is his favorite Coaster Enthusiasts...

    • CoaxDirty

      Coaster Fanatic hahahahaha Twisted Collosus is the best

  • Dhruv Patel
    Dhruv Patel

    That’s nothing go on Mary go round that’s where it’s scary

  • Jay Crazee
    Jay Crazee

    14:51 we are not riding it cuz it’s dangerous so we r letting our kids ride it😂😂I’m jk

  • Team Calaustro
    Team Calaustro

    Try ninja and gold rusher

  • Team Calaustro
    Team Calaustro


  • Troy Wegman
    Troy Wegman

    Shows content for raging bull during Goliath?

  • Jay Rock
    Jay Rock

    I went on the Goliath and I’m Evans age it’s not that bad it looks very scary but the only scary part is the drop

  • Savanah J.
    Savanah J.

    Batman the ride is basically Silver bullet

  • Lucyslife

    Superman and drop a doom is super fun I’ve been to Six Flags Magic Mountain we have season passes and we’re going to fright fest on October 10.

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    Olivia Larance

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    Gorilla Cheese 0391


  • peguia7

    I’ve been watching your videos since I was like 7or8

  • hooplex

    Anyone a coaster enthusiast here? *proudly raises hand*

  • Fortnite is broken Fortnite is broken
    Fortnite is broken Fortnite is broken

    They live in Los Angeles

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    Brian Horsley

    I love your vids

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    Isai Torres

    why tf does evan grunt on the drops, like this mans got a demon inside

  • Isai Torres
    Isai Torres

    Why does evan always put his head down on drops, even on little drops. MAN UP

  • Lynne Carlson-LeFort
    Lynne Carlson-LeFort



    2:53 scary ride

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    Tommy Teare

    I love Goliath

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    Peter Martinez

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    NMS Test

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    • hooplex

      NMS Test Oh yeah!!

  • Poupard

    I don’t like six flags at Halloween

  • Dobby the House elf
    Dobby the House elf

    At the Six Flags I go to they don’t scare kids or they don’t scare adults with kids

  • Priscilla Green
    Priscilla Green

    if i was at fright fest i will say look a person

  • ツTrxlogy

    How you bout to be at almost 100 bucks for even to go on none of the rides

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    TheAsian CRINGE

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    George Miranda

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  • TN JF
    TN JF

    Every dad at the mom..dad:she didn’t feel so nice on that one so she’s gonna sit out...JUST FRIKING GO IN IT HOW DO U NOT FEEL GOOD ON A KIDDISH ROLLER COASTER UYUUHHHRAHHHHHH

  • Xirexa

    The thing is most of the ride are from the six flags channel

  • Stephen nickerson
    Stephen nickerson

    Gold rusher is the weirdest attraction in the park

  • Gorilla Cheese 0391
    Gorilla Cheese 0391


  • itsjustalissa

    Where is this six flags because the six flags near my house is the worst 😂the rides are always broken or out of order . You guys have better rides then the one near my house

  • Chaz Chavira
    Chaz Chavira

    U should have rode X2

  • Emmy Trinidad
    Emmy Trinidad

    I can’t believe they didn’t wanna go on Goliath that’s the easiest ride to go on😂

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    Magic land Torres

    I have you to Six Flags Magic Mountain to and it was fun♥️

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